A Few Insights About Physicality

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Your physical presence as a human being, inhabiting this planet, allows you to have a certain unique way of experiencing life. Your body is the vehicle through which you experience and interpret life. As the universal consciousness, you are also experiencing life through many other forms like vegetation, animals, birds, insects and other living organisms.

Each form allows for a different experience of life because of the way it perceives and interprets life, for example a dog has completely different perspective on reality than a human, simply because the sensors that a dog possesses is quite different from the sensors humans have (dogs can smell thousand times better than a human, and hear sounds that humans can’t), and the brain capacity (intelligence) of a dog is totally different from the brain capacity of a human. Every form of physicality allows for different perspectives, interpretations and thus different experiences, which is the very purpose why consciousness takes these forms – to experience itself in a unique way, and to know itself through it.

Consciousness as a pure energy is non-physical and the only way it can ever see itself is indirectly, through a physical manifestation. The physical manifestation is the mirror through which the non-physical consciousness can get to know itself. The physical manifestation is not a purposeless play of life, it has a unique purpose in that it allow the non-physical to experience itself, know itself and appreciate itself. You are the non-physical consciousness experiencing life through the vehicle of this body, and unless you know this true “identity” of yours, you will not be able to fully appreciate the gift of physicality.

Every experience is welcome from the absolute perspective

From the absolute perspective all experiences have a unique value because every experience is a like a flavor and adds to the taste of life, and since the very purpose of the non-physical, in taking a physical form, was to taste different experiences it does not see one experience as being better or more profound than another experience. The human brain labels experiences, calling it good or bad, it labels circumstances calling it positive or negative, but in the end all of this allows for a unique experience of life. You cannot enjoy the positive without having a taste of the negative, it’s can been seen logically that you cannot appreciate joy unless you’ve had a taste of what suffering is, and you cannot appreciate abundance until you’ve had a taste of lack.

When paradise is all you live in, how will you know what paradise is? It’s only when you step out of paradise for a while, and come back again, that you know what paradise really is. Unless you see some contrast you cannot appreciate your original, natural vibration. The only way the non-physical can know its natural vibration to be love, joy and peace is when it gets a taste of the lower vibrations of fear, hatred and restlessness. The “mind” is the tool through which consciousness can get a taste of the lower vibrations. So when people ask, “if God is so loving why should there be suffering at all?”, they are looking at God as being some entity separate from them and hence they don’t get the perspective of the value each experience has in appreciating the true nature of who we are. Only when you get it that God is who you are all along, that what you look at as God is eventually just the one being that everything is, you finally understand the reason for physicality and value of having the experiences you are having.

Physicality is the best it gets for life

A lot of people believe that being born as a physical form is the lowest experience, and that after dying they will have a better/divine experience of life. Nothing can be far from truth, as far as life is concerned, physicality is the best it gets – physical forms are the leading edge of experience, and it’s the physical existence that gives all the value and juice for life. When you die and become non-physical again, you will be aligned with your natural vibration of joy and hence there is will be no “experience” because experiences are created through contrast. To be permanently aligned with joy is akin to being “dead” because there is no experience, and hence the non-physical keeps taking new forms to “experience” life through physicality.

Even as a human we would rather have contrasts than have the same feeling all the time, anyone who claims that they would rather just be blissed out all the time have no idea what they are asking for. Its like saying I want to eat only sweets for the rest of my life, you might enjoy it for a few days (may be a few hours) before you get sick of it and crave something salty, spicy or bitter. Whatever be the flavor of experience you are having right now, just allow yourself to fully live it out, instead of pushing away from it and waiting for something better to come by. Life will keep changing and something new will keep coming up, but the point is how fully are you living life, are you just constantly waiting for the next moment or are you really living out this moment fully.

Of course, you don’t have to be stuck in feelings that don’t feel good, or realities that don’t align with your desired life, but unless you stop hating your reality it’s not possible for you to be free of it. Your hate for your present reality is usually what keeps you stuck in it, because you are giving so much attention to it. Once you allow “what is” to be, and take it in as a flavor of life, you will see how easily life keeps changing into the new. Every experience can be had peacefully from the depth of your being, and you don’t have the judge or hate on it. When this is your state of being, life keeps moving swiftly and you will have a dynamic and adventurous experience of life.

