A Deeper Perspective on Money

Posted on by Sen.

Money is simply a representation of “energy exchange”, you can either take, give or accumulate energy, and your state of balance, or imbalance, dictates how you experience this energy in your life. If you have an inner state of balance, you should/would also have a balance in your financial condition – your financial experience will always be in tune with your inner experience of balance. It’s not possible for someone who is truly balanced to experience a “lack” in his/her financial condition, however, it’s also important to understand that “lack” is a relative experience and is personal to the person involved – what seems like lack for you may not seem like lack for the person in question. For example, a person may be living in a simple house, leading a very simple (or possibly minimalist) lifestyle, and you may think that this person has a lack of money, however, the experience of this person may be that he has enough money for his mode/mindset of living, and he doesn’t experience lack of it – you cannot be the judge of what the other person’s experience is like, you can only know what your experience is like.

With some awareness you start realizing that a windfall of money does not always imply well-being of its own. There are people who win lotteries and end up committing suicide by messing up their life, in their case winning a lottery becomes a manifestation of their inner imbalance and it simply amplifies it – so winning a lottery by itself is not a sign of balance or alignment, it’s totally relative to the person, it can be a manifestation of imbalance or balance. The simple pointer is that if you focus on money as being the source that brings you a sense of happiness, you buy into the delusion of depending on an “external factor” which keeps you in a constant state of anxiety/insecurity, imprisonment, greed, superficiality and narrow thinking. Instead if you focus on doing the “inner work” to find your sense of inner balance, by working on releasing your momentum of negativity/imbalance, in terms of emotional momentum and mental momentum, by gaining a balanced perspective on life, and thus move into an aligned expression of your potential for contribution, you automatically attract a balanced inflow of money in your life – it’s always inside-out, it’s never outside-in.

The balance of consumption and contribution

You may notice that some multi-millionaire business men who have enough money to live each day of their life vacationing, in the most luxurious manner, don’t actually do so, rather they spend time at their work/business, working on innovations, improving their products, staying abreast with the changing technology etc. However, if you ask a middle-class person what he would do with the multi-million, the answer would always be along the lines of “vacationing everyday day of my life” – this is because of the core delusion that vacationing everyday is the ticket to a happy life. The truth is that when you consume more than you contribute, you always end up in a state of imbalance – it’s so evident in the food we eat, if we eat more than what’s required for a balanced nourishment of the body, we end up gaining extra weight which leads to health issues of its own. So what does balanced nourishment imply for the body? It implies the below

– Having enough calories to take care of the inner body functions (Remember that even digestion needs expenditure of calories, because the body is doing work to get nutrition from the food you eat)

– Having enough calories to take care of the external bodily functions, like your mental and physical work, and recreation based activities

– Having an amount of surplus of calories stored up for future contingency. A healthy body usually would store upto 20-25% of body weight in fat (called storage fat) as a wise measure towards a future uncertainty.

The above requirements vary from person to person, some people need more calories some need less, for their particular lifestyle and body makeup. However, the bottom line is that when you consume more calories than what’s needed, you always end up with extra-weight which actually becomes a burden on the body. Also, if you expend more than you consume, you end up with a dissipated body which goes into a state of fatigue. The same principles hold true for money, in a balanced state your finances would follow the below pattern

– Having enough money to take care of your personal requirements on a daily basis

– Having enough money to fuel your external occupation, like your work or business, or any other means of service that you are involved in

– Having some surplus of money, as savings, for your sense of security with respect to future uncertainty (this sense of security is needed for the mind to be at ease to focus on the present creativity/challenges without having to constantly worry about a future contingency)

The requirement of money varies from person to person, some people need more money for their personal requirements and business requirements, some need less, what’s important is to note that it’s always about having “enough” and not “more than enough”, or “less than enough”, that allows for a healthy life. It’s just that most people have a very deluded sense of what’s “enough” for them. In terms of food it requires a “body awareness” in order to know what’s enough for your body, and what’s over-indulgence or under-nourishment for you. Each body has its unique requirements, and it varies over time, after all, what you ate as a child-body is not enough for your adult-body. The same principle holds true for money; it requires a self-awareness to know what’s enough for “you” instead of comparing yourself with the external standards – what’s enough for you is exactly what you will get when you are in state of balance, not more not less, and it will be an ongoing movement because we are not “static beings” and our requirements will keep varying as we grow.

