How to Let Go of the Mindset of Struggle?

Posted on by Sen.

There is a time and place for gaining knowledge, and understanding the deal of life, but eventually it’s not the knowledge that brings freedom but about finally realizing that you don’t need to force anything, that you can let go of your struggle and allow life to take over. Letting go of struggle is a very straight forward pointer, but having been habituated in the mindset of struggle, it’s very difficult for the mind to really accept this invitation. The mind has several doubts about its survival, and the efficacy of trusting an invisible force like the life-stream.

If you see the nature, it doesn’t have a brain, but it has an intelligence where it has the capacity to balance itself on its own. For example you don’t see a tree spreading so much that it falls down due to being over-weight, it has an intelligence to balance itself – this intelligence is purely life’s intelligence. You see planets orbiting in a sync, in a harmony, and you need to ask yourself what is the force that keeps it going this way – hopefully you realize it’s not all happening randomly. All of the cosmos, and its movement, is orchestrated by the life force, through its focus on its intent for creation. It takes immense intelligence to keep something as complex as the cosmos operating in a sync, so it’s obvious that this life-force is not dumb, it’s highly intelligent and creative.

Your mind’s intelligence, created through mechanical or conditioned thinking, is nothing compared to the intelligence present in this life-force. When your mind gets in sync with the intelligence of your life-force, it’s a movement of harmony and your mind can then live out its natural expression, and something truly original is bound to come through from this expression – there will be no regurgitating or repeating of the past, something fresh and new can come through. Every aspect of nature represents this freshness and originality – no two flowers are the same (even of the same cultivar), no two blades of grass are the same, no two leaves are the same, each one is unique in its expression in some way. You have a similar originality present in you, and it can truly come forward when you can let go of your conditioned mindset of trying to “fit in” and allow yourself to be taken in by your natural expression which can only come forth when you let go of your inclination towards struggle.

The courage to let go of struggle

It’s not easy to let go of the attitude of struggle, it seems to be ingrained deep in our minds mostly due to the conditioning we received during our childhood and our limited perception of life. We seem to place a lot of trust in our mind’s fear-based, and lack-based, thinking because that’s the only voice we are privy to until we have the courage to let go of it. The mind gets pretty rattled at the notion of giving up its fear-based movement, it comes up with a lot of – “I have to survive, I have a family, I have bills to pay, I have to fight it out” and if you sense the energy of these thoughts it’s rooted in fear, anger, bitterness and hatred, and of course your reality will be a reflection of the same when you are rooted in this pattern in the mind.

When you let go of struggle, the elements that are not in sync with your well-being drop away – it’s not a loss, it’s a gain. When this energy is freed up, it can then be used for creating a more aligned reality. It’s just one life that you are going to live as this body, the least you might want to do is find out what your natural expression feels like. For some reason the mind always thinks that if you let go of struggle you will somehow become “irresponsible”, if life was so irresponsible you wouldn’t have a sun rising every morning and you wouldn’t have a planet that keeps meeting your requirements for food and resources. You need to acknowledge that this life-force is not “clueless”, it totally knows what needs to be done for existence. However, you cannot be totally in sync with the intelligence of this life-force, in you, as long as you are holding on to thoughts of struggle and negativity, because the vibration of struggle (fear) does not match the vibration of your life-force (wholeness).

When you see everyone struggling around you, it’s very natural to feel a fear towards letting go of struggle. Your mind is bound to conclude that struggling is the way of life, it almost becomes a very strong belief. This belief then attracts a reality onto it, a reality of struggle – and then you use it as an evidence to support your belief that life is a struggle. However, the reality was created due to your focus on this belief, and not the other way round – if you believe in something, you will manifest the evidence of it, this does not mean that what you believe is true, it just means that you tend to create what you believe. Your focus is “creative”, anything you focus on takes a shape in your reality, and a belief is a highly strong focus – so if your belief is that “life is a struggle”, you cannot manifest a reality of ease or joy. Your mind may have a hundred reasons for why you cannot let go of struggle, and it’s totally your choice to believe it as long as you realize it’s always a choice – you can align with a struggle-free life anytime you decide to stop believing in struggle.

