A Few Truths About Physical Life

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This physical life is an expression of pure consciousness, the formless expressing as form. The intent behind physical expression is so formless consciousness can know itself, enjoy itself and appreciate itself in the forms that it creates. A human being looking at a beautiful sunset, and appreciating it, is simply a phenomenon of consciousness appreciating itself, because the human being is the same consciousness which is the sun. There is only one being, taking all these forms. Here are some simple truths about physical life that can help you align better with the reality of what’s happening.

Everything that takes birth will recycle

There is no such thing as death or ending as far as life is concerned. Everything is just a form of “recycling”. A body when it dies just gets recycled into new forms. The “one being” just keeps taking new forms, dissolving and taking newer forms. This movement is eternal because nothing is getting created or destroyed, just shape shifting. Let go of trying to keep things “constant” because you can’t. Everything will change, take new forms. This movement is what keeps physical life fresh and interesting even for the mind. Without change the mind would get utterly bored no matter how good the present reality may be. Stop resisting change, stop clinging to the familiar.

Life is always moving towards betterment

By betterment I simply mean a more expanded place. Your present reality is the platform that helps create a new version of a reality. This new version is obviously a “better” version than the present reality, because the mind always looks for betterment. So your desire causes the “betterment” of life (though it’s just a relative thing). Some people are afraid of letting go because they fear the “unknown”, but in truth life is just moving towards the new place that “you” created. Have you noticed that minds tend to cling to a reality that’s familiar, even if it’s miserable? People who fear that life is moving towards “doom” are buying into the fears of the mind, without realizing the truth about the physics of the movement of life.

Every reality will have contrast

No matter how good your reality is, there will always be something about it that you would like to change. That’s how the mind operates, that’s how your heart operates – it always desires new expansion. No reality will be “perfect” enough that it won’t create new preferences in you, because then there would be an “ending” and life is never about ending, it’s always about newness and expansion. Life is never going to end because it’s never going to stop desiring. Make friends with the contrast in your life, and acknowledge the importance of having these contrasts because they help create new realities.

It’s not the mind’s job to figure out how to manifest a desire

The mind’s job is to come up with preferences, and launch desires, that’s it. After that it’s supposed to take a back seat and allow the movement of life to bring forth the fruition of this new desire. Every desire can manifest in a short span of time, into physicality, if the mind does not resist the movement of life. This movement will inspire the right action in you, it will make you meet the right people, it will get you into the right situations at the right time. It arranges everything for the manifestation to unfold, you just need to stop “figuring it out” with your mind (the conditioned mind has no clue anyway, it’s just guessing from its past patterns).

Life is supposed to be fun

You did not come forth to suffer but to create new realities, from contrast, and enjoy them. Anyone who takes refuge in a negative idea about life, is bound to be miserable in one way or the other, because when you believe in negativity you attract a reality that matches your belief. Let go of these fear based beliefs of the mind, and allow life to bring forth the abundance that’s your birth right. Yeah I am being poetic here, but this whole process is very scientific – life always moving towards a new reality which is rooted in well-being, so when you just relax into the flow of life you experience the fun of the ride.

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  1. noma


    Would you please elaborate on manifestation of desire.

    I got the point but, don’t you think there needs to be some effort from our side to for the manifestation of our desire.

    Now i want to have my own business. This is my desire. From here i do have to work on what am i going to do, how i am going to set up. Nothing will fall in its place on its own.

    When i was thinking about business, an idea just struck me – its about clothes recyling / reprocessing. Now the desire is expressed how its going to manifest on its own, with out my effort, I am not reffering to hardwork, the effort is fun and joyful, becuase i would like doing every bit of it but on its own it can’t manifest.


    1. Sen Post author

      Who you are is an aspect of life, you are not separate from life. Your basic desire to experience joy, and this basic desire creates other desires of practical nature – like “opening a business” in your case. Where did this inspiration come from? Did you create it or did it arise on its own? When you are tuned into the vibration of joy, inspirations, ideas, guidance, wisdom, actions and insights arise from the wholeness of who you are – from the totality of life. When you are tuned into vibrations of fear (through negative thinking), you disconnect from this guidance. When you have a desire, you can either start working towards it solely using effort of your conditioned mind, or you can take the time to tune into the vibration of joy and allow life to inspire the right actions in you. You said that you are getting some good “ideas” for the actions you feel like taking – so where do you think these ideas are coming from? It’s all coming from the stream of your life because of your connection to it. To say that “you” are doing all this, is just a limited perspective of the mind which sees itself as separate from life energy. When you are tuned into your wholeness, inspiration for the right actions just happen automatically, and the energy comes forth in you to take these actions at the right time – everything seems to fall in place effortlessly. When you are disconnected from your wholeness (by aligning with negativity in the mind), you don’t have access to these inspirations and ideas, and the actions you take are full of strain and struggle without leading to any real productivity/creativity.

      When I write these posts, they don’t get typed on their own – I have to sit at the computer and type it. But the inspiration to write them comes on its own, the ideas come as an inspiration and the action of typing it feels effortless and joyful. There is no strain or struggle in the writing, and the energy to take this action comes from within. It’s like life creating through this body seamlessly. This is an indication that the action is congruent with the movement of my life stream. If my action felt like an effort or struggle to me, it would indicate that I am moving against my own life stream and the only reason I would do is because of a fear-based mindset.

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