Some Frequently Asked Questions About Life

Overtime, I’ve received several mails from readers pertaining to various questions they have about life, about awareness, suffering, balance/wholeness, enlightenment, relationships, negativity, physical and non-physical aspects. In this post I will look to consolidate some of these frequently asked questions, mostly as a single point of reference. What is the ultimate truth of life? Though […]

Going Through the Layers of Release

Becoming grounded in the state of stability requires a release of the imbalanced force of all the “influences” that are present in our being. If I have to categorize the primary influences, it would be – love, hatred, joy, fear, boredom and sexuality, basically the six modes/flavors of thought and emotion. An influence becomes an […]

An Understanding of Creation and Evolution

The “creative impulse” is an inherent part of our nature as beings of life-energy – the impulse/motivation to create. I don’t mean something mystical when I use the term “creative impulse”, it could be something totally mundane like creating a craft, cooking up a meal, cleaning a room, preparing a report, organizing a house party, […]

Understanding Your Individuality

One of the aspects of having a balanced mindset is that you are no longer prone towards extremist view-points, you don’t see things in a “black and white” manner, rather you start perceiving the “grey areas”, which is what allows you to be free of delusional thinking. For example, the adage of “you can do […]

Taking Decisions

One of the most undeniable, and inescapable, experiences of living is the experience of making decisions based on choices. There is this whole debate of “total free will” vs “zero free will” but eventually the truth is in the grey areas, you don’t have free-will in some aspects and you do have free-will in some […]

Connecting with Inner Power

Love in the absence of power becomes dysfunctional as does power in the absence of love, it’s just that a person who is imbalanced towards the nature of love is usually seen as the “victim” while a person who is imbalanced towards power is seen as a cold-hearted jerk or something evil – they are […]

A Perspective on Forgiveness

I get emails with queries along the lines of – “how do I learn to forgive”, “I did xyz in the past, how can forgive myself”, “he/she did xyz to me in the past, I am not able to forgive this person, but I want to, how do I do it?”, “I feel a strong […]

The Experience of Finding Balance

In a state of “low awareness” the tendency of a being is to be unconsciously imbalanced (in varying degrees), however, as one’s awareness starts growing/evolving the natural pull, or pressure, is towards finding conscious balance – it becomes inevitable. The state of low-awareness is also what I call the state of “unconsciousness” – which is […]

Understanding Your Sexual Energy and Sexuality

Sexuality is a nature in us, as beings of life-energy, and, like every aspect in us, this nature also requires conscious balancing to ensure that we experience, and express, sexuality in a manner that’s aligned with wisdom along with enjoyment/appreciation of the same. As I’ve mentioned in the previous posts, there are 6 natures, or […]

Understanding Brainev

I mentioned about a product called Brainev (short for Brain Evolution System), in the post Eliminating Anxiety, as an effective assistance to the phase of releasing past momentum and return of focus towards conscious living. This product basically consists of 6 mp3s (labeled level-1 to level-6, each of 30 minutes duration), requiring you to listen […]

Beyond Positive Thinking

I was an ardent reader of “self help” books since the later part of my school days and it became quite an obsession with me during my college days. The recurrent theme of most of these self-help books was the power of “positive thinking”, it was easy to summarize, the message in all these books, […]

The Phase of Release

Everything is essentially “energy” and hence follows all the laws pertaining to energy. One of the truths about energy is that – “energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only change forms”. We create an imbalance of emotional energy by inhabiting the state of imbalanced thinking and its accumulation, in turn, leads to […]

Inspiration and Deliberate Choice

A large part of conscious living is working with the mindset of making deliberate choices (from a place of being objective) on following what feels like a requirement, responsibility, inspiration or exploration, in your current reality. Once you let go of the past momentum created by unconscious living, where you were mostly dragged around by […]

Being Objective

The dynamics involved in the phase of “letting go” are very different from the dynamics involved in the phase of “conscious living” (or return of focus). The phase of letting-go, or the phase of release, is only required to reach a place of being free of the hold of the past momentum, of emotional and […]

The Foundation of Openness

The process of finding inner freedom boils down to allowing the dissolution of all the emotional, and mental, momentum created by “resistance-based” thinking, or what I would call the “momentum of resistance”. The end of the momentum of resistance is the beginning of the foundation of openness, which is the requisite for inner freedom. However, […]

Dealing with Depression

The state of depression can be seen as an imbalanced low state, or in other words a low state of high intensity/momentum. It’s important to understand that depression can happen at two levels 1. Physiological depression 2. Mental depression (these are not medical terms or categories, I’ve coined them for the purpose of my explanation) […]

Finding Your Natural Expertise

When we talk about natural expertise we usually restrict our focus on defining the “area” of talent, for example, we might say “he is talented in singing” or “he’s talented with number crunching” – I would call this “area-based” talent. So, whenever you are asked to look within and find your natural expertise, you immediately […]

A Deeper Perspective on Money

Money is simply a representation of “energy exchange”, you can either take, give or accumulate energy, and your state of balance, or imbalance, dictates how you experience this energy in your life. If you have an inner state of balance, you should/would also have a balance in your financial condition – your financial experience will […]

From Understanding to Internalizing

If I have summarize the various dysfunctions that people feel in their life, they can be described as below Anxiety – This is an imbalanced aspect of the fear dimension in our thinking. Fear is natural in life, simply because life is “uncertain” (where you can’t even know, with 100% certainty, what’s going to happen […]

Understanding Life

Life-energy in expression/movement is what I call Life. The whole deal of life is about life-energy exploring itself, experiencing itself and expressing itself. Life-energy does have a certain nature which you can sense in your own mind/thinking-space (after all, every mind is made in the image of the mind of life-energy) – some specifics of […]

Learning to Deal with Anxiety

One of the biggest impediments to growth, in a human being, is the force of anxiety. Eliminating the pull of anxiety provides a huge leverage towards living life from a place of inspiration, wisdom and creativity. You can have all the inspirations coming in but there can be no real movement, or action, on your […]

Understanding Wholeness

The nature of experience that stems from a place of wholeness is very different from the experience you had from a place of “imbalance”. In this context, I use the term “imbalance” purely as a relative reference to contrast it with the state of “wholeness”. If you are not in wholeness, you are in imbalance […]

An Aware Social Interaction

There is a saying – “No man is an island, entire of itself”, which simply translates to the reality-based fact that no being is totally independent of inter-dependence – life works on the principle of leveraging inter-dependence; for example, flowers depend on the bees for their replication and the bees depend on the flowers for […]

Seeing Through Deluded Thinking

When you consciously practice staying in a state of allowing you will be able to release the momentum of past emotions (that you may be carrying as a baggage in your being or in your physical body), and can allow your mind momentum to come to a state of balance, thus allowing you to work […]

Conscious Choice

Conscious living is all about living aligned with reality. A truly conscious/aware person is very grounded in the reality of life, he/she is not working from a place of delusion – the advantage (or light nature) of such a way of living is that you have peace and you are conflict-free, the dark nature of […]