Understanding the Realm of Physical Reality

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As a human being, you are participating in a “physical reality”, specifically on this planet we call Earth. Basically, who you really are is a stream of non-physical awareness that’s focused on this physical reality through this temporary physical form you identify as your human body. Before something becomes physical, it is non-physical – just like ice is the solid form of steam, in this analogy ice would be what I “physical” and steam would be what I call “non-physical”. So basically physical is created when non-physical “condenses” into solidity – scientifically, the vibration of non-physical energy condenses into solid matter by vibrating in a dense manner.

“Thought” is non-physical, and when thought is given awareness it starts condensing into physical – that’s how this world got created, through a thought/intention in the non-physical energy (who we essentially are) to manifest as this physical universe, including the living and non-living physical objects. Everything was a thought/intention at first, before it started condensing into solid reality, and it keeps moving forward in that intention – it’s a time line, a sequence of events, that has created our present physical reality as it is.

Non-physical realm Vs Physical realm

Though thought is non-physical, it can still be experienced and felt. Just think a thought, like for example imagine walking on the beach, and you can immediately “experience” it based on your past experience with it – however, the experience is not the same as what you would actually experience when you are “physically” at the beach. So, there is a difference between physical and non-physical experience of a thought, when a thought becomes a physical reality, which can be seen, tasted, heard and touched, it gives a totally different experience than when you experience it in “thought” by thinking about it.

In the “non-physical” realm, everything is experienced as “thought” in all its fullness (much deeper than we experience thought in this body), and if you are just a non-physical being you can keep experiencing different thoughts as per your wish while staying in your natural vibration of wholeness because there is no contrast present in the non-physical, and you will constantly feel satisfied in this experience because you don’t feel hunger, thirst, aging etc – you are rooted in wholeness and you can experience any thought you desire from this place, in a non-physical manner. When this body dies you will be privy to your consciousness returns to its non-physical wholeness from where your new intentions can bring forth new physical forms.

In the physical realm, you want your thoughts, of desire, to be manifest as a solid reality so that you can taste, see, smell, hear and touch it. To just experience a reality as a thought is not satisfying enough, and it cannot gratify your physical need. One wants to experience its “solid” form – that’s our deal as physical beings, we want “physical realities”, we can’t only be satisfied with its thought, because we feel a physical hunger, thirst and drive, which can only be satisfied with something physical. This is the basic difference between non-physical being and physical being – as this body, we are physical beings.

Thought takes time to manifest into Physicalness

Just like steam takes time to become ice (first it has to condense into water, and then it has to condense into ice), it takes time for a thought to become solid reality. And the time would also depend on the reality you wish to manifest – for example, the reality of this present earth, with all its internet technology, has taken a few years to manifest (compare it to where it was 5 years ago). In the same way, the realities that you desire (in thought) takes time to manifest into solid physical realities. And the less “resistant” you are, the more quickly it can manifest – but no matter how free of resistance you are, it will still take time to manifest.

Of course, there is such a thing called “instant manifestation”, I am sure all of you would have experienced at least a few instances when you desired something and it got manifested within a few minutes or a few hours. This happens because things were already in place for the manifestation, and a thought just got “placed” into your mind about it (this is done by the totality of your life stream just for your enjoyment of the physical reality, what we call small coincidences and surprises). The more aligned you are the more “small pleasantries” that take place every day.

Some realities are easy to manifest because things are already in place for it, like for example if you desire an empty parking space it can be manifested immediately if a possibility for it exists in that moment as per the sequence of events – small alterations are easier to make. But your other desired realities may take more time to manifest because they need to “fall in place” in the totality of things as they exist now. And if you stay resistance-free to your desires, they can manifest in the quickest time frame possible – so the best thing you can do is to stay resistance-free, so that your resistance is not delaying the unfolding further.

Some impatience is natural

As a physical being, when you are required to wait for a physical reality to manifest, it’s natural to feel impatient. This impatience can go into higher intensities and take the form of frustration, anger, irritation, restlessness, desperation, helplessness, worry, anxiety, stress and depression – if one is not conscious. This is the difference between someone who understands the principle of creation on this physical realm and someone who is unconscious of it. A person who is unconscious of the principle of creation, would unconsciously create a lot of “resistance” to his/her desired reality through staying identified with resistances, in the form of various faces of impatience mentioned above, and thus delay the manifestation further, sometimes for a life-time. Also their resistant vibration (lower vibration) would cause the creation/attraction of some negative reflections in their reality depending on the intensity of resistance.

