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The whole idea of deliberate creation is to understand your potential to create your desired reality without struggle. The way I define struggle is – “An action that does not come from a place of inspiration, but from a place of fear, through belief in lack”. Action will be required, in some form, before a desired reality can manifest – action is the connecting channel between non-physical and physical realities. However, the type of action you get involved in defines whether you are in alignment with the path towards the unfolding of your desired reality or if you are in opposition to it – a struggle-based action, being rooted in fear, puts you in a vibration that’s opposed to your desired reality; an inspired action, on the other hand, is aligned with the unfolding of your desired reality. You can recognize struggle-based action by sensing an intense resistance within you while moving towards that action, or while partaking in it – you have to be really unconscious to not sense this inner resistance, it’s very tangible.

It’s important to understand that “thinking” is also an action, and working with your thoughts is about the most significant action you can take towards bringing yourself in alignment with your desired reality, and letting go of resistance. Very few people take the time to work through their fears in their mind (by bringing awareness to them), instead they start using their “blind” actions to temporarily reduce the pressure of their fears, in this case the actions become a distraction/escapist mechanism – such actions always lead to struggle.

Actually, “deliberate creation” seems likes a total misnomer (a wrong label) for this process of allowing the manifestation of your desired reality, a better label would be “conscious creation”, where you consciously stop opposing your life force’s movement/pull towards your desired reality, by letting go of your inner resistance and struggle-based actions. The only deliberation needed on your part is to deliberately let go of your struggle-based mindset, and be willing to trust your life-force’s intelligence. When you let go of the mindset of struggle, you automatically become open to your life-stream’s inspiration on a moment to moment basis.

In this post I’ve addressed a few questions about deliberate creation

Can I manifest anything I desire?

You can actually manifest the “essence” of anything you desire as long as you truly believe in the possibility of its manifestation, there is no limitation. The keyword is to “truly believe”, or at-least have a hope, both are fine – hope is good enough to start with. Hope is a precursor to true belief – if you can be hopeful of something long enough, you will start seeing some physical evidence that turns hope into belief.

You must realize that you, as the brain, are not the center of the universe but a co-creator with the universe, in sync with the “conditions” of the universe. If your desire is not in sync with the reality of this universe (like say a desire to be immortal, and never die, or the desire to go beyond certain physical limitations of the body), it will not get enough belief from your “being” to manifest it.

Another deal that people get confused with is the deal of “specifics” – wanting to manifest a very specific reality, like a specific amount of money, specific car, specific house, specific girl/guy etc. The deal is that you, as the brain, will be able to manifest specifics in some cases but not in all cases, in truth what you manifest is always the “essence” of your desire. This can be explained through real life examples.

Example one, let’s say you are absolutely certain about a car that you desire, in that case you can manifest it for yourself if you believe in its manifestation. However, if you are not really certain about a car, but you are just “guessing” that it may be something you want, in that case you may or may not manifest that same car but you will manifest a car that fits in with the experience that you desire (for example, may be you desire a comfortable car that’s good for city driving and low on maintenance). If you are certain about a car the essence of your desire is to have that specific car, and hence it can manifest. If you are not really certain about a specific car, then the essence of your desire is a “desired experience” and you will attract a car that satisfies it (need not be the car you had in mind). To be “certain” is not easy, and it’s not really needed – you can allow your life-stream to decide the best deal for you.

Example two, let’s say you are absolutely certain about a girl/guy that you desire for a relationship, it can still happen that you don’t end up in a relationship with him/her. So why does certainty not work in this case? It’s because the “essence” of your desire is to be with a girl/guy who is “right” for you, and it’s this essence that will get manifested if you are in alignment. If the specific girl/guy that you desire matches this essence, then she/he may be attracted into your reality, if not, it won’t happen, or it may not last. Remember that though you claim to be certain, you’ve not really known this girl/guy deeply enough to be “sure”, and in this case your life-stream has the bigger picture and it will manifest the essence of your desire.

If you are not really certain, then just be open to allowing the essence of your desire to manifest without being too hung up on the specifics – this way you won’t be resisting your life-stream’s intelligence. Basically you don’t have to be sure of any specifics of what you desire, the basic desire of “I want to have a good experience of life” is always the essence that will manifest if you are in alignment. Don’t force yourself to be specific, being specific is not necessary and in fact, in most cases, can oppose the intelligence of your life-stream.

