Understanding the Oneness of Life

Posted on by Sen.

There are two ways to perceive life – 1. from a point of separation 2. from a point of oneness. When you perceive life from a point of separation you can’t help but suffer because it disconnects you from the inherent truth of life, which is “oneness”. When you perceive life from a point of oneness there is no resistance in you, which obliterates 99.9% of your suffering (the 0.1 is basically some unavoidable physical discomforts), and allows you to be aligned with the movement of your life-stream, causing a smooth flow of your natural expression. When you are perceiving life from a point of separation, no matter what you learn, no matter what your understand, no matter what you achieve, you always feel incomplete, insecure and unfulfilled – this is simply because the idea of separation is not in sync with life which inherently has no separation, it’s just one space of energy.

So basically, if you don’t understand anything, but if you can just gain an understanding of the oneness of life, it’s enough to bring your life into alignment. Once you see life from the perspective of oneness, it totally shifts the way you perceive reality – there arises an undeniable inner sense of “all is well”, irrespective of some “human perspectives” of the brain/mind. However, it takes a while, for many people, to really come to terms with what this word “oneness” implies, though it’s really simple – oneness is just a pointer to the simple fact that there is just one being, one space of energy, one source, one ultimate presence, which manifests as everything through various streams of intentions. If you just read these words with the brain, you may have confusions or might even think this is some “philosophy”, but if you read these words from your being, or heart, you just know this oneness as the inherent living truth of life.

End of separation is the beginning of alignment

Anything that you separate yourself from becomes a source of suffering. For example, when you look at yourself purely as an “individual” with some culture created identities and see yourself as separate from the universe, you inherently develop ideas of differences, intolerance, and insecurity, where it becomes about “me against them” which is the root cause of most of the negativity. Another example is when you try to separate yourself from the low states (like fear, boredom or hatred, like irritation and anger) arising in the brain/body, you again live in fear and might end up living a whole life trying to run away from your mind’s natural movements, using chemicals or other distractions to keep yourself from feeling them.

Oneness and wholeness mean the same, when you perceive the oneness of everything, you inhabit in a sense of inner wholeness. Wholeness simply means you encompass everything in the space of your awareness, allow what arises, and are not in resistance to life, it’s simply a state of being one with life. Whatever be the suffering you are going through right now, at the root of it is your “resistance” to life (arising from a thought of separation), where you either see yourself as being separate, and isolated from life, or you are trying to disconnect from what’s arising naturally in the moment. Without this resistance, you would not create so much negative momentum within you.

Consider this example – when you worry about making money (basically worrying about your well-being), it’s arising from a thought of separation where you feel that you are separate from life and hence have to embody your own struggle to fend for yourself, worry of all kinds arises when you feel that you are separate from life, when you don’t trust that life will take care of you. When you think you have to look after yourself, you are thinking from a perspective of separation, and it’s unavoidable to feel terrible fear in the form of anxiety and insecurity. When you know that you are life, and that your physical form was born in the intention of life, you know that you will be taken care of by life – your being can be free of fear, even if your brain, which is a survival machine, produces thoughts of fear.

Oneness also means that the low states are as much an expression of life energy as the high states of physicality. When you try to cling to the high states and try to separate yourself from the low states, you end up in an imbalance and suffering. If you had no fear of allowing what arises, you would feel free in your being, which is what inner wholeness is all about. From this place of inner wholeness, you can fearlessly have specific focus in life, follow your specific creative expression and manifest your specific desired realities (which are basically just a part of your natural expression).

Don’t see yourself as an isolated being

You, as this body, is born in the intention of the totality of life and hence you have place in the scheme of things in the present reality of the universe. This basically means that your presence here is of value to life, in its intention to express and experience itself in a specific way. The use of language makes it seem as if there are two – “you” and “life”, but in truth there is no separation and I am just using words to point to this inherent oneness. So basically, you as this body, is life expressing itself and experiencing physicality. Unless you sense this oneness in your being, you will always feel as if you are isolated or disconnected from the wholeness of life, and this will cause you to feel fearful and insecure in your movements.

