Freedom From the Grip of Negativity

Posted on by Sen.

When a fearful thought is generated by your brain how much of your body is impacted by its grip? If your brain/mind has a high momentum, it’s a given that it creates huge contraction in your whole body, specifically in the gut, chest and brain area, in many cases this resistance in even felt strongly in the limbs. When your brain has a normal momentum (what I call the natural state of the mind), its fears don’t touch the body. Imagine the difference in the quality of your life between when your mind has a high momentum and when it has a normal momentum. The majority of the population is living under the spell of a high momentum mind, so much so that it’s considered to be normal state of the mind, in truth a high momentum is anything but normal because it creates huge amount of resistance in the body everytime it creates a low-vibration thought of hatred or fear, and hence harms the well-being of the body and resists your inner guidance.

The bottom-line is to bring your mind momentum back to normal. In the normal state the mind doesn’t have any real intensity, so the energy of its thoughts are isolated to the brain area alone and they don’t influence/impact the entire body, hence they don’t create a new accumulation of negative energy in your body space.

Some of the posts like – A Clear Minded Focus, Beyond Will Power, A Clarity of Intent, Conscious Joy and Aligning with the Call of your Life-Stream, are not pointers but just my description of how it is when you are free of a high mind momentum – so don’t read these posts as pointers, rather just as a fore-taste of what it’s like when you are free of the resistance of the mind, if you try to read these posts as pointers you will get confused because then your mind will try to “execute” it as an instruction/directive. Other posts like – The Space of Being, Staying Surrendered to What Is, Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts, Allowing the Release of Suppressed Energy, The Practice of Relaxed Awareness, Reaching a Place of Total Allowing etc are posts with pointers on how to reduce the mind momentum so that it comes to normal state. Then there are other posts that give an deeper understanding on the working of a mind and life’s movement. All of these perspectives and pointers serve a value towards coming to a freedom from mind’s grip of negativity.

Why is this process not straight forward?

The mind likes straight forward instructions – like do A to get to B. So it keeps asking for some direct instructions which it can follow to the T and perfect. But since this whole process is about letting go of the mind momentum, you realize that it’s not about giving the mind some ABC technique which it can hold on to. There are people who sit doing some “focus” meditation (like focusing on the breath) for 10-20 years without gaining any freedom from their negativity, the reason is simple – it’s the mind that’s trying to do the “focus” meditation, and in doing so all it does is suppress the negativity temporarily, also its “efforts” at the focus based meditation keeps the mind engaged and hence does not allow its momentum to come down. Some focus based meditations can help bring a stability to the mind, but by itself does not rid you of the negativity, unless you use this stability to then go into a phase of allowing the negativity to arise and thus release it consciously. Staying as space of allowing can also be called a “meditation”, but it does not involve the mind, rather it’s about letting go of all techniques and allowing what arises to arise.

In truth this process is very straight forward

1.Gain some stability in your awareness (in case your awareness is weak), by doing some practice like watching the mind, or a focus based meditation, preferably for 20 to 30 mins a day

2.Once you sense your awareness is strong enough, just let go and allow all the suppressed/accumulated negative energy to be released, and allow the mind momentum to come back to normal. There is no specific time duration to do this, it’s just that you stay allowing everytime negativity arises, in the mind or in the body’s energy space. Lot of changes can happen in your external reality as the momentum of negativity keeps ebbing away in you, and hence it can be challenging phase.

3.When the release is over, and the mind momentum has come back to normal, you will feel free of resistance, your mind’s negativity/fears will have no grip on your being, your body will feel spacious and you will move in the direction of your natural expression.

Most of the pointers are for the 1 and the 2 stage, because that’s when you need pointers. In the 3rd stage you are not dependent on pointers and are connected with your own inner guidance, but the learning continues, you will be moved towards learning new skills (as required for your expression), and understandings, which keep you growing in this way towards expressing your potential and experiencing aligned realities. I do write posts about this 3 rd stage, more as a fore-taste of where you will end up than anything else.

However, though the process is straight-forward, the “journey” is not because there are so many places you can get stuck in if you don’t have a clarity on what’s going on. Like people who are stuck doing meditation for 10 to 20 years, are basically just stuck in the 1st stage, they lack the insight to let go into the 2nd stage. During the 2nd stage, the mind can feel confused as its perspectives start changing, as the hold of negativity and limiting belief/conditionings starts wanning away, it can feel “alone”, and possibly disoriented by the changes, and it’s highly re-assuring when it realizes that this a normal part of the transition.