The purpose of life is not just to “consume”. To consume is an aspect of life, as is contribution. If your whole focus is on consumption, you are bound to become an imbalance person, not only in conflict with your own well-being but the well-being of your environment per se. There is always enough around for everyone’s need, it’s a fact of life that life can easily support a balanced state, but it can’t support everyone’s greed – greed is all about the mindset of “I just want to consume more than I contribute”. You know you are in a balanced state of being when your sense of contribution is as strong as your sense of consumption. By “contribution” I don’t mean something high and elevated, I just mean using your ability to provide a service, and each of us has some abilities in us to be of service in some way which is always aligned with our personal requirements of money – if we simply stay true to our abilities for service/work, and keep honing its potential, we automatically will be aligned with allowing a balanced inflow of money. If you see everything in nature automatically follows the principle of consume-contribute, the bees, the birds, the animals of the wild – it’s only our home-grown pets who end up over-consuming sometimes under the influence of an induced imbalance perpetrated by the human master.

Work is not play

Play is for entertainment, work is for productivity – there is a real difference between the energy/attitude involved towards these two aspects. Of course work can also be entertaining but it’s not about entertainment but about being productive in terms of utilizing your abilities – for example, a stand-up comedian may enjoy his job of making people laugh, but he expends energy on working on his delivery, practicing his punch lines, observing real life quirks, working on new jokes, in all seriousness, to ensure that he gives a professional performance every time he’s on the stage; so even a profession like stand up comedy requires a seriousness and sense of responsibility to deliver a quality output (which is what productivity is), it’s not all about “play”. Having fun, or playing, is like an inflow or consumption, work is like an “outflow” or production, when you make money for your “work” it’s always a balanced inflow.

Work should not be confused with “struggle”. Struggle is like an over-expenditure, or an over-strain, or an overly forced discipline, it’s like working on something that’s not really aligned with your ability or over-working your abilities or working in a mindless manner (what’s called running around like headless chicken). When you are doing something that’s not really aligned with your ability/potential, you end up producing low quality output (no matter how much you force your discipline), and low-quality is low productivity, which directly implies that you are not aligned with a balanced inflow of money – you owe it to yourself to live/hone your potential in terms of your abilities, you have no-one else to blame. No-one is born without a potential/ability for certain forms of work(s), and your monetary requirements will be in sync with this potential – there is never an aberration to this natural balance which is inherently present in each of us. It’s just that some of us become disconnected with using our potential/ability either because we compare ourselves to others, trying to be like others, or because we buy into some delusion about trying to do something that’s not really our potential.

This whole deal of “dream big” seems to ingrain some form of deluded thinking about what “big” is, not everyone needs a Mercedes, not everyone needs a big rock for their wedding (rock = diamond), not everyone needs to go on luxury cruises, not everyone needs an iphone and none of these define “you’ve made it” – a more prudent pointer would grow in “self awareness” and sense your current position to know the possibilities/options available towards using your abilities. It’s just that a lot of commercial interests drive the delusion of making people think that they need something that they don’t really need, simply by telling them “this is what defines the good life” – a lot of ads subconsciously create this image in your mind, no wonder people buy stuff, that they rarely ever need or use, purely from a place of delusion. If you notice, in most cases, the notion of “dream big” seems to focus only on the consumption aspect and can simply be replaced with “consume big”, which is just an imbalanced way of looking at life – to force yourself to think about things that don’t really want is just silly, to force yourself to think “big” in some hyped up manner is just childish, rather just work on knowing yourself in terms of what your real requirements are, what your abilities are and the ways in which you can use them.

You may have an interest, passion or ability, but to translate it into something productive (which can be given for external consumption) requires you to put in some work to get it organized. There are many “geniuses” who don’t have the balance to be productive, they are simply rooted in the “I just want to have fun” mindset. Joy/fun is one dimension of life, it’s not the only dimension of life – if you are imbalanced towards joy you will end up being an unproductive person who is more into consumption than any useful contribution and this will lead to an inner imbalance of energy which sooner or later hits a threshold, leading to a crash of some kind. You need to understand that work is not always fun, sometimes it requires you to let go of immediate gratification and focus on just preparing the foundation for the product/service – for example, learning to drive is not always fun, it requires you to work at it until it becomes natural to you, extending this example further, you can drive for fun but if you take up driving as a profession (like being a cab driver) then you will notice that it’s not always fun and needs some professionalism. You may have the capacity/talent/interest for a certain expression, but that does not mean that you will just have fun while using that expression as a means of service/productivity – you can be great at math but to do a PhD in number theory requires a lot more than just having fun with numbers, it requires the attitude of using your abilities and your focus (which can involve an aligned discipline) to create something productive. Aligned work is the only channel through which a balanced inflow of money is possible.

