How Law of Attraction Affects the Thoughts in Your Mind

Posted on by Sen.

Are you constantly bombarded with thoughts that create feelings of stress, anxiety, worry, nervousness, jealousy, limitedness, or inferiority? Whether you are conscious of it or not, the fact remains that you are attracting these thoughts in your mind. You can blame your life situation, and circumstances, as much as you want but the truth still remains that it’s you that’s ultimately attracting these negative situations. No one wants to attract a negative reality, but when we are unconscious of the negative patterns in us, this is all we end up doing.

You are the magnet that attracts your reality

Look at your body as an energy field and now try to sense the content of this energy – is it positive or is it negative? Positive energy field feels like lightness, joy, peace, love and zero resistance. Negative energy field feels like depression, anger, powerlessness and despondency. Negative energies always stem from fear. The only reason there’s fear in your being is because you are disconnected from the reality of life, from the truth of life.

Negative energies attract a negative reality. For example, if you are depressed, you end up attracting more reasons and situations to feel depressed about. This seems highly unfair to the “Me” that life should be so screwed up as to give more depression to a person who is already depressed. The truth however is that law of attraction is the operating principle of creation in this universe. Consciousness creates reality by “attracting” it.

In simple terms, consciousness is an “attraction” based force. Consciousness does not “repel” anything. So if your consciousness is full of negative thoughts, you will end up attracting more negative thoughts, and eventually start attracting a highly negative reality. Even if your chronic thought is that “I don’t want cancer”, since you are focusing on cancer, and since the thought is ridden with fear, it’s a given that you will end up attracting a reality that reflects this fear back at you. The universal force does not respond to your “Words” it responds to the “Energy” behind the words.

The thoughts in your mind attract more thoughts like it

Get this – “A thought, when given attention, starts thinking more thoughts”. Each thought is a form of consciousness and it has the capacity to “attract” onto itself. So when a negative thought arises in your mind, it has the capacity to attract more negative thoughts. The fuel for a thought is “attention”. A thought cannot survive without your attention. In the absence of attention, a thought simply loses its force and dies back into the nothingness from which it arose.

If your head feels full of negative thoughts, to an extent where you feel highly overwhelmed by them, it’s simply because you have been feeding attention to these thoughts unconsciously and have ended up strengthening them tremendously. Now these negative thoughts have the capacity to attract a negative reality.

Starve the negative thoughts by removing your attention

The only way to be free of the overwhelming momentum of the negative thoughts in your mind, is to start starving them by not giving them “attention” anymore. Remember that no thought is self employed, and it needs your attention to sustain itself. If you stop giving attention to the negative thoughts when they arise, they will start losing momentum automatically and stop coming up with such a force. With time there will be huge spaces between thoughts and no thought will have any power over your being.

Thoughts are meant to be creative forces, and they can only serve this purpose when they arise from a place of love and abundance. The space of your being has the capacity to generate creative thoughts, but it’s not possible for these thoughts to become active in you unless you clear your mind of the cloud created by your “conditioned” thinking (which is always based in fear).

Initially it can feel uncomfortable to not pay attention to a thought

Initially, it can be quite unsettling to not pay attention when a negative thought arises. Each thought tries to clamor for attention because by its very nature it’s a “pulling” force or an “attraction” based force. So each thought tries to attract your attention, more so if it already has a lot of momentum going for it from your past attention. It might feel uncomfortable, and even fearful, to not pay attention to these thoughts when they arise.

In some people, a lot of panic arises, when they try to remove their attention from a negative thought. In a way you are addicted to your thinking mind, and to remove attention from it can activate withdrawal symptoms like panic, anxiety and nervousness. These feelings may become more dominant if you are trying to “force” your attention away from the mind. The secret is to not “force” the attention away from thoughts, but to ease it away. It’s all about relaxing your focus.

Relax your attention, and free your consciousness

The most natural way to move your attention away from thoughts is to simply relax your awareness. Open your focus instead of contracting it. Attention in a way is “focused” awareness. What’s really needed is that you “de-focus” your awareness, relax it, and don’t contract it on any thought. Just sit back, relax and let your awareness be free. Can you can sense that you are constantly trying control and focus your attention, instead of letting go of it? That’s a form of control that needs to be let go of so that wholeness can flower through.

