Law of Attraction and Destiny

Posted on by Sen.

The more you observe life, the more you start understanding that the truth is always found in the “grey” areas, rather than in a black and white form of thinking. Different teachings pertaining to the “law of attraction” have been around for a long time, and movies like “The Secret” created a form of mass injunction towards the concept of creating your own reality, similar to the way books like “The Power of Now” created a form of mass injunction towards the concept of connecting with your being and letting go. When a person gets a black and white understanding about the law of attraction from a narrow dimensional teaching (as was present in The Secret), it’s bound to create confusion of its own – in other words, you end up with a half-truth, and half-truths don’t allow the possibility of real freedom or alignment. Of course, on the other hand, the black and white understanding of a book like The Power of Now affords confusion of its own. In fact, one can even see some form of fundamentalist thinking developing in the form of the proponents of spiritual living (Staying in the present, letting go, no self, et al) and the proponents of manifesting your own realities (the think and manifest deal) – the problem with both these forms of rigid thinking is that they can end up blocking an “experience” of wholeness in you.

The question that’s asked from a black and white stand point is – What is true, do we create our own reality, or should we let go and allow life to happen? The truth, as always, lies in the grey area, and though a rigid mind hates the grey area, the answer is that it’s a mix of both. Of course, law of attraction is true, in the sense that it’s the law of creation, a thought/intention/feeling gains momentum when it has enough focus until it “attracts” a reality onto itself – there is no denying the presence of the law of attraction as the creating principle of life. However, this does not directly translate to assuming that a human mind has the capacity to attract/create any reality by focusing on a thought, the truth is that an individual human mind is not the only player in this reality, we exist in a collective reality not only among other human minds but also among non-physical minds (of streams of consciousness), including the creator mind(s). Your reality is not totally “independent” of the collective, it’s always “inter-dependent” on the collective in many ways, and collective includes the non-physical intelligence(s) or creator mind(s). The concept of total free-will, for an individual human mind, cannot exist in a collective reality.

You can notice around you, that people seem to be attracting realities which are quite incompatible if you see it purely from the perspective of their individual thinking, and emotional state, alone. Their internal experience of a reality would depend totally of their own thinking, but the reality itself seems to get attracted beyond just their thinking alone – for example, a miserly person attracting a lot of wealth (which contradicts that proposition that you need think in terms of abundance to have an abundance of wealth), a needy person attracting a very caring partner (which contradicts the indiction that if you are needy you cannot attract the reality you need), a person who is highly positive-minded ends up with cancer (which contradicts the citation that you can’t have a disease if your mind is positive) – it’s true that the personal experience of the people involved depends on their individual thinking, a misery person always experiences a sense of lack, and a needy person always experiences a sense of insecurity, a person who is positive-minded finds a positive experience even in a “perceived” crisis (as perceived by the outside), but the realities they attract externally does not correspond with their thinking alone, so who creates their external reality? Is there such a thing as destiny that operates and has a greater force than individual thinking? Can individual thinking override destiny? Is there a real choice for an individual mind to totally create a reality as per exact individual specifications?

Destiny interoperates with free-will

You can look at “destiny” as some form of intention that was set into motion even before you were born, even before your individual human mind developed its capacity to think for itself. This destiny is sometimes referred to as the “blue print”, or the skeleton structure, of how your life will unfold in your physical experience. It’s mentioned in some teachings that the soul (that you are) has a path jotted out as a blue print which can accommodate your growth requirements, and desires, which you wish to accomplish in your physical journey (on a physical plane like Earth), in consultation with your spirit guides (non-physical mentors or counselors) who eventually are all just a part of your collective intelligence. In fact, even choosing a physical plane, like Earth, is a choice that you make as a soul, by understanding the opportunities/experiences available here – no different from how you choose the semesters in you college in consultation with your college counselor. Now, if all of this sounds a little “weird”, or even incredulous, then you may need to ask if you have a sense of the presence of a non-physical intelligence, or do feel that your entire life begins and ends with the physical intelligence of your brain alone? Of course, there is no need for you to believe any of this, it either resonates with you or it doesn’t, and in many cases the resonance depends on the current awareness in a being – so, if this doesn’t resonate just chuck it and move on.