A different paradigm on money

There is a huge influx of “law of attraction” books that talk about “wealth attraction” – it’s very easy to sell these books because a majority of the population buys into the delusion of “consume big”. The truth is that money has to be the least of your focus if you are looking to allow a balanced inflow of money, rather your focus should be on using your self-awareness to understand your abilities, and to use your understanding of life (its light and dark nature balance), to know that work is the dark nature needed for the light nature of consuming goods/money – dark nature is not a negative, it’s just a nature of life.

Work is not negative, we have an inherent need in us to work, to be productive, to contribute, to serve, to provide, to create, to be disciplined, to be organized and to have a focus. In order to eat fruits you have to dig a hole, plant a seed, water it, protect it and fertilize it – all this work allows for the consumption of fruits, and this work also allows us to be balanced in our energy, pure leisure leads to emaciation. What about fruits growing in forests? Well, if you want to consume them you have to do the work of walking into a forest and protecting yourself from wild animals. Even if you had a billion dollars, you would still want to work for a good portion of your day, and if you don’t get this truth about the need for work it just means you are not self-aware – the people who over-indulge in fun, and create the external notion that they are “living it” are, in fact, just building up an imbalance within that sooner or later hits a threshold, the most common example of such a deluded mindset is the symptom of “Monday blues” and the “Friday highs”, the highs always lead to the blues. The balanced state is not indulgent towards highs nor suppressed towards over-straining.

It’s quite immature to waste your time over positive affirmations on money – putting up snippets on your bathroom mirror about “I am a wealth magnet” feels silly because it is silly. An affirmation is a declaration that you don’t really believe it, if you really believed something you wouldn’t need to affirm it, would you? It’s simple logic, and if you are honest with yourself you can easily see the truth in this logic. In fact you don’t even need visualization exercises; think about the things that are really required by you, do you really need to keep visualizing them or are they naturally in your thoughts? You only need to force visualize something that you don’t really need. This whole deal of trying to manifest through visualization seems to be rooted in a sense of delusion, and it keeps you in a state of inactivity because you are holding on to a delusion. Self-awareness, utilizing your abilities, thinking for yourself, letting go of struggle-based mindset and understanding your consumption-contribution balance is all that’s realistically needed to ensure a balanced inflow of money and manifestation of desires that are “needed” in your balanced experience of life.

Moreover a lot of these visualization exercises are imbalanced towards having a consumption mindset alone, most of us would only visualize the consumption aspect and not be open enough to sense the reality of work required to manifest it – for example, if you visualize a big house, you must also realize that it will take construction workers to devote a few months working at your site, it would take engineers to get all measurements and foundations right, it would take some skilled work from gardeners to get the lawn in place, so there is a lot of contribution of work that goes into your house, and inflow has to be balanced with an outflow, so what’s the contribution you are making towards life in order to warranty all the contribution being made for you? The money that you pay to these workers would have to come in from your work – work pays for work, and work is what creates the consumption possibilities; that delicious pastry required the baker to get up at 5 am to ensure that the dough was ready in time, when you see a light nature of creation always be aware of the contribution of dark nature behind it of work. When you consume always remember that you are required to contribute also, you are not a special entity who is here to only be served without requiring to be of service – no-one is special that way, we are all equal as life-energy, and the same principle of balance holds true for all of us.

