Allowing the Release of Suppressed Energy

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Life is energy in play and the more free flowing the energy is the more vibrant/whole you feel. Pockets of energy which are suppressed, or ‘held’ within you become sources of resistance to the free flow of your life’s expression.

It’s not even essential to know when you created these blocks of suppressed energy, neither is it essential to know why, as long as you are open to releasing it now. All that’s needed for the suppressed energy pockets to start getting released is for you to be open in your being, rather than being closed and fearful of allowing them in your consciousness.

So in one sense, some amount of courage is needed to just be open to the release without really questioning, or over-analyzing these energies as they come up to get released.

These suppressed energies are what you generated within yourself, in unconsciousness (lack of awareness), in your past, when you faced some fears or hang ups.

It’s not really important to understand why and when it happened, for all you know some of it could be the load of your past life-time (of your stream of consciousness). Investigating your past has inherently no value, and the only reason to release these suppressed energies is so that you can have a free movement now, in your present reality.

These energies when they get released can create thoughts that were associated with the creation of this energy. It may not be a clear recollection or a memory, and you don’t really need to analyze the thoughts or make them personal. Just stay open and they will get released.

The only reason people don’t allow this release is because they get scared of the unpleasantness this release can cause temporarily. Emotional pain, anger, sexual energy, depression may be forms in which these suppressed energies come up (based on what you had suppressed).

Over-Analysis is of no use

The release happens much faster if you don’t sit analyzing it, but just stay open in your being towards allowing it.

The mind can get concerned by this release, and it can interpret it negatively, and if you buy in to its fears you will try to “shut down” this release in some way or just add unnecessary resistance to it. So the best time to start allowing the release is when you’ve gained sufficient stability in your awareness so that you are not pulled in by your mind’s fears. Where you don’t buy all the doubts and negative interpretations of your mind.

It’s natural for the mind to avoid low feelings, and hence it will try to distract itself or suppress the release in some way and if you are totally lost in the mind, you will just follow the mind re-actively. This is the reason why you need to develop some stability in your being (where you are not identified with the mind totally) before you can allow this release.

It’s normal for the body to sometimes feel a bit tired when this release happens, because the energy movement can be quite intense. You might even feel very restless and can have some sleepless nights, especially if there is a lot of energy getting released. I am only mentioning this so that you are not overly concerned by this, it’s normal and it’s no different than any “detox” that we go through.

The deal is that the more you relax and the faster the release happens. You might feel as if you are regressing and becoming more negative when in truth all that’s happening is that your past negative accumulations are getting released. It helps to know this because without this knowledge your mind can get really concerned about these fluctuations and intense releases, and thus suppress it again.

The usual feelings that can come up when this release happens are – anger, sadness, grief, depression, anxiety, sexuality, excitement, depending on the energy you had suppressed. The thoughts that comes up will match the flavor of the feelings, sometimes your mind just creates random thoughts to somehow make sense of this past energy (which it’s not about to make sense of) – that’s why its important to not over-analyze the thoughts that get generated.

Of course these thoughts and feelings will happen in your awareness, and you can’t just hide from them, you just need to allow this consciously and stay open – the less you try to analyze, the faster the release can happen.

If your body gets driven into some movement, or activity, as a part of the release, allow it to do so in the wisdom of your awareness – don’t try to suppress it, and don’t judge yourself.

Experiencing a lightness in the body

It’s only when the release happens that you realize how “congested” your body actually was before. When you are around 50% of this release you sense this deep lightness in your body, where it feels very spacious and open, almost as if you melted from ice into water – your body feels more lucid.

This causes your body to get into a higher vibrational state, it becomes more vital and alive – this will also cause your body to detox/purge its stored up bodily toxins in some way, because now it has more vitality to do so. Also, this openness in your body allows for the rest of the release to happen more smoothly without much unpleasantness in your being.

A lot of diseases are caused by these suppressed pockets of energy. We can numb the symptoms of the disease through medications but until these suppressed energies are released the disease just keeps coming up in new forms.

Moreover when you have a lot of suppressed energy pockets in you, it’s like you are carrying a huge load in your body which reduces its vitality. These suppressed energies also act as fuel to your mind’s negativity, keeping its momentum going. Since these energies are stored up in the body space as “blocks” of resistance they cause a disruption to the harmonious flow of intelligence in your body. There is a huge difference in the way you sense your body when these energies are released.

Other means of release

Some people go in for energy work (from some healers) to release their suppressed energy, but such a release being “unconscious”, and sudden, can create an imbalance in the body, and moreover, since you did not release it consciously you have the tendency to “re-create” it again since these energies always have an imprint in your mind.