It’s helpful to just sit by yourself, alone, and practice relaxing your attention away from the mind. It might be difficult to do this initially if you are in a noisy, or crowded, environment. It’s all about letting go of the addiction to your thinking mind, and coming back to wholeness where your awareness is “free” of the conditioned mind.

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  1. cihan

    Excellent writing Sen, I have the same idea but to practice, I sometimes find very difficult, sometimes but not often fearful thoughts come when I am out with my wife or friends for dinner or going some place to have a good time, or at work. Thoughts come and create fear and in that moment it is very hard to relax or distract my self from the thoughts, because you are in a place and there are people and you don’t know what to do. Can you tell me how I can manage my mind when it goes crazy and creates fearful repetitive obsessive thoughts during the work or outside enjoyment with people that you love. I really want to have good life without any obsessive thoughts that takes me from reality. I am working hard, I want to see light, I want to enjoy every moment with my 2 years old daughter. I have to because I have no choice. I have to be strong because of my daughter, I know I will get better. Thanks for your beautiful writing and your support. Sorry again my English is not that great – Cihan

    1. Sen Post author

      The problem is not with the mind, the problem is that you are afraid of your mind. It’s your fear for the mind that’s creating suffering for you. Can you notice this pattern? You fear your mind because it seems to frighten you with its negative thoughts. What happens when you stop fearing the negative thoughts? Let the mind produce as much negative thought as it wants to, but you stay fearless of it. Is it really difficult to do this? After all the mind is nothing but a radio station constantly sending out random noises, do you really need to fear it?

      The reason why you fear the mind is because you have yet to become familiar with it. You are constantly afraid of your mind and hence you never “watch” it fully, you always try to escape it. You have to become familiar with your mind so fully that you are no longer afraid of it. As a child I was afraid of darkness, but I soon realized that the only way I can remove my fear of darkness was to stay in darkness till I no longer feared it. It’s the same thing with the mind. The only way to overcome this fear you have of your mind, is to become completely aware of your mind’s patterns.

      Follow the simple practice of staying as the “unattached” witness of your mind. Just watch your mind when it pumps out negative thoughts. Don’t react to the thoughts, simply witness it. Slowly but surely you will start becoming familiar with the thought patterns and then they will no longer frighten you. The mind is simply a “machine”, like a radio, it just keeps pumping out random noises, if you attach with these noises you will become a prisoner of your own mind.

  2. cihan

    Thank you Sen.

  3. Lee


    How is it that a genuinly good person can develop over time a mind that is consumed with thoughts of evil be it intentional or unintentional. What is the cause of it?

    Can it not mean that the person is actually evil and is kidding themselves in thinking that they are good?

    Is Chronic OCD a contributor? Is there really a chemical imbalance in the brain?

    More to the point, is it more than life experiences like some outside influence such as negative energy (black magic exists highly in my culture and others) or spiritual possession of evil nature?

    If not, then why do people sometimes see objects move by themselves without being on absolutely any medication?

    What’s happening to the mind and why?

    Do you believe in all this stuff? What’s your take on it?

    I don’t know much about it, just heard and read a lot about it.

    1. Sen Post author

      The mind at its core is a “survival machine”, its function is to take care of its survival and also the survival of its possession or things/people its attached to. The mind also has preferences, likes/dis-likes based on its natural make-up and external conditioning, and it thus place the role of being a “creator” of desired realities in conjunction with the wholeness of life. Left on its own the mind operates in the space of wisdom of life, it’s fears and concerns are quickly dissolved by wisdom of the wholeness of life, and it also manifests it desired realities with ease thus it has a positive experience of life. The problem is not with the mind or with life, but rather with the unconscious identification of “you” as a part of awareness/consciousness focused in this body, with fears that are present in the “physical” realm. Who you are is a sensitive being, and your sensitivity causes you to believe in fears very easily, this causes you to take in the fears of the mind and reinforce it through your attention. When you are unconscious about your truth, you identify totally with this physical body/mind and think of yourself as merely a physical form (when in actuality you are a stream of awareness that’s temporarily focused in this body). This identification causes you to cling to the ego structure of the mind, and identify with the fears that come from the mind and from the outside world as people feed you with fear-based, limiting, thoughts. Moreover, in your unconscious state you crave acceptance from outside, and you feel the need for approval/appreciation that can create structure of self-criticism and self-hatred, which also projects as hatred towards outside – you start seeking your wholeness in the outside, because of your total identification with the physical. This causes the enforcement of negativity in your being, combined with your power of creation, this negativity becomes a potent force because it gets refueled by your attention to it. When this negativity reaches chronic forms it project outside as violence of many forms – what is essentially called “evil”. So basically “evil” is nothing but a confused being who in its unconsciousness identified totally with fear. The being that you are is genuinely good, it’s a happy being, but it’s also a very sensitive being and when its unconscious of its true identity it will identify fully with the mind and fuel its fears, and through its attention will create a potent cycle of negativity within – thus becoming a resistance to the flow of well-being from the wholeness of life.