So, going along with this perspective of a blue-print intention that’s set into motion even before your birth, and understanding that this intention is held in the focus of your stream of consciousness (the non-physical part of you), you realize that law of attraction is working towards orchestrating some events in your life even before your body is born – in fact, the circumstances of your birth relate to this “blue print” intention. Of course your human mind may go into a triage of “why the hell did I choose something like this family to be born in”, and the answer is that you will never really know until you understand the perspective your non-physical soul (and your guides) had at the time of the choice – for example, there can be this understanding that a certain event is needed for a certain awareness to happen towards a required balance or maturity or experience. Also, consider this, when you are in non-physical the idea of a temporary journey into the physical is no different from the idea of playing a small session of a video game, even if the temporary journey is for a 60-80 years, simply because your perspective of time itself is different in the non-physical – from your non-physical perspective you might even have found it thrilling to take up any form that’s available that matches some requirements of your growth or desire for experience.

Since your destiny (blue print) has a momentum from even before your human mind had any capacity to think, it is a stronger force, and does take precedence over your thinking – so even if you turn needy you “can” still end up with a certain partner(s) if that’s what you had chosen as a part of your blue-print. Of course, there is a possibility that your thinking can become so resistive that it blocks out, or delays, the unfolding of your destiny events – anything is possible, after all it’s all a play of energy. In other words, you really can’t be too certain as to whether an event happens as a part of your “individual” thinking or as a part of your destiny. Your thinking, however, does create your physical/personal “experience” of your life – there is no denying this truth. Destiny always is rooted in your well-being and growth, but your thinking can make your destiny feel “negative” to you because you may have no real appreciation for what you got – your personal experience of life is totally based on your thinking but the expressions that happen in your life can be a part of your destiny (blue print) or part of your personal thinking, in fact it’s a mix of both.

You can use your free-will to work on your thinking so that you can have a better personal experience of your life (like balancing the light and dark nature aspects in your mind). With an imbalanced thinking your experience of life will feel crummy no matter what circumstances play out for you. Of course, one can contend that even personal thinking can be driven by the momentum of destiny, and there is obviously truth in that also, but the way I see it, you do control the way you experience your life, it’s just that you can’t control all the events that can happen because some of them may be influenced by the collective intelligence and your unfoldment of destiny. Why is it important to have this perspective of the force of destiny? So that you don’t get so paranoid, and worked-up, about your individual thoughts/thinking based on the black and white teaching (in movies like The Secret) that you attract everything, in your reality, through your human-mind thinking alone. I do talk about taking full responsibility for your reality, but this responsibility is about letting go of blame knowing that even your destiny was part of your choice, it’s not about beating yourself up about every “negative thought” that comes up, fearing that it will manifest.

Don’t take life so seriously

I am sure you’ve heard this statement a lot of times, to the point of it irking you, but it’s a fundamental truth that life is not really a serious business – it’s more like a game, a game of existence, and the reason why there is nothing serious about it is because everything is “temporary”. Of course, one needs to have a relative seriousness, it doesn’t make sense of have a grin on your face when your partner is sobbing away (unless you prefer the couch) but it’s important to not be lost in seriousness because it defeats the underlying principle of the game which is to “play” – even video games are played in all seriousness, but it’s still a relative seriousness where one knows it’s a game. Of course, it’s not about making light of someone’s suffering by calling it a game, “sensitivity” is part of our being and it’s part of the experience of this play of life, even with the understanding, of the absolute perspective, that everything is temporary.