I am not suggesting that you don’t do energy work, it’s up to you, you can follow your own guidance on this and if you feel you need to get some energy work done, for some relief, do so – the only pointer is to not get addicted to the energy work where it becomes a crutch. These are means which can be used by someone who has low level of awareness to get some temporary relief, and hence it has a value, but when you grow in awareness you have the capacity to consciously allow this release on your own.

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  1. abet

    Sen is meditation really that important in getting to this state of enlightenment?

    Or is it possible to reach this state without meditation , by just following the tips and pointers such as relaxed awareness etc. etc.

    1. Sen Post author

      Depends on what you mean by meditation, if you mean “watching the mind” as meditation, then of course it has a value because this practice helps increase the power of your awareness.

  2. T

    WOW…i feel sooooooo relaxed and at peace im listening to my heart and not my fear based not afraid anymore there is nothing to be afraid of.I lost sight of who i am for a short while ,being cheated on was the worst thing i could have ever imagined happening to me and it did ..We all have had those conversations with people when you hear what they are saying you listen but you give no meaningful attention to their words.Thats how i feel with the negative thoughts that were consuming my mind daily.I do hear what they are saying i just as you say Sen don,t pay any more attention than that to them because i recognize what they are useless i Choose to listen to my heart now.Im suprised how quickly these thoughts dissappear ive actually caught myself kind of testing i will try to re-think of something that a month ago would have kept me up all night with worry i end up kind of laughing to myself thinking what am i stupid i just don,t give any seriousness to the negative crap.I know who i am and I LOVE LIFE the way it is right NOW TODAY sheeesh i can,t believe how much i Love and appreciate the woman that i only three months ago found out cheated. i could go on and on …..thank you SEN……….What a FEELING i can,t wait to enjoy tomoro .see yah

  3. Jenny

    This is very helpful and answers an earlier question I had 🙂 Thank you Sen!

  4. pippi

    THANKS !

  5. Ritu

    Great Article, it offers immense clarity

  6. Liza

    Dear Sen
    I woke up Saturday morning and went right to my iphone and looked up obsessive thinking…. “Is there a pill I can take I thought? Something, please”. I have been suffering with obsessive thoughts that of course manifest into negative feelings since 15 years old (I am now 42) Every chapter of my life has been either dwelling on the past or over analizing the future. I use to fail tests because I simply over analized the questions. My mind is my worst enemy and plays tricks on me. I have a headache everyday of my life! (no lie) I have been trying since saturday to just watch my mind and it has helped a little but I hope I am not just surpressing my feelings. I tell myself “its a radio satation, just listen, NO negative thoughts” But is this enough? I need it spelled out to me. Do I sit in a chair and tell myself ready set go? Do I re-read your article everyday? What exactly is the practice for 30 minutes everyday? What is the first thing I do? And when the mind sends over one of those negative clouds, to not show my interest, do I try to ignore it or talk myself out of it? I have written sadhana on a very visible spot to remeind me daliy, I have subscribed to your web-site (which is wonderful!) and I am determined to help myself. Also when it is time to release all this negative energy that has been bottling up inside me, what do I do? Go back to that same chair? I guess what I am asking is how do I have an open mind? I am very hard on myself and most people think I am strong on the outside for what I have been through they think I am amazing, however I am struggling deep inside me, I have been to that dark place more then twice in one year and it is only for my children that I didnt just take pills and go to sleep. Please help me let go of the past.

    1. Sen Post author

      Liza, there is no short cut to coming to an inner stability/balance, it can’t achieved through pills or hypnosis – it’s a state you come to through a conscious release of past negativity and a conscious grounding in your space of being. For while you will need to spend time just being open to the negativity that arises, instead of trying to escape it – you don’t have to sit in some specific place, neither do you have to allocate specific times , let it be more natural, as a part of your daily living. Whenever negativity arises, just stay open to it, instead of running for rescue. If you find it difficult to be open to it, it just means you are getting afraid of the energy that’s arising, and the thoughts that are being produced, instead of just observing them as a pure awareness. I understand that it’s tough initially, because your mind has a high momentum, and your body has a lot of suppressed negativity – but there is no real choice in this matter, no short cut, it’s pure physics that the energy that you accumulated through your past unconscious identification with negativity needs to get released before you can sense the stability. The simplest pointer is stop trying to escape what arises, and just stay with it in an openness, and allow it to arise fully – it gets easier as you keep allowing, because as you keep allowing your spaciousness keeps increasing inside, you feel more open within. Right now you have very little space within and hence feel overwhelmed as soon as the negative arises. This space needs to grow, and it can only grow when become consciously allowing of this negative energy, even in the midst of fear.

