Resolving Your Inner Conflicts

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Are there times when you behave in a manner that feels completely “contradictory” to what you want yourself to be? Do you feel that there is a lack of consistency in your behavior/attitude which makes you feel “unpredictable” about yourself – in that you are not really able to find a stability within you?

People who find peace within themselves are the ones who find a sense of “stability” in who they are. Their mindset is not one that is wavering and volatile all the time, but one that has a consistency in its movement. Also from the perspective of “creating” your desired reality, a consistent mind (or a consistent vibration of thought) is a powerful force, while a scattered mind has a very weak/counter-productive effect.

A person who has a scattered or unpredictable behavior is usually the one who has a lot of inner conflicts that have not been resolved, thus lacking a congruent inner space.

Behavior patterns of a person with inner conflicts

A conflict simply means that the mind is confused between multiple perspectives/inclinations and is not able fixate on a singular vibration of thought.

A person who has a lot of inner conflicts would usually exhibit the below behaviors:

  • Is usually easily influenced by the opinions and point-of-views of others.
  • Feels guilt/shame about some natural drives/impulses in oneself.
  • Finds it difficult to make decisions and is always doubtful about the decisions made.
  • Finds oneself attracting dysfunctional relationships that are rife with conflicts with no sense of harmony.
  • Feels no sense of stability in oneself and is highly volatile when faced with a challenge.
  • Is constantly seeking support from others due to lack of conviction in one’s own self.
  • Feels sudden changes in moods and personality.
  • Is highly uncertain about what he/she really wants/desires from life in the realm of finances, relationship and lifestyle.
  • Is usually trying to distract oneself from having to face the conflicts within – distractions are usually in the form of entertainment, relief inducing chemicals (alcohol, drugs), escape-oriented spirituality, ambiguous work etc.

It’s easy to identify if your inner space has a conflicted vibrations in it because your life situation will create ample “realities” where you would see these conflicts coming to the surface again and again.

If there are areas in your life that are rife with stress, un-fulfillment and disharmony (whether it be in your relationship, health, career or finances), they are just “mirrors” indicating the presence of conflicted vibrations within you.

Bringing awareness to the conflicts is the start of its dissolution

It may not be very comfortable or pleasant to bring the light of awareness to the conflicts present in oneself. It feels much easier to just distract oneself from having to face it, and hope that it gets diffused on its own.

But the more you try to run away from facing the conflicts in you, the more you will be at the mercy of a “fluctuating” mindset. If you want to have a harmonious mind, with a stability in your “being”, it’s imperative to dissolve conflicted vibrations within you. Nothing can really change unless a conscious “awareness” is brought to the fore.

Just a deep awareness of the conflicts within is enough to start its dissolution, because awareness brings a deep intelligence into place on its own. Be willing to allow your consciousness to touch the conflicts within you, without shying away from it or fearing it. It may feel unpleasant to sense the energy of the conflicted vibrations in you, but don’t let this temporary discomfort cause you to turn away from facing it with your awareness. It’s helpful to be in a silent space, by yourself, while you bring in this awareness, so that mind is not distracted from outside influences.

Here are a few pointers to help see through the causes of the conflicted thought patterns:

1.) What you really “desire” conflicts with what your mind thinks as the “required reality” because of the fear/lack based conditioning in the mind – let go of the lack based belief and you will be able to harmonize with your true desire.

2.) If there is a conflict in your behavior it’s always because the mind is reacting from a place of “fear” instead of being grounded in a place of “trust” in life. Develop the courage to stand true to your “integrity” and stop allowing the mind to drag you down to a lower behavior.

3.) Realize that you have to do nothing that you don’t want to do to manifest your desired reality. You just need to follow your joy/inspiration/passion and you will be on the path towards manifesting it. When you live with the mindset of “needing” to do things (which is basically a lack-based thought), you will always feels conflicted within your true self.

4.) Find out who you really are as a person and get a clear picture of the personality that is “you”. Any behavior/thinking-pattern that does not fit in with this personality is in conflict with it and hence needs to be dis-identified with fully. When you really know who you are as a person, it’s not possible to have conflicted behaviors.

The resolution of conflicted vibrations in oneself results in the creation of a harmonious energy space, which allows for a consistent mindset and thus creates a powerful force towards the creation of your desired reality.

It can take time to dissolve the energy of all the conflicted vibrations (may be a few months) in you, but this time that you invest in yourself will bring in rich dividends because a harmonious inner space always results in the manifestation of a harmonious external reality thus bringing in well-being and abundance in all the aspects of your life.

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  1. Samir

    Sen I will read and re-read this one over and over.

  2. M

    Hi Sen
    Is there a difference between general negative thoughts (everyday ones) and limited beliefs?
    For some reason I have separated these as two difference issues, even though I know that they are linked in some way.

