Life is One Pure Stream of Well-being

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There is only one stream and that is the stream of well-being. The very movement of life is created out of a pure desire for joy. Look at the nature around you, look at the stars, the trees, the birds, the flowers, the waterfalls and the mountains, is it not evident that something very joyful created all this? Everything that is created by life is also “life”, there is only life. So everything is pure positive energy in essence, and everything is rooted in joy, and love, in essence. Even the negative is in essence a manifestation of the positive, because positive is the base, or the source vibration, of life.

What is the place of suffering in life?

You might look at your life and see a lot of suffering in it, and you may look outside and see other people suffering as well. You may also project that animals, and nature, are suffering because of the activities of humans. You look at the news and hear about starvation, violence, famine, calamities, terrorism and abuse of different forms. The picture that gets created in your mind is that there is a lot of “negativity” in life.

You start feeling that life is just a manifestation of negativity, that it’s unfair, unjust and a complete mistake. Your mind becomes very sure that someone “up there” really screwed up and created a messed up life situation for everyone. Tremendous amount of suffering arises within you when you start looking at life in this “negative” manner, and this just confirms your idea that life is full of suffering.

Life in its natural state is pure positive energy and there is no suffering in life, but it’s possible for certain life consciousnesses to start vibrating in a negative manner by “false” interpretation of life and this negative vibration creates suffering and a “negative” reality. So the reason for suffering is “false” interpretation of life. Buddha used to call it “Ignorance”, he said – Ignorance is the root of suffering. I call ignorance as the “false interpretation of life”. When you don’t know what life is, you can interpret it negatively from your mind and thus create a negative reality (because who you are, is a creator).

The way you interpret life reflects in your reality

When you interpret life (through your mind) in a negative manner, you start creating a negative reality through your vibration (which becomes negative) and hence you create suffering for yourself. Other beings who observe your negative reality can also start interpreting life negatively and thus start creating suffering for themselves and the cycle of negativity starts perpetuating. Negativity can only come to an end when you see through your dysfunctional interpretations of life, and become rooted in the truth of life.

In simple words – ‘Suffering is unnecessary, but you are free to choose suffering”, life is so free that it doesn’t care if you choose negativity for your reality because ultimately nothing really “harms” or “changes” what life is. Life remains to be pure positive energy in its natural vibration, and nothing can change it. All negative vibrations are temporary (unnatural states) which come back to harmony sooner or later, so life knows that everything is ultimately “fine”.

Physical existence is just a “play”, nothing serious is really happening (even if your mind begs to differ). Life is just dancing its dance, nothing is lost or gained, new forms keep getting created, old forms keep getting dissolved and the play continues. Life in its natural state is a pure expression of joy, however the mind in its negativity can start expressing “fear” and thus create a negative reality for itself. Ultimately it’s all fine, nothing is a problem, but you need to ask yourself – “Why am I creating suffering for myself by thinking negatively when I have the choice to align with the energy of life and enjoy a positive reality?”

Align with life and enjoy the abundance that pours in

Anyone who aligns with life start experiencing a reality based in joy, love and peace, it’s a reality full of abundance in every form – material abundance, abundance of health and abundance of relationships. Nothing is too big, or too small, for life because it can create a star as easily as it can create a button. Such is the abundance of your nature, because who you are is life itself.

You are a creator, but more importantly your natural expression is rooted in joy, love and peace. When you are rooted in negative thinking you end up creating a reality which is based in fear, hatred and unrest; you are still fulfilling your potential as a creator the only problem is that you are creating things which are “conflicting” with your true nature. So you need to align with your true nature first, align with life, and then create from that place of joy and love. In fact once you align with life, it starts creating through you, a beautiful reality for this body.

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  1. Hrishi

    Sometimes our own imagination whips up our fears to extraordinary proportions. We thus become the creators of our own suffering, and forget that we also have the power to uncreate it.

  2. AR

    Simply brilliant

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