How to Let Go of Limiting Beliefs?

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You can look at a belief as a “lens” through which you see reality. When you have a red lens on your eyes, you can only see red and when you replace it with a blue lens suddenly the reality is all blue – so what is the true color of reality? Quite simply “Nothing”, it’s you that decides the color you want to see your reality in.

Two humans, in the same locality, can have completely different experiences of their reality – one may experience lack and dissatisfaction, while the other may experience abundance and joy. If you map their thoughts and beliefs, you will always find that the one experiencing lack is holding on to “beliefs” of lack while the one experiencing abundance is holding on to beliefs of abundance. The beliefs you hold are the only determinants of the reality you experience. It’s highly important then that you be aware of any limiting beliefs that you may be holding, and through the process of “in-attention” let go of the belief.

A belief is not the truth, it’s just what you believe

People seem to make this very dysfunctional mistake of believing that their “beliefs” are the truth. A belief is just a thought you believe in, and just because you believe in it does not make it true. For example, you may believe that you cannot make money unless you work hard for it (a very common belief among many people). You just have to look around with an open mind to see that this is not true for everyone, because there are people who make huge amounts of money without any real effort/hard work. Understand that you were not born with any beliefs in you, but you ingrained beliefs by looking at the behavior of people around you and by the teachings that were given to you. In other words, you “acquired” a belief, and started believing that it’s the truth.

The belief that you hold creates the reality you experience, and this convinces you that your belief is true – this is what creates the vicious cycle of negative reality. You need to realize that it’s all the other way round – your reality is happening in a certain way for you because of the beliefs that you are holding. For example, a person who believes in lack of money, experiences a reality where he is always short of money and this convinces his mind that there is a shortage of money in life. But he needs to understand that the only reason he is experiencing a shortage of money is because of his belief in lack of money. It’s his belief that is creating his experience of the reality; it’s not the reality that is asserting an experience on him.

Take full responsibility for your beliefs

Unless you take responsibility for your beliefs, you will live in denial of the fact that you are creating your own reality. It’s so easy to blame other people, and fight against the reality, and be convinced that the problems are “out there”, without ever taking responsibility for the beliefs that you are holding.

When you realize that your beliefs are not the “truth”, but are just thoughts that you can replace at will, you realize that you have a “choice” in how you mold your reality from here on. The most crucial aspect is the realization that beliefs create the experience of your reality, and that beliefs are just thought that you believe in because of your conditioning. You have the total freedom to replace any belief you want. If you are holding beliefs of abundance, you don’t have to replace them (because these beliefs align you with the vibration of life which is joy/love/peace), but if you are holding beliefs of lack, you must look at replacing them with beliefs of abundance, so that you can claim your birth right of living a life of well-being.

Let go of beliefs through denying their truth

When you believe in a thought, you give power to it through your attention. This thought slowly but surely becomes a belief in you, as time goes by, because of your constant pre-occupation with it, and your constant attention to it. Usually it takes a few months before a new thought can become a belief, and it takes that much time also for an old belief to diminish in momentum enough to stop influencing your reality.

As soon as you realize that a belief is not serving you, and you decide to stop believing it, that belief will start crumbling in power/momentum and will soon stop influencing your reality. For example, you might hold a belief “Its very difficult to lose weight”, and as long as you believe it, this belief will stay strong and will create a reality that reflects it, but when you realize that you have the choice to stop believing it, this belief will start losing its momentum in you and in a few months you will experience a reality where this belief is not true.

Remember that it’s only your “acceptance” of a thought that gives it power. If you don’t believe a thought, then it cannot become a force in your reality. Take a moment to realize that you have the power to live any reality you want, simply by shifting your beliefs into the ones that are aligned with the desired reality, and letting go of beliefs that are against it. It’s also important to understand that it takes time for an old belief to die down in momentum (usually at-least 4-5 months), and hence the need to have patience enough to allow the change to take place.