Total freedom from the grip of negativity

You come a total freedom from the grip of the negativity, created by the mind’s thoughts, when your mind’s momentum reaches normal (or natural state). In this place, you (as in your body/being) is not affected by the negativity of the mind, and in fact the mind loses most of its acquired/conditioned/unconscious negativity, and what remains is just some negativity that’s natural to a survival machine, and none of its negativity affects your state of being because it has close to zero intensity – you are rooted permanently in a space of wholeness. This is not a “fantasy state”, but the natural state of existence which we lost because of unconsciously fueling the mind momentum to such a high intensity over the many lifetimes of unconscious living. This age of awakening is like an evolution in most humans towards coming back to the natural state of wholeness.

At present, when you are being tormented by the grip of your mind’s negativity, you can feel skeptical about ever reaching this place of freedom. But rest assured, it’s pure physics, that the mind’s momentum is not unlimited, in fact it’s very limited and it wanes away easily within a few months as you move through the 1st and 2nd stage of this process. You can realize this scientific understanding that it’s your mind’s high momentum that’s at the root of all your discomfort, suffering, resistance and confusion, and when it’s momentum comes down you will automatically be privy to the natural well-being that’s inherent to your life-stream, aligning with fearless existence and natural expression, which feels effortless (free of struggle, because there is no resistance in you), inspiring and highly creative. You can sense in your heart that this is what your life is meant to feel like, and the reason you have this sense is because it’s the call of your inner guidance coming from your own life-stream.

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  1. Courtney P.

    Your articles are beautifully written and I thoroughly enjoy reading them!
    Quick background: im a trucker driver so I sit for long periods,usually 9-11hours on average.Everything is lovely. Everydays a great day and all the people I meet and come in contact with are happy and joking with me. I definitely concur that living consciously makes for an effortless and abundant life!!

    I stay present and maybe 7-10 thoughts pop in my mind a day. When I start to watch and let them run their course,now they dissipate before I can do that.

    My question is, is this something youve experienced or is this to be expected in one’s journey in awareness?

    Thanks in advance

  2. JG

    Sen, you added some concrete sequential steps, which the mind loves, to the process. Many readers will appreciate this, however, continuing to suggest that,” it (the mind’s momentum) wanes away easily within a few months as you move through the 1st and 2nd stage of this process.” which may be your experience, but for most people is too ambitious. I believe you can help others cope with the pressure and resistance to the process by setting more realistic goals and timelines, or no timeline, that it will happen naturally on its own depending on the individual. Other than that, wonderful article. Thanks Jim

    1. Sen Post author

      JG, when one has an understanding of this process, the release happens quite quickly and I’ve seen this happen in many readers who I’ve interacted with. It’s mostly when one lacks a clear understanding of what this transition entails that there is a lot of fear of the “unknown”, and hence a holding on, which delays the progress.

    2. Ian

      Actually I myself found his staged description to be rather well put , it made Sense to me!

  3. Richard Tuohy

    Hello Sen,
    I have only just stumbled on to your words. I would love to know more.
    I have had a hard 18 months. My partner (Sarah) and I had a baby (Ryder) 14months old. That’s not the hard part I love my family and always will.
    I have struggle with finding job placements I enjoy, I have a business that is not where I would like it to be yet, and I have lately been struggling with my health.
    I don’t won’t to winge to you, I’m just trying to set the seen.
    I have bad reflux/heartburn most of the time. With Ryder at day care I seem to always get bugs. I had a motorcycle accident that has left me unable to work for 12 weeks. I just can’t seem to catch a break.
    I have general been a positive man through life but of late have found myself (as you put it) giving focus energy to negetive thoughts and I believe this is half my problem.
    Can you help me. Please.
    I’m not sure I fully grasp what need to do in the steps to freeing up my mind and arriving at a neutral state.
    I feel like I am letting the people I love down and I want control again. I want to be on top of these issues. I don’t just want to be positive… I want to feel it. I think theres more out there that I am missing because my thoughts cloud everything I do.
    Please …any guidence I would really appricate.
    Thank you. Rich.

  4. Anna

    have you written any books?

