See Through the Negativity in Your Beliefs

Posted on by Sen.

Beliefs are basically thoughts that are taken to be “true” by the mind. If you have a positive belief (e.g a belief rooted in abundance, love, freedom or well-being), about something, it serves you well because this belief will attract a reality that reflects this positivity. But if you are holding some negative beliefs, rooted in lack, fear, doubt or hatred, about something, it not only hinders the unfolding of well-being in your life but also serves to attract unwanted/undesired realities because of its vibration. It’s important to bring awareness to all the negative beliefs that you might be holding onto in your mind and thus dis-identify from them by seeing through their falseness.

A limiting belief will always limit your expansion

We take in a lot of limiting beliefs, unconsciously, when we look at reality from the lens of “objectivity” or practicality. It’s very common to hear people say something along these lines – “It’s not practical to imagine a reality of abundance/wellness when there is no scope for it under these circumstances”. This is a very good example of a limiting belief, where you are “sure” within yourself that it’s not probable that you will have a better reality because it does not seem “practically” possible to you.

Your mind can convince you that your desires cannot be fulfilled because it’s not “practically”, or objectively, possible under your present circumstances. And once you buy into these limiting thoughts of the mind, it becomes a limiting belief in you which you unconsciously start holding on to. This belief prevents you from moving towards the manifestation of your desired reality because the vibration of this belief is in contradiction to the vibration of your desire. Stop trusting your mind when it tells you that it’s not possible to have your desired reality, life has the big picture and capacity to bring forth the manifestation of any desire that you are aligned with – your mind is based on past conditioning, it only has reference of the past events, so it’s not in a position to know how the future can unfold and hence it only makes projection based on its past experience.

Everything you desire is possible if you let go of your limiting beliefs

No matter what your circumstances are right now, life will find a way to orchestrate events in a manner that will bring forth the manifestation of your desired reality (no matter what it is), all that’s needed is that you let go of holding on to limiting beliefs. It’s so common for humans to hold on to a plethora of limiting beliefs about money, relationships, health and well-being general. These limiting beliefs cause them to attract realities that reinforce these beliefs and hence it’s difficult to convince them that there is no truth to their limiting belief – a vicious cycle of limitation and lack gets created as a result.

If you want to experience the abundance which is in store for you, you need release resistance to the movement of your life by letting go of your past negative beliefs about yourself and life as a whole. It’s not even needed that you develop positive beliefs, all that’s needed is that you let go of holding on to negative/limiting beliefs. Your physical reality will start shifting automatically as soon as you let go of holding on to negative beliefs. New/positive beliefs will be automatically built in your mind when you start seeing evidence of abundance and well-being around you – this will start off a cycle of “positivity” in your life causing you to experience reality in a reflection of joy, love and peace.

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  1. Samir

    Sen, you write “everything is possible”. However, what if what one truly desires is not possible due to talent. For example, what if somebody wants to be a rock star but has no musical ability?

    Is this too myopic?

    1. Sen Post author

      The way reality works is very scientific – “If your present reality has the wherewithal to instigate a desire in you, that means it has the resources available to bring the desire to a physical manifestation” or else that desire would never have happened in you – it’s scientifically not possible for a situation to be otherwise. Everything that you really desire to experience physically is “possible” in that it can be manifested physically because the very fact that your reality was able to instigate this desire in you is evidence enough that it somehow has the capacity to bring forth its manifestation, or else the desire would never have arisen in the first place.

      I am talking about “real” desire, I am not talking about “hypothetical” situations. A lot people can argue that its not possible for a human being to fly on his own, so everything is not possible – but the question is do you really know any human being who really has a desire to fly with his hands? You mentioned about someone who wants to be a rockstar but does not have any musical inclination/ability – but in real life do you know any such person? Is it not just an imagined or hypothetical argument of the mind. Another argument would be, what if a person desires to be with someone who is dead now? But this again is a hypothetical situation because the “knowing” mind/heart will know that its not possible to be with someone who is dead and hence its not really a desire. The mind can keep arguing such hypothetical situations for the sake of arguing – the mind is quite clever at coming up with hypothetical situations. The truth however is that if your heart/mind has come up with a desire that means that your reality has the wherewithal to bring a physical manifestation to it, or else that desire would never have happened in you – it’s very scientific.

