Understanding the 6 Dimensions of Human Mind

Posted on by Sen.

All human minds operate under 6 dimensions – Love, Fear, Joy, Hatred, Boredom and Sexuality. These 6 dimensions are present in all human minds, and its natural make-up also determines the “intensity” of some of these dimensions.

It’s not possible to ever “erase” one of these dimensions totally from the mind, and people who are trying to do so are usually just suppressing their mind and this form of suppression only leads to inner resistance, which manifests as suffering of some form or the other.

For example, a lot of people who misunderstand some spiritual teachings (or get conditioned by misguided teachings) start trying to suppress certain dimensions in the mind, usually the dimensions of hatred, fear and sexuality, which causes them to wage a constant battle with their mind, sometimes for a lifetime.

When you “consciously” (though an understanding of our wholeness and “being nature”) understand that the mind is the mind, and you stop trying to impose a “divine” nature on it, you will no longer be in opposition to your mind’s natural make-up and thus allow for a harmonious physical experience.

Below I’ve described each of these dimensions and how it operates in a human mind

1.) Love

This is obviously one of the “light natures” of the mind. All minds are capable of love. The various forms in which a mind expresses love are – Care, Empathy, Service, Charity, Tenderness, Compassion, Romance (physical and emotional), Passion, Infatuation, Obsession (love-based) and Devotion.

Every mind has the capacity for all these expressions, and in a lifetime, most of us, usually express all these forms of love in some way or the other. The mind has more capacity for love when it feels secure, and it can (and usually will) render love to low priority when it has to worry about its survival.

In a state of unconsciousness, even the dimension of love, in the mind, can become a source of imbalance and disharmony.

For example – patterns of obsession with someone/something the mind is in “love” with, which can lead to patterns of neediness, insecurity, over-possessiveness and other fear-based movements. Passion, when not regulated by an underlying wisdom/maturity, can become a source of over-indulgence and depravity, making you a prisoner to the very thing you love.

So the dimension of love, like all dimensions in the mind, is equally privy to going into imbalance when there is a lack of consciousness. I will discuss this in detail in an upcoming post.

2.) Fear

This is a “dark nature” in the mind. All minds have a tendency towards fear, some more than others (depending on the natural make-up). A fearful mind is a huge source of disturbance because it constantly creates resistance to your movement, but it’s not possible to “suppress” this dimension of the mind.

But as you become conscious, as your “awareness” becomes stable, you can stop identifying with the mind’s fears and just let them be (in one sense, you stop fearing the mind’s fears). A mind that has strong proclivity towards fear will keep producing fear-based thoughts, but when you become conscious you stop fueling this nature of the mind and it starts losing its “intensity” and power to influence your vibration in any strong way – in other words, you start moving from a place of inspiration/wisdom and are not dominated by fears.

Fear is usually the strongest catalyst that pushes you to “wake up”, to awaken from the mind. (You can read this post – Fear is a catalyst for awakening – for more insight on it)

The various forms that fear can take in a human mind are – panic, anxiety, worry, concern, horror, depression, guilt, insecurity, obsession (fear-based), negative excitement, nervousness and restlessness.

There will never come a time when a human mind can be fully free of fear – it’s not possible because fear is a dimension ingrained in it. So it’s not about reaching some state where your mind stops producing fear, but rather about reaching a “consciousness”, or awareness, where you are no longer influenced by the mind’s fears.

The more stable your awareness is the less likely you are to be pulled in by the mind’s fears.

3.) Joy

This is obviously a “light nature” in the mind. Joy is basically the natural vibration of the being (or life energy) that you essentially are, and hence whenever the mind is joyful it is most aligned with its life-stream.

This is one reason why people pursue joy for their mind, because in a joyful state there is no resistance in their body and thus it feels good.

The various expressions of joy in a human mind are – Excitement, exhilaration, sensual pleasure (enjoying sight, smell, sound, touch and taste), peace/calm, enthusiasm and relaxation.