    1. Sen Post author

      “limiting beliefs” are a form of negative thoughts which are highly potent in shaping your reality because of the “belief”/interest/conviction that you have in these thoughts. A limiting belief is basically a thought of limitation that you’ve “believed” for so long that it has become rooted as the external programming in your brain. The problem with a belief is that we take it to be “true”, without realizing that it’s only a perspective that you’ve believed based on the influence of the outside, or through the narrow perception of our mind. When we believe a thought to be true, it becomes a belief, and from there on it completely “colors” our perception of reality, it becomes a narrow lens through which our mind starts looking at reality. Law of attraction ensures that we attract what we take to be true, so limiting beliefs attract a reality that reflect this limitation back at us and the mind takes it as an “evidence” that its belief is true, this makes the belief stronger and the cycle of creating limitation/lack in our reality continues. Without understanding this inherent cycle of attraction, it’s difficult to see the falseness in a belief – because the universe will give you the evidence of what your believe in, mostly because our belief becomes a lens through which we starts seeing reality, this evidence can make our belief stronger when in truth this evidence on the outside was by itself “created”/manifested/reflected by our belief.

      For example, when a woman’s mind holds a belief that all men are jerks (a belief that comes into her mind either through outside influence or through her narrow interpretation of some of her experiences), this belief now starts attracting a reality for her where she’s constantly attracting men who act like a jerk around her. This makes her belief stronger and becomes rooted in her being so strongly that it would be next to impossible to convince her that not all men are jerks. In fact, her belief would cause her to see a jerk type behavior even in men who are apparently nice with her. This belief becomes a lens through which see looks at men and it causes her to elucidate such a behavior in men she attracts into her reality.

  3. M

    Hi Sen,
    You have made clearer what I was beginning to understand.
    Thank you again

  4. Treeter

    Dear Sen,
    You say that to let go of the fear based reality and/or to dissolve them they must be confronted.
    For me my conscious awareness started years ago and ” let go” of all pettiness created a monster. Now when I confront my fears they are denied?
    With your writings I have come to identify my realities with an even greater awareness and awe! I do believe many outside influences have created this fear in me only because I truly Feel I can’t escape. One counselor said get new friends, from what I understand my already created baggage follows me. So how do I disengage this narrow lens crippling my brain?
    Thank you for your helpful site!!

    1. Sen Post author

      The pointer of confronting the fears in your mind in the light of awareness is about staying as a space that allows the mind its fears instead of trying to shy away from it or oppose it. When you are allowing of your mind’s fears you become an open channel that allows the deeper intelligence/wisdom present in your life stream to bring forth solutions that heal the mind’s fears. The mind desires realities of well-being for itself, and that’s the direction in which your life stream is constantly heading. The only crippling factor is your identification with the fears/negativity in the mind, if you can simply allows your being to stay dis-identified from the fears (by not showering your belief on them) while staying as an open space allowing the mind to have its fears. It’s your belief in the negativity of the mind that keeps “fueling” it, its your attention that keeps recycling the fears of your mind. When you talk about letting go, it has to be about letting go of your belief in negativity as a permanent state of being.

  5. Eternus


    I wasn’t sure where else to post this, but… how does one overcome psychological shock from a sudden change? It’s like my mind can’t register a certain change in circumstances, and it keeps playing what’s happened over and over again, like it’s trying to “absorb” it, but it can’t. It still feels a sense of shock and disbelief. I’m finding it quite a scary experience, quite often this shock is followed by a sense of helplessness and even panic. How does one overcome this?

    1. Sen Post author

      Eternus, when you are completely absorbed in deriving your identity from your personal attachments, you are basically living in an unconscious manner disconnected with your connection with the wholeness of life. This is a highly mind identified way of living, and as soon as there is a “loss” in any of your attachments it shakes up your sense of identity because it was so “narrow” to begin with. However, this is an invitation to let go of your narrow perspectives on life and open up your awareness to see life from a broader and deeper perspective. A loss creates crack in the hard shell of mind identification, which can become the catalyst to wake you up from your narrow identities and align you with a wholistic way of living, to see beyond living in a strictly personal perspective and opening up to a broader view of life. You can find more insights along these lines on this latest post – Aligning with the Call of Your Life-stream. This post also talks about how you can see beyond a limited idea of self, which you defined in your previous comment.

  6. Eternus

    Thank you for your insight, Sen. It’s greatly helpful and appreciated

  7. Stephen


    The question that I have for you is two-fold. The first is that I have been married for 23 years and am married to a woman that, I believe still holds me in same mind as when we were first married, at that time I was going through a process of eliminating a seizure disorder and I have long since (5 years ago) been cured through surgery. How can I now work this with my spouse to truly understand that I am no longer the human in need of such extreme concentrated attention?

    Two, I work 4 jobs and have a business that I have been unable to get running at “full speed” I feel like there is a limiting belief that is basically putting the breaks on my business? Could you direct me to where I can locate those beliefs and how can I eliminate them so that they will never return?

    Thank you,

  8. Hannah

    Wow, I literally go through that process of thought constantly, but I feel like I can’t find who I want to be because I always want to be different things?

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