A good number of the desires that arise in you are part of the “blue print” intention (or destiny) and hence you don’t have to work hard at “manifesting” them, by bring out your vision boards and “gratitude journals”, rather just allow them to take shape as they will. You can also manifest some specific desires, that come forth through your current experience of life, I would call them your “bonus manifestations” – just like in a video game you can have side quests, and bonus plays, along with your main quest. So, there is a place for visualization and deliberation, as a part of enjoying your potential as a creator, along with the understanding that certain manifestations may not happen if they are not really aligned with your growth requirement, collective intelligence or destiny. Trying to force manifest a desire through some acute techniques of focus is mostly counter-productive, instead you can develop the attitude of making an inner choice (of desiring a certain manifestation), after considering the light and dark nature aspects of the choice, and allowing it to happen if its aligned with your well-being, at the right time. Basically, the attitude of “what happens is for the best” is most aligned with the truth of life. It’s far too frustrating to get too particular about a manifestation, and thus waste your energy in frustration instead of enjoying the reality that’s unfolding for you – ultimately “experience” is all there is, and your attitude decides the experience that you have of life, irrespective of the expressions that unfolds in and around you.

If you feel stuck in your life, where your “desires” don’t seem to be manifesting the way your mind wants them, in spite of the hours of gratitude journaling and vision-boarding that you are indulging in, you may want to stop struggling so much and realize that it’s not all in your “control”. The issue could well be that you “feel” stuck because of the way you are thinking about your reality rather than the reality itself – it’ very possible that the reality you are living is the best fit reality for you at this moment and it’s affording the required growth that you intended as a soul. If you are worried about your negative thinking, and are concerned that it will attract negative realities for you, just relax and realize that your human mind is not the only force at play, a much stronger force is the force of your life-stream which will play out the events that allow your well-being and growth. Of course, it’s always a good option to relax the force of your human-mind by no longer giving its thinking so much importance, this way you can reduce any real resistance to your life-force.

The bottom-line is to let go of the attitude of “rigid thinking”. It’s not about total surrender and it’s not about total control, it’s in-between, it’s a mix of both. The irony is that even the attitude of total surrender is a form of control, where you are controlling your natural instinct to want some control, your natural instinct to be “deliberate” (or at-least the sense of deliberation). You can see how your body is a mix of control and surrender, there are some things about your body that you can control (consciously, now and then) and some things you have no real control over. If your body was totally out of your control it would be a pretty boring (or scary) journey, the possibility of deliberation is what adds to the spice of this journey. On the other hand, if your life was totally your responsibility, based on your “human” thinking alone, then it would be a huge burden to handle as a person (it’s similar to how you would feel if you had to consciously breathe all the time to survive, it’s a good thing that it happens on its own through the body’s intelligence). A mix of deliberation (free-will) and automation (destiny) is what allows for an optimal experience, and that’s what life’s intelligence has created as a reality for existence – now that’s something to be very appreciative about.

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  1. Kevin W.

    So profound. I really enjoyed reading this

  2. ashley

    Dear Sen,

    Thank you, this article was kind of a relief to me. Three days ago, I was robbed (a guy attacked me and stole my purse). I still feel terrified, the guy sneaked behind my back and hit my head with an object, I am OK, but he could have easily killed me if he wanted. I was questioning how did I attract the robbery and this thought was making me feel even worse. I don’t like to think that my thoughts have somewhat created it. I guess, it was a part of my blue print. Still, I wonder, why I had to go through this and what is the lesson I need to learn…I follow your articles and I know that I’m imbalanced towards my light nature, yet, somehow, integrating darker aspects doesn’t resonate with my being. Is it possible to create such traumatic events when you’re releasing the momentum of imbalance?

  3. Shriram

    This is how I feel about it:

    Fate/destiny is the sum total outcome of your actions exercised through your free will in the past(including previous lifetimes). And free will is what which can be exercised right now in the present moment. Based on what is stronger at the moment, your life’s course will be decided.

    An analogy would be: You drive a nail into a wood by repeatedly striking it(done using your free will). Now you decide to remove the nail using your free will again. If you are strong enough you can do it in one go, but if you aren’t, you constantly need to channel your energy in removing it bit by bit until it’s fully done.

    As Sen rightly puts it, the power to create reality is present in all of us. But ideally we need to align ourselves to our true self before we do it.