All minds have a capacity for joy, but some minds are more inclined to “peaceful” expressions of joy like relaxation and serenity, while some minds prefer more boisterous expressions of joy like excitement, exhilaration and enthusiasm – there is usually a balance were we like some peace and we also like some excitement.

It’s important to give vent to this dimension of the mind. There are some people who suppress their joy out of fear and usually decline from joy-orientation because of feelings of guilt or suffering-oriented thinking. Since joy is the vibration that comes closest to the natural vibration of life energy, it’s important to allow your mind as much opportunity for joy as possible while also allowing the wisdom of your awareness to be present so that you don’t end up going over-board into over-indulgence or some unwise actions.

4.) Hatred

This is a “dark nature” present in the mind. All minds have this dimension and it plays an important role in deciding your preferences – your likes and dislikes.

Hatred is a dimension ingrained in the mind and there is no getting away from it, and people who try to suppress the mind when it produces hate based thoughts usually end up creating a lot of “pent up” negative energy inside their body which becomes highly toxic and dysfunctional.

The various ways in which hatred is expressed in the mind are – resentment, criticism, jealousy, possessiveness, dislike, vanity, stress, frustration, anger, irritation, impatience, dissatisfaction, suspicion, inferiority, apathy and aggressiveness.

When you understand that hatred is a dimension of the mind, you let go of the futile effort to change this part of it and work towards simply not making it “personal” (by not becoming totally identified with it) and letting the mind have its movement.

When you are stable in your space of awareness, you can simply allow the mind the freedom to have its hate-based thoughts and not give energy to them. When you try to suppress the hate based thoughts in the mind, you indirectly give them a lot of “fuel” because of your fear (which is a form of interest/attention). If you don’t make the hate based thoughts of your mind “personal”, you will not be judging yourself for the thoughts of the mind and would simply let it be, with time the mind will slowly lose intensity and its hate based thoughts will not have an influence on your vibration. This does not mean that the mind will stop hate-based thoughts fully, but they will not have an intensity to influence your vibration or state of being.

5.) Boredom

This is basically a “dark nature” in the mind. Boredom is a state when the mind feels a sense of disinterest with the “Now” moment.

Boredom is mostly a harmless state but prolonged boredom can lead to states of depression. This dimension in the mind motivates it to pursue creative endeavors and entertainment, which allows for new desires and thus allows for expansion in physical life. So, like all dimensions of the mind, this dimension also serves a useful purpose of providing contrast and growth when allowed fully.

When boredom arises, just allow it fully instead of trying to suppress it – get a real sense of the “feeling” of boredom, so that you are not running away from it or in fear of it. When you truly allow the energy of boredom, it usually transmutes to a sense of calm or peace, and in this place of non-resistance inspired actions can come forth that brings joy to the mind. The state of boredom also helps balance the “spiked” states of excitement or exhilaration, and is necessary to maintain a harmony in the body’s energy.

6.) Sexuality

I would categorize this dimension as a “dark nature” in the mind, mostly because of the heaviness of this energy. All minds have this dimension and when not understood/channeled properly can become a source of hang-up, depravity, guilt and frustration.

This dimension in the mind causes the movement towards reproduction and hence plays an important role in the physical realm, it’s also a source of entertainment/pleasure for the mind and can also become a vista through which you express love and joy. The energy of sexuality can be quite intense and hence its suppression creates a lot of toxicity and disharmony in the body. People who try to suppress this dimension in their mind (out of fear – guilt) usually end up developing patterns of hatred (usually in the form of anger) inside them. Different people have different drives to their sexuality, which also changes with age (can increase or decline), and one needs to be aware that they are not suppressing or over-identifying with it.

The dimension of sexuality is directly affected by other dimensions of the mind, for example, a mind that’s lost in fear usually loses its interest in sex, a mind that’s lost in hatred can bring a violent expression to its sexuality, boredom can also lead to a decline in sexuality, whereas a prominently joyful state of being allows for a healthy sex drive.