Releasing the mindset of struggle

It’s true that humanity has always been rooted in struggle, because of its inclination to be rooted in the fear-based movement of the mind – this is what unconscious, or reactive, living is all about. Waking up from mind identification is what “awareness” is, and this awareness allows you a “choice” to no longer follow the fear-based movement of the mind and allows for a new way of living. Without this awareness, you don’t really have a choice, you are just a puppet that dances to the tune of the mind (the conditioned thinking of the brain).

It’s true that a good majority of the population is moving from a place of unconscious identification with the mind, and that’s fine, it is what it is at present. Your job is to have responsibility towards yourself first, without first coming into alignment yourself you can’t hope to be of any real help to anyone – you can’t alleviate outside suffering when you are rooted in suffering yourself. Since you have developed the capacity for awareness (which mostly is why you are even attracted to writings like this), you now have a choice to align with a new way of living, which is in tune with your natural expression, being moved by the inspiration of your life-force, rather than be moved by the fear-based pull of your mind. However, when your mind has a high momentum, its resistance will constantly stand in the way of you accessing your inspiration.

Look at it this way, whatever your focus is on is what you attract into your experience, so when your focus is on the “lack of money”, and you constantly keep arguing and talking about this lack in your life, it becomes a major part of where your focus is at, and hence the experience you keep re-creating in your reality is that of lack of money. The only way you can break out of this cycle is to consciously let go of this focus, though it may be seem that your mind likes nothing better than to talk about this lack, where you even attract friends which whom you can sit and complain about the lack. Unless you consciously let go of this pattern of thought/behavior, you can’t make a shift towards abundance. The most direct way is to let go of the mindset of struggle, so that you automatically have access to your life’s inspiration.

Won’t I become a starving artist? This is another fear that the mind has about letting go of struggle. The perception is that people who follow their heart may become “impractical” and end up penniless. However if you really find a “starving artist” you are bound to see that they are highly “unconscious” people who are rooted in some ideas of lack, they may even have beliefs such as “money is evil” or some misguided notions like that – so obviously they are living in lack because that’s what their focus is at. There are people who can be aligned with their creative expression but be totally rooted in negativity about other aspects of life – this is not true alignment. Any pattern of negativity that you have going within you, disconnects you from total alignment and this disconnection is bound to show up in some way in your reality.

Your life-stream is already a positive cycle

Struggle is rooted in lack, ease is rooted in abundance. When you choose ease over struggle, you choose the belief in abundance over the belief in lack. However, abundance doesn’t have to be a “belief”, if you just let go of struggle, abundance naturally comes in – by abundance I simply mean well-being. Just like when you let go of negativity, you automatically align with the positive cycle because your life-stream is already moving towards a positive cycle. You don’t have to try to be positive, you don’t have to try to think thoughts of abundance, it’s enough if you just let go of the identifying with struggle and negativity. Life force is already a stream of wholeness and when you let go of clinging to the negativity, you automatically become privy to a positive cycle.

Since the mind has a dimension of fear and hatred in it, it’s obviously going to create thoughts rooted in negativity. The question is – do you have a strong enough awareness to not get pulled into its negativity, or do you start defending its negativity, and reacting to it as soon as it arises in the mind. Only when you consciously initiate the process of letting go of negativity, can its momentum start ebbing away in your mind – it always starts with this choice and this commitment. I’ve seen that people who stay true to this commitment of never defending negativity, are the ones who make the quickest progress towards finding freedom from the pull of negativity in their mind. Whereas people who keep defending negativity in some way, just stay stuck in the loop of negative cycle in their mind.

