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Once you allow your brain to connect with the intelligence of your life stream, you’ve basically unlocked its true potential.

All that’s needed to make this connection possible, and seamless, is for you to move out of the way. You are unconsciously blocking the connection of your mind with the intelligence of your life stream by trying to control, and force, your mind based on your belief in fear/lack based conditioning.

It’s ironical that a lot of misguided spiritual teachings label the mind as being the enemy when in truth it’s our unconscious/total identification with physicality and our belief in negative conditioning (which causes us to control/force the mind), that’s the cause of resistance and suffering.

Left on its own the mind comes into harmony with the wholeness of your life-stream, and performs in a lucid manner becoming a co-creator with life energy.

Connecting with your life stream

Who we are, in relative terms, is presently the stream of awareness focused in this physical body and the mind/brain is the “intelligence” center of this body.

We are connected to the wholeness of life on one-side and the realm of the mind/physicality on the other side. When we become totally identified with physicality, and focus on the fear-based external conditioning and mind’s fears, we take on a negative vibration and thus become a “block” that prevents our mind’s access to wholeness of life.

So it’s not the mind that’s blocking your well-being, rather it’s your unwillingness to become open (by letting go), to allow the connection of your mind with your life-stream, that’s blocking the constant inflow of solutions, wisdom and well-being, in your reality.

Your life-stream can re-program your brain

The maturity that’s needed for the manifestation of new realities, is automatically programmed into your mind/brain when it’s allowed full access to its connection with your life-stream.

The required insights, understanding, inspirations and wisdom is made available to the brain from the intelligence of the wholeness of life, when you stop blocking its access. This is not some vague spiritual talk, but a highly scientific truth and it has been proven through research (using brain imaging) that when you let go of your attention from the brain, its chemistry starts changing automatically.

It’s your constant attention to the brain’s negative patterns that keeps them from being dissolved, disallowing new maturity and growth to come through in the brain. As soon as you let go of your “chronic” attention from the brain, you unlock its access to the wholeness of life and in this place it gets programmed from the intelligence of your life-stream.

Dissolving negative thought patterns

To allow the dissolution of negative patterns accumulated in the brain (over years of past unconscious identification) you need to be willing to let go of it, rather let go of your chronic focus on it, and let the wholeness of your life-stream reprogram it into the maturity required to align with your desired realities.

Most people think that OCD is created by the mind, but in truth OCD is created owing to your “focus/attention” to certain thoughts that came up in the mind. Without your attention the negative thoughts automatically fizzle away because the vibration of your life’s wholeness does not support negativity.

You may find it challenging, initially, to let go of your brain even for a few minutes through out the day. But as you continue to stay as a space of open awareness allowing the brain its free movement, you will soon get stable in this space of openness allowing the brain full access to the intelligence of your life-stream (it will take a few months to get some stability staying as a space of openness without hinging your narrow focus on the brain).

The pointer is to stay as relaxed awareness or open focus (this is the best way I can point to this state of allowing).

Allowing your life-stream to bring you the solutions

When you are unaware that you have a vast realm of intelligence available in the form of your life stream, you feel “alone” and lost in the physical realm, and helplessly try figuring out ways to keep yourself afloat.

This causes you to move from a place fear, struggle and lack, living a life way below your true potential.

On the other hand, when you realize that it’s not your job to “figure out” life, and you can simply move out of the way allowing your mind to connect to your life-stream and get its solutions from there, you feel relieved and relaxed finally. This is the wholeness you’ve been seeking all along, this is the relaxation you’ve been craving for so long.

Learning to surrender

All spiritual teachings point to the state of “surrender”, this pointer is for you (as the aware being focused on this body) to just let go of trying to control and figure out, and let your brain be guided/programmed by the intelligence of your life-stream.

When you allow this connection to happen, you feel “autonomous” because you connect with your own inner source of guidance and wisdom without necessarily depending on any external source for it. This is what inner freedom is all about.