The core pointer to understand is that these dimensions are “ingrained” in the mind, or hard-wired, and hence cannot ever be erased out of it. As long as the mind is alive, and healthy, it will exhibit all these dimensions, possibly on a daily basis.

People are always okay with the light natures of the mind, like love and joy, but usually fail to truly understand, consciously, the other “dark natured” dimensions of the mind like fear, hatred, boredom and sexuality – usually there are patterns of suppression and opposition towards these natures in some form or the other coming from the “being”, that you are, focused on this body.

When you are no longer identified with the mind, and have a stability in your awareness, you can allow it the freedom to “express” all its dimensions without being lost in it, moreover your awareness will ensure that your vibration is not influenced negatively by any of these dimensions of the mind. This is a state of true freedom, and allows for a wholistic experience of physicality.

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  1. ralph

    Sen! great article! I am very interested by this process of truly becoming aware. I feel like i am currently in “phase 1′, please tell me what steps i have to take to start my movement to phase 4.


    1. Sen Post author

      The practice of staying as an open space of awareness as mentioned in this post – awareness practice – is a great starting point towards allowing yourself to awaken from being totally lost in the mind, and from letting go of trying to control the mind. As you continue doing this practice, you will get a recognition of your “being nature” as the space of open awareness in which the mind is operating.

  2. BM

    Hi Sen, thanks for this post and all your other ones I have learnt so much from you!
    What do you do when anger rises so quickly that you can’t stop it and even though I have an awareness of repetitive thoughts going on in my mind and try to disidentify from them, the emotion I feel is so strong that it consumes me and I do actions that I know I shouldn’t do but I can’t stop myself. It’s like a volcano inside me waiting to errupt. It takes a while to calm myself down and I end up with lots of body tension, a jaw ache and a heavy energy.

    1. Sen Post author

      Anger is basically arises from the dimension of hatred in the mind, and it’s normal to have some anger arise in the mind but to have anger arising with such an intensity that you lose total control of your being is an indication of a high momentum in your mind with respect to this dimension. It’s very possible that you’ve been trying to “suppress” angry emotions for many years since your childhood, causing it become pent up through suppression. What’s required is that you practice sitting by yourself, in some space of silence or aloneness, and really allow the mind to have all the hate based thoughts, without any suppression or judgment. In one sense you are consciously allowing freedom to the mind to express all its pent up hatred. It’s important that you don’t judge yourself, or feel guilty, for the hate based thoughts of the mind, and don’t make it personal to you – it’s just the mind expressing this dimension in it. If you do this simple practice for sometime, you will soon empty out all the pent up anger in the mind and thus its intensity will come down and thus not feel so out of control. The pointer is to never suppress the mind, but allow it to have its movements (be its dark natured or light natured) in the field of your consciousness.

  3. rj

    Sen! All your stuff is absolutely fascinating. But when you say to go with the flow and just do whatever it is you feel like doing at the moment. Does this mean to completely throw out any type of self discipline you have managed to build up? To just give in to any single whim or urge you have? Whether it be positive or negative?