  4. Priya

    thanks sen! that s truly a huge burden off my head! was beginning to believe that everything is my doing,, thanks a lot,,

  5. Mena

    Why are some brains so needy? I experience a lot of loneliness and I do work on manifesting a lot but I also feel a need a strong need for human connections and its never been there and I am 35. It makes me feel extremely needy. Do you have any advice for this. I do have a history of abandonment from my parents and Im assuming this is the root of my neediness. I have really tried to work on my thought patterns so Im just wondering if you have tips for being okay alone. Not even okay but thriving.

    1. Sen Post author

      Mena, eventually it boils down to finding inner freedom as a being. Without inner freedom you will feel pulled around by emotions or thoughts based on a high mind momentum (mind’s pull). The pain that you feel right now, owing to the pull of this desire for connection is indication of the helplessness in your being due to a lack of the space of freedom, the problem is not with the desire the problem is with this sense of helplessness and pain that you feel through its presence. This pain is actually a wake up call towards finding inner freedom. Once you do find this space of inner freedom, it affords an sense of wholeness to play out in your state of being which translates to allowing a balanced external reality including a balanced relationship – it’s possibly a growth that’s waiting to happen in you. You can get a sense of what this journey towards inner freedom entails, from the below posts

  6. Jim

    What happened to your, “Can You Think and Grow Rich?” post Sen?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, it was among a few older posts that I’d deleted a while back. I delete some older posts if I feel that the explanation could have been more articulated or if it doesn’t resonate, in entirety, with the my current state of understanding.

  7. Wynone

    Sen, during the release of the mind momentum, the vibes in the body which we don’t suppress in any way and allow ebbing away- do they have the power of attraction as well? Or is it only the fear of such a release the potential negative attraction force?

    1. Sen Post author

      Wynone, well-being stays dominant during the phase of release, mostly because you are in a state of awareness and are resistance-free to allowing the intelligence of your life-stream. The negative vibrations that arise as a part of the release can cause some temporary affects like a bad mood, a headache, an argument or things like that, but they don’t have any potentially harmful impact on your reality – the sense of grace/well-being stays dominant. If you see some realities dissolving for you, externally, they would be the one’s that were not really aligned with your being to start with, which were being maintained purely through the energy of struggle.

  8. Satish

    Dear Sen,

    Want to know your view more in the context of total surrender. In your earlier articles(most of the articles) you’ve mentioned that have total surrender to life energy is ultimatum and it leads to complete inner freedom. But in this post you are telling total surrender could be a technique and it should be balance of surrender and control. It seems contradict. Can you pls explain.

    1. Sen Post author

      Satish, when one truly gets what “allowing” implies, one understands that it’s a pointer to align with their nature as life-energy – one of the nature’s of life-energy is to be free of struggle and another nature of life-energy is to have a sense of deliberation/control (which gives you a sense of existence) – if there was no sense of deliberation/control, you will feel dead like some zombie. The nature of life-energy is to be aligned with effortless intelligence rather than strained/struggle based movement (so struggle feels disconnected with our being). When one is truly allowing, one is aligned with this nature of being effortless in their movement while also enjoying a sense of control/deliberation (the sense of making conscious choices) – hence it feels like a mix of letting go (effortless movement) and deliberation (sense of control), however there is no sense of struggle involved and it feels more like a flow, which is why I say that the state of allowing just feels like a natural way of living rather than a practice when one truly gets it.

      However, it’s easy for the mind to misconstrue the pointer of “allowing” and take it as a “technique” to implement in a rigid manner which keeps you from truly aligning with the balanced nature of life-energy. When you try to execute “letting go” as some rigid technique, you don’t allow the balance towards the desired sense of “deliberation/control” which is also part of your nature – in that case, letting go becomes a form of holding on, which is the irony of using it as a technique. One has to be clear about what is implied when “letting go” is being talked about, it’s not being asked that you become a transcendent zombie who is avoiding the nature of deliberation, but a lot of people misconstrue that implication.

  9. Casey

    “Destiny always is rooted in your well-being and growth, but your thinking can make your destiny feel “negative” to you…”

    This resonates with me after a long battle with anxiety and depression. I believe that what happens to us, good or bad, falls somewhere on a spectrum. At one end, we bear complete responsibility. On the other, we bear no responsibility at all…it’s just part of our “blue print”, that is always designed for our growth and experience. All of life’s events fall somewhere in between these two points of the spectrum.

