Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts

Most people who get stuck with obsessive thoughts, or people who have an anxiety condition (where their brain is constantly thinking anxious thoughts), fail to realize that this condition is a “symptom” and not the problem itself. They keep trying to treat the symptom without acknowledging the real problem. They look to try to solve their obsessive thoughts through logical thinking or through positive affirmations or by trying to suppress/ignore the thoughts, and of course none of this seems to work, because the thoughts are just a symptom, the actual problem is with the underlying imbalance of energy (accumulation of negative energy) in the body and the high momentum of the brain.

Because the brain has developed a high momentum it’s able to repeat the thoughts in fast succession, and the presence of a lot of suppressed negative energy in the body creates the flavor of thought (depending on the energy that’s suppressed, for example if hatred and sexuality is suppressed the flavor of the obsessive thoughts is along the lines of sexual violence). Both these issues get resolved together when one starts practicing relaxed awareness, because in this state of allowing the brain’s momentum comes down and the negative energy gets released from the body (at the cellular level).

Your body cells not only store nutrition, but also information in the form cellular memory, where they store the memory of energy/vibration of emotions and thoughts. These cellular memories keep recreating this energy in the body, and when you feel “negative” (fearful or hateful) about these energies coming up, you are basically creating new negative energy which again gets stored as a memory in the cells – thus keeping the cycle going. Of course, some of this cellular memory gets passed on into the gene pool, hence the offsprings contain the cellular memories of their parents and ancestors, which includes their negativity. The only reason why this understanding is even needed is so that you can get a sense that a good amount of your negativity is not even personal to your specific body – it was just part of your inheritance. Now this should not become an excuse to sit blaming your parents, and your family tree, rather it should just assist in you not making your negativity so personal, which allows you to release it since you are no longer investing it with personal identity.

Bringing relaxed awareness to obsessive thoughts

Remember that thoughts are fueled by your brain’s momentum and your body’s negative energy content, so just trying to solve the thoughts “logically” by telling yourself some positive statements, or seeing through the falseness of the thoughts is not enough by itself. Don’t expect the thoughts to stop just because you’ve seen through their falseness, because these thoughts are running on the brain’s past momentum and are being fueled by the negative energy content in your body. You need to allow for the time for the release of the negative energy, and for the reduction of brain momentum, and in a simple sense you just need to stay open to allowing them, and wait. Most people don’t “wait”, they get impatient too soon, they don’t trust this process of total allowing (because they don’t gain a scientific understanding this process, and just try to “believe” it because a teacher says so), they may even think that this is too simple and want some “extra ordinary” process.

Relaxed awareness just means to sit back and allow fully what arises in the mind and in the energy space of your body – it’s that simple in execution. Initially, in order for your awareness to grow, it’s helpful to just watch your mind, and watch your feelings, for a few days/weeks (depending on how strong your awareness already is) as if you are watching a movie – in a sense of detached/distant observation. Once you sense that you’ve become quite aware of your inner space, of thoughts/feelings, it’s time to start letting go of “trying” to be aware and just relax your awareness – like just sitting, being relaxed, and allowing what arises to arise. Don’t complicate anything, it’s really simple, the pointer is to just be open to what arises without requiring over-analysis.

As you stay in this space of relaxed awareness, you will notice a natural process of “release” starting to happen. This release, I call it “energy detox”, can take a while to complete and it will happen in layers, depending on how much accumulation is present in your body. Be prepared for some restlessness in the body as the energies start getting released, it’s normal, and it’s part of the detox – you can feel fatigued during and after a layer of release, you can have some sleeplessness during the release, your body can feel some aches and cramps (or even a little feverish sometimes during an intense release), the mind can have higher intensity of thoughts (during the release) and can produce a plethora of negative images/arguments, there will be physical sensations as the energies are released and your body moves into a higher vibration. There will be periods of bliss and relief, in between the cycles of detox. Remember that each body is unique and reacts differently to this detox, plus each person has a different load of accumulated negative energy. The bottom line is that this process causes the body to start moving towards a real harmony, and the unpleasantness is just temporary.