    Please elaborate on this as it has me confused

    1. Sen Post author

      Freedom with wisdom is a balanced state of being. Freedom without wisdom can have drastic consequences, also, suppression of freedom has negative consequences. Forced discipline usually comes from a place of fear/lack based conditioning. The mind finds a discipline, and maturity, of its own when its first allowed to move freely in the field of your consciousness. For so long you’ve been trying to control and force the mind, which leads to a lot of suppression and resistance to its natural expression. The pointer of aligned living, is about allowing the mind to get back in sync with the intelligence/wisdom of your life-stream and allow actions/ideas/creativity to come from this place of connection. To establish this connection you first need to “consciously” let go of controlling the mind, and just allow it the freedom of thinking what it wants to think – you can do this initially as a practice where you sit for 30 minutes, just letting go of controlling the mind. Initially, the mind would feel eratic and would spew a lot of suppressed emotions and thoughts (depending on how much resistance you had going), and the intensity can feel quite unpleasant – but if you continue practice the state of consciously allowing the mind the freedom of expression, it will soon come to a place of balance. In this state of balance it does not have a high intensity, and becomes receptive to the wisdom/intelligence of your life-stream. As the mind starts becoming more balanced, your reality will also move towards a balance or harmony – you will observe several shifts happening in your physical reality, negative realities which are no longer congruent with you will start falling away and you will find yourself moving towards new realities that are compatible with who you are. The basic reason why this congruence happens is because when you let go of controlling the mind, it slowly comes back to its natural expression – this process can take a few months depending on how disconnect you’ve been from your alignment with your life-stream/natural-expression.

  4. nvibes

    Can you talk more on the subject of love/unconditional love?

    -About what it means to love yourself and others unconditionally,perhaps the choices you make to do the best by/for someone rather than giving them what they think they need?

    -About love being about truth rather than pleasing people?

    -About loving aspects of different people and being able to express this fully whilst committing yourself and being genuine to one?

    -About love being about the choices you make and what you love the most as you can’t have everything?

    -About the difference between being “in love” and loving someone?

    – About love and acceptance of people’s light and dark natures whilst also distancing/protecting yourself against someone’s negative behaviour?

    -About growth and change of a person whilst in a relationship where the relationship no longer reflects you and your values/path but you have commitments you want to fulfil such as providing a family environment for your children?

    – About having desires for a certain lifestyle/relationship but not yet having the “power/vibration” to manifest this desire in reality – do you wait or settle for what you can currently attract even if you know it’s what you fully desire?

    – About expressing love for others when you also have feelings of e.g. jealousy or you feel negativity towards you from a person that pushes you away. How do you overcome such vibrations in order to express your love? Or should you always act in accordance to your true feelings in the moment rather than trying to do what’s “right”/”loving” even when you don’t feel it inside? Is this just being false?

    What is love?

    1. Sen Post author

      From the perspective of your non-physical consciousness (life energy), love is basically just “unconditional awareness” because life energy is not opposed to anything and can take any form – just that the negative forms are of lower vibration, than the vibration of joy which is the natural vibration of life energy, and hence are a source of suffering because they pull away from the natural vibration of life. In other words, as far as life energy is concerned, fear is simply a lower vibration of joy, hatred is only a lower vibration of love – and basically its all the one life energy taking different vibrations. It’s important to have this absolute perspective before we start understanding the dimension of love specific to how it operates in a human mind.

      In a human mind, there is no such thing called “unconditional love for everything” because the mind will always have preferences. For example, your mind may love the good citizens and it may hate the terrorists, based on its perception and judgment of them. Some minds love their specific culture, and hate many other cultures (what we term as racial discrimination). While watching a sport, the mind will love one team and would want the other team to lose – this is very natural depending on the conditioning which is present, and there is nothing wrong with it as long as there is also a deeper knowing of the “oneness” of everything. An unconscious mind will always go into imbalance of some sort, and it will do so even with the dimension of “love” – like becoming obsessed with someone/something to the point of “clinging” and craving, thus creating suffering for itself. Love for one’s religion can turn into an aspect of hate for other religions, all of this can happen in an unconscious mind.

      When you awaken to your wholeness, understanding your oneness with life and knowing your nature as life energy, the mind start operating in this space of awareness which allows for a maturity/wisdom to be present. This maturity also comes into the dimension of love in the mind and it allows a wise/harmonious expression of this dimension. I will go into the details of how the dimension of love operates in an unconscious mind and a mature/awakened mind in an upcoming post as it’s a pretty vast topic to cover.