Does craving a desire resist its manifestation?

The problem with craving is that it can create a sense of frustration, anxiety, impatience, irritation and an overall negative feeling. You may end up taking struggle-based action motivated by this negativity and would thus oppose the natural flow your life-stream towards a manifestation, and waste your time/energy on unproductive actions, or worse, end up harming yourself in someway by taking unwise actions. This is the reason why craving is a negativity. For the mind, it’s very natural to crave a desired reality, after all it desires the physical experience of it and feels lackful in the absence of this experience. This is the reason why it’s important to first allow the reduction of your mind’s momentum so that it does not have the intensity to create a negative energy in your body out of its craving; this is why I’ve mentioned in this post – You Are Here For Growth – that inner stability is a necessary pre-requisite to deliberate/conscious creation.

You don’t have to resist/suppress the craving of your mind for a desired reality – it’s natural for the mind to do this, and you need to allow it. Just ensure, as much as possible, that you don’t lose yourself in a fit of frustration based on your mind’s craving, and just stay in a space of relaxed allowing. When you stay in a space of allowing the mind’s negativity does not impact your vibration, and it does not have enough force to resist the energy flow that’s happening as a part of the unfolding of your desired reality.

Does life desire anything from me?

It’s important to understand that you had certain intentions of “growth”, expression, and understanding, that you desired in your non-physical perspective (as a stream of consciousness) even before you manifested a physical incarnation as this human body. These desires for growth/understanding are “important” from your non-physical perspective and are part of the reason for this physical journey that you are on and the unfolding of these desires were set into motion even before your birth. As a part of this desire you would go through certain events that would enable this growth/understanding to take place, or at least create an opportunity for it. These events may not feel like the desire of your “brain”, in fact it could be seen as something negative from your brain’s perspective, but they are a necessary part of the growth that you intended in your non-physical perspective – mostly a growth in understanding towards coming to a conscious balance/wholeness, towards integrating the light and dark nature of your being.

When these events take place in your life, you may wonder how you ended up “creating” them – may be a negative relationship, a challenging health situation, a financial crisis, a longing for spiritual connection etc they may seem to arise out of the blue; these events can serve to bring you to a conscious inner wholeness by breaking down some rigid structures/immaturities in your ego and by causing you to seek a certain understanding by growing in awareness. If you stop resisting these events, and not label them as being “negative”, and just allow the growth/expression/understanding that these events seek to bring forth, you will see the intended transition happening quite easily in you and in your reality. You must understand that though enjoying physicality in a “personal” way is part of the intention of birth, another part was growth/understanding, self-realization, creative expression and integration of wholeness.

The deal is that if you can allow the growth that you intended, from your non-physical perspective, then you will come to an inner wholeness and from this place you can freely enjoy the desired realities that you intend from your physical perspective. If you inhibit the growth from taking place, and are just focused on your physical desires alone, then you will constantly feel frustrated at why your life is not working the way you want it to. You are fulfill your intended growth when you work on your awareness and consciously come towards an inner stability – the external events orchestrated as a part of this growth process, even if perceived as negative by the mind, are actually here to serve you towards facing up to certain fears/negativity that you wanted to transcend consciously to come to a balance. So, instead of asking “how did I create this”, focus on the growth towards awareness/maturity/inner-stability that the event is inviting in you.

In truth, a large part of deliberate/conscious creation is to be a co-operative component towards the inner growth that was intended from your non-physical perspective. Without deliberately becoming open, to allowing this inner transformation first, you cannot really start seeing congruent realities manifesting for you. Your brain may only be focused on its physical desires, what it wants, and it’s natural for it to do so – and what it wants is important to your life-stream, however, it’s just as important to your life-stream to bring forth the understanding that was your non-physical intention as a part of its desire for experiencing balance/wholeness – your desired realities for physical enjoyment can manifest more smoothly once this conscious balance is established.

What about negative desires?

