Why do Positive Thoughts Feel Good?

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A lot of people go through varying intensity of feelings everyday without ever trying to look at them in a scientific manner to understand the exact reason why feelings are generated in the first place. Everything in life has a “cause”, and nothing can come into existence without an initial cause that creates it. If you look at feelings deeply enough you will realize that they are not as “varied” as you thought them to be, though we seem to have so many labels for feelings – sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, boredom, dullness, nostalgia, grief, hurt, loneliness, joy, love, peace, exhilaration, excitement, passion etc But in truth, these are labels for our “thoughts”, the actual feelings that these thoughts instigate are just “two” types –

1. A feeling of resistance or contraction

2. A feeling of freeness or openness

These are the only two “feelings” possible in the body, in varying intensities. Positive thoughts make you feel “good”, in the sense that they remove resistance within you, while negative thoughts make you feel “bad” because they create resistance – the question is, what is being “resisted” by the negative thoughts?

Emotional pain is no different from physical pain

The hallmark of a good feeling is that there is a feeling of “openness” or freedom inside the body. If you’ve been under the spell of bad feelings for an extended period of time, the transition to a good feeling feels like tremendous relief because it’s like someone lifting off a huge load from your body. If you look more deeply you will notice that a bad feeling has the same “taste” to it as is created when you are physically trying to resist something, or when you are physically trying push against something. For example, imagine yourself standing rooted in the middle of a very strong current of water (of a raging river), or walking against it; the flowing water beats up against your body because you are standing resisting its flow or moving in the opposite direction – in such a situation the sensation/feeling created in the body is that of pain, hurt, congestion, contraction, friction, agony etc, which is no different from what you feel when you have “bad feelings” created by the thoughts in your mind.

So as you can see, the “physical pain” created by standing in resistance to a strong current of water and the “emotional pain” created by “negative” thoughts in your mind have the same “flavor”, or taste, to them. So ask yourself – when it comes to “emotional pain”, what is this metaphorical “current of water” that you are standing in resistance to? Emotional pain is a “reality”, and everything “real” has a physical cause to it – that means that this pain is being created because your body is standing in resistance to a “real” current or stream in that moment. So what is this “current”/stream that your body is resisting when it’s thinking a negative thought? The answer is “your life stream” or the current of your “life force”. When you think a negative thought, you resist the strong current of your life stream and this resistance is felt as “emotional pain” in your body.

Polarity of positive thoughts is in alignment with life

So the next obvious question is – why does a negative thought resist your life stream?

The answer is – “the polarity of a negative thought is opposite to that of your life stream” – which indicates that your life stream is “pure positive” and that your life stream is basically a force of well-being, goodness and positivity, which is taking you towards a reality of abundance and wellness when you don’t resist it. This is how one can scientifically prove that life is a stream of well-being and the only resistance to this stream is the “negative” thoughts of the mind. So if you don’t want bad feelings, you have no option but to let go of negative thoughts – literally “let go” of negative thoughts the way you would let go of a hot ember placed on your hand.

Any argument to defend negative thinking is futile, a negative thought’s polarity will always be against your life stream, no matter how justified you feel in your negative thinking. So if you want to allow well-being, consistently, you need to let go of “identification” with negative thinking (even though your mind will keep creating negative thoughts now and again). Remember that “negative thoughts” or “positive thoughts” are created by the way your mind “interprets” the reality – there is no universal standard for what is negative or positive, it’s always a “personal” interpretation. The polarity of a positive thought matches life energy while the polarity of a negative thought opposes it, also when you are in a state of “no thought” (as a space of awareness) you are still resistance free and thus allowing of your well-being.

The Intensity of your feelings is directly proportional to inner resistance

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are just two feelings, one is a feeling of resistance and other is a feeling of freedom from resistance. The feeling of resistance can be of varying “intensity” depending on how much resistance is created in you through your identification with negative thinking. And the feeling of freedom can also be of varying intensity depending on how huge your “relief” is, which depends on how much resistance you were living in before.

A person who has very little resistance, does not have “high intensity” good feelings anymore, his/her good feelings are more along the lines of a “calmness” or “calm joy”. If you experience “intense” good feelings, it’s an indication that you also have, or had, intense resistance patterns in you as well. When your resistances ebb away in intensity, good feeling almost becomes a “permanent” place (because you are not in any severe resistance to your life stream), but it’s no longer felt like an “exhilaration” but rather as a “calm space”.

Any human being who understands this “scientific” truth, of the movement of their life stream, would no longer be willing to identify with negative thoughts (even if they are produced by the mind). At some point, it just becomes your second nature to stay dis-identified with negative thoughts, which automatically causes the intensity of negative momentum of the mind to ebb away in force allowing a resistance free life expression. This “scientific” understanding of life’s movement of well-being is what “enlightenment” is all about.

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  1. Kaatha

    Almost all of your articles focus on positive thoughts while edging out negative thoughts without resisting towards it. I have a specific question to you, assume that we are having positive thoughts about ourselves and people who are jealous or envious about us are constantly thinking bad things to happen to us. Don’t you think that could doom us in big way?

    1. Sen Post author

      The negativity you attract from outside is a reflection of the negativity you hold within yourself – when you hold on to fears you attract people who accentuate those fears. By holding thoughts that others are trying to make bad things happen to you, you are basically just vibrating from a place of fear and this vibration ends up attracting elements of negativity in your reality. When you are aligned with your own life-stream, by letting go of being identified with negativity (including thoughts that others have ill-will towards you), you allow the wisdom, guidance and well-being inherent to your life-stream to flow in on a consistent basis – you have the choice to “let go” or hold on to negativity.

  2. Kaatha

    Thank you, sen.

  3. Ahlan

    Dear Sen, I very much want to get a clarification on this point.

    I have been practising awareness and allowing from 2 weeks now. I have understood the patterns of negativity of my mind. One of them is my job security(fear of losing job). I have observed with detached awareness that the mind keeps churning this thought several times a day. I have brought it into my awareness and also keep allowing this fear.

    My query is regarding this statement:
    “if you don’t want bad feelings, you have no option but to let go of negative thoughts – literally “let go” of negative thoughts the way you would let go of a hot ember placed on your hand.”

    Does this mean? –>> Now that i have identified the negative pattern of my mind and the mind identified fears.. should I ignore this negative thought whenever it arises OR i continue to be aware and keep allowing till it ebbs in intensity automatically?
    Pls answer this as a lot of my understanding depends on this. Thanks.

  4. CIndy

    Thank you so much Sen…this is exactly what I was looking for (:

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