Why Do I Feel So Stuck in Life?

Posted on by Sen.

The feeling of “stuckness” arises when you find yourself in a life situation which does not seem to change for the better. You may be in a job that feels “joyless”, which hardly ever motivates you, and yet you seem to be doing it everyday for several years or you may be living in a bad financial situation that feels very disempowering and it doesn’t seem to improve. You could feel stuck in a relationship, in a family, in a lifestyle, with a car, with your body, with your health, with your memories etc So many situations that can make you feel stuck in life. Yet the bottom line that if you are feeling “stuck” it just means that you are “resisting” the movement of life in some way or the other.

Life is forever moving, it’s very dynamic

Anyone who aligns with the flow of life would experience each day differently, there would be something new, something fresh, about each moment. Life is so full of “aliveness” it’s not possible to feel a sense of “stuckness” when you are moving with the flow. Life will carry you forth and provide you with the energy to take the right actions and get to realities that feel “good” to your being. Life is always moving towards the manifestation of your positive desires, so everyday has the potential to bring something new into your life.

When you let go of resistance and line up with the flow, life provides you with inspiring thoughts in the form of radical ideas, desires, imaginations and expectations, that juice up your every moment. Life keeps bringing you in contact with environments that give you a sense of well-being and joy. Life wants to enjoy through this body, it wants to enjoy “itself”. The whole purpose of existence is that life wants to know, and appreciate, itself in every form. Life can’t be anything but a fun adventure when you align with its flow.

What prevents you from aligning with life?

Fear is the reason you resist life. You resist your own expansion because you are “fearful” of expanding. People want better lives but deep down they are afraid of leaving their present reality behind, even if it’s a miserable one. The mind wants to cling to the familiar, so it will cling to an unpleasant life situation also – just because it’s familiar. Clinging, or identifying, with a life situation causes you to resist the movement of life, and hence you start feeling stagnant or stuck.

Develop the courage to trust life and just let go into its flow. Yes the mind is starkly afraid of change but it’s also the mind that wants change. You have to make the choice, are you willing to let go and trust life to take you where you desire to be or would you rather keep hacking at life with your “past conditioning” and limited intelligence. Letting go is a very dynamic process when you allow yourself to “relax” and be effortless, trusting life to inspire you every time an action needs to be taken.

You cannot come out of your “stuck” life by using the same methods that got you stuck in the first place. You have to let go of depending on your “mind” (or conditioned thinking) and rest in a place of “unknown” where life’s intelligence can start operating in you.

Stop thinking your old thoughts, stop believing your old beliefs, and simply rest in the space of an innocent “not knowing”. Be willing to be fully ignorant of what’s to happen, and then life can start moving you. As long as you are strategizing from your past conditioning, nothing new can arise in you. Life is fresh every moment, your conditioned thoughts are old news, let go of them and be willing to allow life to instill new inspirations in you.

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  1. Kendall

    Hi Sen, I just got done reading the article and I am kind of confused about what you are saying. I want to know what do you mean exactly by saying just relax and let life flow through you? All my life I have been told to take action to go out there and make it happen and that nothing is going to come to you. But after reading this I see you are saying relax and let it happen. Could you clear it up some more please?

    1. Sen Post author

      Each human being is an unique expression of life and is born based on an intention. In fact, every creation in life comes forth through an intention. Each body has a unique natural conditioning based on the intention that resulted in its birth. A very generic examples would be that some kids are born with an inclination towards maths, some kids inherently despise maths. When a kid is made to do something he/she doesn’t really feel inclined towards, they are just getting guided away from their natural preference. So parents, teachers, friends, media, culture etc have a part to play in creating “external conditioning”, in children, and guide them away from their natural movement. If you are doing something that is not bringing joy to you, it simply means that what you are doing is not aligned with your natural conditioning or preference. And the only reason you do something that you don’t really feel like doing is because you are moving from some “fear based” external conditioning that you got from external source (like parents, culture, media etc). One can never be truly fulfilled when one is not aligned with his/her natural movement. In fact it’s not possible to have a life of well-being when you are not aligned with the natural movement of your life.