It’s important to understand that there are different streams of consciousness, going through different growth paths, that participate in the environment of Earth. What your mind terms as “negative” may be experiences that these streams of consciousness intended for themselves in order to have an awakening, or for gaining a perspective or for acting as a wake up call for others. “Negative” is always a personal perspective, there is no universal standard for what is negative – what you think as negative could well be an event intended in the non-physical intelligence to create awareness/growth for many streams of consciousnesses on a large scale. (Read this post – Value of negativity, for more insight on this)

Your job is to stay true to your journey of growth, including the unfolding of your desired realities – someone outside may look at your desires and say they are “negative”, they may say you are being greedy or selfish or materialistic, but it’s just their opinion, and you cannot base your desires on an outside opinion. Moreover, your desires come from your present level of awareness/understanding, from your natural makeup and your growth path – so they are “personal” to you and only you can know how important they are to you. Just as you don’t like people to judge your desires as positive or negative, it’s best if you don’t judge the outside either. However, you need to follow your inspiration/wisdom towards taking the actions that feel inspired in you which can include being a force that opposes/eliminates a certain perceived “negative” on the outside – it’s all about staying true to your inspiration.

From your perspective, you need to bring an honest awareness to your desires and see if any of them are just “limiting/deluded thoughts” rooted in some external conditioning that you are trying to stand true to – such a desire can be considered a negative desire because you don’t really want it, but you keep trying for it because to you think you should have it due to a limiting external conditioning/belief. For example, you may not really desire a certain type of job, but you keep vying for it because you think it’s the only way to make money or get a status – so in this case, your true desire conflicts which a “negative desire” in your mind created through limited thinking; such a conflict usually leads to confusion and a lot of struggle until you let go of the negative desire.

Why are my manifestations taking so long?

There are two possible reasons 1. You are not allowing the growth/learning that your present reality is here to provide and hence not making a shift in your maturity/vibration which is needed for the new reality 2. It’s just the natural time it’s taking for the reality to condense in place. If you seem to keep repeating a certain type of negative reality it’s a sure shot indication that you are not willing to allow the growth that’s being called for – this growth could be in terms of letting go of certain imbalances/negativity, transcending a certain fear, gaining a certain understanding or developing a better attitude, ultimately it’s about moving towards an inner stability. Of course, even if you are totally resistance free, physical manifestations will take time because they require the condensation of energy – you have to allow the required minimal time that’s needed.

Instead of worrying about when the manifestation will take place, focus more on bringing awareness towards releasing patterns of resistance in your mind and coming to an inner stability. The negativity could be in the form of self-hatred, guilt, struggle-based mindset, lack-based beliefs, imbalances towards certain dimensions in your mind thus lacking inner stability. If you focus on coming to a place of inner wholeness by bringing awareness towards your imbalances (and thus consciously releasing their momentum), you are fulfilling your part in allowing the creation of your desired realities and living your intended growth. Awareness is nothing but “honest observation”, if you can be brutally honest with yourself you will always be able to sense the negativity in you that is required to be out grown – your awareness of an imbalance is enough to bring a balance because your awareness ensures that you are no longer unconsciously identified with it.

Is there is a technique for faster manifestation?

The paradox of deliberate/conscious creation is to let go of your mind’s tendency towards deliberation or forced effort. The mind is always restlessly inclined towards “struggle” owing to its inherent belief in lack and it’s survival based doubt towards trusting the intelligence of its life-stream. First of all, you need to understand that the very vibration of struggle is a resistance to allowing a seamless unfolding of your desired reality – so if you find yourself struggling with some action just let go of it, it’s not necessary. Imposed techniques are not necessary either, what’s really needed is just an understanding that you don’t need to struggle – the more relaxed you are the more open you are to inspiration that comes up as a part of the unfolding of your desired reality. External action is just a small part in the process of physical manifestation, what’s really important is an inner alignment which can only happen when you let go of struggle and stay relaxed.

The mind has a natural tendency to visualize a desired reality, and you need to allow your mind full freedom to exercise this imagination. If you see some fears coming up in you towards your desired reality, when your mind does the visualization, just allow the fears to arise without trying to suppress them – when you stay in this place of allowing, the fears will soon lose their momentum thus releasing their hold/resistance. The deal is to be relaxed and open in your being, if negativity arises (in the form of doubt, anxiety or lack-based thinking) let it arise without the need to fix it; it will lose power if you just stay in this space of allowing. Also, as you stay in this space of relaxed allowing you will sense yourself moving constantly from inspiration rather than struggle. Inspired action always feels like it’s being supported by a deeper force of energy rather than being leveraged through forced effort on your part alone.

