Are You Tuned Into Your Well-being

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The energy that you are is “vibrational” in nature – and everything around you, including your body, is just this energy vibrating as different “forms”. If you were good at “physics”, during your school days, you would know that sight, sound and touch are all interpretations of your sense organs decoding the vibrations of different frequencies around you – sound is a vibration, sight is a vibration and touch is also a vibration. Your eyes create images by decoding the vibrations around you, you ears create sound by decoding the vibrations around you and your body as a whole feels “touch” by interpreting vibrations around you. The human body is designed with sense organs that have the capacity to interpret vibrations – all your sense organs are just “receptors” that can decode vibrations around you and thus create the “perception” of reality. Your body as a whole is also just energy “vibrating” as different cells, and the thoughts you think are also forms of energy vibrating at a particular frequency.

The energy that manifests itself as this universe, is the same energy that stands manifested as a human body. If you understand this, you can easily see how everyone and everything is just the “one” energy vibrating as different forms. The natural vibration of this energy, that we are, is “pure positive” and this natural vibration is what we feel as joy in our being. When your body is tuned to the natural vibration of joy, you become one with your wholeness – you become one with your totality, and this is why there is a good feeling in the body because there is no resistance or disconnection. But when your body tunes away from your natural vibration (by taking in vibrations of fear or hatred), your body disconnects from its wholeness “vibrationally” and this disconnection is felt like “suffering” which is nothing but a pull away from your natural vibration.

Tuning your into alignment with your wholeness

If you’ve operated a radio, you will know that in order to receive the music on a particular radio station you need to tune the antennae of your radio to match their signal’s frequency. To listen to 103 FM you would need to tune your radio’s antennae to 103 FM. All that you are doing is tuning your antennae’s frequency to the frequency of the radio station’s signal. In the same way, you can look at your human body as “radio” and the entirety of life as a radio station – what you tune your frequency to is what you will “receive”.

If you tune your frequency to fear, you will attract/receive fear and if you tune your frequency to joy you will attract joy. And it gets better, when you tune into the frequency of joy, you are actually tuning into the frequency of your “wholeness”, because joy is the natural vibration of life itself, and thus you receive the intelligence, guidance, insights and inspirations from the totality of your consciousness.

How do you tune your frequency to “joy”?

Basically the thoughts that you focus on create your “vibration”. If you focus on fear-based, hate-based and lack-based thoughts you take in the vibration of fear which is a “lower vibration” than your natural vibration of joy. At this lower vibration you are disconnected from the wholeness of who you are, and thus you are not privy to the deeper intelligence, guidance and inspiration that you could receive from life. When you let go of these negative thoughts, and consciously work towards focusing on thoughts that are aligned with joy, love and peace, you are essentially tuning yourself to your natural vibration and thus become connected with the wholeness of life. This connection allows creativity, abundance and well-being to keep flowing into your reality on a moment to moment basis.

Another advantage of staying tuned to your natural vibration is that it allows the manifestation of your desired realities at a quick pace. When you are tuned into the frequency of joy/love/peace, you are essentially staying in a place of non-resistance to life’s movement through you, and hence you allow the energy movement that is required to bring forth the physical manifestation of your desires.

All of this explanation is highly scientific, it’s not a philosophy or spiritual discourse – you can test the scientific truth of the “vibrational” nature of your energy by sensing how it’s possible to disconnect and connect with your wholeness by shifting your focus between negative thoughts and positive thoughts. You have the choice to stay connected with your wholeness by lining up with thoughts of joy/love/peace, or to disconnect from your wholeness by lining up with thoughts of fear/hate/lack.

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  1. Rick

    I always watch kung fu masters and monks culivate and heal and project energy, I evan saw a qi gong healer light a peice of paper on fire with energy. The say they develop it from within but I knew that there was a universal energy that you can tap into. Your article has inspired me and will assist me in gaining more energy for life and wellness.

    Rick manikowski

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