    The balanced individual responds, not reacts, to EVERYTHING on this spectrum in the same way…that all shall be for the good and experience. I’ve learned to let go and trust that my blue print is being manifest. That a higher power is in the details of my life, regardless of what is manifest at any particular moment. Our trials are but for a moment, “temporary”, and everything points towards balance.

    Agree, Sen? You are a great communicator.

    Your friend, Casey

    1. Casey

      Also, I can’t accept the notion that our thoughts “attract” realities into our lives. I believe more that our “actions” attract realities into our lives. Our brain is just a computer. Given the thoughts that I have experienced the last six months, I should have had a stroke, a heart attack and gone mentally insane, because those were my obsessive thoughts daily. Yet here I am, doing better and better!

      High mind momentum was throwing random thoughts at me constantly, and I chose to be “separate” from my mind and thoughts, almost laughing at some of the thoughts and feelings that were being sent my way. I allowed my thoughts to come as passing visitors, even though they would haunt be for days on end. I chose to allow them, and trust that thoughts cannot hurt me.

      Let me know what you think, Sen.

    2. Casey

      After reading my last post, I want to clarify that I do believe our thoughts can create “emotional realities”. If we become lost in our thoughts, create high momentum, we can create imbalances. In that way, thoughts can attract realities. Okay, I’m done now, apologize 🙂

    3. Sen Post author

      Casey, eventually thought is the seed of any creation, all actions have their roots in thought. What’s important to realize is that your thinking is just one aspect of reality, there are also thoughts of your life-stream which is focused on your well-being, the thoughts/intelligence of the cells in your body which are programmed to seek solutions which are provided for from your life-stream’s intelligence – the force of your life-stream is focused on the well-being, and has a higher force that your own thinking, the best that your thinking can do is create a strong resistance to the well-being but not stop it completely, and as you relax your mind momentum this resistance ebbs away and well-being becomes strongly dominant.

    4. Markus

      Casey: “…we bear no responsibility at all…it’s just part of our “blue print”, that is always designed for our growth and experience.”

      But that blueprint is designed by (the eternal) you, so it is your responsibility. It’s just that you set it up before being limited by the perspective of a physical being. Maybe you set yourself up to “stumble” upon Sen’s and others’ writings so that you could balance yourself enough to release – instead of experience – the stroke, heart attack, and insanity. Good work, now you are alive and awake for the next experience!

    5. Casey

      Thanks Sen and Markus for your insight.

      I do feel like I was supposed to find Sen’s writings. They have been words that I have relied upon greatly.

  10. Masi

    Really enjoyed this article, Sen! Yes, there’s a feeling of great relief and humbleness when I realize that what arises in life is not in my control, and then it was a great epiphany when I saw that I can, however, control the way I experience life. And, as I grow and expand I realize I have freewill to manifest what I want. And, am very very thankful for it all.

  11. Markus

    Thanks for sharing this post, Sen. It seems our belief of being the physical body makes it hard to understand why the miser gets rich or the good person gets sick. The best experience for growth might seem quite harmful to the body, such as disease or injury or loss. But from the perspective of our true self, it’s all just another experience from which to grow.

    Realizing this helped me lessen making judgments about others. “Why would he smoke so much, it’s unhealthy?” “Ew, he is grossly fat” The ego thinks it knows better. Indeed, these people could make different choices to change – but they might well be here to learn what it is like to suffer from addiction or to live in a socially scorned body type. I hardly know myself enough to think I can know what is best for others. Especially if I cannot know what their ‘blueprint’ might be.

    1. Wynone

      That’s a post I very much perceive the same way, and I was about to write a comment, but you did the job before me, so… 😛 Just saying, I agree wholeheartedly.

  12. Amia Tamar

    Hey Sen,

    Can you please do some articles of creativity, genius, art, etc. Those kind of subjects.

    And what is your take on the 10,000 hours for mastery idea? Does it take that long actually master something or is that too action orientated?

    What about talents? Can a desire for a talent manifest it or is what we are born with permanent?

