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This is not a philosophical statement or a spiritual one, but rather a highly scientific truth. Everything is just you, there is nothing else present here except you. However I would like to clarify that by “you” I don’t mean the “you” of the brain, because every brain has a “me” thought about itself which it associates with the body. By “you” I mean the energy that is the creator, and the essence, of everything including this body and its brain. The brain does not exist independently, but rather it was created by an intelligence, and you are essentially that intelligence. The intelligence that you are is far beyond the limited intelligence of the brain, but it’s possible for the brain to sense the wholeness of who you are. Any brain which can shed its limited perspective will immediately realize that there is just “one” being, just one consciousness, just one energy, just one space, which manifests as everything – and since this space is all that exists, you are this space in essence.

One being one life

The word “life” has usually been misinterpreted by the mind. We talk about life and death, when in truth what happens is “birth” and death. Physical form takes birth and dies/dissolves, but life remains eternally – life never dies, and it can’t possibly die because it’s all there is. Just as noise is born and dies, but silence is eternal, the same way forms arise and dissolve but life remains eternally. Just as silence has not birth or death, just as “nothing” does not have beginning or ending, the same way life has always been timeless. This life is who you essentially are, you are not just a physical form, a brain or a body (though it’s an expression/creation of you/in you).

None of this is spiritual or philosophical talk, but a deeply scientific truth. You can easily see the truth of this reality, if you just probe a little deeper with your mind in a scientific way, instead of just assuming or accepting some beliefs or perceptions. If your brain can understand physics of this physical universe (like law of gravity), it can easily understand the physics of life energy – it’s not complicated at all, it’s very simple and very obvious. May be you never saw life this way because you just accepted, or assumed, certain perceptions without questioning them, just like the ancient people assumed that the earth is flat, until they realized that the earth round. This is an invitation to deepen your contemplation and see the essential truth of the oneness of everything scientifically. It’s a tremendous realization when your whole being “gets it”, that you are all there is, you are the one being that exists, this whole universe is “you”.

Don’t be a beggar in your own mansion

The way most of us live is akin to being a beggar in our own mansion. This whole world is you, everything around you is your expression, including this “brain” that you take to be yourself. Go beyond just looking at yourself as this brain or this body, and look deeply at the inherent truth that you are everything, only then can you sense your “wholeness”, your totality, your real body. Understand that its your very nature to create realities through your intent or desire, and you don’t have to live a limited life in any way (unless it’s a choice you make). Once you know your truth, you have a real choice in how you mold your reality into anything you desire it to be. It takes time before the truth of who you are really starts sinking into the brain, so don’t get too impatient with it, give it time so it can shift its conditioning in accordance with the new understanding that it’s gaining (It can take a few months to a year for this new perspective to fully sink in depending on the receptivity of your brain).

Some brains just don’t want to accept the limitlessness of the being that you are, mostly because for many years your whole perception of you has been so limited and negative. It’s a ground breaking shift in perception to suddenly realize that you are not just a limited person, but an energy that is the creator of this whole cosmos. To suddenly realize the truth of your identity can totally shift the way you perceive reality, the way you perceive other people, the environment and yourself. When you get this truth, in your whole being (instead of just getting it conceptually), your heart will sing because your mind becomes aligned with its real truth.

Implications of waking up to your truth

The implications of realizing the truth of who you are, are tremendous because it totally shifts the way you look at life (that’s why it’s called enlightenment or awakening because you wake up from the wrong vision). When you “really” know everything is you, it’s not possible for you not to develop an unconditional love for what is. You will also see that negativity has no place in the right vision of life, that all negative thoughts are essentially contradicting the truth of life and that’s why they feel “negative” because they pull away from the natural vibration of life which is based in love/joy. When you are all there is, if you hate someone/something, you are just hating yourself and so thoughts of hatred feel bad in your being – that’s why when I say that your natural vibration is love, I mean it very scientifically.

Negativity is not personal, because it’s not your natural vibration. Negativity in your brain, or in the brains of other people (and living organisms), is essentially the result of a wrong vision of life, when you don’t know who you “really” are you are always in the wrong vision. Animals, birds and other organisms don’t have a brain developed enough to contemplate and wake up to their true nature and hence they exhibit unconscious animal behavior, but a lot of humans have a well developed brain (with capacity for deep contemplation and reasoning) and hence the capacity to come to an understanding of the truth of their existence, or their reality. A human brain that wakes up to the true nature of being starts becoming deeply liberated from the bondage of limited/negative thinking. This marks the beginning of a totally new experience of life, a different flavor of experience, a different way of living that is rooted in vibrations of love/joy and peace.