      What you call OCD is basically when this awareness is totally identified/obsessed with certain fears of the mind and is constantly keeping it in its conscious space, re-creating the same thoughts over and over again, without allowing its dissolution which can only happen when it “lets go” of identifying with the thoughts and allows the wisdom of the wholeness of life to dissolve it. This is why I give the pointer of “stay as relaxed awareness”, so that you become an open channel that allows the wisdom of your wholeness to work in you, instead of being so “contracted” on the thoughts.

      Everything is energy, and it’s very possible to use extreme focus to move objects and it’s possible for objects to move under the influence of a non-physical element’s presence in it. Of course, if there is a high momentum of negative energy in your being it tends to attract certain negative energies/elements on the outside – just like a magnetic force field. The good news of course is that negativity cannot assert itself on you if you are not a “vibrational match” to it, so if your being is aligned with positivity it’s not possible for you to be attracting negative energies on the outside because there won’t be a vibrational attraction towards it. One needs to become “conscious” of the truth of one’s being, to consciously align with positivity and dis-identify from the negative momentum created from the past. When you are living in an unconscious identification its very easy to be swayed by negativity because of the sensitivity of your being.

  4. Lee

    Sen, thanks.

    My mind’s tangled at the moment. It’s not easy to think positive with the world the way it is.

    Are non physical elements to be concerned about?

    1. Sen Post author

      As long as you are focused on the outside you will not be able to come to a place of inner wholeness/maturity. And in the absence of this inner maturity you cannot really be a channel that brings well-being and positivity to the external world. Your identification with fears of the mind, that’s pulled into associating with global suffering, is not going to bring any real positive change or solution, in fact when you are identified with fear/worry/anger (no matter how justified the mind feels about it) you only end up perpetuating the very negativity you are seeking to dissolve.

      Remember that this reality is not based on “assertion” but based on “attraction”. Nothing can “assert” itself into your experience unless you are a vibrational match to it. So the only thing you need to be concerned about is your “vibration” – as you keep letting go of identification with the negativity of the mind, your vibration becomes free of its influence and you become more and more receptive to your natural vibration which is rooted in joy/peace. Actions arising from this place of inner wholeness will allow for the creation a positive reality, in fact you become channel that allows the well-being of life to come into the eternal world. It’s totally your choice now whether you want to continue identifying with the mind’s fears or if you want to let go of identification with negativity. This choice will determine the experience of your journey through physicality.

  5. Lee

    Thank you Sen, God bless you.

  6. nvibes

    Hi Sen

    If we all attract our physical realities, negative or positive, aren’t we all just constantly reacting to one another? i.e. if I have negative thoughts about myself I will always draw someone into my external environment to reflect this back at me.

    Therefore, people’s reactions towards me will keep changing depending on my state of mind, which makes me think we are not independent of each other, we are constantly reacting to each other’s mindset and being drawn into each other’s dramas. Then where does the “me” begin and end?

    e.g. if my relative has low energy at the moment,and feels depressed and not good about herself and is looking to me for constantly help her, and inside I feel angry and feel like shouting at her almost in a bid to “wake her up” but I manage to hold back, I feel as though she is drawing this reaction out of me through her state of mind, rather than this being my natural response, the way I would choose to respond. That I am sensitive to her thoughts and feelings, and end up feeling drawn to play out her drama.

    In the same way, I’ve had people shouting at me, and then can sense their guilt afterwards, wondering why they felt like reacting to me in that way. In a sense they were helping me by bringing it too light/into physical reality.