You also realize that you can relax and allow your life-stream to do the necessary programming/transformation in your brain (creating maturity/understanding) to manifest your desired realities – I call this place “effortless existence” because you are no longer straining and struggling to figure things out but stay allowing of the intelligence of your wholeness to take care of the process of unfolding the solutions/manifestations.

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  1. Alliswell

    If you follow your lifestream, you will always go with what feels positive? If it feels negative, you do not act on or give attention to?

    What instances does this not apply to? None?
    It seems like there would be exceptions to this. Am I wrong?

    1. Sen Post author

      When you are in a place of letting go of the need to figure out and open up to allowing the understanding/inspiration to come into your mind from the space of wholeness, you are always rooted in wisdom – from this place you just know what you need to be doing at the moment, because your life-stream is co-ordinating your actions. Sometimes it just feels right to not be doing anything and just taking it easy, sometimes it feels right to take some actions and the energy for it seems to come from within without requiring any strain or struggle on your part. There will come a point where it would be impossible for you to take actions that don’t feel aligned/positive within, there is no energy to push against the follow of your life-stream – you just stop moving from a place of negativity. To reach this place of guidance, one needs to move out, at-least in some amplitude, from the pull of the momentum of negativity going within them through staying as a space of open awareness rather than being focused on it.

  2. Becky

    First I want to start out by saying thankyou for all of this information that you share with everyone. I get really confused with all of the different ways to get find peace within yourself. How do you know if you should just “surrender” as you suggest above and let life take care of everything, or if you need to bring awareness into yourself. Like for instance I have very negative feelings inside of me most of the time, and I do find myself always trying to figure out how to either fix them or escape them, which I know makes them worse. I also have an inauthentic feeling to my life, like I’ve lost myself and just constantly being someone who I’m not. Do you suggest just trying not to give this stuff attention, like you talk about in this post, or should I bring attention to it by only observing ?

    1. Sen Post author

      There is a difference between “not giving attention” and “not being aware”. When you give “attention” to a negative thought pattern it means that you are giving it your belief, identification and interest. When you stay as a space of “awareness”, you are not contracted on the negative thought (because you are not identified with it totally) but are not trying to “escape” it either, you are staying in a place of open awareness of the thoughts – I also call it “fearless awareness”, because here you are not identified with the thought and are also not trying to escape/suppress it. To stay surrendered is just a pointer to this state of open awareness. You don’t need to figure out anything through your effort based thinking, rather just stay as a space of open awareness and allow the mind access to the wholeness of your life-stream – this will allow solutions to come through that comes from a place of wholistic wisdom/intelligence rather than from a place of fear/lack based conditioning. I am not saying “ignore” the mind, because that’s an escape mechanism coming from fear of the mind. The pointer is to stay as open awareness to the mind, without being identified with it (hence not giving it your belief and focus) allowing the mind its movement – this allows the mind to be touched by the intelligence of your life that will bring a gradual dissolution to all your inner conflicts and also bring for positive external manifestations to reflect your inner alignment.

  3. Tom


    Can you provide any insight on a negative connection one might feel with their home? If a home reminds them of a place of negativity, how can one cultivate a positive association — and disown all the negative feelings from before, if the reminder is constantly there?

    1. Sen Post author

      The paradox of life is that whatever you try to resist will always persist in your reality, but the moment to stop resisting it (stop running away from it), it automatically loses its power on you and dissolves from your reality. Don’t try to resist the negative association you feel with the home, just allow it in fully without “trying” to make it positive – allow all the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts come up in the open space of your awareness. Don’t suppress it or resist it, don’t try to change it, just let it come up freely – just stay as an open space of awareness allowing it all to come up in you. If you can be in this state of allowing, you will become open to allow these negative feelings/thoughts to be touched by the unconditional love, and wisdom, of the wholeness of your being and thus will be able to transmute its energy into peace. As long as you stay in fear of these negative thoughts, or if you try to suppress/resist/change them you will be shackled to these thoughts, and you will be indirectly fueling them through your fear of them.