Another pointer is to not make a big deal out of your desire – by calling it “big” you are indirectly stating that you are not ready for it. Understand that all manifestations are just “fleeting experiences” ultimately and once you manifest a certain desired reality you will automatically be enamored with some other desire – so it’s won’t be some end all bliss, it’s just a cycle of hunger and satiation. Be willing to see the ordinariness of your desired reality instead of having a deluded vision of extra-ordinariness associated with it. Manifestations are for you to enjoy your physical experience but it’s important understand that wholeness is already within you – don’t be a prisoner to a desire to make you feel whole. When you come to an inner wholeness first, you have a more balanced perspective towards your desires instead of craving them from a place of inner imbalance/lack – this vibration of wholeness allows you to stay resistance-free towards a seamless unfolding of your desired realities as an ongoing process.

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  1. alchemista

    Thank you so much Sen for your insights. This really helps especially the last paragraph is a BIG eye-opener for me 😉 I am very grateful to you and your gift of guidance and support. Just reading your words brings me back to a joyful state!

  2. Paddy

    Dear Sen! You always talk about Consciousness or awareness of our thoughts, it is only way to freedom of mind but it seems to me most of people that don’t have any mental disorders and have no problem with their thoughts are poeple who are unconscious and unaware of their thoughts. The only people who truly suffer from their mind are people who are actually aware of their thoughts. Can you explain that to me? Thx

    1. Sen Post author

      Paddy, as long as one doesn’t have a problem with his/her mind/negativity it’s fine, but when one does start having problems with negativity the way to go beyond it is through bringing an open awareness to the mind rather than being a prisoner to its negativity – by “open awareness” I mean having the understanding that one doesn’t have to be identified with the mind’s negativity and can stay in a space of observing/allowing the mind fearlessly, thus releasing the hold of negativity on one’s being. Without this space of awareness one stays a prisoner to the mind’s pull of negativity. You cannot ask these people to become “unconscious” of the negativity that’s bothering them, it’s not possible unless you feed them drugs of some kind and numb their brain – the only way forward is to grow in consciousness and thus come to freedom from the mind.

      You see some kids being happy and spirited unconsciously (the unconscious state), just enjoying their life and there are many adults who grow up and stay that way, just unconsciously happy, confident and enjoying life, and it’s fine, it’s their journey – we are all different streams of consciousnesses having different journeys, different growth paths, different past lifetimes, different accumulations of negativity, different intentions of experiencing/understanding life, we are all different in so many ways – each of us is a unique stream of consciousness, some old some relatively new born, some that have gone through several lifetimes, some who are just starting out, it’s a lot of diversity out there. So, if a person is suffering from the influence of negativity, this is his/her present journey, and the solution offered is to grow in awareness and come to a conscious freedom, because the other option is to “drug” yourself, to escape from the negativity, which does not work out too well. If a person is not suffering from negativity, it’s cool, that’s their present journey. All I’ve said is “if” you are suffering from the influence of negativity the only way towards permanent freedom is through bringing an open/fearless awareness to the mind and consciously letting go of identification with its influences.

  3. Beingofuse

    Sen I am so grateful that I happened upon your website and its profoundly important and inspiring guidance.

  4. robyn

    It’s important to understand that “thinking” is also an action, and working with your thoughts is about the most significant action you can take towards bringing yourself in alignment with your desired reality, and letting go of resistance.

    A really wonderful tool for working on our thoughts is Byron Katie’s The Work~ website is:

  5. La'gurl

    Hi sen,
    I left you a comment on your fighting obsessive thoughts blog but I don’t know if you saw it. I’m 17 and this year I decided it was time to find my inner balance. Since I was 4 I’ve had a bad habit of dwelling on negative thoughts because I thought I didn’t deserve the happiness in my life. I’d dwell on anything as long as it made me feel bad. It became a really bad habit that I finally realized, this year, I can’t do anymore. I’ve experienced the bliss of just letting go and it really works. The only problem I have is as soon as I get rid of a weird/negative thought that i had previously dwelled upon, another one comes in immediately and takes it’s place. I try not to let the thoughts bother me but if it’s’ really weird or scary I can’t help but dwell on it. I’m learning what works for me is to be aware of the thoughts but not let it upset me or try to trap me. What do you think I should do when I unconsciously feel like dwelling on these thoughts but consciously know I can’t? Sometimes my unconscious mind seems to be dominating and I think it’s my extreme build up of mind momentum. What should I do? I’m ready to change my life around and I’m grateful that I became concious to my problem at the young age of 17.

