Let Go Feelings of Unworthiness

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The biggest resistance towards allowing your well-being to unfold is the feeling of unworthiness. The “Ego”, or the “Me” sense, is bound to feel unworthy, or inferior, from time to time because its very structure is based on a “shaky” foundation. The Ego derives its identity from thought forms (self image based thoughts), and object forms, which are both subject to spontaneous change. All Egos, hence, feel limited, fragile and defensive, causing feelings of unworthiness to creep up time and again.

These are few circumstances when feelings of unworthiness might come up in an Ego

  • When someone disagrees with your opinion (often rudely or derisively)
  • When you perceive that someone is being insulting towards you
  • When you perceive rejection from someone
  • When you come to negative conclusion about your body-image
  • When you compare your possessions with others

In fact, the “you” in the above list is actually the “Ego” or the false self. The real “you” never perceives the way the Ego perceives. The real “you” always perceives from a place of wholeness.

Unworthiness is a feeling of being “lesser” or of no value. Its opposite is the feeling of being “superior”, which is also an inherent dysfunction of the Ego. If you are feeling superior now, it won’t be long before the flux of life makes you go to the other end of feeling unworthy or inferior. Egos are volatile and hence any attachment to the Ego brings suffering.

Letting go of unworthiness and worthiness

There is only life, and you are life. When there is only the “one”, expressing as the many, everything that comes into expression is the image of the “one”. The one life that you are is eternal, limitless, creative, loving, joyful and harmless (life does not die, only forms dissolve to take new forms). Unworthiness, or worthiness, is only relevant to a false self identity – the Ego. To feel worthy, or unworthy, you have to go into “separation” and Ego is the manifestation of this form of deluded thinking.

When you see through the patterns of your Ego, you have the choice of completely dis-identifying with it. You don’t need the Ego’s conditioned, attachment-based, shaky, structure to move through life. Ego is a burden on life, not an asset. To carry a heavy sense of Ego is a deep source of suffering, in fact all suffering arises from this false sense of self. When you let go of your Ego, by seeing through its falseness, you automatically become free of feelings of unworthiness. To feel worthy will become irrelevant to you because you know that who you are is life itself. This is true freedom.

The Ego is not who you are

The Ego can feel very worthy in a moment and feel terribly unworthy the next moment. You can notice the Ego constantly trying to feel valuable. Neediness stems from the feeling of lack inherent in all Egos. In truth, the Ego is empty; it has no reality except in ideas. Something so “unreal” is bound to feel insecure of its identity. Remember that “Ego” is a false self, it’s not who you are at all. But you can’t know who you are unless you let the Ego dissolve completely.

Stop fuelling the Ego structure present in you. Let it die, let it dissolve completely. You will know what true joy, love and peace, really mean when the Ego structure dissolves completely. The Ego will always try to sustain itself, and keep itself in the center of your existence, unless you see through it and stop fuelling it with your attention. Freedom from Ego is freedom from feelings of unworthiness, and this opens up the floodgates of abundance in every from to rush into your life.

Letting go of unworthiness is not possible if it’s the Ego that’s trying to do it. The Ego can never accomplish the feat of feeling worthy all the time. The secret is to let go of the Ego structure itself and with it will collapse all the symptoms that came up from its dysfunctional movement.

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    The idea is good, but how does one identify, what is the ego in me and how do I let it go?

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