You may ask – “what about the people who are born wealthy or who inherit big sums of money for nothing?” – what important is to understand the principle of balance and imbalance works in all cases. Just because someone inherits a lot of money doesn’t mean that the person is going to have a balanced experience. It’s not money that decides if your experience is one of well-being, rather it’s your inner balance that decides it. Also, people who are born into a lot of wealth have their own challenges to deal with, there are as many depressed millionaires as depressed beggars, it’s a huge delusion to imagine that money solves all your life issues. If a person does not follow the balance of consumption and contribution, he/she will inevitably enter into an imbalanced state of being – it’s just a reality that can’t be avoided, and no-one is exempt from this reality, no-one is given special treatment that way. Everyone has a potential for contribution/work, and this ensures that they have the potential to allow an inflow of money that’s “needed” for a balanced life experience – stop comparing, and just live your life by knowing yourself, you may not need a mansion so stop trying to force visualize a mansion. There is no need to make money into a big deal, as it’s being made in all the “law of attraction” literature; we don’t live for money, it’s just an aspect of energy exchange that’s natural to living – a balanced inflow of money is a smooth byproduct of a balancing your consumption and contribution aspects.

A mature outlook towards money

If you want to balance the inflow of money in your life, you need to develop a mature outlook towards money that’s aligned with the reality of life. Here are a few pointers along these lines.

Stop being dramatic about money – People who constantly keep crying/cribbing about money are the ones who stay stuck in “experiencing” a lack of it – millionaires cry about money as much as a beggar, depending on their mindset. Don’t make money into such a big deal, it’s just a byproduct of your balanced state of being; its presence does not define your balance, your balance defines its presence in your life. Stop complaining about the money system in the world, rather just understand that it’s possible for you to have a balanced experience of money if you are aligned with the consumption-contribution balance. Of course the money system can be improved, and the more balanced humanity becomes the more balanced the over-all system of money becomes, but you don’t have to wait for humanity to become balanced (complaining about the outside imbalance) rather just focus on your balance and rest-assured that you will have a balanced experience of money in your life irrespective of the outside – there are people who complain about recession and then there are people on whom it has no impact at all, what’s the difference between the two? – it’s the state of balance or imbalance that dictates their experience, not an external factor.

Don’t be fixated on money as your motivation – If your motivation to work is just to make some money, it has to be the worst motivation you can ever come up with. The motivation to work should be for the experience of work, like I said above – work is an inherent need in any mind to keep it in a state of balance, work not only acts as an avenue for growth/maturity it also ensures a balance in your joy dimension. In fact, even the motivation to want to be productive is a wrong motivation for work. The only motivation for work should be for the employment of your abilities and the growth that it affords. Work is an outflow, and it will create an inflow – it’s just a truth of life, there are no aberrations to this truth, outflow creates inflow. So, if you work in alignment with your abilities you will make enough money for a balanced/comfortable life relative to you, it’s a given. There is no need to be fixated on money.

Stop complaining about taxes – The energy that you waste thinking about the negatives of taxation is simply an investment towards curbing your potential towards quality work. Taxation can be seen as necessary contribution towards a “system”, though the system may not be very balanced yet it still has a presence and is required for some order to be present in order to maintain our civilization. If you are balanced in your consumption-contribution aspect, you will always have the balanced inflow of money, irrespective of the taxation. Don’t see taxation as something that’s taking away your money, rather just understand that your money inflow will always depend on your state of balance – there is no external factor that decides your reality unless you allow it to, and you will allow it to do so only when you focus/fixate your energy on that influence instead of focusing on yourself and your potential. People who fixate on cribbing about taxes are also the ones who end up providing low quality productivity/output because their energy is not aligned with focusing on their work, and hence they don’t earn a balanced amount of money and they blame the external factors for their lack.

Let go of wanting an imbalanced experience of money – to let go of imbalanced “needs” requires a real awareness. A low awareness person is bound to by into delusions of imbalanced nature. The truth is that you will not feel happy through an imbalanced experience of money, it’s just a delusion that you may have because your thinking is not grounded in reality. Always remember that there is no such thing as a purely light natured reality, and to imagine such a reality is a delusion. You may ask – “what if it’s just your belief that a purely light natured reality is not possible?” – to which I can only say that there is a knowing that comes from open observation of life, and this knowing is not a belief it’s just an aware understanding; just like gravity is not a belief and just because you don’t believe in gravity doesn’t make gravity go away from your experience. There is no such thing as a life of pure leisure, because leisure is a light nature and it needs the dark nature of work to balance it. To desire a life of pure leisure is what it means to want an imbalanced experience of money – even if you do manifest it somehow (through whatever forced visualization exercises you employ) it does bring along the imbalance with it. If you want a balanced experience of money, you just need to be true to your consumption-contribution balance, that’s all that’s needed, nothing more.