    1. Sen Post author

      Anna, no I haven’t

  5. Janelle

    I’ve been really negative lately. My man and I have just moved in together and we have a rocky past, before we were “official” I messed up one night in a drunken stirr and slept with someone else, an old friend…Long story short we talked it out and worked everything out magically realizing how much we actually cared for each other and started dating officially…For months I was always bringing up the situation and feeling negative and always looking for reassurance and finally I stopped but I still felt the negativity…In March we went out with my friends and drank, I drank and a little too much and so did he, the next day I woke up beside him and remembered most of the night but bits n pieces were left out but I felt fine…later in the day, since before that night my mind had still been in the negative state, I started feeling guilty again only this time I feared because what I couldn’t remember entirely I must’ve had a “repeat” of what had happened when we were seeing each other…Everyone who was at the bar earlier that night with us said I have nothing to worry about, but some people left earlier…My boyfriend even says I have nothing to worry about, I emailed a psychic more recently that we had seen the next day for fun to ask if she had sensed anything and she didn’t, weeks later I saw another psychic she said I’m paranoid because of the past…but said she didn’t see anything….I don’t think I’m necessary having “flash backs” but I’m picturing things, like I would have done while drunk in the past, and then somehow get convinced it’s gotta be true…but every time I picture anything happening the situation changes and so I still believe them sometimes but then I think about how they keep changing and my mind is just over processing it, but it’s doing it so much that the GUILT never goes away. The friends I’ve talked to, most had left earlier than us, but than a couple more showed up and it’s between that time, that my friends were gone and it was just him and I, and then there’s black spots and then they showed up and a little bit through that is all black, I don’t remember leaving but I remember my mind traces back to him and I walking home and getting lost and then I remember when we were at home…
    I’ve gone on different help sights, talked to so many friends, went to a healing session with the same 2nd psychic and I find my feelings have grown worse.
    Sen, I read some of the articles about the mind and how it wanders and how if I ignore it, and I’ve tried ignoring it and just disagreeing with every intrusive thought that enters but a little voice inside me then disagrees with me and I am at a loss….do you think it’s something more than obsessive thoughts? I’ve talked to my boyfriend about this and he thinks I’m obsessing…and it was a small place I don’t see how if I was drunk and did anything, I would’ve had no consideration for where and I believe he would know if I did…my minds not rationalizing realistically….and I just wanted to know your thoughts…Sorry for rampaging on your comment board…I’m just so scared because I could spend my life with this guy and I don’t want to have messed it up

    1. Sen Post author

      Janelle, this is a good example of how enslaved we become to our mind’s judgment of us. For one, we hold some strict beliefs in our mind and we never question the judgment of the mind, we blindly take it to be true and feel that the mind knows what it’s talking about. In truth, your thinking mind has a lot of elements of external conditioning, or the beliefs/thought-patterns obtained from the outside, on how a relationship “should” be – for example, love should be the only criteria for being together in a relationship, but is it really true that one’s love is reduced in anyway just because one had a one-night stand outside the relationship? Of course, I understand that it’s also a matter of principle, and it’s fine to hold a principle that having sex outside a relationship is not something you want to exercise as an option – but also understand that you are a human being and there are times when we can fall short of our principles, and it’s totally fine. Principles are meant to be guiding factors, they are not meant to be “chains” to fetter yourself with. It also takes some awareness to see through many “blind principles” that we hold within ourselves, which we never question. You have to learn to allow yourself the “kindness” to know that you are a human, not a machine of perfection. Moreover, you need to base your relationship purely on the love you feel towards your partner, and not on any “controlled behavior” on your part or his part, if you apply strict controls on yourself, you are bound to apply them on your partner also, thus making it a very rigid protocol of behavior. Give yourself the freedom to be an individual first, the freedom of being a human being, allow your partner this freedom also, and know that it’s totally fine to sometimes “err” from a place of principle – it does not make you “bad”, it just means you are human.

      There are many relationships (strong ones) where the couple are not really so strict about sex, they have a different belief system about having sex outside their relationship. Your belief system is to be very strict about sex outside relationship, it’s a big no for you, and its fine to hold this belief system of being monogamous – but remember that it’s still just a belief system in your mind, nothing more, nothing less. You can work with this belief system, but also allow yourself the freedom to know that you are human and can err outside a strict belief system. If you don’t give yourself this leeway you will become a prisoner to your own belief system, creating an inner suffocation, thus constantly judging yourself.