  5. sara

    thanks again, love ur words … the thing i wonder about is, only in boredom u say that when u stay fully present in it it will transform into joy … like a creative process .. wont overcomming ur resistance through consciousness in any dimension be a catalyst for joy .. that manisfests in new awareness .. and so on !

    like in macro cosmos the sun is the center of the univers we know of and joy is the essens of the experience of the sun in micro cosmos .. even if the planets rotate around it (the other dimensions..) we are present in joy when we are able to stay centered (observant to all the activity in the mind without judging it ..) i do understand that all these dimensions are in the natural makeup of the mind, the sea of concsiousness is so endless .. im trying to fit ur perspective with mine (at the moment this perspective) please comment : )

    1. Sen Post author

      That’s right, awareness brings forth the dimension of peace/joy/wisdom into all the dimensions of the mind. The analogy you’ve used about the sun and the planets is an accurate description of what’s it’s like to be rooted in your wholeness and allow the dimensions of the mind. Joy is the natural vibration of the being that we are, and it’s always here, irrespective of the dimensions of the mind, the vibration of our “being” can always be sensed, and we can always be rooted in it. I’ve mentioned in the post – unconsciousness causes imbalance in the dimension of love (consciousness brings harmony to it), awareness ensures that the hate-based thoughts of the mind don’t influence your vibration, awareness ensures that sexuality does not become a hangup or depravity – just indirect ways of saying that consciousness/awareness brings a harmony to all these dimensions in the mind. When we have access to the dimension of our being, the dimensions of the mind can be allowed fully without being “controlled” by them, and there is a sense of freedom and joy because the being is no longer a prisoner to the mind’s dimensions. The mind can be fully “enjoyed” in this state of freedom.

  6. nvibes

    Hi Sen,

    If love is our natural state of being, independent of external circumstances and people, what does it mean when I feel love for some people and not others? e.g. even when a close relative of mine says and does hurtful things to me, I can’t stay angry at her for long, my heart naturally opens up to her again and again.

    Whereas, I feel more of a block with others who haven’t been as “hurtful”. I care about them, but I don’t feel a natural effortless feeling of love. In the past I’ve suppressed this feeling of block, thinking there was something “wrong” with me and how I was feeling, that I should be more loving, and it led to a “negative” outcome i.e. people having a false impression of my feelings towards them.

    I wonder if it’s because these people bring something up in me that I’m blocked to? Or because I feel I can express myself more with my relative (especially “negative” emotions such as irritation, anger) and be more open with my true feelings than with the others I feel blocked with? Is it because I do not love them enough to express anger or hurt? I don’t want to force ot because i think it’s the right/loving this to do.

    1. Sen Post author

      The natural vibration of the life-energy that we are is akin to pure positive or high vibration (love/joy/peace feel aligned with the natural vibration), but the “mind” (specifically the brain as the organ) is a creation of this life-energy as a “machine” designed for physicality and it has several aspects/dimensions in its makeup like love, joy, hatred, fear, boredom and sexuality. The mind is designed to provide contrast. The mind cannot be “all loving”, because it’s a mind, it’s a survival machine and it has a “personal perspective” and egoic nature – the mind needs to be seen as a machine which is doing the job of being an interpreter and perceiver of physical reality. Also no two brain’s have the exact same makeup, each brain is unique in someway in the way it’s set up in its dimensions and intelligence. Some brains naturally have a dominant dimension of hatred and boredom, which some other brain may have a dominant dimension of love and fear, etc. It’s important to understand your brain as it is first. You rightly understood that “forcing” it to be all loving is not the way to be, because it doesn’t work that way. You can’t force your brain to be other than what it is, but you can bring an openness to it and you can reduce its momentum so that it no longer has a “grip” (resistive grip) on your being. The way you reduce the momentum of the brain is to let go of constantly fueling it through your identification with it, allow your awareness to be more relaxed instead of being anchored in the brain all the time.

      It’s not about opposing your brain, it’s not suppressing it or wanting it to be some other way. First see the core personality of your brain, identify its dominant dimensions, and then allow it to “be”. The brain cannot influence your vibration if it does not have a huge momentum – it will mostly become passive when its momentum reduces, in the sense that it wont have a grip on your being, and you can use it more efficiently and not be overwhelmed by it.