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  1. Jen

    I think I’m almost getting it…but one thing is still eluding me. I work with children, usually children who are suffering emotionally, and I am struggling to accept the pain I see them feel as something good in any way–I truly do get the concept of consciousness wanting to have millions of different experiences–but that the innocent should suffer in the process of curiousity seems monstrous. Until I started to get a glimmer of the idea that….even those suffering children are part of the one consciousness so really they as a suffering individual isnt really what it “seems”, …but that still somewhat smacks of my old Christian belief system that the suffering of the innocent is ok because someday they would be in heaven and free from all their pain. Then I start to feel a little afraid that alot of the concepts in religion are maybe sometimes misinterpreted rather than totally untrue…letting go of my rejection of it all… My mind is really being bent.

    Have you ever read The Magus? Its been a few years so I could be way off…but as I ponder all this it comes to mind as perhaps being relevant here. I didnt get it when I read it, especially the ending. Now I shall have to read it again and see.

    1. Sen Post author

      Most human minds, presently, do have the tendency to lean more towards negative perception rather than align with a perception that is in alignment with your true nature of being pure positive energy. You must understand that “consciousness” is who “you” are, it’s not something seperate from you which is using you for its enjoyment. Humans always tend to see themselves as seperate from life, and that’s why they always feel so disconnected with life. Consciousness, life force, or who you are, is basically pure positive energy and this can be proved scientifically – everytime you think a “negative” thought it will feel “bad” in your body, because it disconnects from your natural vibration, this points to the fact that your natural vibration is pure positive akin to love/joy/peace.

      You cannot think a negative thought and feel good at the same time, and when you don’t feel good you are suffering. When you realize your true nature, you have a choice – you can either lean towards suffering or align with your natural vibration. Before you knew the truth of who you are, this choice was not available because you were “unconsciously” identified with negativity of the mind.

      It’s still a misplaced imagination in your mind when you imagine that consciousness wants to experience different experiences and hence its making people suffer, to satisfy its curiousity. This perception comes from the vantage that you are somehow seperate from consciousness and are being used by it. No-one is being “used” to satisfy any curiousity of some force. Nothing is being asserted on you by some “external” force out there. You need to really get it that you are all there is, consciousness is all there is and if there is a negative reality in the human world its a creation of negative thinking in the “human consciousness”. Consciousness can take any form depending on the “thought” that’s given attention to. Realities are created out of thoughts. Fear based thoughts create fear based realities, lack based thoughts create lack based realities, hateful thoughts create hateful realities – and human beings, are part of human consciousness, and every being has the potential to influence the human world throught their thoughts. So when you see suffering around you, it’s not created by “consciousness”, rather its created by “unconsciousness”, by human thinking which is based in fear/hatred/lack because its unconscious of its true nature of being pure positive energy. A being who is conscious of his/her true nature would not be a co-creator of negative realities, but would rather be a force that channels pure positive energy into the human world. One positive being is far more powerful than several negatively oriented beings, because consciousness (life force) aligns with positive and contradicts negative movement. In other words you can say, a positive being has the support of the whole of life, while negatively oriented beings can only create negative realities through the limited focus of their mind.

      I never said suffering is “good”, you can’t look at someone who is suffering and try to find a “good” in it. I said, suffering has a value as an experience because it helps you see your true nature, it helps you see that you are not fear/hate, because these thougths create suffering for you. Suffering helps you see that your true nature is love/joy, and hence becomes a mirror to see your true self. It’s simple logic that you cannot know light unless you’ve experienced some darkness. That does not mean that suffering is good, it just means suffering has a value for you as a human being, to help you wake up to your truth. When you are unconscious of the truth of who you are, you are bound to keep suffering the negative thoughts of the mind, because you keep believing them and thus keep giving conviction to them reinforcing these thought patterns in your mind and in your reality.

      When you work with children who are suffering emotionally, you need to look at them as their “true self” (as pure positive energies) to be of any help to them. You cannot ever hope to align them with their true nature of being pure positive eneriges, when you look at them from the lens of fear or pity or anguish. What you focus on is what you perpetuate, and hence when you keep focusing on their suffering you just become a channel of human consciousness that perpetuates more suffering in some way. If you want to be a force that brings a change in human consciousness, that brings in the light of love/joy to this world, you must first align with your true nature and then look at this world from the perspective of your truth. When you look at a child who is suffering, because he/she is not aligned with their inner joy, you can focus on their negative situation or you can envision their reality to be aligned with joy. When you hold a positive vision of them in your mind, when you work with them, your actions/word/thoughts will influence their vibration in a positive way. It’s high time humans understood that its not possible to eliminate negativity by focusing on negativity. It seems human to want to suffer along with people who are suffering, but this does not serve any purpose and in fact is counter-productive because the reality that gets manifested from such suffering-oriented thinking is bound to reflect more suffering.