      When it’s said “Follow your heart”, it just means align with your natural movement (express who you really are). When you are moving from a place of fear, it means you are following your mind which is riddled with limited, fear based beliefs and conditioning that it has acquired from external sources. Whenever you are doing something, be authentic and check in if you are moving from “fear” or if you are moving from “joy”? If you have been consistently moving from fear, it’s an easy guess that your life is pretty messed up right now – because you have been moving in conflict with life. It’s not possible to experience true joy when you are doing something that your heart is not involved in. The society is fear based, and most of its conditioning comes from a place of fear and control, and hence it speaks highly of “hard work”, struggle, toil and achievements based on effort. But if you look at the nature of life itself you will see that all its creations happen effortlessly, think about how much effort would be needed by humans to make a Star and launch it into space (it that’s even possible) and yet life makes and destroys stars effortlessly.

      The truth is that who you are in essence is life itself. You are not a part of life, but life itself. Life is everything – manifested and unmanifested, it’s an eternally changing, creative energy, and its inherent nature is joy. That’s why every human being wants to be joyful, because it’s our natural vibration. As long as you are “efforting”, struggling, working hard and moving from a fear based mentality, life will always seem hard to you because you are in conflict with the natural movement. In fact, the only reason you need “effort” is to do something that life is not supporting. So if you are doing a job that feels highly “effortful”, joyless and straining, it’s because you are doing something that’s not natural to your conditioning, in other words you are doing something that is not supported by life’s movement.

      Life is meant to be fun, it’s not meant to be effort. You didnot come forth to strain and struggle, but to express your nature as a joyful being. To “let go” just means to let go of your mentality of struggle, effort and lack, for that you have to let go of the fear based external conditioning of your mind. When you start letting go of the fear based pull of your mind, life automatically draws you in and takes you to reality that is aligned with your heart’s desire. Yeah, all that is needed is that you let go and relax (means only do things that bring you joy, that excite you and feel easy and effortless) follow your bliss and life will take care of creating your reality for you. When life creates your reality it is fully based in joy and well-being. When your “mind” tries to create a reality it’s based in suffering, strain and fear. Of course, the fear based mind will never agree, neither will it allow you to chill out. It takes an initial courage to be willing to let go of the fear based conditioning of the mind, but if you can muster that courage you can be sure that life will pull you in.

      Each of your heart’s desire creates life’s movement (it’s like life desiring through you), so life is basically pulling you towards your own heart’s desire. But you can’t go with this pull of life if you are holding on to some limited beliefs and fear based conditioning that your mind is “blackmailing” you with. People who are stuck in lifeless jobs, bad relationships, tough financial situations, bad health, are the ones who are holding onto limiting, fear based conditioned beliefs, working hard, and struggling, instead of relaxing and letting go – allowing life to pull them into the reality that’s aligned with their heart. Can you sense that in your heart you know that life is meant to be fun and abundant, but it’s the “fear based” mind that makes you believe otherwise? You can get more insights on letting go on this 5 part Art of letting go post.

  2. Kyle

    If life wants us to enjoy the moment then how come any time a good idea comes along it’s squashed like a bug unless it can empower greedy people to do communisum the wrong way?

    I have seen so many ideas come and go that were great but never made it anywhere because of greed and power while the rich continues to get richer and the poor keeps getting poorer while nothing is being done to stop it.

    We have done actions to slow it but it’s like ptutting a band-aid and some antiseptic on a large wound that’s gushing out blood like crazy which will only prevent an infection but not stop the damage.

    This has nothing to do with the law of attraction which I do not think will fix it:

    This goverment and possibly other world aliens (I am not blaming any particular group) have rigged the system for centuries and we are now feeling the ultimate pinch.

