How to Develop A Deep Trust in Life

Posted on by Sen.

Feeling free with open hands

Life is pure positive energy and the reality that it creates is a reflection of this energy.

When you look around at nature per se, you will notice a deep sense of peace, joy and love reflecting from it. Everything that has “no mind” is a perfect reflection of the natural vibration of life.

The “mind” has a proclivity towards negativity because it’s based in “survival” mode of thinking. So unless the mind becomes awakened to the truth of the true nature of life, it will continue moving in fear. To develop a deep trust in life one has to understand the truth of what life really is as a vibration and as a reality.

Mind can think positive or negative, but life remains positive

The energy of life is pure positive and it has no choice in that matter. Life can never be negative and it will never join you in a negative thought.

The reason you feel “bad” when you think negative is because life energy is not supporting you in that thought. Well-being is the dominant intent in life because well-being is based in positive vibration.

Whenever you think a positive thought, you will feel good because life energy is supporting you in that thought.

When you trust in life, you stop resisting well-being

You will notice around you that people who have a deep trust in the goodness of life are the ones who are living benevolent realities, while people who are constantly complaining about life are always attracting negative circumstances around them.

Some people are inherently trusting while some need to develop a trust based on “understanding” life.

No matter what your life situation is right now, you can start moving towards well-being as soon as you trust the goodness of life.

Negative thinking is simply a habit

It’s true that the mind becomes inclined towards fearful thinking because it’s inherently a “survival” machine. But you are not the mind, so you have the choice to align yourself with the fear based movement of the mind or the love based movement of life.

When you are unconscious of this choice, it’s quite normal to get pulled in by the negativity of the mind and fuel it with your interest. With time you realize that your interest in negativity is causing you to attract a highly negative reality around you.

Usually when you hit such a plateau you are ready to wake up and realize the choice you have – you realize that you can let go of the negative thinking of the mind and choose to align yourself with the goodness of life.

Life is always moving towards your well-being

Every time a positive desire arises from you it becomes aligned with the energy of life, and it starts attracting a reality onto itself. So, in essence, positive desires create the movement of life force.

By positive desires I simply mean desires that arise from a natural place of wanting “betterment” or expansion, rather than from a place of hate. Life is always expanding and is in alignment with every desire that comes from a place of wanting expansion.

So when I say life is a stream of well-being, it’s a very scientific statement that I make. Allow yourself to relax and trust the flow of life, know that if you don’t resist it with your negative thinking, life will always be good for you and will be a continuous movement of betterment.

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  1. Radiance


    I was looking for insight about trusting life, and I ended up on your site, as often happens 🙂

    Trusting life is my most prevalent issue at the moment.

    You mentioned nature…. Well, there is adversity in nature, there are natural fires, predators, etc. So even if I am a plant, “bad things” could happen to me. And they do happen in nature.
    I know I am clinging to excuses not to trust, I just find it so difficult, and naive to just trust all will be ok.

    I know there is no point in doing the opposite, but I think it “helps” ensure I don’t take unnecessary risks?

    Ok, you know what? I want to trust life, where do I start, how does one develop trust in mind, is it also about letting go on momentum in the mind? I know this is important, but I would like to know there are things I can do to practice trust and see how it feels….

    1. Suave


      It seems that you’re caught in two minds…straddling the fence, as they call it. If you never come down off the fence to one side, you’ll forever continue to speculate on the “what ifs” of everything…Once the decision is made to trust in the goodness of life, that’s it…you become so engulfed and consumed by the perfection of the moment that it simply is not possible for you to think of anything else. Anything else is less than authentic trust. For example, most people have an authentic trust that the sun will rise tomorrow…it may be covered by clouds every once in a while, but you still know it’s there. And when those clouds do come, they serve a very necessary purose..rain. Something that is to your benefit may be of detriment to another…and this is readily evident in nature. It may behoove you to simply stop thinking about trusting life & instead focus on the perfection of everything around you, in the right NOW. If you can see the perfection in life, not just for you, but for everyone & everything. Because life itself is pure energy, so it is all, within all. I may not have provided the answer you were looking for, but it’s an option…

    2. D

      Hello Radiance

      I read your comment yesterday and for some reason it stuck with me, and last night I had an intuition I should reply to you with a suggestion.

      It is this guy called Michael Cohen, an ecopsychologist, that has a super interesting theory based on natural attractions. You can take his courses too, and you get the books over email.

      Here’s one of his websites for your perusal:

      I have a feeling his approach may resonate with you. It certainly has helped me immensely.

      Let me know you it does!



  2. Pavlo

    Greetings Dear Sen,

    In your more recent article entitled
    “The attitude required for inner freedom”
    you mention that you have “no real trust in life
    at all”

    Am I to take it that you don’t have any trust in the
    physicality of life? i.e the human experience of
    life in the physical plane as opposed to trust
    in our life force of which we’re all a part?

    Is that what you meant Sen?