Don’t compare your requirements with others – we are a population of close to 7 billion people, each with unique characteristics, personality and potential. The problem with living in such a huge diversity is that we are likely to forget out individuality and start focusing on trying to copy the individuality of someone else. If your neighbor buys a BMW you start imagining that you also need a similar, or a higher, car brand, though it may hardly be a true desire in you – so this so-called desire is stemming from a place of jealousy, or inferiority, rather than from a place true alignment with who you really are. Some people like to have a grand wedding, but it doesn’t mean that everyone needs a grand wedding, you might be a person who would just like a small wedding or may be just a 5-min wedding at a Las Vegas church – it’s important to understand that just because someone else is doing it doesn’t mean that you have to do it to feel successful. It takes some real self-awareness to be able to come out of this comparative mindset and truly align with yourself as who you are right now. There is nothing wrong with a grand wedding as long as it’s something that’s really aligned with what you need/require as an experience in your life. The inflow of money is a very relative thing, its personal, it can’t be compared, and there is no universal standard for what “wealthy” means.

Stop expecting everything in one go – You can’t eat all the food of your lifetime in one day – to accumulate so much food is not what abundance is, it’s just an imbalance of energy. Allow your desires and “goals” to take their time to mature, and allow the experience of gratification in a balanced manner. If you got everything at once there would be nothing to work towards and such a reality is imbalanced to say the least. Moreover, there’s a limitation to the options that you can manifest in one lifetime, in that you can’t have it all in one lifetime – to make a choice between what’s important to you, and what needs to be let go of, is an important aspect of learning self-awareness – you need to let go of some realities to allow certain realities, you can’t be deluded about having it all. There is no such thing called “perfection” as far as realities are concerned. It comes down to having a balance in your joy dimension; if you are overly driven by your joy dimension you end up becoming a greedy person who’s constantly restless for more consumption without aligning with balance.

In conclusion, it’s self-awareness and a willingness to understand the reality of life, what I would call “life-awareness”, that acts as the foundation for a balanced experience of money. This whole hype surrounding a fixation on money, or attracting money, only leads to a delusional mindset. A balanced inflow of money is a natural byproduct of a balanced expression between your desire to consume and your potential to contribute/produce/work in alignment with your abilities in this human body.

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  1. Yoshi

    Hi Sen,

    How are you doing? This article about money, it’s fantastic!

    So many people are crying foul over financial fraud, unfairness in wall street, while the government seeks to tax people’s income over investments.
    To this date, none of the Wall St. people got arrested for the wrong doings. Time will tell when this imbalance that you talk about manifests.

    I resonated with a lot of what you wrote about the balance and imbalance, consumption and contribution.

    When I was young, my first job was to deliver the newspaper. I made like $30 to $40 a week, even though some people would not pay their share.
    But it was an honest job. When I turned 16, I was technically allowed to work for minimum wage. But my parents did not allow me to work.
    They didn’t explain why but I found out later that I didn’t have all the necessary working visa to work in the US. When we all filed to get a permanent
    resident green card so that it would allow all of us to work, I was the only one that got singled out and didn’t receive it until months later.

    By then, my physical and mental illness came to the surface, and was a challenge just to go to school. I was afraid to go to school because I was
    expecting a possible anxiety attack while driving on the highway. I wanted this madness to stop and often times thought that it would be better to
    die in a car accident.

    In my opinion, mental illness is the most misunderstood illness of all. But even with that, I still wanted to live righteously and did my best to learn
    through higher education. I always believed in those who wanted to work hard should reap the rewards. At that time, one of my close friends
    who was a room mate of mine in college didn’t believe in work, and that work is a bad thing and we had heated arguments. He thought people
    should give him money so that he can go live and travel to many different countries. Right now, he’s been living on unemployment benefits and
    makes no sense to go get work when the benefits pay more. I know a handful of others who have mental illness and are either on disability payments
    or receiving assistance from their parents. It’s hard for them to contribute to society and I totally understand. One of them is trying and got a few
    part time jobs here and there.