Actually to go through this process is all about being an adult, and not being a child within. A true adult can handle some discomfort, but when an adult is still clinging to his/her child identity, he/she behaves like a child getting flustered at the smallest hint of discomfort, to such people the only pointer would be to realize that they are an adult now and thus not behave like a child – I would say, if you are 12 and above, and have some ability for “reason”, or logic, in your brain, you can be an adult in this sense and develop the capacity to go through this process of detox.

Some effects of energy detox

I would estimate that close to 70% of the negativity in the brain is created from the accumulated negative energy in the body (that came as part of your inheritance). The other 30% is created from learnt conditioning from the outside. Your unconscious focus on this negativity, starting from your childhood days, causes the build up of negative momentum in your brain, and also causes the creation on new negative energy which starts getting accumulated. It’s only when you start becoming aware of the choice you have in releasing this negativity, that you actually start moving towards freedom from the load of accumulated negativity in you.

The deal with this process is that when you start becoming relaxed and allowing, the stored up negative energies start coming up more freely to be released. To relax in your being is like opening up a valve that allows the pent up water of the dam to gush out freely. Most people start doubting themselves at this point, because they thought that they will just feel “blissed out” through this process, but what they find is a huge surge of negativity for a while. Another problem is that anyone who starts letting go feels blissed out for a while, which is the initial phase, and this relaxation causes the suppressed energies to move up to be released which cuts out the blissed out feeling – causing you to imagine that you did something wrong, or that you are not doing it right. When in truth, this is the way the process of detox operates, and the periods of having a high surge of negative energy coming up is a positive sign that you are emptying out so much of your past accumulation.

Your brain can seem to go on an overdrive for a while, during the release, and it will pump out a lot of doubts, fears and tell you that “this is not right”. This is normal because the brain is designed to oppose anything that feels negative in the body. The deal is to not buy into your brain’s fears, and just continue staying open to the release. The problem is that the brain can get really tricky with its arguments and fears, causing you to believe it (if you are not aware enough), which just means you will find yourself fueling the negativity. Don’t be tricked by your brain’s antics, and just stay open to the release, and understand that there are no short-cuts or quick-fixes, the energy accumulated needs to get released “consciously” for it to not get recycled again.

This process is temporary but when you are the middle of the storm you don’t know when it’s going to end and this can make you feel uncertain. This again is normal, and you need to allow this feeling of uncertainty. There is a permanent ending of this energy detox, and especially during the final stages is when you may experience a lot of energy release. You should look at enjoying this whole process, if you are really relaxed you can sense a calm in the background as the agitation of the energy release happens, and you can enjoy this release – and when you start enjoying this process is when the release happens more quickly because now there is very little resistance in your being. People who sit worried during the release actually create resistance to the release, and hence delay it.


  1. D

    Hello Sen!

    Can you talk briefly about the value of doing things you love/being creative/following your passion while this process happens? Does it help or full clarity for those pursuits only arise after you have gained more stability?

    1. Sen Post author

      Dan, allow yourself to follow your inspiration towards creativity and joy, follow your call towards enjoying life, after all that’s the whole point of being resistance free that you can savor life in this physicality from a place of connection/alignment. It helps the process of detox, when you allow yourself to enjoy your inspirations because joy is true relaxation for the body – you can go for a hike along the hillside, play with pet, enjoy music, food or indulge in some creativity as is the inspiration. During this process your consciousness is connected with your life-space and you can freely follow the inspirations that come through, don’t judge your drive towards joy. Just ensure that you are not trying to escape the release by using activities as a distraction, you need to be authentic with yourself on that – your own honesty is what takes you through this process.

