Develop a Positive Self Image Consciously

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The self-image that you have in your mind is a powerful “factor” in attracting your external reality. People who have a positive self-image always attract a positive reality around themselves while people who have a pre-dominantly negative self-image attract a negative reality. If you make an honest assessment of the self image that you are carrying in your mind, you will know why your reality is the way it is. You cannot attract a reality that is not a match to your beliefs about yourself – if you believe that you are not worthy of living a joyful life, that’s exactly what your reality will reflect to you. So if your reality is pre-dominantly negative right now and you want to make a shift towards manifesting a positive reality start letting go of holding onto a negative self image.

Self image is a thought construct

First of all it’s important to realize that the self-image that your mind creates is purely a thought construct, made out of interpretations, comparisons, conditioning and perceptions. In other words, the self image is just an “idea” you have about yourself. When you have a limiting/negative “idea” about who you are, you will end up having low self esteem and will always feel the need to undermine yourself in every way. If you hold a loving/positive idea about yourself, you will always find yourself in situations that reflect this love/positivity back at you.

The thoughts in your mind are powerful because they have the capacity to resist or assist the movement of life. Negative thoughts resist the movement of your life, while positive thoughts assist the movement of your life. Remember that the movement of your life is created out of the desires that you hatch during your physical existence, and hence negative thoughts cause resistance to the manifestation of your desires. A negative self-image is simply a chronic negative thought. When you believe in this negative self image you end up creating a strong resistance to the movement of life, and you also end up attracting a negative reality that matches the vibration of your negative thoughts.

How to let go of a negative self image?

The secret to letting go of a thought is to divest it of interest. Once you remove your belief/interest in a thought, it no longer has the power of influence in the space of your consciousness. Quite a lot of people wallow in self-pity, self-criticism, guilt and self-condemnation without realizing that by doing this they are constantly fueling the negative self image. Then there are people who look at themselves as a victim. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for holding a negative self image, you need to realize that life cannot really work out fully for you unless you let go of this negativity.

If you continue investing in thoughts of lack/limitation/hatred/fear you will continue to be a magnet that attracts negative realities. A negative self image is simply a thought constructed out of hatred and fear. If you want freedom from the negative reality that is being reflected around you, you need to stop giving attention/interest to thoughts that focus on a negative self image. When you accept/love yourself unconditionally, and believe deeply that you deserve the abundance that life wants you to have, you will become a co-operative component to your desire’s manifestation.

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  2. carl

    Sen my friend.. real quick. Have you reached a point of becoming so good (or deep) in relaxed awareness that you find yourself conscious while asleep or able to watch yourself fall asleep? Because i sense not only can i release mind momentum, but with relaxed awareness i can induce out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

    1. Sen Post author

      Carl, higher awareness, or higher sensitivity, can allow you to have some interesting “experiences” and if some experience interests you then you can pursue it, but the point of these writings is not about finding “interesting experiences” but about finding balance. In this blog, I give the pointer of developing a deeper awareness (of your mind, emotions and life) in order to use it towards finding balance, towards letting go of undue resistance and understanding the reality of life (especially the light and dark nature movement of life, and its balance). Personally, I am not interested in lucid dreaming, non-physical communication/channeling, out-of-body experiences, or meditative/spiritual experiences, and hence I don’t really use my awareness in its pursuit.

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