  4. Alliswell

    One of the most liberating feelings is knowing that I don’t need to figure life out and where it is going. In the past, this was my focus; Always trying to figure things out.
    Learning to trust your lifestream to just happen if you gravitate toward joy instinctively.

  5. nvibes

    Hi. Following on from some of the comments, I have a question about whether you can distinguish between negativity that is arising fromn your past, and when your focus in the present may contribute to more negative occurences now/in the future?

    To be a bit clearer, I have recently switched jobs, having left my previous job because I was unhappy there and felt I needed to free myself from that situation before being able to attract a job situation more to my liking. I applied for a part time role as I sensed a positive intuitive hit when I saw the job, even though logically as it’s part time I’m not making enough money to cover all of my costs, it’s a field I’m trying to get out of, and also it’s in a different sector (which I like) so I didn’t think I would have the experience they wanted.

    Anyway, I got the job, and I enjoy the sector I am in and the people. But in some ways it feels like a repeat of the previous job I was in. 1) I’ve had next to no handover and am having to learn alot and pick up things haphazardly myself (some things have been left unfinished) 2) the department I have joined is very busy and tends to work over their hours and late, which is something that I really don’t like. Even though people enjoy their jobs, there’s a lot of pressure and a lot of work. I like to go at a slower pace and enjoy having the time to learn and not rush through things. 3) As my role works between 2 different departments, I don’t have a fixed desk, and have 2 managers,there’s often miscommunication and I think they’re expecting me to do too much in the hours that are available.

    So I’m just concerned that I may have created/attracted yet another situation that I’m not happy about, even though I left my last workplace because of such issues and had a couple of months off to regroup and refocus my energy more positively. I’m just concerned that I may be repeating situations that I do not like because I haven’t quite learned the lesson, and don’t know what exactly I’m doing wrong?

    But, the positive is that I’m reacting a lot better this time round to the same situation-I’m not getting as stressed with the workload even though there’s alot to do and I’m working late etc, I’m positive that it will work itself out eventually without much drama needed from me – I’m much calmer. I’m starting to wonder is something within me likes the challenge of picking up the pieces where others have left off. And I partly sense that this role may serve as a transition to a new role that I would enjoy much more.

    So I guess my question is, is there anything I can do to ensure I do not attract a situation like this again? How can I learn the lesson from this without recreating more negativity? Do I accept this situation for what it is, or do is there something I need to do differently? Is there a way I can work according to my values (less is more, not trying to do too much, going slow) when others around me are working in the opposite way – going too fast, working too much, staying late?

    1. Sen Post author

      The sense I get is that even though it’s your desire to be in a relaxed work environment, your mind is yet to let go of its conditioning that “work is stressful”. In other words, your mind is still holding on to the conditioning of struggle oriented work. You can look back on your childhood and early adult years, and see if you were a person who was more inclined to taking care of expectations given by outside rather than be oriented towards self-joy. If there are parts of your consciousness which believes in a struggle-based life, you will attract a reality that gives you an evidence of struggle. You’ve become aligned with the truth of life that manifestation of realities happen smoothly without requiring struggle on you part, if you are focused more on alignment rather than effort, but your mind is yet to align with this truth and its belief in struggle is quite dominant still. Of course, it’s not the mind alone that’s at fault, in truth you, as the being, still have certain doubts about attracting abundance from a place of ease and hence you believe the fear-based thoughts of the mind and take actions based on it. If you honestly look within yourself, you will see this to be true. The external reality is always a precise mirror of your inner space – there are no exceptions.

      What you can now, is to allow your external reality to be the catalyst that helps you recognize in-congruent patterns of thought in you. For example, when you’ve been asked to work over-time (when you actually would prefer not to), look within to see if there are patterns in you which feel “this is what I deserve or that’s how life is or everyone does this, so I should do this or it’s not easy to make a livelihood”, basically patterns that give weightage to effort over ease. If you want an experience of ease, you need to align with ease within you, even if it goes against all the conditioning you’ve received since your childhood – this is what it means to be a deliberate creator of your reality. It can be challenging to do this inner work, and it may seem easier to just follow the fear-based conditioning of the mind, but in the end a life lived in mis-alignment with your true preference is always going to feel off.