  2. Joy

    In both (highs and lows), while releasing negative energy and same in the blissful highs and reliefs I had background layer in form of impatience and insecurity.
    Now this moment of calm/high relief is different. What i feel is not thought or excitement for a simple shift of vibration that happened after last releasing, this feels more like deep knowing and realization in body, an excitement in every cell, that for sure good thing is going on and feeling of a liberation and alignment itself that is indeed coming soon. It is amazing, as cellular party and celebration of process is going on.
    I hope the future releasing will be less underlined with worry and impatience and be more with joy of positive transformation as you mentioned in last paragraph.
    One thing is sure, without your share here, I would be still worried and in dark.

    1. Irene

      Wow this really helps I’m 12 years of age and I have h ad obsessive. Negative thoughts for about 3months I was always worried as soon as I read this slowly by time everything is going away

    2. Mihir

      That is so true.. this post made us realize what was actually going on…

    3. Tef

      Hey Sen, Id really like to thank you for sharing this topic with me. I still feel like I’m doing something wrong when I try to relax my awareness because when I’m sitting down watching my thoughts come and go as well as the negative energy I feel great but as soon as I get up I start thinking I won’t be relaxed and then all the negative energy comes back. It’s like I prepare myself for what I should do for the negative energy. What do you think I’m doing wrong.

    4. Sen Post author

      Tef, you may be trying to use “relaxed awareness” (the state of allowing) as some form of a technique to get rid of negativity from the motivation of fear towards negativity – you have the attitude of being “protective”, and what’s needed is the attitude of openness. The state of allowing is not meant to become some technique to avoid feeling “negative”, neither is it some technique to stay relaxed all the time – rather it’s a pointer towards the attitude of openness to what arises, irrespective of what arises. “Relaxed awareness” does not imply that you constantly try to be in some “good feeling state of relaxation”, it’s simply a pointer towards “openness” – including an openness to the “negative feelings” when they arise, not trying to reach for good feelings. This openness is what allows for a balance to start taking place, a balance between light and dark aspects in your mind and emotions.

  3. Ritu

    Thanks Sen for the re-iteration, especially about the surges of negativity

  4. Seva


    Could you distinguish the difference between allowing and fueling negativity? When I sit back and allow from a place of awareness I have many negative feelings and thoughts rush through me such as panic, anger, hatred, and sadness. How do allow these thoughts and feelings without getting caught up in fueling them?

    1. Sen Post author

      Seva, “allowing” is not a technique, it’s just a pointer which you can understand if you just sense what it means in your heart. Allowing just means that you are “open” to what arises. The mind is bound to create some resistance to allowing the negative energy, because the mind habitually opposes bad feelings from arising. Here, you need to realize that you are not the mind and you don’t have to buy into the mind’s resistance, and you can simply stay as a “space” of allowing, you can totally allow the mind’s resistance also. Your attitude should simply be one of not being worried about what arises, but being consciously relaxed about it – even if the body contracts and the mind is in resistance to the negative energy, you can still stay open to all of this. The only way you can truly stay open is when you have some space of awareness which is not totally caught up in the mind or the feelings – this space of awareness allows you the choice to let what arises just arise. Even if you become identified with the mind for a while, it’s totally okay, don’t try too hard at this – every time you become aware that you are lost in the mind, just relax your “focus” on the mind, and stay in a space of just allowing its movements, in the same way, allow the emotional energies to arise without contracting on them or worrying about them. It’s normal to feel some sense of fear when a lot of these energies arise, but the more conscious you are the less likely you are to be totally lost in the fear, this space allows you to have the courage to simply stay open and allow the release.

  5. Eternus


    I am currently experiencing the “blissed out” feeling, but it’s reached a new stage. It’s not the same feeling of peace, it’s more a feeling of joy, like there are no problems any more. I feel like the boundaries of the shell I was living in have almost (i say almost because I don’t know) completely dissolved, and it’s an incredibly liberating experience. I currently have no idea who I am, but I don’t care either. It’s a complete loss of self-identity, yet it feels so boundless and free. I do not recognise my “self”, I just know it wasn’t real in the first place. I am a blank canvas, waiting for a new, transparent ego which is congruent with the natural expression of my life stream. Is it normal to feel slightly “lighter” physically, or am I just imagining this?