You can’t heal fear with fear, you can’t heal suffering with suffering, you can’t heal lack with lack, you can’t heal struggle with struggle – if you want to heal, or bring harmony, into your reality, you have to find a grounding in inner wholeness so that you can be moved by your life-force, and for this to happen you have to let go of defending negativity. When the mind perceives something negative in your reality, it’s bound to feel negative, but its your choice whether you get attached to this negativity or you have a space of awareness that allows you stay connected with your life-stream’s inspiration – this choice feels like a “practice” initially, but soon it just becomes your natural way of being. By becoming attached to the negative you cannot solve the negative, you can may be wallow in suffering or self-pity, but basically it doesn’t serve in bringing a positive shift.

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  1. sr

    How can you distinguish the feeling of inspiration apart from the other voices and feelings coming from being .

    1. Sen Post author

      Inspiration does not feel like a struggle, it feels like a movement of interest, ease, joy, passion or excitement – it’s something you feel like doing, instead of something you are forcing yourself to do from a place of fear or lack-based thinking. The more you let go of the mindset of struggle, the more you connect with the inspiration of your life-stream, it’s basically the choice to align with your joy and ease that makes you open the inspiration your life force.

  2. T

    Awesome thank you Sen.No Questions.

  3. rafael

    this blog is truly a gem..

  4. Jaime

    Hi Sen,
    So when these “negative” thoughts or obsessions come into our minds, how do you manage not to attach yourself to them? Do you simply observe that you are having a negative thought/obsession, and just carry on? Sometimes it feels like even when I am ignoring the negative thoughts, they become stuck in my mind for quite some time, which in turn causes me to feel a sense of struggle. I try not to become attached or dwell in the thoughts, but they are relentless at times.

    1. Sen Post author

      Jaime, when the mind has a high momentum, it’s bound to be disturbing and as you start letting go of being lost in its pull you will still sense it power to disturb your peace. But once you start letting go of mind identification, its momentum keeps coming down until it no longer has the intensity to disturb your space of being. Don’t try to ignore out of fear, and don’t try to observe from a place of fear either, just be open in your being to allow the mind to have its movements while you stay in a place of “allowing” – it means you are not suppressing the mind, neither are you identified with it, neither are you sitting in fear of it, you are just letting it be without being gulled into believing its negativity – as you continue staying as this space of allowing, the mind momentum will keep reducing until it’s no longer intense enough to have any influence on you.

  5. steve

    Thank you so much for your wise words X

  6. chetana

    Hi Sen,

    Over the last while with the support of your articles and advice i have made some progress and also experienced for a period, about 3 weeks, of overall lessening of negativity in my life. But patterns changed…not only is there negativity and hostility coming from my husband but i am also caught in the momentum of it. A couple of times, i verbally lashed out, and experienced feelings of anger and sadness and frustrations like waves in my body. The peak must have lasted for about 15mins but definitely there. At the same time, I had 3 friends, texting me at random, to say how my open and joyful attitude to life has made a change in their life. these are overall contented folks.

    I claim both as my nature and know which one gives me energy and sustains me and want it to be fully me. As i continue to work on losing my negative momentum, i am unable to understand my verbal lashing. Am i lashing at myself when i lash at my husband? do i feel so bad/sad about myself that i attract negative and sad people…my husband is depressive by nature, takes prescription, and copes with sadness and resentment over lost/unachieved dreams. I am wondering what about me attracted such a man into my life, when at the time i married him, i was successful in my career, had a good circle of friends, but choose over others, this depressive man. I feel sad for him at heart but living with his daily criticism and complaints of how unfair life is, gets me down and i lash out.

    I am sharing this with you and if there is any article dealing with verbal lashing behaviours and how to manage it as awareness builds, i would be grateful.


    1. Sen Post author

      Chetana, as you find yourself relaxing in your being, for a while you will go through a phase of calm and bliss, but this relaxation also becomes an invitation for the suppressed negative energy, in your inner space, to come up to be released – this is why I call this a detox phase. The release can happen in phases, moving through the layers of negative energy stored up. Sometimes during this release, the negativity that comes up can attract some negative responses from the outside especially when you are taken in by it – this would mean that there are some episodes of arguments, verbal aggression and frustration, as a lot of suppressed hatred/fear comes up. It’s best not to judge yourself for this, and don’t feel that you are regressing in any way – it’s just that the release can be really intense sometimes, and can take you over. Judging yourself for your behavior, during this release, will only cause you to feel guilty about yourself which is just another negativity – so just let it be, and know that the next time such a negativity arises there will be more awareness and less reactive behavior, with time the intensity of the release will keep reducing ensuring that it does not influence you.