    2. alta

      Liza, I want to share what I found out with you. Every time when I noticed a negative thought arise, I would also notice that my body is in an intense status. For example, I would notice that my shoulder is very tight or my neck hurts. Instead of watching my mind, I start to relax my body first. When my body is relaxed, my mind is kind of clear too.

  7. Steve

    Thank you so much for this post, it came at exactly the right time, it has given memuch needed clarity and support just when I needed it. Thank you so much!

  8. Liza

    Thank you I will try but being open to it to me means thinking about it and then ultimately obsessing.

    1. Sen Post author

      Liza, that means you need to grow in the power of awareness, where you have the capacity to be aware of your mind without being pulled around by it. You need to start doing this as a practice, until you gain some stability in your awareness – just try to observe your mind/feeling space from a place of pure awareness, whenever you have the free time. This practice allows awareness to grow in power and stability, so that you reach a place where you don’t feel at the mercy of your mind’s pull. When you have some of this stability, you are ready to let go and be allowing of the suppressed energy to be released.

  9. Liza

    Okay. Thank you, I will and I will continue to read your articles they are very interesting to me. After all knowledge is power. Have a wonderful day and thank you again.

  10. nightowl

    Sen – do you believe someone suffering from depression should see a physician? Can drugs such as Welbutrin offer temporary relief to someone who may not yet have much space of awareness. It concerns me when I see someone talking about taking pills to avoid (and possibly end) their life.

    1. Sen Post author

      Depression is a “manifestation” of a high negative momentum. Medications can provide relief as a means of suppression, but it’s always at a cost – the cost could reduction in the body’s vitality, unnatural suppression of the nervous system and alteration of brain states as a result (similar to what drugs or alcohol do), reduction in consciousness and the addictive nature of the medication that makes you a prisoner to it and can make us feel more helpless as a result. If a person’s brain has no possibility of becoming aware (lets say they have no reasoning power to understand the process of bringing awareness), they have no choice but to work with medicines. But if you can bring awareness to your inner space, you can consciously start becoming free of being pulled around by the brain’s vacillations – I understand it’s a process and it takes time, and some people don’t have the patience to go through the process and prefer the temporary relief mechanisms, but it’s all about readiness, some people are not ready for it, and it’s totally fine, we all have our own journey to live.

    2. nightowl

      I was in a very dark place once, and Welbutrin helped. It was only temporary, and my body would have adjusted eventually I suppose, but I am thankful there was medication available to speed up the process. I feel strongly that if someone is actually considering ending their life they should talk to someone in the health care field. From my personal experience, temporarily taking a drug to help a chemical imbalance can be a lifesaver.

    3. Sen Post author

      There are no “don’ts”, different things can have a value, depending on your present state, in assisting in balance, if not abused. Depending on your level of inner stability, sometimes medication is the relief that you may need to get you over some overwhelming condition of depression or imbalance. Eventually the optimal place would be when you can stand on your own inner stability, and it takes time for this stability to come along as you grow in awareness, but along this journey you can always depend on temporary assistance to help you gain some support when you are feeling overwhelmed.

  11. Ryan

    Sen, is it as simple as letting go every time you feel a negative vibe? I know a lot of bad feelings come from past negativity but sometimes even with awareness I can’t pinpoint why I feel negative about certain things. So basically say something triggers a negative vibe in your mind and your not sure what it is, do you just leave it and let it go or try to figure out what it is (which leads to more confusion and negativity in my case)

  12. Andy

    Dear Sen,
    I have a question regarding the release of suppressed energy.
    Since a while I found out how to practive awareness. It took me quite a while to just observe the mind because we are so used to run after every thought. Through this practice I could really “get rid” of obsessive thoughts and feel some great benefit.
    Once I practice awareness it quite often happens that single muscles especially in my leg twitch. It is really a good feeling and feels like releasing some energy which was just stored in this place. It is not this kind of twitching when a muscle twitches many times in a row and you feel very stressed, it just happens occasionally and I feel more relaxed and enjoy this.
    Is this one aspect of releasing suppressed energy you mention in this post?
    Thank you very much, you have a great website and help many people.
    All the best,

    1. Sen Post author

      Andy, the physical sensation that you mentioned is quite normal during this phase of release. You soon start feeling a lightness in your body as a whole, and while your body shifts into this high vibration state it’s bound to create sensations as you are feeling at present.