    1. Sen Post author

      Eternus, it’s amazing that you’ve reached this place in a span of 4 months or so (I remember you talking about feeling lost and depressed, feeling deeply negative, due to a breakup just a few months back). This is what happens when a person becomes “totally allowing”, you reach inner wholeness in the shortest span. Yeah the feeling is of absolute lightness physically, it’s like being space, and as you said “transparent”. This is a permanent place, what I refer to as a the space of inner wholeness. From this place you will be living your natural expression, in sync with your life-stream’s pull, you will sense inspirations arising.

  6. Anu

    Dear Sen,

    Wonderful Article. Having suffered from OCD or as you explained it, symptoms of high momentum and lots of negative energy, I can relate very closely to what you described here.

    Also, I want to note that, as I understand, there is a difference between a pointer and a a technique. Relaxed awareness may start as a technique but is actually a pointer. I tried to use it as a technique but just using it as a pointer, where I am not “trying” helped me a lot.

    I also liked the idea of “wait” because we can be impatient and want to experience the bliss right away.

    Thanks a lot for wonderful articles…..

  7. Suhasini

    Thank you for your advise. I am able to stay in the place of relaxed awareness. My journey had been a long period of depression (over 10 years), troubled relationship and hard work. It was indeed a divine blessing that amongst all these I had the light in the form of Tolle. In an desperate effort to come out of the long period of depression and the intense crippling fear (that I mentioned to you in the counselling session with you), last month I consulted a psychiatrist. He put me on medication. According to him I need to take this medicine for 6 months and he would evaluate and slowly take me out of it at the end of sixth month. i am taking the medicine for the past one month. After your advise I feel very calm, relaxed and am able to be in the space of relaxed awareness. What do I do with my appointments with the psychiatrist and the medicine? I have my next appointment next week. Could you please advice?

    1. Sen Post author

      Suhasini, you need to follow your instinct with respect to whether you want to continue with some external therapy or if you feel that you can come to an inner stability on your own through the practice of relaxed awareness. The fact that you can maintain a space of relaxed awareness shows that you have the capacity to be consciously allowing of the negativity to be released, so you can bring forth all your healing on your own. But it’s still your choice if you feel you need to the support of the psychiatrist or medication, there are no “don’ts”, it’s just that you need to connect with yourself and find out what feels right for you at this moment.

  8. kay

    Hi Sen – I have noticed lately that there are very active dreams with lots going on. When I got up this morning I also noticed a lot of self talk like I am talking to someone else. I know this is a sign of an over active mind but there is not one thought that I can see as obsessive, no pattern to ths thinking to release nor holding in the body. Just a general identifying with thought. Can you comment on this?

    1. Sen Post author

      Kay, obsessive thoughts are just one symptom of an imbalance in your inner space created through a high momentum of negativity in the mind, not everyone has this symptom. If you sense that you don’t feel an inner stability in your being, and feel that your mind has lot of resistance, restlessness and conflict, or you feel that you are not aligned with the type of life that you desire to live as your heart’s calling, all these are also symptoms of an imbalance – the underlying problem being high momentum of negativity in the mind or suppressed negative energy in your body, which is creating resistance to your alignment with your life’s pull.