    But something does not feel right about being constantly being pulled into other people’s dramas, to “hurt them”, to shout, to abuse, to be the one to bring their negativity to light, or to be on the receiving end. And in any case it’s not “their” negativity, it’s all of ours, there’s no “me”, “him”, “her”, etc

    My question is, how can you be around someone who feels “negatively” and not respond to them in this way but neither suppress these feelings nor distance yourself from them?

    Also, if I am feeling negatively, how do I keep myself from having to physically suffer the effects of this negative momentum and drawing other people in to play this “negative” role for me e.g shouting,ignoring, taking advantage of me?

    1. Sen Post author

      nvibes, in an unconscious state of living, “reaction” is the primary mode of operation. When one grows in awareness there is a space which allows you to stop being reactive, and thus let go of being pulled around by the mind’s movement. This space, as it keeps growing, allows you not be pulled in to the mind and it also allows for the release of negative energy that’s stored up, because you are no longer unconsciously re-creating it.

      Right now, you are still in the phase of “release”, and it’s normal for you to be brought into situations that allow the unearthing of patterns of negativity in your mind and the negativity in your energy space. Use these situations to see your inner negativity, this awareness by itself will create a distance that will allow the negativity to lose its hold on your vibration. You will notice that your mind still has a momentum enough to disturb your being, and create suffering/resistance in the body. These situations are just a part of the detox, where it allows the negativity within you to come up to be released – the outside is just helping you unearth your negativity, that’s the value it’s serving right now. I understand that it feels frustrating, but the phase of release is like that, when the release is mostly done with you won’t feel such an intensity of resistance/suffering in your being, and you will also be privy to more congruent realities.

  7. nvibes

    Hi Sen

    I still have a question in my mind about attracting negative and positive realities. In the last few days I have seen how I’ve projected my negativity onto someone else and drawn them into my drama/illusion. I am also experiencing a few people projecting their negativity onto me. Now I’ve been able to see this projection in myself I am mentally able to distance myself from other people’s negative projections in a bid not to get caught up in it/react to it.

    My negative projection came from unconsciously not being able to accept what I saw in someone else as myself – I saw them as lower than me, I felt superior to them, better, i saw my lack of love and acceptance.

    Therefore if I am negatively projecting onto someone else, this therefore means that it’s “my” negativity, it does not mean that my negativity in some way reflects the other person. What I see instead is that when someone is feeling low, going through dark times, they can trigger the release of negativity in other people who are unconscious of it, who have suppressed it, because the think they are good are always doing the right thing, are perfect etc and don’t see this side of themselves. The person they identify as lower than them for whatever reason – clothing, not as clever, race, etc triggers this response in them.

    I do see that balance always needs to be maintained – at the moment we exist in polarities – positive is balanced by “negative”, dark balanced by light etc and i can see how there are groups of people in the world that take on the projected negativity of others and carry it – the balance between inferior and superior – 2 sides of the same coin.

    So I think the situation is more complex than negative attracting negative, and positive attracting positive. The reason why i feel this is so important to clarify is that I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out why someone is getting at me for something, why I’m attracting “their negativity” only to realise that it’s their negativity they’re projecting onto me. That I truly do not believe that about them, that my words weren’t intended in the way they’ve interpreted them.

    My other issue, is if a person is drawing me into their illusion/negativity (or vice versa), how can I respond without distancing myself from them and also without reacting negatively/defensively? And if they don’t believe that I’m truly not the cause of how they are feeling because they are so caught up in their illusion? On a larger scale, is it possible for the battle between the inferior and superior to end or do we just keep flipping from one side to the other? Just interested to hear your thoughts.

    1. Sen Post author

      nvibes, if you observe, your personal experience is completely dictated by your inner state of being – so if you were free of negativity within, your personal experience would never feel negative. And if you are holding patterns of negativity within, then these patterns create negative experience for you – it’s all happening within you. If you stop looking at the outside, and just look within you, you will realize that every negative experience that you have is created by your own negative thinking, or your own negative interpretation, you cannot have a negative experience if you were not interpreting something negatively, it’s just not possible. No-body can put negativity into you, only you can allow negativity with you by interpreting something negatively or associating negatively with something.