  7. Jim

    Sen, hatred is ingrained in the mind? I get how the brain has evolved to ingrain the pain/pleasure dichotomy for survival, but hatred and perhaps even boredom seem rather odd. Who’s you’re source for this information on dimensions. Or are you simply putting this out here for others to accept or not? Thanks.

    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, I came up with the pointer about the 6 dimensions in the mind through my own observation of the mind. Hatred and boredom are two obvious dimensions in the mind, for example, anger, dislike and irritation arises from the hatred dimension, wherease the sense of being bored and dull arises from the boredom dimension. Both these dimensions have strong positive aspects when one is balance in them, for example a balanced expression of the hatred dimension in the mind allows one to be competent, removes timidness/meekness, stops one from being over-sensitive and allows one to align with their dislikes (without being apologetic about it). A balanced expression of the boredom dimension allows for a sense of calm in one’s being where one is not always restlessly pursuing entertainment or distraction, it also allows for a depth of perception which is not available when one is restlessly loses in activities. A person who is imbalanced in the dimension of joy (over-indulgence in pleasure seeking activities) can soon get dissipated from an over-dose of “high”, and such a person can come to a balance by connecting with the boredom dimension in the mind, to allow for some calm in his being. A person is who highly meek and over-sensitive is imbalanced in the dimension of love, needs to connect with the hatred dimension to bring a balance to that energy, thus become more assertive, developing the ability to say “no”, and connecting with their dislikes, even the ability to for critical thinking and debate arises from the hatred dimension, and is healthy when its a balanced expression.

      The mind is naturally not “all loving”, but a lot of people try to force their mind to be so through some misguided spiritual notions. When one suppresses this natural dimension of hatred in the mind, it shows up as some imbalance in their life. Of course, if one becomes imbalanced in hatred or boredom, it brings forth suffering, as is the case when one is imbalanced in joy or love, for example the negatives of being imbalanced in love is that you become needy, over-sensitive, obsessive, possessive etc.

  8. Anu


    What a beautiful explanataion. It helps to know that “positive” emotions like Love an so called “negative” emotions of hate are both dimesions of mind and there is no absolute positive/negative. They are all required dimensions of the mind….and have a useful purpose when in balance.

  9. Susan

    Learning….happily so. Thank you Sen and everyone for their comments. It’s helping me a lot, especially about observing mind, knowing it is a survival tool, neither good or bad, it is what it is. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the notion of these six dimensions of the mind and how , if balanced, they are neither negative or positive, and are useful for our living this life. Namaste 🙂

  10. SAT

    why would you consider sexuality as dark nature in mind? isn’t it just a feeling which could be positive also? can u pls throw some lights?

    1. Sen Post author

      Sat, I’ve explained in this post – Light nature and dark nature in humans – that “dark nature” does not mean negative and “light nature” does not mean positive – it’s just a trait in the mind and by itself is not negative or positive. For example, love is a light natured dimension in the mind, but if you become imbalanced in love you exhibit patterns of neediness, obsession and over-sensitivity, which is negative – so love, a light natured dimension, can become negative through imbalance. Sexuality is just a dimension in the mind and is not a negative or a positive on its own, it’s positive you are balanced in it and it can become negative if you become imbalanced in it, like any dimension of the mind. The sexual energy has a very primal quality to it, akin to a hunger, which creates an intensity that feels more dark than light in my perspective – that’s why I categorize it as a dark nature in the mind.

  11. Willy

    Sen, if there are only 6 dimension of a human mind (love, joy, fear, hatred, boredom & sexuality).., then where doese ‘ANGER’ stand? Is it not also a dimension in a human mind? And why isn’t it among the dimensions?.. Please i need clearification..