  9. Treeter

    Your explanations have not only helped me to be patient during this process/change but have helped me gain the needed understanding to be less and less fearful of this way of life. As I continue to detox I look forward to gaining the confidence needed to keep moving towards love/joy/peace.
    Thanks! Treeter

  10. kay

    Thank you, Sen, for your response. Just before discovering your website I read a book entitled
    “Thought as a System” by David Bohm. This book gave me an understanding of the power of
    thought which was sobering. Your site came as a blessing in furthering this understanding in a
    practical way along with pointers and your compassionate support to those of us who are ready to listen. I read where you said you are just doing what you felt drawn to do but all of
    these expressions of gratitude can’t tell you how deeply indebted I and I am sure others feel.
    It is a new message for me that there is another way to live besides believing these thoughts and self-images and that our natural expression of life is one of ease, joy and abundance. What is encouraging is when you said that just slowing down the momentum by 50% (I hope that percentage is correct) the other, natural dynamic of our Being takes over and we just go with the flow. So, I just have to meet it half way. Of course the mind wants to come in a say I am not doing this right. When I wrote about this self-talk I think it is mostly becoming aware of the negativity of mind that I thought was the only way to live. It has been my constant companion that is there for me like a drug to take away the pain. But like you said, it is grow-up time.

    1. jon

      Dear Kay,

      I have the same problem as you and its been hard waking up to chatter and buzz in my head about all sorts of negativity which doesn’t just arise from one specific problem.

      Tried to google help but I guess meditation or sleeping with silva meditation does help a bit, but i do wanna concentrate better on work and stuffs.

      Since it’s been almost a year, I was wondering how have you been coping and could you describe your process/story or success??

    2. Anonymous

      Hi Jon, thanks for your comments. What a journey this has been but I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Sen’s blog has been a tremendous teacher and one of the lights that has given accurate guidance along the way. It has been over 20 years since the first hit of awareness when I read Nisargadatta. Something understood that there was another way to live and like Sen says, once you start there is no going back. You can only resist and make it more difficult and struggle but you can’t go back. So for anyone who is attracted to this blog….it is already too late. I have read, meditated, followed teachers, gone down blind alleys and one way streets, but something has not let me rest or give up. Everything you need is here in this blog…not only Sen but the people who also take the time to reply and comment. So grateful for their wisdom and generosity.

      For me it has been the force of the mind and emotions that have been so tight that even though I was aware of Truth I would be taken over and go into a trance. Very strong addiction. Trying to work with this has been like trying to open a tin can with a fingernail. A very hard nut to crack. So I think I am a bit worn down and able to surrender more easily to the stillness and not get sucked up into the ego. Ego is resistance. Balance, harmony, peace, love, acceptance is our natural state and it is the ego that takes us away. So going back to a place of balance isn’t truly accurate. It’s about finding out and understanding what takes you away from that natural state..not how do you get back there. I had to get to a place of hopelessness for the control of the ego to start loosening and to begin to surrender. It takes a quality of strength to be able to stay in that neutral place with out giving in to thoughts or emotions. So, for me, development of strength and will to stay with whatever is happening and to allow a space for thoughts and emotions to run their course had to develop. Sen’s post on fearlessness was one I read over and over. The ego wants to go out there and control and make things happen which gives it a false sense that we are running this show instead of realizing we are just one of the characters on the screen. This is like spinning our wheels. The character on the screen who is constantly seeking “out there” that which is already the case might be satisfied when it gets or achieves what it wants for a while, but that satisfaction is very brief and the seeking and dissatisfaction will soon take over again.

      All that being said, a corner was really turned for me when I read Sen’s post about the momentum of the loop between the brain and the heart and started listening to BrainEv the first of the year. I also did some reading on the affects trauma has on the brain. This has opened a new door of understanding and A way to work with building will and strength mentioned earlier and being fearless. I have been meditating for years and have had tastes of real acceptance and allowing and so know what is possible. When Sen mentioned how the loop between the brain and mind gets formed and how awareness makes it more destructive, he hit on a key I wasn’t aware of but knew it was the dilemma I was experiencing. I am experiencing deeper levels of emotional release and in the process becoming more fearless.

      Thank you, Sen, and thank you everyone on this post. I love you all. You are on a great journey of transformation.

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