    1. Sen Post author

      Pavlo, I’ve mentioned that the very notion of “trust” is inherently rooted in some form of fear – the only reason you “want” to trust someone/something is because you want to place your sense of security on that someone/something, and when you do that you are coming from a place of fear and not truly from a place of freedom. It’s okay to trust, but there is something deeper and more powerful which is to be fearless to anything that arises. So, I don’t try to trust life, I am just open to life – and while being open to life I’ve observed that life is actually a stream of well-being (it’s the way a scientist would observe a chemical reaction to derive an objective conclusion) and it’s nature is to bring balance to an imbalance, solution to a problem, harmony to chaos, wholeness to lack, this is the “natural movement” of life-energy. For example, you can see that with water, if you drop a pebble in the water it creates “ripples” (or imbalance) but as soon as the ripples are produced the nature is to move towards stability again, and the water moves towards becoming still again, it does not stay in the imbalanced state – this is what a “natural movement” of any life-energy (water is a form of life-energy) is, including human beings. So, when we stay in a natural state of openness instead of moving into a contracted state of resistance we become privy to this “nature” of life where we seek balance operating in our life. Of course, it’s also the nature of life-energy to desire “growth”, so we will never become static and still, we will always move towards a growth or challenge, and this movement will manifest its required solution and thus achieve the growth, only to move towards a new growth.

      So, the pointer in this post was that you don’t have “sit in trust”, rather you have to develop the openness to be fearless to what arises and in this openness you will be able to observe the nature of life (which is also your nature) of manifesting balance, well-being and harmony, along with eternal growth, which is all part of the enjoyment/challenge/experience of this journey as a being.

  3. Pavlo

    Thank you for providing this clarity Sen, in fact
    even without realizing it, I have been open to
    everything I’ve read, listened to, and experienced
    in my journey thus far. I’ve only accepted what was
    resonant in my being, and truth be told, I wouldn’t
    have had realization, understanding, or growth in
    my awareness had I not been open to whatever arose
    or will arise down the line. As I mentioned to you
    a week or so ago, I have been experiencing clearing
    of deep emotional energy through the Chakras(your words)
    but this would not have been possible without developing the
    ability to be unconditionally open in my Being in
    the first place. So you’re right, trust seems to be secondary
    to unconditional openness/ non resistance to
    whatever arises. Development of awareness is dependent
    on unconditional relaxed openness in my Being which,
    in my case had led to “trust” of what my life force is doing
    for me. This only came about through observation of
    my life force in action and of how I’m feeling and thinking
    while I allow my energy to come back o me. This is
    something tangible, I can actually “feel” this process
    taking place within me as was detailed to you
    a few weeks ago. So in this sense, because of my
    experience of observation, I have developed “trust”
    in the force of life based on my current experience
    but this would never have happened had I not been
    open and allowing to whatever arose in the first place
    which is the essence of your post which I now understand
    with greater clarity.
    Incidentally, the feelings of pressure in my head have
    greatly diminished, there is still some energy being
    released but more importantly, my mind/emotional
    momentum is now extremely low. I’m getting the odd
    pull of old mind momentum but after about 20-3
    seconds, the feeling if the pull disappears.

    I apologize if spacing is a little wonky, I’m typing
    to you from iPhone.

    All the best.

    1. Markus

      Pavlo, I like how you describe trust – observing life in action. It’s as though the mind needs to watch and understand, then relax and lets go of whatever struggle it was making.

  4. adam

    I’m a bit stuck at the moment on the idea of control and choice. It seems to me, quite acutely, that we can’t simply choose to be open and fearless. Or maybe we can, but I don’t see it. I’m either going to be fearless and open or I’m going to resist. It’s all based on my desires and motivations at the time and these are not something I feel like I can choose. My desires are just what they are. I don’t select them from a list, and if I did, wouldn’t I just be making that selection because of an existing desire? It seems that everything we do is motivated and we are not in a position to choose that motivation. The motivation would seem to choose us.
    If it’s all about attitude, how does a person change their attitude? If I have a fearful and protective attitude then I’m going to be fearful and protective, there isn’t too much choice in there. If I suddenly starting being open and allowing it’s because my attitude has changed, but that’s not a choice that I make, it just starts to happen one day. Right now I certainly don’t feel like I have an attitude of openness, instead I’m quite protective of my old ways of thinking and what I really want to do is force life to be the way I want it to be. I can see the illogical nature of that, but to actually change my desire seems impossible.
    This isn’t a tragic story. I can see the reality in this for almost anyone. We don’t just wake up one day and think it’s time to awaken our spiritual selves and become healed and happy. It’s almost always a long a bumpy road and I feel the truth behind this is that we just don’t have a whole lot of choice in how things pan out. If it’s going to take a long time then it will take a long time. Some people wake up quickly, some people take many many years. If it was under our control it would be instant, but of course it’s not. We are at the mercy of what we’ve created for ourselves, our Karma, and although I suppose our true selves, our true nature is always clawing a way through to our conscious minds, it can’t always get there.
    In this sense I think a trust in life is all you can really have. Even that you probably can’t choose to have it. You’ll come to it eventually by seeing and knowing, maybe through understanding although I’m just speculating because I actually don’t know. Right now I don’t have an openness to life and I have doubts and fears around what life is doing to me, what it will do to me in the near future.
    Is the instruction usually to simply “let go”? It’s not a choice either, is it? It’s only a choice when your desires are aligned to it.

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