I am Stressed Because of Unemployment, How Do I Release It?

Posted on by Sen.

This was a query sent in by one of the readers, and I decided to put up my reply as a blog post so that other readers who have a similar situation in their life can get insights from it.

Stress begets Stress

It’s a simple equation in life – “like attracts like”. Stress attracts stress and Joy attracts joy. If you want joy you have to let go of stress based thinking. It’s a choice that you need to make on moment to moment basis (till it becomes natural to you), to align in the direction of joy and let go thoughts that are negative or fear based.

When you don’t have a job, your brain interprets it as a negative situation. The brain then desires a reality where you do have a job, and a good stream of income. This desire starts taking shape non-physically and start attracting resources towards its physical manifestation. One of the resources needed for this manifestation is “you”, and hence your desire starts pulling “you” towards it. I call this the “pull of life”. Now it’s up to you where you allow yourself to go with the pull or stay in “resistance” to this pull. When stay in resistance you don’t feel good because you are fighting against the pull of life, and when you go with the pull you feel good because of the alignment with life.

How to let go of stress, when your brain is obsessed with thinking negative thoughts about unemployment? Start off by realizing that you don’t have to listen to the brain’s noise or give interest to it. The brain has the right to make noise, but it’s your choice to listen to it or not. You can stay detached from the brain’s negative noise by staying as a space of relaxed awareness. When you do this, you no longer fuel the negativity in the brain and hence the resistance in you starts ebbing away, allowing life to pull you easily towards your desire for employment.

Desires manifest quickly when there is no resistance

Negative thoughts create resistance to the pull of life. You can think of a negative thought as a “force” that moves in the opposite direction of where your life wants to move. Your life wants to move in the direction of manifesting your desires, while a negative thought is focusing on a “scenario” which is opposite of it. So it’s your choice whether you want to keep giving interest/attention to negative thoughts, or you would rather allow yourself to relax, and allow life’s pull to take you towards your desires.

Life is really simple in its movement. When you find yourself in a situation of contrast, you have desire for a better reality, and this desire starts manifesting while pulling you towards it. If you are resistance free you get pulled in easily, and your desires manifest quickly. If you are obsessed with thinking negative thoughts, you resist the pull of life, and stay stuck in a reality that you don’t want.

Thoughts first, Actions later

Humans feel stuck in unwanted realities because they use action to solve it, instead of first sorting out their thoughts. Realities are created out of thoughts. Everything you see around you is “thought” condensed into an illusion of physicalness (physicists will tell you that even the most solid form is actually just “empty” vibrating space). A thought condenses into physical reality by the force of attraction. You don’t really have to understand the science behind it, if you just know that thought creates realities.

So instead of struggling and making effort with your actions, first focus on your thoughts and sort them out. Let go of negative thoughts, and create a focus towards thinking thoughts that feel good, or just stay in the space of not giving attention to unwanted thoughts. If you find it difficult to think positive thoughts, just relax and stay as a space of awareness that is not identified with the negative thoughts.

The right action will be inspired in you

When you let go of being identified with negative thoughts, you will see your reality shifting automatically towards your “Desired reality”. The required actions will be done through you (inspired in you) by life’s momentum. You will find yourself taking actions at the right time (what I call right action), motivated by ideas/inspirations that come to you suddenly. This can only happen when you first let go of negative thinking and allow yourself to align with joy/peace every moment.

If you stay stressed by your reality of unemployment, you will not be able to allow the reality of employment to flow in – you must let go of being identified with thoughts of unemployment so that life can pull you towards the reality where you find employment (you will find a work aligned with your joy and passion).

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  2. nidhi

    its quit benificial …thanks a lot. After reading this my mind is calm. I am not an unemloyed…but ve some issues in my current job, feeling like to leave it but can not do this due to some personal needs.
    But now i can resolve this with my inner strenth.

  3. cris

    I am currently unemployed and have been searching for a job for quite awhile. i believe the main reason why i am still unemployed is because im not trying hard enough simply because im fearful of getting a job. im fearful of the beginning process of a new job such as the interview, learning how to do the job, meeting the coworkers, etc. i understand that these are limiting thoughts and i should not buy into them but i am having a difficult time letting go and moving forward. one day i tell myself i will apply for jobs and be more active in my job search but when the time comes i let fear stop me altogether and ends up becoming a cycle. i have read many of your articles and i have implemented relaxed awareness for months now but i still seem to struggle with this aspect of my life no matter how aware of my thoughts i am. i would like to know your take on my situation and any insights would be great as well.

    1. Sen Post author

      Cris, what’s required is that you give yourself the freedom to let go of the struggle to get a job. Right now your motivation behind getting a job seems to be rooted in a mindset of struggle created from thoughts of fear and lack. Spend sometime finding freedom from this fear-based urgency in your mind to find a job, there may be many reasons for this sense of urgency like money running out, social pressure and self-esteem issues, but if you allow yourself to be driven by this fear-based motivation you will simply feel like a prisoner to the circumstances. Develop the power to allow yourself the feeling of abundance and ease just as you are without being pressurized into finding a job. Allow inspirations to come from a place of ease rather than moving from a place of struggle. You can read this post – Freedom from the mindset of struggle

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