Life Does Not Join You In Negative Thinking

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It’s quite a revelation to understand that life energy is opposed to negative thinking – the reason why you feel bad when you think negative thoughts is because in that moment your life energy, the wholeness of life, does not agree with you. So when you think a negative thought you are on our own, disconnected from the source energy – this disconnection is basically felt as a pull away from your wholeness, and hence it’s rightly called “stress” (which is just another name for emotional suffering). In simple words life does not give you the option of thinking negative thoughts without being disconnected from it – there is no leeway, even the most subtle negative thought disconnects you from life force in that moment.

Actually it’s a very good thing that your life force does not accompany you in thinking negative thoughts, can you imagine how drastic your reality would be if the wholeness of life focused along with you on your negative thoughts? All the negative realities that are created are sustained purely by the focus of the physical beings alone, the non-physical life energy (our wholeness) does not play any part in sustaining negative realities because it’s incapable of focusing on a negative thought (since its vibration is pure positive). Negative thoughts create suffering because they disconnect you from your wholeness in that moment. You have the choice to let go of thinking negatively and re-align back with your wholeness, but this choice only becomes evident when you are “aware” enough to see through the dysfunction of negative thinking.

Why do we feel helpless against negative thinking?

A lot of us feel confused as to why we can’t stop thinking negatively even after we’ve become “conscious” and understand/identify its dysfunction – the answer is simple, you’ve decided to be positive, after becoming aware, but you are still carrying the load of past momentum of negativity. This load is “real”, and concrete, and it needs time to dissolve and you would need to be patient until it dissolves in the face of “dis-identification” from you. Once this load of past negativity gets dissolved, you will understand the freedom you have to make the choice to be positive anytime you want, in fact your whole being is automatically focused on the positive (effortless) owing to your alignment with your wholeness.

The most difficult phase after becoming “aware”, is to endure the phase during which the past negative momentum ebbs away. It’s difficult because your whole being wants to be positive, and you understand the dysfunction of negative thinking, and yet you feel helpless against stopping the momentum of past negativity which is running in your energy space. The more you try to stop/resist it the more fuel you add to it, and thus keep it sustained. The swiftest way to dissolve this past negativity is to simply let go of resisting it, or suppressing it, and allowing it to run out of its momentum while staying as a space of awareness. Any technique you use to suppress it, or resist it, will only add fuel to this momentum (even if there’s an illusion of temporary relief) because until this momentum is dissolved fully it keeps enacting in your energy space.

Think the way life thinks

Your life energy is constantly guiding you on how to live life. Your feelings are the way your life energy communicates with you. When you feel bad it’s your life energy telling you that in this moment you are thinking a thought, or doing an action, that’s not aligned with attracting well-being. When you feel good it’s your life energy telling you that the way you are focused in this moment is in alignment with attracting a positive reality. Life does not think a single negative thought, and it will never join you in a negative thought, so when you are focused on fear, hatred, sorrow or lack, you are not accompanied by your life force in this focus, and thus you feel a pain/suffering within you owing to the disconnection your wholeness.

If you want to be aligned with life, you have to move in the direction of being positive – starting with letting go of the past negativity (the load of negative momentum within). Once you’ve dissolved your past negative momentum, you are well-set to live in full control of your life, living as a deliberate creator of positive realities because you will have the choice to focus on positive thoughts without being dragged in by the momentum of negativity. You may be mired in negative momentum at present, and yet you can start making headway towards alignment by simply relaxing in the best way you can and letting go of “identification” with the negativity, allowing it to thus dissolve. Once you become conscious of this truth of life energy, it becomes your “responsibility” to no longer fuel negativity within and start aligning with your life force to allow the unfolding of positivity into your reality, and thus into the reality of human consciousness.

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  1. Omar Elsahn

    Fantastic post

  2. Aware

    Sen, Thanks for all these wonderful posts. I need your help in following doubts:-

    1) With visualization and relaxed awareness, I realized that current state in my relationship is because somewhere deep down inside, I like playing the ‘victim’ mentality, I like to make my partner feel ‘guilty’ so that out of guilt he will stick to me. Now that I have awareness about it, and no longer want to continue on this path, why I still gets attracted to such imaginations and find happiness in them? In reality, My marriage so far has been very happy, but I feel I am attracting issues to it due to the negative bend of my mind.

    2) In one of your posts, you mentioned the ‘Lethargy’ state – which comes in the soul’s journey. I believe I am in that state from past few years. Can you tell me few baby steps I can take to start coming out of it, and move towards becoming more creative and joyful? I start so may things, but never take them to completion.

    Please help!

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