      It’s important to be rooted in “reality” of life, and not go into hypothetical thinking. So if you can give me an example of someone you know, or of yourself, we can look into it – but if you give a hypothetical situation then it’s not possible to get a realistic view from it. Avoid hypothetical thinking/arguments because life is not hypothetical, life is scientific and reality based – the very movement of energy of life is pure physics. The only way we can ever talk reality is if you give me a real life example, of a real life person who you know, and not some hypothetical example. In fact, the only way we really be rooted in reality is when you just talk about yourself and your experience with life, rather than talk about someone else because you can never know the actuality of someone other than you, and playing guessing games is just a waste of time and energy.

      Btw I am going to make a change in the subtitle and make it “Everything you desire is possible” rather than saying “everything is possible”, to be more precise.

  2. Samir

    Thanks Sen. You’re 100% correct of course, the only example I could use is myself and I’ve never desired anything that was impossible.

    But let’s indugle for a moment, and you can tell me if it’s a useless indulgence. What about starving children in the shanty towns of Karachi or Delhi, who only desire food and shelter?

    1. Sen Post author

      Our desires are hatched from the reality that we’ve are living in. The present reality is the “platform” from where a thought of a new “desired” reality is born. The present reality of a millionaire business man may be that he has a business worth 5 million, and now he desires to expand the financial assets of his business to make it worth 20 million. Once this desire is hatched, if his mind thinks thoughts in opposition to this desire (limiting/negative thoughts), he will experience “suffering” through negative feelings like depression, sadness, anger, frustration and helplessness because he is now in resistance to his life’s pull. If his mind stays aligned with the desire by thinking positive/wellness based thoughts, he will feel good because he is not resisting the pull of his life stream, and thus he will not only experience the swift manifestation of his new desire but also feel good every moment through the journey towards it. It will also depend on how many limiting beliefs he is holding on how quickly his desire is manifested, if he has no limiting beliefs then the desired reality is manifested really quick because there is no resistance to the force attraction generated by the desire to pull in the required resources for the manifestation.

      A child who is brought up in a poor household where his/her parents are not able to supply three square meals everyday would desire to have a reality where he/she can have three square meals a day without having to sleep on a hungry stomach. The desire for three square meals a day or the desire for a 20 million dollar business, is in the essence the same “energy”, and the manifestation of both these desires depends on how allowing the “being” is to the desire. The millionaire would feel just as much suffering as the child, when he is not in alignment with his desire for the 20 mil business as the child would feel when he is not in alignment with his desire for 3 square meals a day. If the child is in alignment with his desire, he will feel good and if he is thinking in opposition to his desire he will feel bad in his being. Children would take in the beliefs of their parents or their environment, and hence if their parents are focused on thoughts of lack, the child would take in the same beliefs/thoughts about his/her reality. Childhood is a phase where the being is quite “unconscious” and simply takes in the conditioning of the environment without any conscious sifting, but there are many adults who are just as “unconscious” in that they are lost in their negative conditioning without ever wanting to understand the reality of life from a deeper perspective.

      When one is “unconscious” to the reality of their being, one doesn’t really have a choice or free will because one is simply lost/identified in the mind’s conditioning and thus simply “reacts” to life without any conscious shifting of focus. Whether its a millionaire or a child, the truth remains that when our mind aligns with thoughts of limitation, fear and lack, it’s not in alignment with the movement of life which is always towards well-being (being pure positive energy), and thus it not only creates physical suffering but also attracts undesired realities because of the lower vibration. There may be as many sad and depressed millionaires as there are sad and depressed poor people, it’s not about what you have but about how aligned you are with your life stream. When one is not aligned with their desired reality (with their life’s pull) suffering cannot be avoided – it’s not possible to dwell on thoughts of lack and fear, and feel good at the same time.

  3. Sukalpa Chakraborty

    It’s simply wonderful. I come to know that its the beliefs (X always tries to underestimate me…) is effects our life. But how to destruct these beliefs in a very simplest way and get positivity from our insight.

  4. John

    basic simple and straightforward Sen, Many thanks for this.


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