    1. Sen Post author

      The attitude of wanting to “get rid” of something, keeps you shackled to it because of your animosity, and fear, towards it. You cannot erase a negativity by fighting it, your fight against it indirectly becomes the fuel for sustaining it. The deal is to develop the simple attitude of allowing the mind to “be”, and let it do what it does without “trying” to change it – if it’s producing negative thoughts, allow it to do so while staying open/relaxed towards it. Most people have this fear that if they allow their mind to have its negative thoughts it will never stop – but in truth when you stay in the space of allowing your are “open” in your being and this openness allows your mind to be touched by the intelligence of your life-stream, which allows for the gradual dissolution of the momentum of its negativity. If you fear negative thoughts, you will indirectly be fighting in someway and thus you can’t be really open in your being. You need to develop the attitude of being totally open to allowing the negative thoughts, and also be open to dwelling on them if it so happens – it’s totally okay to be pulled in to the mind now and then, when you regain awareness just allow yourself to relax and let go.

      The negativity will gradually lose its momentum, you don’t have to be hard on yourself, you will see progress happening if you just continue to grow in this space of relaxed allowing of the mind.

    2. La'gurl

      Overall, I understand what you’re saying, the only thing that I’m confused about is why you believe I should be ok with allowing myself to dwell on thoughts. Shouldn’t I always try to be in a state of relaxed awareness whenever weird thoughts come and not dwell on them?

    3. Sen Post author

      It’s all part of not being too hard on yourself. It’s okay to dwell on thoughts now and then, and it will happen that way too – you can’t force yourself to be aware all the time. In fact, the mind can make awareness into a rigid practice, and use it as a means to suppress/resist negative thinking, and start using it as a means to beat yourself up for not being aware enough all the time. To grow in awareness is just one part of the process, what’s even more important is to be “allowing” – allowing includes allowing yourself to dwell on thoughts if that’s what happens, don’t be too forceful. The bottom-line is not “fear” anything, including dwelling on negative thoughts if it so happens. You can read this post – Reaching a place of total allowing – for more insights.

    4. La'gurl

      Thanks Sen. I’ve been practicing the relaxed awareness techniques and also trying not to be too hard on myself . It’s really working. I also try to remind myself that it takes time and patience but that I’ve already been doing a lot better. I was just curious to know if you’ve heard of the book called “The Secret?” I read it this yea on my journey to consciousness and it seems that it describes a lot of the beliefs you have. I’m learning that my mind is so powerful and I can use it to attract things to me like a magnet. When we want anything in this life the universe will produce it (within reason). Do you agree with this belief?

    5. Sen Post author

      The life-energy that we are has this power of creation and desire is a “thought” that’s the seed of a creation. I mentioned in this post how the “essence” of your desire can manifest if you are resistance-free within towards allowing it, you can read the subsection – can I manifest anything I desire – in this post. The desire may not manifest with the exact specifics that the mind jots out, this is because the mind cannot really have the bigger picture of what’s congruent/right for it. However, the essence of a desire will manifest as you become more and more resistance free within allowing your life-stream to orchestrate the events – the bottom line is to first come to a place of inner wholeness/balance and then allow the desires to come forth from this inner perspective, this way you won’t be wasting your energy focusing on desires that were arising from a place of imbalance or delusion.

  6. Oana

    Bringing clarity inside myself these days regarding this:

    “you need to bring an honest awareness to your desires and see if any of them are just “limiting/deluded thoughts” rooted in some external conditioning that you are trying to stand true to – such a desire can be considered a negative desire because you don’t really want it, but you keep trying for it because to you think you should have it due to a limiting external conditioning/belief. “

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