      The fact that the release is causing episodes of anger and frustration in you is indicative of a some hatred based negative energy stored up in you – possibly created during your unconscious identification with self-criticism and self-hatred during your growing years. What’s happening is just a part of the release process, just continue staying allowing of the release.

  7. Chetana

    Thanks Sen for your reply. One of the things that you speak off is resistance to life and sometimes i am not clear on how this resistance manifests itself unconsciously.

    Very early on, I had made a conscious decision to be open to life, meaning i didnot push myself to seek, discard anything, beyond what felt natural to me. I did try for things, have goals and dreams that i worked to achieve but was also open to how the fruits manifested. But my experience of openness did not bring me to content but i found myself becoming increasingly discontented with life and started experiencing struggles, conflicts in pretty much all the areas of life. So i suspect, i had resistance at a deeper level that i was unaware off. And though at a surface level i was somewhat open or thought myself to be open, at a deeper level i was insecure, fractured, rebellious, and fearful. Far from a place of aligned living. This is the reason i seek some pointers on how to identify and bring forth unidentified and unconscious resistance to foreground.

    Thanks again.

    1. Sen Post author

      Chetana, it’s quite possible that there is a lot of suppressed hatred within which you may be trying to deny by cloaking it under a veil of trying to be loving. Presently, you may notice a lot of events happening to cause this suppressed hatred-based energy to come up in the form of anger, frustration, irritation and discontent. What’s required is for you allow this hatred to arise without trying to suppress it, and even if you get swept in by it, don’t feel guilty about it – for a while it can seem intense depending on how much suppression you’d created. You must understand that alignment is not about “trying” to be loving, alignment is about accepting your mind as it is and allowing it a freedom of expression while having a connection with your space of being which allows for wisdom. It’s quite possible that you started suppressing your natural behavior (disconnecting from your mind’s natural makeup – which may be dark natured), and started trying to please others for the sake of acceptance. You will need to accept your mind’s natural makeup before you can bring a balance to it, and of course you would also need to allow the current release of suppressed hatred.

  8. Justine

    I believe that there are many people in this world that project their misery and insecurities onto others so they dont have to deal with their own negativity. This can be done covertly without the recipient being aware of what is happening. The other persons misery is then absorbed and taken to be your own !!!… when in reality you dont own that misery…. Setting internal and external boundaries and staying as objective as possible around such people can limit the amount of negative energy you absorbed and carry around… bring you closer to your real self.

  9. Treeter

    Dear Sen,
    This place of allowing is a very difficult reality for me. My layers of negativity seem to keep layering as well as bring out repeatedly old layers I was hoping had already dissaperared!? My spouse has always said (since 1997) he can say/do nothing right, when I say black he says white and that I’m always blaming him. This puts me in a total tail spin. I can’t win for loosing. I have overlooked, put up with and separated myself from many of his ways. He has a reputation of a perfectionist, anal, grem freak and errogant. He has a restraining order on him for harassing the neighbors, an arrest with pending trespassing charges and all the while acts like he’s totally in the right, enlightened and confident. Once a month now it seems he is pushing over the edge to get me to “release”? Which he totally denys. He tells me I need to tell him specifically what I want and when I do he won’t do it. Everything I say he throws back at me in opposite and as we rehash to reconcile after I’m so exhausted and confused he say things that arnt true totally villanizing me. He mocks me, says its all my fault we have no friends and can’t get along with family and I just am at a total loss. I’m trying to release, allow and get stronger. But I feel very little progress externally. My stress levels are raising my cholesterol levels my dr. Says I now need meds for that. I’ve been off Wellbutrin for the last three mos cuz I really believed I was dong so much better internally. My desires for a better relationship envoironment and friends are there but I still have this “being chased by god feeling” running my life? Can you please give me some understanding so I just don’t give up?