      It’s straight forward that negative attracts negative, because if you will notice that every negative experience that happens to you triggers a certain negative vibration in you, which was already present in you – if something was not present in you, it can’t be triggered. For example, you said that some people are projecting their negativity on you, by misinterpreting what you say – the question is how are attracting such people in your life? Or How is it that they are affecting you so negatively? If you did not really bother about their interpertations of you, you would not feel negative; but you are bothered by it, which indicates that there are thought patterns within you which causes you to be bothered, and deeply affected, by what others think of you – this negativity is what is attracting your outside negativity. You may be trying to please the outside, or trying to seek approval, out of a fear within you for acceptance by the outside – and this fear keeps attracting people who don’t accept you as you are, they are just reflecting your own fear back at you, negativity within causes a negative reflection from outside.

      You also mentioned that you observed that you were projecting your negativity on someone, and you see some others projecting their negativity on you – so it seems obvious that you are attracting your own pattern of negativity. If you let go of this negativity in you, you will see the outside is not reflecting it either. It’s so easy to see which negativity within us is attracting a negative experience once we are willing to take full responsibility for our personal reality, letting go of the mindset of blaming the outside for our negative experience – the only reason you feel negative is because of your own negative interpretations and way of thinking, once you make a positive shift in your way of thinking you will see that the elements of the outside that were reflecting this negativity (as a feedback) to you also move out of your reality. This positive shift happens on its own when you allow your mind momentum to reduce, so that you are not pulled by its negativity.

  8. nvibes

    Sen, mentally, I get your words… but not in my heart…I feel as though I’m trying to force it.

    1. Sen Post author

      nvibes, a mental recognition is the initial understanding that’s needed for a deeper realization to sink in with time. You don’t have to force it, just keep sensing your inner space, this observation is all that it takes for a realization to happen.

  9. Sean

    Dear sen,
    After followings books like secret to meditation tO spirituality , I genuinely believe that you have to face yr fears and that’s by awareness as you state in your articles , I have started watching my thoughts , I know they are 100% lie but I stopped answering them and started watching them , first few days were hell but surprisingly the anxiety the whole day was less and no headache , it’s just the body is producing more heat . Is this the detox process and lastly I would like to ask you weather I should start to think positive thoughts or just be a witness for time being because once you get attached to a positive thought , the cunning mind sways you to negative place and you don’t even realize . I’m still on a v high momentum mind . Thx

    1. Sen Post author

      Sean, yeah the physical experience you mention is something one can have as a part of the release. You don’t have to force yourself to think positive, at one point the momentum of negativity would die down to the point where there would be no resistance to your thoughts towards your desired reality. You can read this post – Coming to a passively positive mind for more insights

  10. Yann

    Hello, i wrote a message to say how much amazing this article is, but i really need to share my experience with people that can understand me because i’ve been trhough so much.So thanks for reading and responding with me.

    I am very concerned with is content right now …
    I’m mentally involved with mind/reality understanding since many years now, and i really understand it quite well and had some important achievement in my life, like eyesight healing, abitility to take control of the momentum and to progress in intuitive abilities…
    So back in the days i was very proud with myself, highly satisfied of what i was and i clearly felt like i was above the majority of mankind (and i was, no mistake or pride there…) Yeah i said i was because some psychological events , a strong distortion of my mind (very strong) occured for what would seem a non problematic event or thematic for most of the people. i won’t tell more about it because it would reactivate the bad vibes but a LOT of new fears and doubts and questions started to appear and they got me so bad i wasn’t anymore able to feel good and to think of something else. it was awful, i started vomiting, getting skinny and lost total control over my reality, my mind …
    Some strong resistances prevented me of doing something but i tried anyways and the resistance got harder. So i tried to figure them out and of course they got stronger.
    I ended giving up, because i couldn’t stand it anymore, i felt like i was close to death.(for real: i was close to death,and i can tell you death is self attracted like the rest of things)
    But the mental pattern was now installed and it wouldn’t just leave.
    People of my familly considered me like a mentally distrubed person at the time and i felt extremly resentful for this, even if there is some truth in this statement they obviously don’t get what was happening at the time.