      A lot of religious teachings are pointing to the truth that our true nature is based in love. The problem is that a lot of people use religion as a tool to aggravate their negativity by bringing in elements of fear through it. Any teaching can be interpreted as negative if the mind looks at it from the lens of negativity. It’s about removing the lens of negativity from the mind, so that you can align with your natural vibration of love/joy.

  2. Bon

    I’m not a Buddhist but I agree with a lot of the things that are said in the texts. The one thing that kind of bothered me though was that the Buddha said in order to avoid rebirth, to achieve enlightenment, you had to get rid of any desires you might have. Towards anything on this Earth, even people.
    So, is having desires for physical things a bad thing? What do you think of the Buddha’s theory on rebirth?

    1. Sen Post author

      Desire is a thought of “creation”, and is the cause of life’s movement. If there was no desire in this conscious energy (that we are), there would be no universe, no cosmos, no living beings, no experience of life, there would just be “non existence”. As a conscious energy, it’s inherent in your nature to want to express yourself and be imaginative in your thoughts. These imaginations were the cause of the initial creation of the cosmos, the solar systems and universe at large, and also the cause of the creation of living beings like humans, all for the purpose of joyful expression. Humans, being the same energy, can create realities by imagining it and aligning with it. Yes, the human beings deviated from their true nature by aligning with negative thoughts of fear/lack/hatred, and this way of thinking resulted in the creation of negative realities like starvation, terrorism, domestic violence etc and this is the reason for all the negative realities that you see around you. But human beings are essentially the same energy that is the creator of the universe, of nature, and thus the natural vibration of all humans is love/joy. When humans awaken to the truth of their nature, they have the capacity to become a channel through which well-being and abundance can flow into their lives and thus into humanity as a whole.

      Desire is a pure positive thought, because its a thought of creation and it creates the movement of life. It’s only when you think negatively about your desires, or when you judge yourself, that you suffer, because in doing so you resist the movement of your life. The very cause of negativity is the belief in lack, belief in fear, which drives humans to be “inhuman” in their behavior and thus causing suffering to other humans and themselves. If all human beings trusted in their desires, and knew that life would bring forth its manifestation, if they let go of their limiting thoughts, it would be the end of fear-based living and human consciousness as whole will enjoy the abundance that is our birth right as who we are.

      You can never be sure what Buddha’s state of understanding was or what he really said, because what is available is basically “interpretations” of his teachings by his students or other people who may or not have made the right interpretation of what he said. It’s important to stop treating Buddha as a person who knew it all, or believe his teachings blindly, because he was just another human like you or me. The only criteria to ever see the truth in a teaching is to check it out yourself in your heart, and see if it “resonates” for you.

      Buddha got some understanding of life based on the self-contemplation he did for a few years and hence he was called enlightened. Enlightenment is simply “understanding” your truth, to know who you are, to know your natural vibration as love/joy/peace. People all along have completely misunderstood what enlightenment is, and they associate it with reaching some “mystical” state of being blissed out (like some heightened spiritual ecstasy, which is nothing but a fleeting experience). In truth, enlightenment is simply the place of “understanding” your true nature, to know yourself as the universal consciousness, the one being, and to know your power of creation. Buddha never talked about the power of creation of this energy that we are, so it can be assumed that he did not really have an idea about it. He was more focused on telling people about their nature as the universal consciousness, which is an excellent starting point towards realizing your truth but not the whole picture. From this perspective his teachings seemed incomplete, and is a very good reason why so many Buddhists are living such deluded/suppressed lives, where they try to shun their desires and attain some “other wordly”/mystical state (which itself is just a desire). A lot of Buddhists, and many “spiritual humans”, are a highly confused lot because they tend to subscribe to certain incomplete teachings blindly without having the drive to seek their own truth. It’s important that each of us is authentic enough to look into our own experience to seek the truth instead of just believing some teachings blindly.