Once you understand the working of physical realm, you can bring awareness to all the patterns of resistance in you and gradually dis-identify from them in a “conscious” way. This is how you become a deliberate “allower” of your desired realities. You will need to make peace with the “truth” that it will take some time for physical realities to manifest, and this period of waiting would only increase if you feel “negative” about it. This is the catch 22 of physical reality – if you feel negative about the time it takes for a physical reality to manifest, this negativity only serves to make the manifestation slower, which makes you even more negative leading to a catch 22 situation.

Some level of impatience, in the mind, is very natural and it’s totally fine, as long as it does not enter into higher intensity. The mind obviously wants to experience physical realities as quickly as possible, and no matter how enlightened you are, the mind, being physical, would naturally want to see physical manifestations happen more quickly. Of course, you can unnaturally suppress your mind, and pretend that you don’t care about manifesting physical realities for yourself, but that’s just a “fake” state of being and this suppression leads to a lot of resistance within, and also a loss of aliveness. So allow your mind its moments of impatience, but also be aware enough to not intensify its lower vibration thoughts, the more relaxed you are the faster your desired realities can unfold on this physical realm.

Also, though physical manifestations of your desired realities are absolutely essential for an enjoyable experience of physicalness, this journey is not “only” about manifestations – it’s also about “self-realization”. You can enjoy manifestations as they happen, but also realize that the wholeness of your being is present right now and it’s not dependent on a manifestation. Staying connected with your inner wholeness allows you to stay more resistance free, and thus allows for a faster manifestation of your desired realities – but in one sense you cannot fake this state of being, it just comes forth naturally when you understand the dynamics of physical realm and your true nature as the “conscious energy” being that you are (whose natural vibration is already rooted in wholeness/joy).

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  1. soul

    lovely:)thank you so much!

  2. rafael

    .Within the last couple of years after implementing some strategies that I found in these self help/ eastern philosophy books i found my life to be amazing. Just me pursuing my vision for myself and my company but thoroughly enjoying every single step of the way.

    Then just a couple of months ago with absolutely no explanation something curious happened. And this was that I just started to have hypochondriatic thoughts. Thing such as me getting sick ( a brain tumor to be more specific). I had these sort of thoughts on and off for a couple of months and now they seemed to have gotten more persistent.

    The curious part at least to me was the fact that they would mostly comeup at my point of highest joy. For example at the end of my day when i would be looking back and thinking on how great the day has been and how bright the future was looking. It was at these precise moments of joy that this thought will come up and just totally throw my mood off.

    It was as if my brain was not allowing me to fully feel the joy without bringing that up to completely ruin it. What can i do to stop these thoughts, i want to be able to fully enjoy the fruits of my labor without having to worry about something that has absolutely no reasonable explanation for happening

    1. Sen Post author

      In one of my posts – a fearful mind causes awakening – I talk about how fear becomes a catalyst to “awaken” to your being nature and thus become free of the influence of fear altogether. If something can put fear into your being, it’s a pointer your being is a prisoner to the mind’s movements, in that it’s possible for something to “grip” your being totally or overwhelm you. This is an invitation to awaken to your true nature, and understand the wholeness of who you are. This body/mind is an expression of your being and it’s temporary, you can enjoy it for the experience of physicality it provides, but if you are not aware of your “being nature” you end up getting totally identified with the body/mind and that’s when you start fueling the mind’s fears. The mind is a survival machine and it’s bound to produce survival fears, and unless you realize that who you are is not just this body, but the wholeness of life, you would feel threatened by the fears of the mind. The fears of the mind cause you to look for your wholeness in your being, and hence it becomes a catalyst for awakening awareness in you towards your non-physical, eternal nature – this allows you to understand life more fully.

  3. robert

    when you reach that state where you become aware and seperate from the mind and it “shakes your world up” as you have said in a previous article. Does this mean that all ambition and desire to reach current goals will be lost at that point?

    1. Sen Post author

      Awakening out the mind brings you to a completely different experience of life, the very flavor of your experience of reality changes – it brings a new dimension of perception and new field of intelligence. That’s why I said it “shakes your world up” because you perceive the world in a different light. For example, for so long your perceive yourself as a limited human being (a human body) and see yourself as seperate from everything, but when you wake up to your “being nature” you realize that everything is actually “you”, because there is just “one being” or one space of consciousness in which everything is take place. This perspective changes the way you look at reality in a big way. This is just one example of how awakening shifts your perception of the world.

      Your desires don’t get lost (they can’t get lost) because it’s coming from your heart. After awakening, your awareness becomes more acute and allows you to experience life more “vividly”. The awareness, makes you aware of the negative patterns in you, and starts a process of its dissolution. As the negative patterns start dissolving, your resistance comes down and this allows the manifestation of your desired realities with ease – your life-stream is able to pull you easily towards the manifestation of your desires in this place of non-resistance.

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