    Things worsened for 5 months and now things are starting to get better. I know i will come back to my previous mind reality but i feel very disapointed by this horrible year (i am now 7 months later) and i now doubt my ability to understand and master the metaphysical principles of the universe.
    Plus i’m now very unnatractive , because my appearance changed so much that while i used to be handsome and successful with the opposite sex, i now repel it with good strenght.
    Talking of strenght i haven’t got any, while i used to practice martial arts…
    My face changed and i don’t recognize what i see in the mirror, it’s quite hardcore.
    However i’m not complaining, i can handle all this things because i do realise that life is an illusion and things will change when i’ll change, because thanks life,i haven’t lost my (deep) understanding of the universe but i do have lost the ability to manage myself.

    To tell the truth, law of attraction has always been more a problem than a solution for me and it is not the first time in my life that i create unwilligly horrible things that get so strong that you can’t escape them without a BIG BIG TIME of suffering and perseverence. And a few time laters things go back to hell.
    I am now facing the rests of my mentals disturbance and i can pass 10 hours a day focusing on an obsession and trying to figure out things that obsess me. I get feelings that i don’t understand things, while i do understand them but the more i try to explain the more i have the feeling i don’t understand them!!!
    Because of focusing and fighting against the negative feeling of non understanding, of course…
    this an exemple trhough many others, and it is very hard for me to unfocus, but now it’s becoming more more and more weak, so i think i’ll be soon okay and as balanced as i used to be in the good times.

    So i was wondering if i was the only one who was experiencing strong and violent modification of his reality, due to a break in the state of mind,a sudden apparition of a fear or unpleasant feeling,maybe coming from the far away past, turning reality into a nightmare for a LONG PERIOD of time ( at least a year).
    Despite my message can seem negative i know for sure i can fix things and that it is possible to heal any situation. However i feel quite powerless confronting the strenght of such mental disturbances which appears and don’t allow you to handle them because they are simply too strong, it would take super human power to resist them and not let them influence your thoughts.

  11. Yann

    I would like to add that because of all the problems i experienced in my life, i feel like i’m moving with the hand brake on….
    I really feel like ( i say really because i’m sure of what i say) i am a weak version of my real self, like if i was 10 percent of what i should be, like if i lacked intelligence, intuition, strenght that should be mine if i hadn’t faced such painful challenges..

    And it really annoy me, because i understand so much that it is important to handle well the LOA but i still fuck it up….while i used to use it well!
    I feel very diminished and pityful compared to what i should be, and this since a long time ..

    1. Sen Post author

      Yann, though you have an understanding of the realities of life the imbalance that’s present comes from the presence of a strong ego-force. In fact, the moment you start growing in awareness, there is an awakening in your being towards “freedom” which includes freedom from the pull of ego-force also. The ego-force ends up fighting its dissolution which starts to happen as a part of the awakening, and this “fight” from your ego-force causes the sense of depression, anxiety and confusion. The diminishment you feel in your physical aspects (the aspects that your ego was identified with) is one way through which the ego-force is dissolved when you are strongly identified with it – it’s like cracking the structure of ego by breaking down the aspects its strongly identified with. The process is much smoother if you stop protecting your ego-force, and allow the dissolution of its momentum – once the ego-force loses its strong-hold, you become more open to allowin connection with your space of being which is the space of wisdom. As you mention, you are constantly “trying” to hold on to the understandings, which is simply a pattern of ego-force which is trying to find security in its “understanding” of life. You need to develop, now, the openness to stop fueling this ego-force by seeing through its presence in you. Remember that it’s not the ego itself which is a problem, ego is a part of a being in life (the natural sense of “I”), it’s the “force” of ego or its momentum which becomes a problem. A few posts that you might find insightful are as below

  12. Yann

    I don’t want to be troublesome but i would like to add one more thing, because the more i read you the more i want to talk with you.
    You have to understand that what is said is not said for the sake of vanity,, but come from someone who has been deprived of the possibility to share with people that have the same level of understanding for a long time. (or even a better one)
    When i read you i’m amazed because you explain concepts which i managed to become conscious about by myself through my constant fixation on trying to understand life… But i wouldn’t have been able to explain them as well you do, it’s like my understanding is shaped in a different way, maybe less clear than yours, but somehow it similar and different.
    so this leads me to the next question?
    Who are you??? And how did you get there?
    because for years i felt like i was the only one who get these things, like if i was forming a distinctive species from the rest of people!!!
    For years i couldn’t share much of what i understood, and even if i manage to cut myself from the mass beliefs on health for exemple, i feel sometime lonely and unable to progress by myself. So i find support in book in times of crisis, because i’m the only one which can fix my problems, nobody having the ability to help me.My evolution is between my own hands only.