      If Buddha really said that “you need to get rid of desires”, then it was a very limited/negative perspective he had on life – but one can never be sure if that’s what he said, because his teachings could easily have been misinterpreted or taken out of context. Anything you try to “Avoid” shows that you are living in fear, living in an “escapist” mode, and thus you will never feel whole. You can see around you, or within yourself, and realize that people who try to suppress their own desires are mostly the ones who are either hypocrites or deeply hung up people, who do exhibit signs of depression and dullness (even if they live in denial of it). Desire is your creative expression, and if you suppress it, you just end up suffering the resistance to life’s movement – and this is not a spiritual statement, but a highly scientific one because the energy of desire creates the pull of life’s movement (I ve talked in detail about physics behind how a desire works in many of my previous posts).

      I am not a christian (neither do I subscribe to any particular religion), but I find that Jesus had a better understanding of the truth of your nature and your power of creation. He not only pointed to the truth that “who we are is God”, he also stated that “seek, believe in that you will have it, and you shall have it” – which is the basically principle of creation. So he was well aware of the power of creation that humans have as the consciousness energy that we are. He used the word “spirit” to describe this energy that we are. He was able to heal people by holding an image of their “Wellness” in his thoughts strongly enough to influence their reality in a positive way, so he was a human who was deeply in touch with his creative potential and his truth. He also pointed out that the “kingdom of heaven is within”, basically he meant that joy is your natural vibration and you don’t have to seek it outside. One can’t be too sure if all the stories about him were true or “constructed”, but his teachings were very aligned with the whole picture of life.

      Life goes on eternally in a continuous process of “birth” and “death” of forms. Just look around you and you will see countless forms taking birth and countless forms dissolving – be it animate or inanimate. This is the creative movement of life. The form you are now, as this body, will dissolve at some point and the energy that you are will move into other forms – if you call it “rebirth” then I would say life is “rebirthing” all the time, it has been doing it for millions of years and will continue to do it eternally, because physicalness is the what enables the non-physical consciousness to “experience” itself. Physicality is the juice of life, its what enables life to experience itself in such a diverse manner. Anyone who is opposed to physical life is someone who is holding a highly negative perspective about themselves and about life in general.

  3. pun

    What best can we do to a person who is emotionally hurt?What about a child who has been abused for no fault of his/hers or a rape victim or even someone who has lost a loved one in an accident?How do we help such a person without sympathizing?Is it right to assume that such people attracted these unfortunate things to themselves?If so,it seems like nature is not fair to them…Why should they be the ”guinea pigs” for nature’s laws?

    1. Sen Post author

      If a child is abused, you need to understand that the very act of abuse was perpetrated because of thoughts of hatred/violence in human consciousness. The child is also a part of this human consciousness, and as long as there is negativity present in the human consciousness such acts will be seen in our reality. The child obviously does not have the conscious power to deliberately align its reality, and hence is pulled forth by the negativity of another human. In fact, any human being who is not consciously aligned with his/her joy can get dragged by the negativity of other humans resulting in situations like domestic violence, rape, frauds and victimization of all forms. The culprit is not the “nature’s laws”, the culprit is “negativity” in human consciousness. You are also a part of this human consciousness, and now its upto you to decide if you want to perpetuate negativity by aligning with thoughts of unfairness, anger, frustration, sadness, pity, helplessness and grief, or if you want to be a channel through which well-being can flow into your reality and thus the reality of humanity as a whole. If you wish to bring in well-being, you must align with thoughts of joy/love irrespective of your present circumstance. If you can’t do so, it’s fine, just understand that sadness cannot bring joy into this reality. You cannot really serve anyone when you disconnect from your natural vibration of joy/love/peace. As human beings, all of us, we desire to align with joy, and you can be a channel through which people feel guided towards their joy, or you can be a channel that reinforces their sadness and helplessness – it’s your choice now what you want to align with.

      It’s not for me to tell you how you should react to a situation, you are human being with the capacity to respond the best way you can and you should follow your guidance. I can only give you a perspective on your true nature, on your true vibration, your creative potential and on the impact thoughts have in your reality. I can only tell you that well-being/abundance is the order of life, and anyone who lets go of defending negativity can align with this well-being of life. All the negativity you see around you (rape, child abuse, domestic violence, betrayal, corruption, terrorism, drug abuse etc) is the manifestation of the “negativity” in human beings of the past and present – it can’t be denied that human consciousness did have a stark amount of negativity owing to their alignment with thoughts of hatred/fear but the good news is that the human realm is changing and you can see more and more humans aligning with their nature of love, and this will herald a lot of well-being into this world in the next few years to come.

