About Sen

Who Am I? Anyone who takes this question deep enough will be amazed at the transformation it can bring about. The “I” that you are is not just a name, gender, age, body or race, it goes beyond all this. The true “I” is the nameless one being that manifests as all forms. When we use our human eyes we only see separation, but when we use the eyes of the “being” that we are, we see oneness in everything. To really live a life of wholeness one needs to be in touch with both the perspective, the one of the human and the one of the source – this gives rise to a new way of living which is fresh and new every moment and only through this integration can anything truly creative be born.

My Journey With the Inquiry of ‘Who Am I’

I got fascinated with the inquiry of “Who Am I” when I was introduced to the teachings of spiritual teachers like Siddharta Gautama, Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and more contemporary teachers like Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle and Mooji. The more I allowed the depth of this question to penetrate me, the more I realized that it was not just enough to know who am I but to allow this truth to then take over and operate my life. The core truth that question points to is that there is no separation, and that who I am is what a cat is, what every bucket is, what every thought is, what every tree is, what space is, every sentient and insentient creation is the “I” in different forms, and it’s also the formless, unmanifest, consciousness. Just to know this truth is not enough, what’s needed is to jump into the fire of this truth and allow it to take you over completely so that there is no longer a “person” operating this life, but only life living life.

Deeper Understanding of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the basis of creation in this universe. I was fascinated by this law every since I read about “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. Initially I was trying to “use” law of attraction, but when I came to the truth I realized that law of attraction is used by life and I just had to let go into it. Every intention attracts unto itself. Every creation comes forth from an intention of life and every creation that stays natural is guided by the intention of life. When we let go of our personal will we automatically get pulled into the intention of life, and we become natural, we become aligned with life and we are no longer pushing against it. Many people who read about law of attraction start “trying” to use it or force it, but in truth it’s all about “letting go” and allow the attraction activated by the intention of life to take you over. Life is already creating your reality, just relax and let go, I understood that to be the deeper truth of the law of attraction.

Becoming One With My True Nature

As a “body” you are a unique expression of life. There is none like you in this whole universe, you are utterly and completely unique the way you are naturally. Unfortunately very few people ever allow their “natural” expression to flower through, we are always trying to create “templates” and copy what others are doing. I, like most people, became quite unnatural early in my childhood and I started using my personal will to get things done, things that I was not interested in. I studied courses that did not interest me because my friends and teachers advised me so, I took up a job that did not interest me because of the pay check it offered, I tried to change myself to fit the model and it never felt right. Finally, with the realization of the truth, it all came crashing down, and I just let go of trying to “become” and allowed life to guide me back to my natural state of being. This is a journey of a life time and it’s very dynamic because there is no personal control, its just life expressing through this body the way it wants to.

Why Do I Write

They say, when the student is ready the master appears. In truth there is no student or master, there is just one consciousness and it’s just playing off itself. It asks the questions through one body and gives the answer through another, or it asks and answers in the same body – it’s all one so there is no difference who’s answering and who’s questioning. I write when I feel the movement to write, it’s a deeper impulse, and then the words just flow through. I have no agenda, no message, no will to change or fix anything, the words just come through from a deeper intention and I have no idea what purpose they will serve, if any.