    Even with the thousands of books on law of attraction, so few people really really get it and manage to use it!
    When you really get this, get INTO it, i don’t know how to explain but i really feel like i’m so different than the rest of people on the inside i’m not anymore the same kind of being that they are. Okay this might seem outrageous, pretentious and don’t hesitate to tell me if that’s what you think but i really feel like i moved my being in such a different way than most of people that i’m now starting to cut myself apart from the rest of mankind, like if i was starting to morph in antoher breed.
    you can call it difference, but i’m pretty sure that it’s the accumulation of this process which lead to the creation of several animal species.
    My mind reality, my perceptions are so different that this lead to a change too important.
    I’m pretty sure you will find this big, but if you think of yourself and how you feel about other people you will feel like there is a gap, which cannot be crossed back.

    1. Wynone

      Sorry to intrude… I just wanted to share the way I see it, Yann.
      Even if you’re having this ”conviction” of being the way you are, morphing into another specimen, being too different and so on, Yann, this doesn’t make it even a bit of a problem, unless you identify with it in a closed manner, fully.
      In that sense, Sen has mentioned in the core of his articles, that it’s the dis-identification which helps with inferiority or superiority.
      In that sense, even if that’s the truth of your being- its evolution to a different specimen, your ego force is not the one driving your vehicle anymore => helplessness will eventually vanish. You don’t need to prove it to people or your surroundings. Then you will know deep inside yourself whether you are like that or not, and it will be a natural expression- it won’t be your focus or your concern that others may not find that ‘possible’ or justifiable.
      You can’t be wrong in any way 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    Yann, that you (several times) compare yourself as being better than others shows that you are surely not rid of imbalance, not by a long way. So you have the ability to perceive differently from most – it matters little if that has come at the cost of your sanity. Calming your mind might be a good idea. Sen has quite a few posts about this.

  14. Yann

    To tell the truth i regretted my comment because i was sure people would take it that way. The mix of weakness/strenght would not be accepted and interpreted as me being weak and delusional..
    I’m quite surprised by the way you think, because if i resume, you think that everyone is at the same level and if someone perceive a difference of level he is just “imbalanced”?
    So he is more imbalanced than the others who think everyone is at the same level(like you)? mmmmm interesting…

    So even if you don’t like it,some people are superior than others in understanding, mastery, heatlh, wealth, and it’s not gonna change because you said so.

    And even if you don’t believe me, i reached a level that i’m currently unable to access because of my disturbance, and when i reached this stage, yes i’m gonna repeat it even if it is unpleasant to your ears i was sure to be above the rest of what other people have experienced, and also far above what i have ever been before.
    I know it seems presomptuous, but it’s just true.
    I’ll give you an exemple,and then i’ll give up.
    Imagine you experience a deep bliss, a deep peace. for a long period of time ( a month). You know for sure it is far more than you have ever been able to experience and you know for sure than most of people you met never have experienced this or at least aren’t experiencing this right now.
    You can feel it.
    Now tell it on the internet and people will block on the fact that you say “more than others”
    But nevermind.It’s true!

  15. Yann

    the last message was an answer for anonymous , this one is for sen:

    I’m sorry but you didn’t get what happened to me, it doesn’t matter i just wanted to talk but i did it the wrong way so i strongly feel like it’s not gonna turn into something positive.

    What ego force? I said that on some occasions, while i reached a higher level (not compared to others, compared to myself…so it will be more acceptable to you), a fear resurged and disturbed my mind very strongly, so i wasn’t unable anymore to ignore it because of ‘its strong magnet power”, thus changing my vibe and making my life a hell.
    Do you find yourself beautiful or ugly when looking in the mirror? is your judgment correct? Is it ego when you say, today i look fine, or today i look bad?
    today i look peaceful, today i look tired and anxious?
    Is it ego trick when u say i look beautiful, but not when you say i’m anxious and look tired?
    Just imagine you achieve to be peaceful, and a fear coming from i don’t know where suddenly appears, diminishing your ability to feel peace and to master yourself.