      The question is what are “you” going to do about it? Are you going to stand around feeling sorry for it all, feeling pity, feeling sad, feeling overwhelmed, feeling helpless and depressed? From your words its evident that your mind is just looking for reasons to “feel sorry” for itself and others, and feeling sorry is not a very empowering state by any means. Ask yourself, what are you serving by subscribing to the sadness and unhappiness that you assume you should take in to sympathize with the negativity in this world? None of these negative feelings will help create a better reality because when you allow your mind to dwell on thoughts of pity/fear/unfairness/lack you simply disconnect from your natural vibration – this will cause you to suffer and from your suffering you just perpetuate more suffering into this reality. If you are really ready to make change in your reality, and the reality of human consciousness as a whole, you need to shift your thinking and start aligning with thoughts of abundance rather than thoughts of unfairness/lack.

      You’ve cited some examples of negativity, but just look around you and you will notice that there are million times more examples of well-being in this life – compared to the well-being that is present, the negativity is a highly small percentage. If you can only see negativity around you, it’s just means that you are wearing a lens of negativity in your mind which causes you to focus on it. I see the world as moving towards a very joyful reality, I see more and more humans waking up to their true nature, I see more love and compassion coming into human consciousness as a whole, I see a lot of prosperity coming into the lives of all humans as the collective consciousness of humanity is becoming more aligned with their potential to allow well-being by aligning with their nature of love/joy, I see new systems coming into place that are making life easier, I see amazing technologies like internet becoming more accessible to all thus allowing information and truth to be communicated to more and more people, I see much less violence now than was present 100 years ago, I see many more conscious leaders taking over the governance, I see schooling system improving to ensure a more joy-based education for children, I see leaders becoming more conscious of helping out third world nations and many people moving towards ensuring basic necessities to the people of these countries, I see betterment happening in every realm of human world. This is how I focus on this world, my thoughts for humanity is aligned in the direction of abundance/wellness/joy and I know there will be some humans who unconscious try to perpetuate negativity but I also realize that humanity as a whole is becoming more conscious of their truth, or their true nature as based in love, and hence will far outnumber the negative mindsets. I don’t intend to be a source that bring negativity into this world, and hence I don’t intend to align with pity, sadness, helplessness, unfairness or anger. I intend to be a source that brings well-being, love and joy into this world and hence I consciously align with thoughts that align with my natural vibration of love/joy/peace/abundance.

      If you want to continue defending your right to be negative, your right to be sad and sorry for the world, you are free to do so as long as you understand the full consequence of this mode of thinking. You are not serving yourself or others by your disconnecting from your natural vibration of alignment with love/joy. Hurt, sadness, anger, depression are all forms feelings that arise from a mind that has disconnected itself from its natural vibration – this is just a scientific fact. From a human perspective, we can find several reasons to disconnect from our natural vibration, but every time we disconnect we just resist the allowance of well-being into our lives – I am not sure if any one would want to do it consciously.

      Understand that life is not separate from who you are, neither is it using you as a guinea pig. You are not a puppet who is being thrown about by some “force” above you. You are life, you are consciousness itself, there is nothing above or below you. You create your reality through your thoughts, and human consciousness as a whole has been creating a reality through its collective thoughts – the reality that we see around us. If you see elements of violence and hatred in this reality, it’s simply a result of the negativity present in human consciousness as a whole. As long as there is negativity present in human consciousness, you will continue to see manifestations of negative realities in “human world”, but you can align with your well-being by letting go of defending negativity and aligning with your true nature of love/joy – it’s your personal choice that will decide how “your” reality unfolds. You will not be affected by the negativity around you, if your vibration does not match it – its not possible for someone to assert negativity into your reality without your “allowance” of it. The only reason we manifest negativity in our reality is because of our own unconsciousness. A child does not have this choice of conscious alignment because its brain is not developed enough to understand this choice, but as an grown up adult you certainly do and thus its your responsibility towards yourself and humanity as a whole to make the conscious choice to align with your true nature of love/joy. If you continue to defend negativity even after understanding the truth of who you are, then you are doing a huge disservice to yourself and humanity as a whole.

  4. pun

    I get it..no matter what goes on around us we just have to focus on keeping our ”inner world” peaceful for our well being and the worlds..It’s easier said than done especially for someone who is so used to seeing the world negatively..time and again we slip into the ”unconscious” patterns of living..it’s time to shake ourselves out of this way of living!

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