    1. Sen Post author

      Treeter, “allowing” the negativity, in your mind, is a way of releasing it, the reason to do this is to gain some sense of stability within so as to connect with your inner guidance. The mind, with its high momentum, may be too noisy to hear the inner guidance or it may have a fears/resistance towards allowing the inspiration to move you. If you sense that you can get a feel of your inner guidance for this situation, and that you are not moving from this inspiration because of the fears of your mind, then you need to consciously let go of the fears and take the action that you sense is coming from this inner guidance. The action could entail taking a break from the relationship, or it could entail having a clearer communication, or it could be to just be silent for a while – it could be anything. First, you need to bring some calm by spending a few minutes letting go of the incessant “thinking” process, and just rest in your being – the mind is not going to give you a solution from its old thinking patterns, so stop wasting energy finding solution through the same thought process again and again. True solution can only come through when you take a break from the mind’s thinking, and just stay in your space of being, getting a sense of what really feels like an inspiration right now. When you have a clarity about the inspiration, it’s again a conscious choice to follow up on it because right now you still have a strong momentum in your mind and hence it will take a conscious choice to execute the inspiration. When your mind momentum reduces, your inspirations will move you effortlessly, but right now you would just need to make a conscious choice towards executing your inspiration.

  10. Cat

    I’ve been struggling for so long and I just started feeling like I’ve really had enough. I didn’t know if I was loosing my mind or feeling like I might as well give up as it all seems to just keep crashing down on me (definately a dramatic interpretation of my mind).

    Reading your blog has been a blessing. I do feel like my mind is scared, full of struggle and focusing on everything that isn’t going right even though i try to remember all the amazing things I’ve experienced and have in my life.

    I don’t have a question, but rather just wanted to express my gratitude at finding your words and the other commentor’s sharings. It’s given me a little peace to realize it’s possible to break this loop of struggle and I have the tools within my own being to begin doing so. Thank you and I look forward to reading and sharing more.

  11. F

    Sen, I am constantly being tortured by my mind which is holding on to a past relationship that is no longer. I realize that I am not the mind and I have tried allowing all the fearful and needy thoughts. The relationship had ended over 8 months ago and since I had taken a conscious decision to overcome this on my own without finding comfort in another relationship, I feel that this is new territory for me. Although with constantly allowing or watching my thoughts from a detached point of view or awareness is helping, the thoughts of her and the constant need to contact her exists. For some reason, my mind keeps thinking that it can get her back and keeps plotting ways to do this, but in reality I understand that the point of no return has been crossed. I feel betrayed by her actions and then to make it even worse, I feel ashamed of my response actions. There are constant thoughts that keep connecting my failed relationship with this girl to a previous relationship in which the roles were reversed and I get the impression that karma was at play. But I learned through you that karma is just negative thoughts attracting negativity (law of attraction). Please help me free my mind from constant fearful and needy thoughts about this girl so that I can move on as this feels like there would be no end. Thank you in advance.

  12. asli


    I just wanted to express my gratitude for your blog once again. Your articles always help me in times of need…This pointer, let go of struggle, is always helping me to find my inner balance, no matter what comes up. Thank you…

  13. cindy

    Hi Sen,

    I’ve undergone a severe loss of ‘identity’ with myself over a period of 3 months. It started a several panic attacks induced by obsessive bad thoughts and one day I woke up and felt like I wasn’t ‘myself’ and I had no feelings. Since then I had been reading a lot about psychology and how the mind works, and I also picked up Eckhart Tolles the Power of Now. I’ve had moments where its really clicked that I’m not my mind, but by reading so much into this stuff, I’ve developed a real fear of being ‘unconscious’. When I catch myself drifting off into thought and I become ‘aware’ i was drfiting off into thought, I get anxiety because I realized I was unconscious. I’m scared of doing something bad unconsciously (one of my recurring bad thoughts is murder of a loved one).
    I’ve also noticed that when I undergo a day of a lot of anxiety and panic, the next day it becomes harder for me to be more aware, and in the now. In other words, I feel more zombified and more unconscious.