    Thanx in advance (:

    1. Sen Post author

      Amia, I am not aware of the “10,000 hours for mastering an idea” concept, but it’s of course true that the brain takes time to understand the depth and application of an idea, and the time it takes depends on the idea/vision being considered.

      As for talents, there are certain talents we are part of our physical or being level make-up (for example some have a natural ability to work with numbers), whereas some can be learnt/honed if they feel aligned with our being. Instead of labelling something as “talent” it’s better to look at you real interest in an certain activity or pursuit, if you have a real interest in something you can obviously develop a skill in it. Anything that draws your focus also draws intelligence, so if there is something that you are really interested in you can be sure that you will develop a creative expression in it.

  13. Jim

    Sen, in your post, Seeing Beyond the Brain’s Perspective, you refer the brain’s “blue print” and the “final copy.” Would you clarify how these relate to the “blue print” you are referring to in this post. Mercy.

    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, the brain’s perspective is limited by the intelligence it has access to, it can be said that the brain can only have a ground level vision. Your non-physical intelligence (intelligence of your life-stream) has access to a “top vision” as it’s in touch with totality. So it makes sense to not be too rigid about the “specifics” of a desire as construed by the brain, instead just allow the desire to be a “blue print” (or an open skeleton structure) and have a space of openness to allow the right inspirations and orchestration to take place (as a part of life’s intelligence playing out for you) towards manifesting the final copy. This openness has to be in your “being” to not be too rigid about the brain’s view point alone while incorporating it along with the openness to sensing the inspiration of your life in you.

      The blue print I am referring to in this post, is the skeletal structure drawn out as a plan for a soul’s journey on a plane like Earth, from a non-physical perspective, which can be inferred as destiny or a destined path. This blue print allows the possibility of a certain direction and structure to a journey, to avoid too many loose ends or chaos. It’s not rigid every day events plan, rather just a blue print of more overall major events that are planned to take place to allow a certain direction and meet the requirement of growth – like certain people you are destined to meet, certain situations you are destined to face or certain expression you are destined to live.

  14. Anu

    Dear Sen,

    This post is much more aligned with reality. Thank you. It has cleared up my deluded thinking where I was believing that law of attraction will manifest all my desires. I can be open and welcoming but things may not drift my way still and it has nothing to do with me doing something wrong. It is such a huge relief.


  15. Priyanka

    Hi sen,
    I have read many of your articles recently, they are wonderful,
    I am having some type of fear in my mind and its difficult to pass the day with all this but after reading your article on overcoming fear i am trying to be comfortable with this fear and lessening my fuel of interest into it, but i dont know whether i will be able to do it or not because the time such negative thoughts come i start feeling what if they become true oneday…!! and again i start fearing myself….but this article gives me a lot more understanding about life and i think my destiny or the life force will never have anything bad in store for me. Hope i will be back on track soon.
    Please reply…

    1. Sen Post author

      Priyanka, the moment you look to seek assurance you’ve already become a hostage to fear – you can’t deny the logic in this. The attitude of seeking assurance cannot really bring you to a place of being fearless and thus cannot bring you to a place of true inner freedom. I write about certain understandings I have about life, about its reality, that I’ve observed, and one of them is that the natural movement of life is towards balance – you can see that in nature, if you drop a stone in a pond, there are ripples created, but even as the ripples are created there is already a movement towards bring it back to calm – disturbance is not the permanent state, stability is, this is the nature of life. So in that sense our life-stream is always moving towards stability, harmony and well-being in your life – this is true. However, you also need to understand that you own sense of fearlessness cannot come purely from an understanding but also from an “attitude” – an attitude of consciously being fearless/open to life in whatever form it comes through – I talk about it in this post – the attitude required for inner freedom. So, when you mind says – “what if it comes true”, if you have the openness to not fear it coming true then you are truly being fearless in your being, it about the confidence to handle anything that arises if it has to arise. I have an understanding of the well-being inherent to the movement of life, but my sense of freedom is not dependent on this understanding – my sense of freedom is through my attitude of being totally open to anything that wants to arise. The paradox is that such an attitude automatically makes you resistance-free and thus fully privy to the well-being of life.