None of this is philosophy; it’s just a simple truth of life which is very evident when you become aware of it. You can also see the various ways in which your mind creates suffering when it looks at this world from the perspective of separation, some common negative thoughts that arise from the perspective of separation are as below

– You feel upset about the success of others in your surroundings, with feelings of jealousy and resentment. (because you don’t sense that everything is inherently you as life energy in different forms)

– You become over-possessive of people in your life and try to create a narrow inner circle to feed a false sense of security

– You see yourself as superior or inferior to others, instead of realizing that everyone is basically a unique expression of the one life and all expressions have the same value for life as each enables it an unique experience

– You look at life as a struggle where you are constantly battling it out instead of realizing that if you simply align with your life-stream you will be one with the effortless flow of totality of life and live out your natural expression, allowing for a deep well-being in your experience.

– You are always worried about the future instead of realizing that you are part of the totality of life and hence will always be taken care of in its movement. The truth is that the only time you need to worry about your future is when you take it upon yourself to struggle against the natural movement of your life-stream (because in this place you are disconnected, to a large extent, for the guidance and well-being of your life-stream)

– You are always thinking from a limited or narrow perspective without accounting for the bigger picture of life. You feel as if your mind, in its limited vision, has better understanding, than life, about what’s good for you, rather than be trusting of life to bring you the right circumstances (that’s why they say – life makes more sense backwards because only later do you realize the hidden blessing in a situation that your mind thought was negative).

These are just some example of how a mind rooted in a feeling of isolation/separation looks at life. The truth is, if a thought is creating suffering in you, at the bottom of it there is a belief in separation – where you are not accepting the oneness in all expressions. When you realize you are part of the totality, created by the totality of life, you have a sense of belongingness, a sense of being at home in life, and in this place you don’t have to worry about taking care of yourself because life abundantly takes care of you.

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  1. soul

    what you say in this article feels so true and right but i am not able to understand the concept of ‘oneness’..i do experience feelings of inferiority and jealousy sometimes and i cant understand how i am one with the people against whom i have such feelings, and even with those people who speak ill of me and are not my well wishers…i really cant digest this…some people just piss me off with their negativity towards me and i cant imagine being one with them..how is this possible sen?i feel one with animals,nature but not with peoe…something in me cant understand this…

    1. Eternus

      I have the same problem, soul. I believe we are both experiencing these feelings from the limited perception of the ego. The ego is what wants to separate itself (because the illusion of separation is what gives it life), and feelings of inferiority and jealousy are all derived from the ego’s insecurity. We are struggling with these feelings because we have not yet transcended our egos.

    2. Sen Post author

      soul, it’s important to realize that your external reality precisely mirrors your own mind. So when you find elements in your reality that don’t feel congruent with you, it’s a feedback that there are elements of thought pattern in your own mind that are not congruent with your alignment with your life-stream. Thoughts of inferiority or inadequacy about the self is what gets reflected outside by people being critical towards you. This also part of oneness, where you are all there is in your reality, everything and everyone is reflecting parts of you back to you. The nature is a reflection of your wholeness, but the people with negativity are a reflection of your own inner negativity.

  2. gary guthrie

    Beautifully said…. Food for my soul : )

  3. soul

    you’ve made it so clear:)thanks sen and eternus. Its all about looking within myself..amazing!

  4. angel

    funny how you mention the feeling of seperation , because ive been dealing with depersonalization/derealization ,disconnected from this world it feels as though i have no control over my self at times. The thing is im aware of this so i know its just a sensation from my high anxiety since i started reading your articles i got a better understanding of ocd knowing that my crazy thoughts are not so crazy after all since the mind creates images of what your thinking allowing me not to believe everything thats going on up there but cant quite figuere out this disconnection feels very unpleasent any suggestions ?

    1. Sen Post author

      When you start connecting with yourself, you attract a reality that’s congruent with you and hence you find a sense of connection in this reality. We are all from the same universal mind and hence see an objective universe outside but each of us has our own unique personal reality which is defined by our specific vibration. When you are in alignment with yourself your personal reality feels connected with you, when you are not aligned with yourself you feel a sense of disconnection with your reality (basically because you are disconnected with yourself). The way you connect with yourself is spending time bringing awareness to yourself, without distraction, understanding your presence, your mind, your energy space and emotional space. The more awareness you bring to your physicalness, the more you will be able to release inner conflicts and resistances to bring you in alignment with your life-stream and thus moving towards a reality that feels congruent to you.