Another challenge would be that your “present reality” would also be reflecting your old beliefs back to you, so it’s can feel tough to let go of old beliefs when there is a physical reality showing you evidence of it. This is where you need to understand the science behind creation, and use this logic/understanding to stand true to the new beliefs that you want to ingrain and stop giving credence to old beliefs that are not serving you. Within a few months, you will start seeing evidence of how your new beliefs (which are aligned with abundance) start shifting your reality effortlessly.

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  1. pun

    wonderful.thanks for this beautiful and true insight into the power of our beliefs.It’s amazing how we get trapped in a vicious cycle of “wrong beliefs” and spoil our life’s picture…

  2. Kiri

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us,

  3. MSH

    Hello Sen,

    Great Article!

    The belief of being good to me is centered on my religion, and my religion covers every aspect in this life, the moment I face an unexplainable thought or doubt about the strength of my belief I tend to be in an “On Hold” stage,, where I cannot find the power to move forward any more. Conversations like this strikes in my mind:

    “Well if your belief is not strong then why are you trying to get early to work?” or “why are you even smiling to this guy now?” or “why do you want to be successfull if you know that setting on the PC playing a video game would make you forget all of the pain?”

    and since the day this depression started, almost every time i wake up I tend to forget my belief or my engine to do good in my life… so i am like “so why am I coming out of bed early? yes because i want to come early at work! why? because it is how it should be! thats how good people behave! why do good people behave like this? because they have good beliefs! do you have this strong belief?” and then I go through a very pointless phase of proving to my self with he countless evidenceses and facts that i cannot deny and no one in my position can that I am on the correct religion and then, i either get the power back as I feel satisfied on my level of belief or I feel to terrible for not being able to pull that good beliefs together correctly (although I know that with spending some time I can prove to myself that).

    So here I am, in that vicious cycle, I cannot work or do well unless I am sure that my inner engine is correct and valid, and If i am unsure, i need to get the certainity first then move forward again, etc.. but this is happening too often to me and it is destroying to the promises i make with myself or to people … or the things that i am involving myself in but the next day i am all (reset) …….

    please let me know if you have any solution to that.

    Many thanks,


  4. Nicole

    I was wondering if someone could help me out with this question. I have the tendency to compare how I look to people on tv: my mind for years has said, “Oh she’s so pretty, I wonder how it feels to be that beautiful.” Tonight, I was watching a show and noticed these beliefs coming up on how gorgeous this actress is and im not…yada yada. But then I said to them, “no, I don’t believe you.” Is it okay to deny beliefs with words? It just seemed to come out of nowhere. Ahh, sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.

    1. Sen Post author

      Nicole, perception is a natural and inevitable aspect of thinking. Perception is what creates experience eventually. The human brain is designed to “perceive” in a certain way, and different brains have different make-ups which color their perception. For example, what you find beautiful may not be beautiful to someone else, that’s why they say “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. You will have to work with your brain and how it perceives the external realities – there is no point in trying to “deny” your brain’s perceptions, rather you just have to learn to understand and work with your brain. We are bound to dislike some parts of who we are, the dimension of hatred is a part of our nature in that we are bound to dislike something, it’s not possible to love everything at all times – you have to allow for this perception of “dislike” towards some aspects of you, even if it stems out of comparison (comparison is again a normal/natural part of our thinking, and it creates experiences). In fact, the experience of “dislike”, including experiences of inferiority, are useful dark-natured experiences that bring a balance to the light-nature energy in us – there is nothing wrong with having a perception of inferiority, a perception of being less, it’s just one experience of life. The people who you regard as “beautiful” will have other aspects of dark-nature to deal with in their life, just as you have your dark-nature experiences to deal with – in the end, everyone has a mix of light and dark aspects to deal with, no-one is free of dark-nature aspects. The delusion is to imagine that someone is living a perfect life (or purely light-natured life).

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