    I don’t see where is the ego in this and hopefully i try to control my thoughts otherwise things would be ugly.
    You don’t have to answer if i bother you , you can even suppress this message and the others
    okay you’re not gonna like me but still:
    To tell you the truth, your answer and the others were predictable and disapointing, because you just blocked on the fact that i said i reached a higher level on others people… probably because you felt i was somehow diminishing you…And doing this you missed the whole meaning of my message which wasn’t to prove myself better than others but to share the difficulties i was facing and to share how LOA could be a marvelous thing as well as an horrible one.
    Sorry, life didn’t make me very prepossing and pleasant.
    So who is ego driven lol

    1. Sen Post author

      Yann, as I mentioned in my comment, the problem is not with ego, the problem is with the “momentum” of ego as a force – it’s this force that acts as a resistance to reliving the sense of freedom that you felt during your initial realizations. I’ve been there myself, had an awakening towards the deeper realities of life and it was like opening up into a new life, however I still had a strong momentum of ego as a “force” in my being which caused me to try and grasp at this understanding, trying to relive the sense of awe/freedom that I felt during the realizations, which just turned into depression and fear/anxiety. You may be able to sense this force in you that grapples with fear and feels the need to struggle, and if it feels like a strong force it’s required that you release its momentum so that you can sense your natural inner wholeness. Understanding is one aspect, finding inner wholeness is a totally different aspect – the understanding by itself does not bring you a sense of inner wholeness, as you can see for yourself. If there is strong force of fear it would also indicate a strong momentum of ego, it’s not for someone else to judge you or tell you what’s wrong, but for you to see if there is any truth in it for yourself, and if you feel certain (in all honesty) that there is no truth in it, then you can disregard it.

      Just to demarcate between what I mean when I say “there is no problem with the ego, the problem is with ego-force” – I will take the example of what you said about looking in the mirror and judging if you beautiful or ugly, it’s of course the ego, and its fine to make this judgment – what’s required is to see how this judgement affects you, if it causes you to feel strongly identified with your beauty or ugliness to the point of it creating a strong sense of superiority or inferiority, it would be indicative of a strong ego-force. Rather if the judgement is made and allowed, without it “disturbing” or “exciting” you sense of being by any intensity, then it’s indicative of low momentum of ego. Over-excitement is as much an indication of a strong momentum of ego, as depression. When your ego does not have a strong force in you, you can sense of balance in your being – you can simply introspect, if you feel this sense of balance in your being. The higher understanding (even with respect to many others) that you have is one thing, but if you wish to use it wisely and to share it, you would need to develop a sense of balance in your being – what I call the state of inner wholeness.

  16. Shira


    As you say that Mind creates the negative thinking pattern and wrote about how to let go the negative thoughts.But at times, its my experience that sometimes I get very unpleasant premonitions and those turn out to be true at times.How do we let go those unpleasant premonitions.Is it related to negative thinking pattern.As I can feel the premonitions in my heart.Sometimes something good does happen if all of a sudden i get a good thought or a feeling but most of the unpleasant thoughts come up which I feel in my heart and am extremely scared and get anxious like something wrong would happen and I start praying.Pls Advice.

    1. Sen Post author

      Shira, the attitude that you would need to bring to life is one of “growth” instead of one of “playing it safe” – as long as you hope to play it safe you will live in a fear of the next thing, and that’s a form of meekness. Every event that happens has the possibility of creating some growth in you, no matter how negative it seems on the outside to your mind. If you have the attitude of growth, you will have the openness to allow what needs to arise in order to create that growth in you. For example, at present that growth that may be needed in you is a balance towards your inner power (power being dark nature, love being light nature) – you may be a loving person (light nature) but you seem to lack a connection with your inner power (dark nature), and you can’t avoid this growth for long – you will keep feel pushed towards this growth until you truly allow it, frankly there is no real option here. It would be a better attitude to go through this growth instead of constantly clinging to your light-natured side (even the aspect praying that you mention seems to be rooted in fear or some form of weakness). For example, if you bring in the attitude of “I am open to life, I can handle anything that arises” – this makes you connect your inner power, and thus brings a balance in your being, which is what is required.

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