    I learned more truths about my parents. Why I was messed up and how we were able to live a big house when my dad only made a
    modest salary. I wish I could say that my parents were a source of motivation, compassion, and a role model, but they were the opposite.
    Ego driven, where my dad was fear driven, and my mom was guilt driven. That kind of frequency was resonating in my house growing up
    but I didn’t realize it until recently. I found out that my mom’s assets were the main reason why we were able to live the way we did. As I got older,
    I found out that my mom had inherited a lot of money from her father and that my dad relied on that, did not appreciate it, but took advantage
    of it and it lead to a divorce. My mom never trusted my dad (i wanted to but couldn’t) and there was no love between them. I sensed that since I was a kid.

    When I got my first internship at Avon Products, I started making 15/hr. But at the same time, my mom sent me money from Japan and put a lot
    of the responsibility on me to figure out what to do with it. At the time, the stock market was flying high and it was THE thing to do. And we got
    scammed by the broker who told us that i don’t pay taxes on these mutual funds until i sell it. That was total bull shit, and all the money i earned
    at Avon went to pay my taxes.

    It’s getting to be a long story but it proves your point that having a lot of money doesn’t equate to a happy life like you say. In my case, it’s a combination
    of my mental and physical illness that really held me back from being able to contribute to society, and that created a huge load of guilt. I learned a lot
    about assets making money for you, but at the same time I was unable to really contribute and earn money honestly like the way i wanted.

    Gandhi put it really nicely:

    “The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles.”

    Thanks for posting this article.


  2. Val

    I must have said AMEN about 40 times throughout this article. Thank you for shedding light on the imbalance of life. As always great job.

  3. Kay

    Hi Sen, just have to say “wow!” You are always opening new doors by pointing in directions I would never have looked. As I read your articles I see where I am and where you are pointing to as a natural, balanced way to live and sometimes the distance between the two feels very far. What I got from this is how stuck I am in old beliefs and they are very strong. My parents, who lived through the depression, believed life was a struggle and don’t expect much. Security was their big thing. Just having food and being able to live was the important thing, forget about personal growth or being in balance. Since the depression, we have had 2 or 3 generations that have not had to face the very real prospect of hunger….although there is a large majority of people who live in it today and there is always the possibility that more of us could be thrown into another depression by stupid politians and bankers. There are no guarantees. My question is, do you think living in alignment has a better chance of manifesting if you are born into a situation that has opportunities? That being said, I see my limiting beliefs but being aware is not enough and sometimes it feels just helpless. Fearlessness feels like the key to me and I am working everyday to live from that place and not get sucked into the picture.

  4. abet

    How do you explain the guys on wallstreet who are making billions? How much out put are they really producing? They are’nt “producing” anything ( they are ultimately pushing papers) getting tons of return as far as inflow goes? (Chefs, maids, servants, etc..)

    1. Sen Post author

      abet, as mentioned in the post, money is like an energy which can be accumulated in through an imbalance or a balance. An imbalanced accumulation has its consequences that come up sooner or later, simply because the movement of life is always towards balance. For example, the reckless attitude of wall street was consequential towards economic problems in the States, and this caused an awareness towards curbing such loop holes. Of course there is a lot of imbalance currently on Earth with respect the mindset of many humans, but there is also more awareness now towards no longer allowing such imbalances to dominate the collective. The pointer in this post is about developing the mindset of allowing a balanced inflow of money that’s relative to your requirement. An imbalanced mindset has its own consequences to deal with.

  5. Markus

    Imbalance around money is one of my key problems in this life. I’ve found out that some core imbalances feed this – the need to be validated by others and the belief that worth comes from accomplishment. By doubting my contributions (and having them belittled by others in my life), my energy become one of lack. It has been a struggle to undo these beliefs.

    Even though I have been contributing in varied ways, I’ve doubted the value of my contributions – all because money was not flowing in. This has fed a vicious cycle that has come up many times. Each time goes better than the last, change is clearly happening. But it is a long process for me.

    So not only must one contribute, one must also see the value of that contribution. Believing that one is not doing enough undermines what might really be there.

    1. Sen Post author

      Markus, that’s accurate, I’ve discussed this point in the recent post – finding your natural expertise

  6. Samir Syed

    Hi Sen

    This is a great post. I don’t often quote rappers, but it was Puff Daddy and Notorious B.I.G. who rapped “mo’ money mo’ problems”. Indeed, Notorious B.I.G. was shot and killed partly because of his, well, notoriety, some of which came from outlandish displays of wealth.