  5. cristina


    I am trying to understand the power of thoughts and the process of letting go of negativity. If thoughts are creative and we allow negative thoughts even from the space of awareness, are these negative thoughts still creating negative results? or do we have to be identified with the thoughts in order for them to create? Is it not best to try and force thoughts away or quickly replace thoughts as they arise, before they have the change to create? Also can you talk about the concept of rapid manifestation, how does this work? is it possible?

    1. Sen Post author

      cristina, when you suppress something or try to get rid of something, you are basically fueling it indirectly through your fear of it. Also you live a highly guarded life where you are constantly afraid of what the mind might throw up, this basically means you stay a prisoner to the mind’s movements – if you notice, this a fear based vibration and hence it attracts some form of negative reflection from your reality also.

      When you allow a thought, without identifying with it, you are not fueling it and thus it has not influence on your reality. A thought only has power when you bestow it with identification/interest/belief, to simply allow it in open awareness deprives a thought of any momentum. Also when you stay in a place of open allowing, you are resistance-free and hence become an open channel to allowing the inherent well-being of your life-stream which is always moving towards your desired reality.

      To use force to get rid of thoughts never works because through your force you are actually giving it power (your force suggests that you are in fear of it, which is like an indirect fuel for the thought), force always comes from a vibration of fear/hatred. Rather when you stay as a space of open allowing (the vibration of love), the negative momentum of the mind ebbs away on its own (in intensity), with time, so that you can then focus on what you desire without being constantly interrupted by the intensity of the negativity in the mind.

      Physical manifestations always take time because energy needs to condense into solidity for a physical reality to be born. Some manifestations feel “instant” because the things are already in place for them, like manifesting a “parking space”, the circumstances are already in place and just requires you to get the timing right for it to manifest – as you stay aligned the timing gets taken care of, and it may feel like an instant manifestation. But for more other realities that you wish to manifest, in your personal reality, you need to allow for the time for it to condense. Also, when you are resistance-free to a particular desired reality, it manifests in the quickest time possible for it – but it still takes the required time to get all the resources (co-operative components) in place.

  6. X

    Hi sen,

    I am in a relationship where in I regard and respect the person a lot and this person has being very helpful and understanding to me during my difficult times .. but due to uncontrollable release and at times i have been taken over by my unconscious energy ( or say subconscious ) i was not able to balance the relationship.. and thing were falling apart … and sometimes it went to extreme level where i was driven by my unconscious energies.. i used to be open and speak up my mind .. helplessly.. and not intentionally.. as the process went on i could feel that i was freed…but at the cost of breaking the relationship.. and hurting the person time and again.. .. .. even during all these period he was very supportive …. but now i see that the release has come to an end .. and all the broken parts of me are integrated.. left me full and complete ( back consciously )…but the relationship is moved beyond what i can do..or could have done.. …. i don’t know what next.. and how..

    I feel really sorry for misbehaving ….

    I am hoping things will fall right in its place….

    felt like sharing this with you..

    …. many more thing i feel like sharing.. …. will keep writing.. here.. as you have been source of inspiration to me .. .. through my difficult times..

    your blog has done wonders… one has to know it by experience.. how life takes over you… from where it lifts you and where it drops you ..


    1. Mark


      I dont know the real situation of your relationship, but I do feel you. The process of release is definitely changing you, it changes your point of view, your reference, your body, it changes everything about you into the better you. So, there is a chance that the relationship that you have is not compatible with you, but you can not see because you are still attached to your partner.

      I was almost broke up with my gf about a month ago, because of my imbalances and my lack of power (meekness). My situation was, she had so much power over me, even her past, her current actions, words, attitudes, I was so afraid of losing her, even if it was only my mind’s projecting images.

      You need to connect with your inner power, once you connect with it, you will not feel helpless toward your relationship, even if you know that there might be a chance that it will end. This is similar with a quote “If you love someone let him/her free, if he/she stays, then it is meant to be”. Don’t expect, because it is delusional, just be open to whatever might be happening. I know it’s not easy, but it is a choice to connect with this inner power.

      Because based from your words, I think you are attached to your partner, and there is guilty. Let the guilty feeling go, if you keep identify yourself with the guilty feeling, you will end up pleasing your partner so that he/she doesnt leave you. Free yourself.

      Hope this help

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