  6. Janelle

    Sorry I should have worded myself better. By “repeat” I meant fear that I cheated in general, I know I didn’t have sex with anybody I was just scared I could have kissed somebody. But I know what you’re saying and I understand, but I definitely feel that when you’re in a committed relationship you should only be with one person so it scares me to think that there could be a possibility that I was so drunk that I could’ve kissed someone and not remember it…but I don’t remember any conversations outside of the people I was surrounded with all night except for a couple occasions where I’d drunkenly bum a smoke from someone but that was mainly women, my friend and some couple from what I remember.
    You’re right about the suffocation…I feel like those thoughts are the only ones that prevail in my mind…and it’s tricking me, I don’t know how to make them go away and I’ve spent a lot of time just closing my eyes trying to relive that night thinking that if I don’t find anything than I’m fine and the thoughts will magically disappear…and I haven’t found anything legitimate except ideas. And the ideas have been crippling… I talked to an aunt and she gave me fairly the same advice that if I love him and he loves me then to just stop. I think we do need to relax but I think what happened before bound the chains in there of principle and what’s right and what’s wrong…things that are okay and things that aren’t. I don’t even know what point I’m trying to make now….but I just wanted to say I didn’t sleep with anyone else other than when we were just seeing each other…my fear was of a kiss…and I know to some it wouldn’t be that big of a deal but since what happened, happened before, if there was any kind of repeat outside the relationship it’d be hard to deal with for him and I…I’d still want to be with him but I don’t think he’d tolerate it…See where I’m at though? I’ve just rambled…my minds gone that far…I’m terrified at this point.

    1. Sen Post author

      Janelle, ultimately it’s not just the present “situation” that’s the problem, the actual issue is with feeling helpless towards the mind’s negativity due to the fact that your mind has a strong enough intensity to keep influencing you. If it’s not this situation, it would be something else. So it’s best to address the root cause which is to reduce the mind momentum/intensity so that you are no longer enslaved by its constant noise. Moreover, even the behavior of getting drunk to the point where you lose your sense of conscious movement points to a certain imbalance where you are trying to escape yourself, or lack an awareness of moderation – this again is an indication of a low awareness state, which is also a state of lower wisdom, where your mind takes control. The solution is to develop inner stability, which comes through connecting more with your space of being and not be constantly lost to the mind. It will take time for this stability to grow, but it’s important to make the start and make gradual progress. Coming to inner stability involves growing the power of awareness and releasing the store-up of past negativity, several posts on this blog address this process, I’ve mentioned some below

  7. Chow


    When I look back a little, negativity is very interesting. I always felt there is something dark, there is lower depths, there is some pain, something “wicked” in me, some dark corners of the mind. But I avoided it successfully for years. I also remember that, somehow, don’t know how to explain it, I played with low thoughts amd dark “reality tunnels”, I wanted to know what it is. I played a little. And then o run away. But, with time, it became dangerous, it flooded. I started believing in it, and it took me. I lost touch with what is really true, or – I realized I never knew what was true. What I want is to be free from it. I dont want mental gimmicks. I don’t want something like – to think positively by force, and to avoid negativity. I don’t want to avoid it, I just want to be free from it. Will negativity always be a part of me to be avoided, or… Is it a load, a baggage, a reservoir of a kind, like you say (like I think you are saying in your writings)? Or this is all a wrong perspective, wrong question, a “mind stuff”, trying to define something, I don’ know… permanent?

    Negativity of other people is also a problem, if I’m not stable, it shakes me. I guess I realized why sometimes word “alertness” is used. When one is free, is negativity still there, only one does not touch it, or the understanding is so deep that it does not matter – one is simply not affected by it if it arises (in oneself or in others)?

    I think I answered myself to this. If I try to avoid it, if I judge it, and want to be free from it, it will persist, is it not? I need to accept it and embrace it fully. Everything. Negativity in me, in others. Permission of a free flow of everything, or like you say, total allowing…hm…

    1. Sen Post author

      Chow, the state of resistance keeps you from experiencing an integration – by integration I just mean a merging that brings you into wholeness. The state of allowing lets this merging take place seamlessly. The only way I define negativity is the state of pushing away, or resisting, something through a sense of discrimination or judgment, however, the state of allowing does not mean that you say “yes” to everything, it does not mean that you become some form of a drifter who is carelessly/recklessly giving in to all indulgences or provocations – the state of allowing just means that you consciously don’t resist experiencing something within you, be it dark or light, and you will notice that this openness brings a transformation/solution/understanding/inspiration that’s very different from the ones coming from a judgmental stand. As you stay allowing, the transformation continues within your inner space until you sense an inner wholeness, and from there on your expression becomes rooted in this wholeness based consciousness.