  13. Pavlo

    Dear Sen,

    It’s been a week since your advice to me about allowing my
    accumulated stored negativity to rise and to just be with it
    in a purely observational sense. I am also touching it with my being
    and am not letting myself be drawn in by the strong emotions
    being released. You are so right about me having a strong awareness
    after meditating since last July. My awareness is rock solid. I realize
    the only way out is the same way I got in to this state. The energy accumulated through
    fear/thoughts/emotions HAS to be released. There is no other way to become whole again.
    The emotions come in waves and I know they will be doing so for possibly
    th next few months or so but I am not bothered in the least by their intensity. You are right.
    by meditating so intensely I was suppressing by thinking that was the way, and i was under the impression that was all that had to be done because i felt so much bliss however that didn’t address the negativity
    which was still present. Now I know it has to be released.

    Is there anything else I need to be aware of during this process or
    Do I simply ride out the storm for the next few months?

    My deepest gratitude to you Sen.

    1. Sen Post author

      Pavlo, you’ve come to a state of total allowing, and hence the release should get done quite quickly. Simply ride out this phase.

  14. Pavlo

    Dear Sen,

    Everything you said would happen IS happening.

    Once in a state of total allowing is achieved
    (through the practice of relaxed, witnessing awareness)
    The emotions come fast and furious for the first few days,
    but they’re not all as intense as my mind was anticipating.
    Some of them are, some of them aren’t.
    I find my mind still tries to trick me by pulling me into the
    web of thoughts/emotions which spring up from time to time,
    but that’s just the mind just trying to exert its authority over me.
    By Being in the relaxed, ALLOWING openness when
    the thoughts/emotions come into my field of awareness and I
    accepted them for what they are, I don’t value them anymore so
    their sting, and their attachment to me is disappearing fast. Many
    of them simply didn’t make sense but because my BELIEF
    in them was so strong, they seemed like truth itself, which,
    of course, they weren’t!. The more they come, the more they
    are being dissolved by my life force. This is my sentient reality.
    This is my truth because I can feel it. I feel as if my being is coming
    alive in ways I have yet to discover and I am starting to know what
    wholeness feels like.

    I feel there is still much more to come out, but all I know is,
    that I’m starting to feeling like a completely different person.
    I’m becoming more vibrant, I’m living every moment, not because
    I’m trying to, but because i feel so much more “aliveness” in me.
    This is the best way I can describe my evolving awareness.

    Thank you Sen.

  15. lekha

    Hi Sen, you said “you need to develop some stability in your being (where you are not identified with the mind totally) before you can allow this release.” but I thought that allowing this release would bring stability in your being? could you please explain this?

    1. Sen Post author

      Lekha, a better way of putting it would have been “develop some stability in your ‘attitude’ of not being identified with the mind’s negativity”. A stability in this attitude is what allows for a faster release, and the release starts moving you towards inner stability/wholeness.

  16. jia

    Hi Sen.
    I had a break down before Christmas. I used this horrible medicine for my skin, was in the middle of my exams, and the hours were dark and me and my boyfriend broke up. I was struggeling the first 4 months and my doctor wanted me on medication. I’ve had deep depression (which I’m almost done with but still feeling uninspired) and anxiety. Through meditation and observing my mind with binaural sounds (I could not meditate without the sounds at first, now I can) the strength of the thoughts has lessened and I can be alone again, something I was scared of being (I walked a fine line the last months). I’m meditating at least one hour per day, often more. But I’m feeling tired and don’t know how I’m gonna spend my Summer. I’m struggeling and feeling unmotivated these days, even though my mind is getting better (isn’t weird?). I don’t have the intense fear any more, and my body has gotten calmer, but I still worry a lot. But in January my mind was going crazy, and it hurt so much, My breakdown involved that I started trembling, really high anxiety and a black out. I’m having trouble letting this go, and I think there is something wrong with me, and I consider it a trauma in it self. Do you have any tips of letting go and moving on?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jia, what you are experiencing is a normal during the phase of release. As you mentioned your body is feeling a lot calmer, and it just that you don’t feel the energy/motivation in you. This motivation will come in quite naturally as a natural progression of this process (what I call the return of focus – you can read this post Phases of awakening for insights on this), you can help accelerate this process by spending time visualizing your desires where-ever you feel like it – you don’t have to make an effort, just a relaxed day dreaming is good enough, try to visualize the physical experience that you wish to have.

  17. kenny

    hey Sen, what are your thoughts on being around people that undermine your letting go, family etc. I find that certain people i’m around make it really hard to be conscious and present for very long. should I segregate from them ?

    1. Markus


      Though this reply comes months later, it sounds like you answered your own question!