  16. rkr

    Dear Sen,
    I have been regularly progressing in my life, through your articles as it has helped me come out through many of my negative thoughts, depression. Iam really graeful to you for this. After reading this article i have some thoughts cropping up like, as if all of us who are benefitted by your articles were we all destined to get this from you? and those whom we don’t even know and see in newspapers that they are being negatively victimised , and those who are responsible for this , do all these people and everyone are destined ? so if we people are benefitted why can’t those people?or is it because of the mix of everyone’s free will and destiny? I dont even know if my thoughts are even making any sense its just those thoughts that came as soon as i read this article which i wrote.

  17. soul

    dear sen

    as per what you say here does it still hold true that our external circumstances are a reflection of what we think and our vibration? i am confused…because of destiny has such an important role and our thoughts matter to just some extent then its a bit demotivating..there is not much that can be done..

    1. Sen Post author

      Soul, this similar to the question about free-will – the two extreme stances are, “we have no free-will” and “we have full free-will” – both these stances are inherently a “black and white” way of thinking without allowing for the balanced logic that life works on. The state of “no free-will” would deny any possibility of conscious growth and thus rob a being/soul of the experience of making conscious choices, where-as the state of “full free-will” can lead to extreme chaos where each being is creating his/her reality without consideration for the “whole”, just imagine if each cell in your body started displaying independent free-will without consideration for the body, that’s what a cancer cell works like. Wisdom requires that there is some form of control in terms of maintaining the vision of wholeness while allowing for a platform for a soul/being to experience the aspect of conscious choice thus developing the capacity for independent thinking, reasoning, introspection and decision making (all requirement for the growth of a soul towards maturity or towards God consciousness).

      The way I look at “destiny” is like a skeletal structure while gives some foundation to your journey on a realm like the Earth, and this destiny is also created from the state of your awareness and the growths that are needed for you as a being/soul – so it’s not like some negative enforcement, rather it’s a structure developed in view of your growth. Just imagine a child, he has no idea about his choices in education, and he is given a fixed syllabus and coaching (from nursery to high school) till he reaches a point where he has enough understanding/knowledge to make his own choices about what type of graduation courses he wants to select – without the initial structure to guide you, you would have no basis for gaining any understanding. This “structure” is what destiny looks like, where it chalks out a certain path of possible growth. Even the body that you are working with is part of your destiny for this lifetime, you can’t change your body, and the body comes with its own set of make-up and limitations. Working with your body/mind, understanding the preferences, consciously aligning with these preferences/choices, is all an aspect of developing conscious choice – for example, you may have a talent to sing (as per the design of this body) and thus its part of your destiny, but it still has to be a choice choice to override your anxieties/fears that stop you from expressing this talent – not all of us live out our destiny in that sense, and hence fail to exercise our conscious choice to align with our expression and growth.

      I never mentioned that destiny has “more important role” or that your thoughts matter “only to some extent” – I just mentioned that destiny plays a role in structuring your growth path, and the conscious choices you make in your thinking allows the growth and expression, they both have equal significance. As a being/soul it’s important for you to develop the ability for conscious choice, the potential for deliberate creation is an important potential to develop, and is part of your growth path – to say “there is no free-will” or “nothing much can be done” is like a negative stance of passivity, and goes against your growth path of connecting with your ability of deliberate creation and the mindset of conscious choice.

  18. Soul

    Thankyou so much for this clarification sen. Much appreciation:)

  19. Shylesh

    Hi Sen,

    If law of attraction does not works then here is my question. Since the time I took up my job always I fear that what If I feel sick and don’t come to job. So the same fear making me sick and I am taking off so many times from work. If we fear on continuous basis there will be so many chemical reactions takes to increase the cortisol level as fear is related to stress. If the body is in such continuous rush of stress its obvious that we feel sick. So how can we say here that we don’t attract reality?

    Please advise.