    How can we be sure that our nature is actually to be good? Is it possible to brainwash yourself into doing something bad unconsciously?

    1. Adam

      Hi Cindy,

      I just wanted to say that I’ve been through a similar experience. Intense fear and panic can often lead to a state of disconnection, I guess you’ve read of depersonalisation in psychology circles. For most people it’s very uncomfortable but it sounds like you’ve done quite well to assimilate your understanding of some non-dual teachings. I never came close to anything like that, I simply eventually calmed myself back into a fairly normal state of unaware thinking, although it was the start of me “waking up” to reality. I guess what I wanted to say was that it’s actually fear that’s led you to this transformation, not something more balanced (as Sen might say) like a slowly developed understanding and release of mind momentum. You’ve had a short-term transformation which means that you’re still in a state of flux. You’re still essentially driven by that fear and I sense that it’s now a fear of losing control, being lost in that unaware state. That’s also something I can relate to, but I think it’s not a helpful place to come from. Needing to control, needing to be in a constant state of awareness and focus in the moment is not balanced. That’s shown by the fact that you get so anxious when you lose that state. Essentially it’s anxiety that’s driving you, it’s still got incredibly powerful momentum. At first maybe it was helpful that is shocked you awake, but it’s still the part of your mind that is most dominant. I think you can learn to see that even this fear is not as important as you once thought.

      I personally have little advice to offer on dealing with anxiety except to suggest that you don’t have to believe it, you don’t have to always follow it. You can allow it to be there and maybe try to come to a level place of being, where there is simply some fear that comes and eventually goes. If you continue to regard that fear as valid and important (e.g. the fear that you will do something awful when you are not focused and aware) it will continue to dominate your life and I would guess we can all recognise that such a way of being isn’t balanced or free. Part of our journey is also to let go of needing to be in complete control because it’s an impossible dream.

    2. Mark

      Hi Cindy,

      Just allow all of them. The fact that u are aware that you got lost in thoughts means your awareness is growing, slowly but sure. And allow every feeling, every thoughts, dont believe in them, just watch them. It’s impossible to do something bad even if you are unconscious because there is this constant consciousness that will remind u if you are going to do something that against your true nature. And yes you can feel an almost full day of panic, anxiety, train of thoughts, bad thoughts, obsessive thoughts, fear, etc. I have been through that, and it’s not comfortable but we have to go through it by allowing, the more you allow the more u get used to the fear until u are not afraid of the fear itself.

      All the things that you mention are normal Cindy. This is just a phase that everybody has to go through, the difference is only in the intensity, because everyone has their own load of past accumulation, negative ego and imbalance. Allow and observe the thoughts, keep calm, listen to Brainev if you want, it can assist you. Be patience. And if you can’t stand a thought because the emotion is too overwhelming, u can drop it. It’s fine.

      Hope this helpful

    3. Questioner

      Hi, Cindy,

      I also gone through similar experience – I had thoughts that someone/something could damage my eyes… Of course, it was very scary and made me into panic sometimes, sometimes it drew me in so “alienated-of-the-world” state that I was afraid of everything, even the smallest sound.

      As others said, you can just allow these thoughts, but to do that, you first have to understand that these are just tricks of the mind and they have no connection to reality. You are afraid that you will do something bad to your loved one… Now step back and look how silly this thought is. Have you heard about ANY case when someone has been constantly afraid of killing someone and then actually done it? The fact that you are afraid of it just means that your mind has found it’s “favorite fear vinyl” to identify with and play in your head – it could be any other idiotic thought, for example a reversed one – that your beloved one would kill you…

      Of course, even when you rationally understand that these thoughts have no logic, they still continue to scare you, and then you can more clearly see that it’s really just a emotional/mental momentum happening in your mind. Then you can just allow it – Sen has wrote in this blog beautifully how to do that.