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  1. neema

    Wonderful post Sen, I believe in what you have said but i have not yet enligtened about it. It just goes beyond me.


    1. Sen Post author

      It can take time for a new perspective to sink in fully. If something you read, or listen to, seems to resonate with a knowing within you – just allow yourself to contemplate it more deeply and thus gain a personal realization of the insights. Ultimately its about you lining up with your true nature, or your wholeness – all these posts are just pointers towards making this connection.

  2. JENNY

    Hi Sen!
    Thank you so much for all of this – i think it is so awesome!! Do you have any recommendations (books, websites, other articles of yours, etc) on the subject of seeing myself as “ALL” in a scientific way?? Its so fascinating to me and I think it will help it to sink in faster if I have some good reading material on it 🙂
    Thanks again!!

    1. Sen Post author

      Jenny, it’s easy to see the oneness of life because ultimately all forms are just vibrations that eventually dissolve into the same space. There is just one space of life, and that’s why everything is one, though this space of life manifests as different physical forms temporarily, to experience physicality. Some teachers like Mooji and Adyashanti, talk quite extensively about the oneness of life – you can listen to their videos on youtube, or visit their website where they have some free audio, as well as buy their books.

  3. JENNY

    Thank you Sen!! You’re amazing! : )

  4. Wynone

    Sen, by the way, I’ve never had a definite dream regarding my future profession. Yes, I’ve had some desires, but nothing specific regarding Psychology. I’m just interested in the subject of Psychology as a whole, but I’m very open to what I can work with it. My passion is music and my desires have been mostly in that sphere of expression with singing. What I’m saying is, I like both Psychology and Music, but music is a passion of mine. I’m open to being in both spheres eventually and I like to think about this opportunity presenting itself.
    Do you think it’s bad that I don’t have any specific desires though? I don’t have any specific vision of my sphere of realization. I know I’d like to write a book eventually, but my innermost feeling is that I’d like to be happy in what I do, and I don’t really care for the very specifics of it. It will be something humanitarian or artistic, or both, that’s my main interest, but other than that, I am not specific in my desires.

    1. Sen Post author

      Wynone, you don’t need to have a full-proof specific vision about your future, in fact such a specific vision usually stems from a rigid mindset. It’s always best to have an openness/flexibility towards allowing your future to unfold as per what’s best for your experience of growth and satisfaction. If you simply have the attitude of not being driven by fear or lack-based motives, you will naturally be in sync with wisdom which will allow for a journey that’s most congruent and compatible with you. I would say you definitely have a talent/interest for psychology so it can play out as a part of your expression in some way (if you have a certain talent/interest you can be sure that it will find an expression, the less you hold on to resistance (like fear-based or lack-based thinking) the easier it is for you fall in sync with the expression). There is no reason why you can’t have one or more expressions operating at the same time in your life – like music and psychology. It’s just that a lot of people curb their expressions due to some lack-based thinking about “how can I monetize it” – the money does come in, in many ways, but if you make it your main motivation it’s very difficult to allow a free flow of your expression. An expression is always a contribution towards life, and a contribution always attracts a remuneration (giving outside translates to receiving, because the outside reflects back the energy that you give out, when you give abundantly you receive abundantly, and the best thing you can give to the outside is your expression).

    2. Starlight

      Wow Wynone, this voices out exactly what I’m going through as well. I too, enjoy both Psychology and Performing arts (particularly music) but have not much clarity on what to pursue more deeply as well as what I would love to do for the rest of my life. This used to bother me but not much anymore; I’m just taking whatever time I need to let the answer come to me. In the mean time, what I can do is explore the various areas of Psychology and be open to whatever variations of it and hopefully I will have my answers 🙂

      As with Performing arts, I am currently teaching at a private school and the school provides a good platform for me to lead students and learn at the same time as well. I have just decided a few days ago to take up the violin as my second instrument (my first is the piano) so this is a way for me to express my love of music. I also tried latin dance and rediscovered my love for dance (I used to love ballet). Doing these on the sideline is enough for me for joyful self-expression.