    1. Sen Post author

      Shylesh, you can read the recent post – Eliminating anxiety, for insights on working on releasing the grip of anxiety/fear. Where do I say that law of attraction doesn’t work? Law of attraction is the basis of creation, and our thoughts have a creative potential, so if your thoughts are constantly laced in an imbalanced state (like anxiety) you are bound to attract personal experiences aligned with it. Also in this post – The brain, the heart and law of attraction, I mention the biology behind why anxiety/stress becomes a habit.

  20. Shylesh

    Thanks Sen for your valuable comment. I feel as far as law of attraction concerned the negativity attracts more than positive. Could you please give your view on this?


  21. Anshu

    How does the destiny and law of attraction work in having a special need child?

  22. Ram

    But with this theory, a drug addict will say “What the hell, I don’t need to stop, drugs are my destiny! Its what my soul has chosen for me.” My point being that how will we ever know that we are going wrong when we believe that all that happens, happens for good?

    1. Sen Post author

      Ram, the truth is that if you are honest/authentic with yourself, you can always sense your imbalances and your instinct for growth. Denial, deluded thinking and ignorance is always challenged, sooner or later, by your reality, which works as a means to get you to become more aware of your imbalance – if you continue to stay in denial, the imbalance keeps mounting and so does the pressure to find balance (in other words, your reality keeps becoming more messed up as a reflection of your inner imbalance until the suffering pushes you to acknowledge the need for change – sometimes pain is the only means to create a “wake up” call towards growth). To say “Doing drugs is my destiny” is a classic example of a denial based thinking because deep down the person obviously knows that these words are coming from inauthentic place, a place of helplessness towards the addiction, a place of weakness. You can keep defending a weakness, but deep down you always know you are in denial – that’s reason why such people would get aggressive when their denial is pointed out, because they are aware of their state of denial and their weakness.

      The nature of life is to move towards growth. The blueprint of your destiny is also just a structure/direction that provides a platform for your required growth. We are always aware of this inner push towards growth, towards finding balance, towards doing the right thing, towards improving, towards betterment – it’s just that some may try to stay in denial, and use different excuse to defend their denial including the classic spiritual excuse of “this is my destiny” as means to defend their state of weakness or powerlessness.

      A common spiritual delusion is when a spiritual pointer (or its misinterpretation) is used to defend one’s state of negativity/imbalance. For example, a person who is unwilling to acknowledge his imbalance towards lethargy would say – “I am just detached, I am enlightened, I am beyond all this physical existence” – this is how a pointer can be used as an excuse to defend one’s delusion/imbalance/negativity. If you are not willing to be honest with yourself, you can make anything into an excuse to defend your imbalance.

  23. Ruby

    ” you do control the way you experience your life, it’s just that you can’t control all the events that can happen because some of them may be influenced by the collective intelligence and your unfoldment of destiny.”

    Dear Sen,

    I do believe nothing is a coincidence like me finding your article. I’m type of a person who tries to control the situations as far as humanly possible – I know you are shaking your head now pitying naive people like me 🙂 – I would love to know your opinion on premonitions or prophetic dreams. during sleep i’m told our soul is free to roam so what we see as a prophetic dream about future regardless of it portraying a positive or negative event for us or a loved one; does this relate to our unconscious mind or we happen to glimpse a peace of blue print ahead of time .

    the second part of question is,lets presume the event we saw was of loss . not thinking about it ( not concentrating on negativity) would prevent it or our duty is to sit and wait for the event to unfold since it can be part of our destiny so we learn a lesson in the hard way? or we think positive thoughts and hope our belief is strong enough to at least delay it let alone , prevent it? please forgive my skepticism,i’m a black or white person trying to learn how to see the gray.

  24. Val

    Please make an article about what you believe in spiritually. Like the spirit guides and such. I’m really skeptical about it but it intrigues me.

  25. Kelly

    I’ve been a subscriber to the idea of the Law of Attraction and have been trying to manifest a life partner. Lately I have had the sense that my soul will bring that life partner in when she is good and ready just like every other single event in my life that has gotten me here today… which has been an exquisite sequence of not so enjoyable events for my ego but spectacular for personal growth. Last night I meditated and asked my soul and spirit guides to help me reconcile these two things. I found this post today. Makes absolute perfect sense to me. Thank you.

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