Letting Go Of Lack Based Thinking

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A lot of humans have a lack based mentality owing to the fact that human society at large seems to look at this universe from a lack based perspective. As a child you watch your parents quibble about money, and worry about the future, and your brain starts associating “lack” as the reality of life. You watch the news and everyone is talking about depleting resources, economic downfall, unemployment and other forms of shortages, and your brain starts believing in thoughts of lack so completely that it just assumes that it’s not possible to have an abundant life.

A belief in lack can become so strong in you that you can’t even imagine living a life of freedom with abundance of resources at your disposal. But you must understand that “lack” is just a belief, an idea, and just because the majority of human population has subscribed to the idea of lack does not make it the truth of life. It’s your belief in lack that causes reality to reflect “lack” back at you, in other words you are attracting lack by your lack-based thoughts. Reality is not lackful, life is not lack based (just look at the vastness of cosmos and you will know that there is no lack in life), and if you simply align your thoughts with abundance you will see the reflection of abundance in your reality also. Remember that abundance of every form is your birth right for being who you are.

Stop thinking in terms of lack

If you are sensitive to your feelings, you will notice that whenever you think a thought of “lack” you always feel bad within. The reason you feel bad is because the thought of lack is in contradiction to the movement of life (which is towards abundance). In other words, life is not thinking in terms of lack, so if your human brain thinks in terms of lack it will contradict the thinking of life, and this contradiction is felt like resistance in the body (also called suffering).

Understand that a person who thinks in terms of lack will always experience lack in his/her reality, but the truth is that he/she is “attracting” this reality. When you think/believe that there is shortage of food, money, jobs or resources, you will become a magnet that attracts a reality which reflects this belief back to you. A lot of people point at their undesired reality and state that their reality is what makes them think in a lackful manner, but they don’t get it that it’s their lack-based thoughts that caused them to create such a reality in the first place. It’s always inside-out, it’s never outside-in. Creation starts from within you first, and then it goes out as a reality.

Are you afraid of “wasting”?

Have you seen people constantly talk about “waste” – “don’t waste food”, “don’t waste money”, “don’t waste electricity”, “don’t waste time”. The mindset behind such a thinking is that there is a limitation of resources and hence our “wasting” it will cause more depletion and scarcity. In truth, life will give you as much as you want, if you allow it. By harboring a mindset of limitedness, you simply resist life from supplying you with an endless flow of everything you desire.

The very thought that “I am wasting xyz” is lack based to start with and you will notice that everytime you think such thoughts you feel “fear” (a bad feeling), because in that moment you disconnect from the thinking of life (which is never lack based). There may be a lot of people who might feel offended that someone should tell them that “it’s okay to waste”, especially a fear-based and lack-based person who feels very insecure about a mindset of abundance. But the truth of life is that there is no limitation, and you will get as much as you desire – life is never asking you to limit your desires. It’s only the fear/lack conditioned human brain that imposes restrictions on itself.

Expansion is the order of life

Just for a moment, release all thoughts of lack and think in terms of unlimited abundance – unlimited money, unlimited friendships, unlimited time, unlimited opportunities, and sense how good it feels in the body to dwell on these thoughts of abundance. It feels good because thoughts of abundance align you with life’s movement. Life is constantly moving towards betterment and expansion, life is not regressing or depleting in any way, it’s not possible because life’s very movement is caused by the desire for betterment. Can you not see how many advances/expansions have been made, in every field, even in a small span of 10 years? How can you even hold a thought that life has a limitation when you can see expansion all around you?

Let go of all your fears about resources depleting, because that’s just a negative thought a lot of people have subscribed to in their lack-based mindset. It’s not possible to convince a lack-based person about the abundance of life, but anyone who understands the law of attraction, and the science of life, would know that they can experience any reality they want by desiring it and believing it. There is no lack in a universe where creation happens through thought, because there is no limitation on what you can think/imagine for yourself.

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  1. Bon

    Just curious with all this ‘thoughts become reality’ stuff. What are the starving kids in third world countries doing wrong? Lack of imagination you think? I like some of the stuff you write but when I really think about it, it doesn’t seem to make sense.