  6. nvibes

    Thank you.
    The issue I have is that it’s only recently that I’ve been attracting situations where expectations of what I should be doing have been too much. In my last role I spent a lot of time enforcing boundaries and renegotiating workload. In part, I left because this caused a lot of strain and stress in constantly having to enforce such boundaries. Only to attract a similar if not worse situation again in some respect now where I’m expected to pick up where others have not finished what they were supposed to do and somehow miracously complete work with little guidance. Before this I had relatively good experiences, I don’t know how/why this is happening in this way? The only thing I can pinpoint is that roughly over the same period I experienced what I call “my fall” into a period of darkness/negativity etc where I was processing a lot of painful emotions and just about holding on. But I feel I’ve been coming through this, particular over the last months. So I’m quite perplexed to attract another similar situation, especially when I broke off the last experience and spent a lot of time during that experience negotiating boundaries etc.

    Also, I spend a lot of time making sure I hand over to people effectively so the transition is a smooth one, so I don’t know why I seem to attract the opposite? And also in terms of this role, I had a positive “intuitive” sense that it would be a good role for me to take. Now, I’m starting to be concerned that I cannot trust my senses anymore. I’ve experienced this before during “the fall” when I wasn’t judging situations correctly because I was overloaded/clouded by intense emotions, but more recently I feel I’ve reached a phase of relative clarity and stability and have been feeling more content. So to attract this situation – I’m just a bit confused about what to make of it?

    1. Sen Post author

      If you are in a reality that does not feel congruent with you, you will need to start identifying the patterns within you that have attracted this reality because it’s not possible for you to be in a reality without being a vibrational match to it in some way. It’s basically a process of exploration, where you are not trying to judge/blame/criticize yourself but are just allowing your awareness to unearth thought patterns in your mind/energy-space that have a negative vibration and start seeing through them. It requires a willingness to be brutally honest to identify inner patterns of negativity/resistance within us, your external reality is always a precise feedback about your inner state of being – don’t make it personal, just use it as a means to identify patterns of negativity in your mind. This awareness by itself will start its dissolution, but to stay unaware of a negative pattern will cause you to fuel it unconsciously and this will cause you to be confused as to why you are attracting a negative reality.

  7. Duong

    Thank you Sen, I have already had a different point of view when approaching to life. I will no longer struggle in it, try to find out the answer, or anything like that. Now, I am aware that I have to connect my brain to the life-stream. I will no longer control or try to control my life or my brain because it is unrealistic and is non-sense. I have to stay with my wholeness, my inner stability, stay in state of allowing instead of fighting negative thoughts which have arised in my head frequently. I know that awareness and understanding are two critical components helping me to get out the state of being a prisoner in my brain. Thank you for guiding people like to to go to a better place to live spiritually. I see this kind of teaching is very valuable and should be well-known by more people.

  8. Ajay

    I read your article and I found it truly good. But I want to ask that what’s being aware actually and how can I be so. Also as I am a student so I have to make alot of decisions in my day to day routines. So how should I make by best decision being aware and how should I through out all my negative thoughts.How can I gain full control over my mind and my thoughts. Please answer me.

  9. Eli Lewis

    Hi my name is Eli I’m only 15 years old and I completely understand this article as soon as I stated reading it was like you looked in side my brain and wrote an article about it. I can connect to all of this I don’t how but I know I can. I thought that I was just curious about life. I know now that it is way more than that. When I read this I new exactly what you were talking about I can connect to my life stream and when I’m in school I completely understand everything and I look at other people knowing that they are processing the information way differently then from me it just amazes me how I can do this and how I’m only 15 years old.
    thank you for this article

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