      Remember, thousands of people have gone/are going through the similar experiences, it’ s all just part of the awakening process which is happening in the world.

    4. Aaron


      I went through something very similar to you, it later evolved into Kundalini Syndrome.

      The truth is it sucks, no matter how many people advise you or how many books you read or how much you dress

      up the process with “new age” words and eastern philosophy. It sucks because it’s supposed to suck.

      “You can’t heal fear with fear, you can’t heal suffering with suffering, you can’t heal lack with lack, you can’t heal

      struggle with struggle.”

      I believe “struggling” is necessary, how can you discover true acceptance or insight if it wasn’t preceded by conflict?

      Its a process, this “struggling” in fear and suffering is a hamster wheel we must ride until we discover the truth.

      Child birth is a painful process but from it comes something beautiful. Medicine is based upon toxic compounds

      given in controlled doses to heal. There are many examples of these polar opposites of experience in life coming

      together to produce positive results. The mind is an unruly child and although it is helpful to have an awareness of

      what the author has so eloquently explained it is much harder to institute without experience. My advice: Face your

      fears, thrust yourself deeper into the sensations, accept your disconnection, accept you death, let it wash over you.

  14. Tyler


    Loss of identity, panic attacks, obsessive bad thoughts, etc. that you are describing are the side effects of a phase of release. The moments in which you mention that you notice that you are not your mind shows that you are starting to dis-identify with your mind and developing a space of being where you have the ability to be aware of your mind. Still even in this space however, thoughts still have their strength until you are able to allow their strength to dissolve through consciously allowing the thoughts to occur without fighting them, or trying to get rid of them, etc. Tolle says”whatever you resist persists, whatever you fight you strengthen”, which is basically him talking about why people go through so much suffering due to their thoughts, when instead what is needed is to allow the thoughts so that we no longer fuel them and allow their power to drain out. Also, there is a phrase in psychology “analysis is paralysis” which refers to the same thing of there is no need to constantly sit and analyze thoughts, but to allow them instead. For you, it would be a good direction to develop the understanding and willingness to allow your thoughts when they arise so that they can loose their power and no longer cause you any unnecessary anxiety and panic.

    We can’t cling to a possible fact that our nature is good in order to avoid something that we don’t want to face (like your thought of doing something bad unconsciously). Basically, what you are taken to through the process of allowing and after the phase of release has been complete is the ability to make a conscious choice. Don’t worry so much about whether or not you will make a terrible unconscious decision, because that’s where your fear gets its strength from. Just because you are allowing these thoughts doesn’t mean you’re acting on them, that they will happen, or that you want to act on them, you are just allowing them for the sake of allowing them. The important thing is to consciously allow these thoughts to exist for a while so their strength can lessen, then you will be making choices consciously based on your own wisdom and freedom.

    Some articles to which you can gain more understanding about the state of allowing and the phase of release:

  15. cindy

    Omg you guys are so wonderful, I wasn’t expecting any replies! Thank you so much! Adam, Mark, ‘Questioner’, and Tyler. Thank you thank you thank you!

  16. gabi

    having spent the majority of my life aligned to fear based movement of the mind = life is a struggle I recently have come to a better place of awareness and managed to get less pulled in by the mind negativity and identification. This article is of great help to move forward towards a place of well being and wholeness.
    I am still having though some difficulties in putting all this into practise. I would like to give a concrete example .
    I have been spending almost a decade in a home that feels like home, a place that I love and where I feel good and happy.
    Most recently my landlord decided to come back and now I have to leave this cherished place. As a freelance artist i don’ t have obviously a fixed employment and it is very difficult to find landlords willing to accept to rent a place without a steady job or some sort of guarantee. Despite my freelance status (some months are good some month are less good in terms of income) I have been always paying rent in full and regularly.
    I keep receiving negative answers to my applications. People who have a fixed job would not have the same difficulties I am having .
    How not to perceive this as “struggle”? What’s the attitude required here?

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