      I would love to pursue a career in psychology in the future but at the moment, I’m just enjoying the journey of discovery 🙂

  5. Wynone

    Yes, Sen, I agree. Sometimes there’s the fear in me that if I don’t pass the TOEFL exam with the score necessary, I won’t go to my boyfriend. 🙂 He is in the NL, and I really want to go be with him there, because our love deserves it. We are both absent in neediness towards each other; our relation is very pure, I can’t describe it, but it is felt on a soul level. So, I know it won’t be because I am needy or impatient, but it will just be the normal succession of events. Anyways, that’s why the Masters’ I’ve chosen is in the Netherlands. If he wasn’t there, I could have chosen another country, because I am only interested in studying abroad, but I wasn’t specific of the place. Now that he’s there, it’s normal for me to want to go there, BUT I like the NL, so it is not based in struggle. The decision was easy for me. I feel like our love justifies my choice of the place and the Masters’. Can that still be a decision made from lack or fear? I don’t see it that way, but it’s true that I can choose one University in the NL, because of the close proximity to the place we will live in. It’s the best Uni for my degree, so it’s not felt as a compromise at all. My mind sometimes wonders, because my main motive is the relationship- us being together, and not the education. I just prioritize the relationship, and then comes the education- I really don’t care where abroad I will study, as long as we can be together. At the same time we’ve already been a good amount of time in different countries, and I know that I’m not needy of him, it’s a really pure feeling. Then is my motivation for the studies based in lack? The limitation of place of living and studying, is it a lack? I don’t perceive it that way. Is it up to my perception of the situation then?

    1. Sen Post author

      Wynone, there is a clarity of intent and it’s based on you having an understanding of your preferences, it looks like a conscious/aware choice and doesn’t seem driven by a sense of lack-based perspective. You can stay true to your intent while also having a space of allowing (not struggling too much to make it happen in just one specific way), thus being open to letting it shape up in a manner, with the timing, that’s most aligned with your well-being, comfort and growth.

  6. Wynone

    Aaand yet another observation.
    I am interested in Psychology, but I don’t like doing measurements of tests, all the scales and so on, because I find it tedious work. Does that mean I’m not suited for a Psychologist, because every sphere needs measurements?
    With the Masters’ in Social and Organisational, I’m going to be suited for HR positions and other possible related jobs. I like the prospect of conducting interviews with people, but it’s going to be a real effort to measure their results and so on. I’m confused what that means. On one hand, I am interested in the subject and I like the communication with people, on the other hand- I find the measurements tedious. This is really selective of mine and I don’t know how I can combine my interest with a position, so that I don’t have to do something I’m not very fond of. It seems Psychology is interesting as a science and in articles, books, but when it comes to practicing, it contains many tedious aspects. This makes me feel like my initial enthusiasm when I started my degree has been pretty naive. At first I saw myself as a future therapist. Then I got rid of that idea, when I realized what kind of Masters’ I’d have to study- I’d have to study Physiology in a deep way, and I wasn’t fond of it, so I quit that vision. You can basically see I’ve never made a real effort, because I don’t believe in effort. So, the one thing which was left as the best option for me, is Social and Organisational. And yet, it does have a tedious aspect as well- the measurements. I am aware that the measurements may be the dark side of the reality (for myself) and I should not expect a perfect reality, because it’s not plausible. At the same time, isn’t it the idea to feel effortless in a job? Then how does it all sum up?

    1. Markus

      Wynone, most jobs have a tedious part. For many, it is the greatest part of the time involved. Unless your work is also your creative outlet (like music), you are good to see it as the “dark” side of the “light” part that holds your enthusiasm.

      If what really draws you is interviewing, communicating, or evaluating – but without the responsibility of record-keeping and proof (that’s what all the paperwork is, after all) – find another way to do it. Write a book (see Studs Terkel), make a documentary, or something along those lines.

      Veel geluk in Nederland! Er is altijd een reden, hopelijk vindt jij wat je erheen trekt.

  7. Wynone

    Bedankt, Markus! Ik vind dit idee zeer interessant! 🙂

  8. Wynone

    Thank you, Sen, once again, too!

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