    1. Sen Post author

      Let’s look at the truth in this situation, because ultimately it’s the deeper truth that can give you a solution. Everything that is “negative” around you, is created through the negativity of the human mind. Starvation, or lack of food/health, cannot exist as a reality on this planet if it were not for human-beings focusing on negative thoughts of lack/hate/fear, and you will agree that majority of the humans have an inclination towards negative thinking. Once you understand that “thought” precedes the creation of a reality, you will realize that if there is a negative reality present on planet Earth, it means that someone/some-people have been focusing on negative thoughts long enough to manifest them as reality. The starving kids of the third nation are an example of a negative reality created through the negative thinking of many humans on this planet, so are other negative realities like terrorism, drug abuse, domestic violence etc. Starving kids are the physical manifestation of the negative thinking of many humans before they were born. This negative reality was birthed by several humans thinking negatively about themselves and their fellow humans.

      The question now is, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to focus on negative realities which have been created by humans (and when you complain, worry, fear or hate a situation you do end up taking on a negative vibration), and thus perpetuate it further, or would you like to become a force that brings forth a new reality of abundance onto Earth. It’s a choice that you need to make. You must understand that who you are is a powerful creator, and thus you have a huge responsibility towards the reality that you are creating. When you put your focus on the negative realities created by humans, you get sucked into negativity yourself and from this vibration you cannot really heal any situation.

      The positive way of addressing this situation, is to choose to align with your desire to see a world which is free of starvation. When you see a reality that you don’t like, you set forth a desire for a better reality automatically. Now you have two options – you can either keep focusing on the negative reality that caused your desire for better reality or you can choose to focus on your “desired reality” (for example, a reality where there is no starvation). When you stay focussed on negativity you will only end up perpetuating the negativity you are focused on – in simple words, your worrying about starvation would just perpetuate a reality where starvation exists. Instead, if you choose to align with your desire for a reality where food is available in abundance to all humans, and stay focused on it, you will become a force that brings in a reality of well-being on Earth. When you stay aligned with your desire, life can inspire certain actions in you that can directly create a change or it can inspire actions in other humans to create a change in this specific area. Right actions cannot come forth unless you first align your thoughts with the reality you desire, and stop focusing on negativity.

      It’s much easier to blame, complain and worry about a reality than to take personal responsiblity for your thoughts and make a commitment to staying focused on the reality you “desire” rather than be focused on a reality that you don’t desire. When you try to fight starvation from a place of fear/worry, you only end up perpetuating it as is clearly evident in many actions taken by fear-based humans. We have been fighting terrorism, disease, starvation, economic recession, and all the fighting has only manifested more of what we are fightin against – because we are fighting from a place of fear. On the other hand, when you stay aligned with your focus on the “desired reality”, life can inspire the right actions in you/others (a wholistic movement) that can bring about the manifestation of the reality you desire, like the end of starvation. It’s easy to come up with several arguments to defend your negative thinking, especially by pointing out to a negative reality, however it does not serve you or the planet in any way because negative thinking can only attract negative realities. Be honest within yourself and recognize if you are focusing on thougths of fear/anger or thoughts of love – it’s a choice you need to make on moment to moment basis till it becomes your natural way of being. What you focus on will decide what you perpetuate/create in your reality, which includes planet Earth as a whole – becaus you, as a human, are part of the whole.

    2. Sen Post author

      This is an age of awakening, more and more humans are waking up to the truth of who they are and are becoming free of the fear-based conditioning of their mind. These awakened beings in turn cause the awakening of their fellow beings. You can see that this transformation of consciousness is already taking place on a large scale on our planet. The truth resonates in your heart, and that’s how you know it’s the truth of who you are. As humans deeply understand the power they have of creating realities through their thoughts, they will focus away from negativity and place their attention on the thoughts of “desired reality”, and this will allow the unfolding of physical realities that reflect love, joy, well-being and abundance. Chronic negative realities will cease to exist as more and more humans become aligned with their true nature of love/joy/peace.

  2. Bon

    Interesting view. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the detailed reply.

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