    The money comes when you are ready for it; either to live in balance or to use it as a way of highlighting imbalance in order for growth.

  7. sr

    Samir – I just wanted to point out that mo money more problems comes from when you lack the wisdom to be able to handle large amounts of money. If you look at he universe it is always displaying it wealth and abundance for everyone to enjoy , this mind set of having mo money more problems is one of the key factors in people living beneath their potential to recieve form the universe because they believe that if their were to mass wealth they would be harmed . their are a lot of people who live very peaceful lives with wealth . like sen has stated many times it is not the money but their inner vibration that attracted the situation.

  8. Nick

    Hi Sen,

    Wonder if you could give me some money advice. I have anxiety which jumps onto anything and everything and exaggerates it. Currently it is focussed on its 2 favourite things, my girlfriend, and now money, and it is now merging the 2. I have lived with my girlfriend for 5 months, I earn more money than her and hence I pay a bit more than her on rent, which is fine, I also pay monthly for a car and spend a decent amount of money on petrol a month. This morning I caved in and asked her for a bit of money for petrol as I give her short lifts to work every day. She was fine with it of course, but it only equates to a small amount of month, which makes me think “what’s the point of asking for that?”. My thoughts keep shouting at me saying it isn’t fair that i pay more money than her a month but my rational mind tells me it is! I’m experiencing a constant battle which is really frustrating me. I’ve tried to allow these thoughts the come but because they are about money which is a real thing, I want it to be as equal as can be.

    Hope you have some sound advice.



    1. Markus

      Nick, don’t overlook other contributions when deciding if it is fair to pay more than your girlfriend. You earn more at work, it might be fair that you pay more at home. Does she do housework that you do not? That is, if she cooks and cleans, keeps the plants alive, or does the shopping, but you do less – then she certainly is contributing, but with something other than money. Whether or not you value her contribution, find out if she does. If so, belittling that by asking her to also pay as much as you will lead to trouble.

      (Not to say you might not need some help from time to time, but generally…)

  9. Rahul

    Pranam Sen ji. I am Rahul. from Kolkata, India. I have learnt many things from your articles which i have always wanted to understand from a deeper perceptive. And i must say that the way you put your articles are so brilliant and yet so simple to understand. Or may be i still haven’t understood it the way it should be! (i am not good in english). But i do feel good about myself after relating many of my ‘why’s of life with the meanings of your articles. Thanks a lot. Beside a guidance to Nick’s question in the above comment i want to know and understand what happens to the life-energy after the body dies. I find it all easy to get through the understanding that life is simply an energy in a living form (if i am right, in human form for me). And i am trying my best to achieve the innerbalance since i have known and understoond this (ofcourse from your articles). But i am confused about this life-energy or soul that is present in a body. Where does it go and how do this life energy attains forms after a body dies? Or does it gets dissolve in this universe as a natural energy like heat? Do we or can we have the ability to understand and believe/feel the life-energy even if it is not in a physical body. The concept of inner balance was very related to the universe in motion so i could understand it that way, but since life-energy is formless, touchless, visibleless, soundless or i don’t know any apropriate words to describe it, how can we understand it fully as how it would be after death?

    Please forgive if my words sound negative. I tried to put it best in english. Please provide me insight with reagard to my question. Thanks a lot again.

  10. Michael

    Quite possibly my favorite article of yours’. In 2012, I made quite a large amount of money through misleading and deceiving YouTube videos that I had no interest in making. That soon bit me on the ass and I made next to no money, so I not only had to deal with the lack, but the fondness of how “easy and care free” the past was in terms of money.

    I’m bringing in very little money at the moment, but it’s not high on my priority list, I care more about finding balance than the outside stuff right now. For anyone who has been reading my comments since the beginning – never thought you’d hear that out of me, did ya? 🙂

  11. Brandon

    Sen, how do I find work in alignment with my abilities?

  12. ryaan

    Hello sen,
    Thanks for the wonderfull deatiled article on money ! I am undergoing the phase of release and I am half way through it I reckon ! I have made this my priority but reading this article it makes me feel if I’m not aligned with life and I’m creating an imbalance by being not counterproductive in every aspect and maybe this idleness is contributing for the imbalance ! Any insights on this would really help me ! Thanks in advance

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