    1. Sen Post author

      Willy, anger is simply an expression coming from the dimension of hatred or fear. Fear can produce anger. Hatred can also produce anger. Anger can be an expression of both these dimensions. So anger is not a separate dimension of its own, it’s just an expression.

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Sen,

    Hope you are doing well. I wonder something, is love both the dimension of mind and the space of being? I was talking about these dimensions to a friend and I forgot love as a dimension of mind. Then I realized that I wasn’t thinking love as a dimension of mind. When I let go of my mind, I feel love, I feel that I actually live “in” love, the unconditional love that you are talking about. But in my mind I only have likes and dislikes and I find it difficult to call these preferences as love. I know from my personal experience that love also exists outside of my mind, but I haven’t really felt other dimensions out of my mind. From an absolute perspective, i don’t think these theoretical questions are important, but I’m just curious.

    Thanks, all the best,

    1. Sen Post author

      The love that you feel in the space of being is basically a wholeness based love, which is why it feels unconditional; it’s a love that just “is” without needing a reason to love – you can say that it’s the love of life for life, life in love with itself. Whereas the mind’s way of loving is of course conditional, and works on preferences – both these forms of love have an equal importance from the perspective of experience/expression for life. You cannot know unconditional love without the experience of conditional love.

  13. Ahlan

    Dear Sen,

    You are a real genius. I am benefiting vastly from your posts and dont have any words that can express my thanks fully.

    I fully agree that our external reality reflects what we feel inside. I have no doubt about that.
    I have been studying the case of a person who is a boss(not mine) in my company. I am being purely objective in analyzing his behavior as he has nothing to do with me.

    He is extremely insulting and abusive, spouts the choicest expletives at his juniors. He has a very suspicious and doubting nature and is extremely afraid of death. He uses and throws people as he wishes. Very manipulative and revels in using the divide and rule policy. Turns ppl against one another in his team. In short not a nice character who is extremely negative selfish. His father was very strict and a disciplinarian and often beat him.

    But his external reality from the way I see it is thriving. He has all the luxuries, earns a fat salary. enjoys the good life: vacations, expensive dining, expensive cars etc. Has 2 sons both employed in big companies. Has a good wife with normal relations. He has no health problems, laughs all the time. I never saw him take a sick leave in 2 years. In fact twice he got substantial cash prizes in a raffle draw.

    I wish I could get a perspective from you as I am really curious about how such a characters life reflects such a perceived good reality. Thanks a lot Sen.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, quite evidently this person has a strong sense of power and the manifestations in his reality are evidences of this strong connection he has with his sense of power. However, his is not a balanced mindset since he seems to be lacking a connection with the light nature of empathy, compassion and integrity towards his fellow-men. Eventually he would have to deal with the consequence of this imbalance, in his journey as a soul. Think about it this way, a bully can be very popular in his school, he can use his power to be the “top gun” in his class, however, sooner or later, his immaturity will come back to bite him, call it karma or the evident nature of “growth”, towards balance, that’s inevitable in life. We can’t get away with imbalance forever, an infant soul can enjoy the unconscious connection with power but soon enough this soul is pushed towards a growth towards deeper maturity and balance. We all have our individual journeys and inevitably finding balance is a part of the journey that we all eventually go through.

  14. Dee

    Dear Sen,

    A couple of years ago I spent time at a Yoga school where we were put through structured meditation/mindfulness classes. Since then whenever I try and sit in awareness a calm darkness descends and my mind as if rests in this darkness and refuses to throw up any thoughts at all positive or negative. This is proving to be a big impediment in my current practice of relaxed awareness. If nothing is going to come up then how am I going to release it? Also I know that this calm is a ruse, a facade cause my reality painful angst, reactive anger and I am steeped in hatred.

    Also I want to know when I sit in relaxed awareness should I try and be detached from the mind and try and observe it (not that its showing or letting much come up) or should I stay identified with the mind and try and feel the feelings?

    Presently I’m feeling kind of anguished and torn inside and really want to help myself.Your insights would be valuable.

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