    Something has gone wrong somewhere between the politicians and the world bankers and if we don’t do something about it we will likely head into war and kill each other for a loaf of bread. Think I am kidding?

    Take a close look at whatit’s like being poor in a communist country where it’s almost impossible to move ahead unless you have money/political influence to bribe your way ahead which Europe is already there in all but name.

    Do you want to live in a country where a few people have all the goods and everybody else are slaves doing very dangerous jobs for little to no pay or entitlements with the risk of being sent to *the farm* if you are no good for your job?

    1. Sen Post author

      If you notice the vibration of these thoughts is rooted in hatred and fear, even if your hatred is pointed towards the so-called wrong doers of the society. When you are identified with such thoughts, you take on these vibrations and thus become a “block” to allowing the wisdom, well-being and prosperity that’s inherent in your life-stream. Whether you realize it consciously or not, staying identified with these thoughts is a “choice” you are making right now and, as per law of attraction, the consequence of such a choice is that you will be in resistance to allowing your own well-being and will also be privy to attracting realities that reflect the inner fear/hate you are rooted in. The question is, wouldn’t you rather attract a reality of well-being than attract a reality of that reflects hatred/fear? If your choice is the former, it’s imperative that you first let go of identifying with thoughts rooted in hatred/fear, even if your mind feels fully justified in its stand. This letting go will be the first step to allowing the wisdom of life to start connecting with your mind, and this will also reduce resistance in you which will allow for positive shifts in your reality.

      You must understand, that all negative behaviors like greed & exploitation arise from “unconsciousness”. When your awareness is lost in the mind’s pull, you become totally identified with the body and the physical realm, without any recognition of your true nature as the wholeness of life. This total identification is what I call “unconsciousness” or sleep state. When a human is in this state, he/she moves from a vibration of fear/hate/lack and thus becomes rooted in actions that create an imbalance or dis-harmony of some form – this is a place of immaturity from where greed, possessiveness, jealousy, victimization, suppression and negative discrimination arises. No matter how much wealth is amassed from this state of inner lack, one continues to feel empty and fearful within – so in an unconscious state of living, one creates suffering for others and also for themselves. It’s also an unconscious person who gets identified with complaining, blaming and fighting against other unconscious people. This cycle of unconscious is rooted in suffering and negative experience. By hating on the unconscious behavior of people in your society, you are allowing yourself to be pulled into unconsciousness also, and hence no real positive can come from such a mindset.

      If you want to bring a positive change in the reality, it has to start with you. Stop blaming the outside, and look within to let go of your personal identification with hatred/fear. As you let go of identification with the momentum of negativity within you, you can truly become a channel through which the well-being of life can flow into this reality. You will then become a part of the evolving human consciousness that’s awakening out of its unconscious negativity. It’s a choice you need to make.

  3. alchemista

    Sen, how do you completely let go and surrender to life when you are surrounded by people who lie and manipulate? How do you not get disheartened and discouraged when there is so much ignorance around you? How do I surrender to all the negativity arising and the darkness within AND deal with the ignorance around me at the same time? I find that I have no energy to do both. I feel weak and vulnerable with all the negativity arising and unable to cope with the demands of those around me to the point that I’ve had to isolate myself into hiding. Appreciate your guidance. And am enjoying browsing your site and all your articles.

    1. Sen Post author

      The outside is purely a reflection of your inside, so if you find that in your personality reality there are people who seem to be critical of you, or people trying to put you down, you need to look within and see if you are doing this to yourself – do you have feelings of self-hatred, are you self-critical, are your doubtful of trusting your heart’s desire, are you aligned with yourself or do you feel the need to seek outside approval? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself to sense your own disconnection with yourself, and see that the outside is purely just reflecting this disconnection back at you. As you start aligning with yourself and let go of giving fuel to your own negativity, you will see your outside changing towards the positive to reflect this inner harmony in you.

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