  18. kenny

    also i know im a pain but im wondering how you know that you are not suppressing energy versus releasing it, how if i’m watching my mind if i am doing that right too, i have felt the way i’m feeling for a long time (anxious, moody, depressed, angry, etc. ) how do i know that i’m releasing this or just keeping it going. i’m really dedicated to this but it would be nice to have some kind of indication that i’m following the true path

    1. Sen Post author

      Kenny, if you sense that you are free to allow the negativity to arise in your space (be it mind’s negativity or the negative energy in the body as emotional energy) that means you are “allowing” the release. It’s a personal deal, you have to be authentic with yourself to see if you are fearless enough to allow the negativity without wanting to suppress it as it arises. One does not reach this total fearlessness, towards allowing the release, overnight – it takes time and it happens in layers until you reach a space of total allowing, as explained in this post – Reaching a place of total allowing

  19. ramjagat

    sen how we can one become concious without analysing and understanding

    1. Sen Post author

      ramjagat, gaining an understanding is an integral part of becoming more aware/conscious. In this post I am talking about the process involved in the release of suppressed energy. The understanding that’s needed here is to stay in a space of allowing what arises without becoming too concerned about negative energy as it’s coming from the past accumulation and has nothing to do with the present – that’s why the pointer was to not analyse the release, and just let it happen. This is also an “understanding” that’s needed, and this understanding allows for a faster release.

  20. Radiance

    Hi again Sen,

    Over the weekend I practice my relaxed awareness. What I notice is that I tend to “forget” and get lost in my mind as long as the external experience is positive.
    When the external experience is negative or if I get anxious, depressed, stressed out is when I “remember” to just get into relaxed awareness.
    I certainly hope I am not avoiding; as soon as I kindly observe myself into a negative state a nut on my tummy disolves and my shoulders fall 2-3 inches. I also start breathing more easily.
    If the sensation is too strong I do say “oh, I am anxious” and/or “hmm, I can feel a pain in my back, interesting” and I get instant releif.
    The negativity that has the most pull is to go over stories of my past (good and back) or day dreaming (good or back)

    Am I in the right track?

    1. Sen Post author

      The bottom-line of the practice of relaxed awareness is to free you from the grip of the negative momentum, it’s not meant to be a “discipline” you need to follow all day long or to stay aware all the time, it’s totally fine to be engrossed in thinking. In fact, once you are free of the momentum of negativity, you will hardly need to ever consciously stay aware, you will just be in a flow of living. You will gradually see your becoming more and more familiar with the patterns of negativity in the mind and thus will no longer be taken in by it, and there will be a fearless attitude towards your mind/emotions. This happens over time.

  21. hariprasad

    sen ur super awsome..thank u so much for ur posts!!!!!!!!!!

  22. A.R.

    Sen, so it is ok to consciously ignore negativity as long as we become consciously aware of its presence within and consciously allow its release?

    1. Sen Post author

      As long as you are not trying to ignore from a place of fear, or as a means of suppression, you are basically just “dis-identifying” while staying allowing of the mind movement

  23. Marcy

    Hi Sen,

    Thanks for the information. I do find that releasing the negative energy within, whether in the form of thoughts or emotions, is quite similar to pulling a knife or arrow out of your “flesh wounds” of the past. It does hurt, but dis-identifying with it helps tremendously if you realize these thoughts do not define you as your “true self”. They exist, but as energy with a certain vibrational frequence. It all comes down to allowing and identifying the thought, but choosing whether to identify with it or not. Then releasing the thought that you wish to release after identifying it. It pretty much comes down to following your heart’s guidance, rather than your past limiting beliefs, which could hinder your personal and spiritual growth.

  24. alwyn

    just now i went through this ‘release of negative energy’ or ‘fear’ – as in i totally engulfed my entire being to it – and you are right about the after effects. i just like to thank you for pointing it out in this article. i sort of kind of worried for awhile because the after effects were totally new to me and don’t know what to do. it’s just like taking a cold shower – even after the shower you feel cold until you towel yourself dry and slowly you get back to you normal body temperature. it takes a while and just like it – you’ll feel refreshed. thanks and i hope you continue to inspire many with your site.

  25. GB

    Hello Sen, I have a doubt regarding forgiveness.Is it necessary to forgive people who have deliberately hurt you in the past? I’m getting hateful and fearful thoughts against a person who has hurt me in the past.I’m consciously releasing these thoughts through detached awareness.I tried forgiving during the release process but I’m finding it difficult to forgive this person.It feels so fake and unnatural.I have a feeling that if I don’t forgive this person, this person will continue to haunt me in my thoughts.I can’t/don’t want to forgive this person.Is forgiveness necessary? Please guide me.

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