  8. Ginoy

    Dear Sen,
    I have been following you for last six months. I have solid evidence in my life that whatever you are telling is exactly true. Before 8 months I find happiness only in alcohol and drugs,I was in a 9- 5 job trying to impress everyone, watching TV for long hours, surrounded by people who misuse me and this same condition continued for long eight years. I was always trying to force fully changing this situation or blaming myself. Now every thing has changed I don’t need alcohol or drugs to be happy, then also occasionally I take it there is no neediness for it. I got a new job with 50% extra money and lot of other facilities. I shifted to a new city, with lot of new friends. I think, if your whole writing can be condensed in one word it is “allow” every thing else needed will be follow. Now a days I have lot of free time, I have to work only 10 to 20 hours per week. What I do is only allowing , I feel that I don’t need to understand about awareness, ego, light and dark nature of energy etc. Now a days I have a little confusion about the way of allowing normally I do two things when a negative thought arises
    1. I say that I am not my mind. I say my mind is worried not I. I say I need to allow this thought, then suddenly that negative thought disappears. Some times I force fully try to bring back that thoughts for releasing.
    2. The 2nd thing I do is I just feel (allow) that emotion to intensify, and try to find the under ling limiting belief behind that thought. And this time I don’t think of mind or any thing, I just experience its maximum limit
    The first one is quite easy to do. But the second one, I can’t do it while walking or standing, I need to sit or lie down, normally I need some rest after doing this.
    These are the only thing I am doing now. Is this both are right. Which one is better. Is there any other things need to be considered. I am sure that when I get more matured every confusion will be cleared, but your answer can save lot of my time
    Thanks a lot for showing me the right path and sorry for my bad english

    1. Michael

      Wow, Ginoy, you got all of that in only 6 months? That’s amazing. I’ve been at this for only about a month. Where along the 6 months did you start seeing good progress in your external reality?

  9. Ginoy

    Hi Michael, I started seeing changes 4 months ago. At that time I was not sure that the changes happening was for good or bad. I was too feared to accept that changes so I was pushing away the chances, and keep holding to my old patterns(habits, friends, job,insecurities,ideologies) which was same for long years(reason for that was I hasn’t the courage to face my fears and insecurities) . And after some of these hide and seek games, life started giving me better and better opportunities, so that at one point I compelled to go for the changes. This was the most difficult phase, because at that time I didn’t had any proof or evidence that life will take care of me.

    Now I can say that the time required for finding solution for a problem is from few hours to few days (I am sure you don’t believe me but one day you will know). Now my problems and solutions comes in cycles. I think that now life is creating problems for me, to revel my fears , and once I accept my fears,the solution appears. Now little bit I started enjoying this cycles. I got a feeling that after some time there will not be any fear in me.

    The strange thing I noticed is that you cannot understand this unless you see evidence. And you will never get evidence un till you practice this, what ever amount of reading is inadequate. The only real change happened to me was when I started relaxing and let the life to bring its solutions. Truly in starting keeping this trust is very hard, but if you can do this for 2 days you can find solution for any problems. I think I am not properly explaining this practice, actually it is not trust it is a knowing, it is not trying or experiment or fear. You have to accept your fears,there is a joy in it. I don’t know how to explain that relaxing state.

    Keep reading Sen’s articles. Try to trust, and when time comes life itself will show you every thing and don’t worry about how long(these are thinks that I believe as true, I am still learning, and always clear your doubts with Sen)

    1. Michael

      Thank you for replying. Since allowing, I have had one or two waves of intense negativity/suffering come up, with plenty of headaches and other pains. The one I’m in now is massive impatience, because I’ve been at home for the past 4 years finishing up high school and doing nothing, with my 20th birthday 6 months from now. I really feel like the pressure is on to do something with my life, and I am so tired of waking up at 4pm to go on the computer all night, it’s very frustrating.

      I do have doubts, yes, as I have not seen physical evidence yet, although my understanding/awareness is much higher than when I was lost. I’m no longer completely lost in my negative thinking, there’s always a little awareness of when the mind starts spewing things at me, which is nice. It’s hard to imagine how I could go from what I have now to what you have, I guess I’m not really supposed to, as my brain only has past knowledge.

      I’m letting all of my fears and annoyances just be there, without trying to fight them off, it’s gotten to the point where it isn’t very hard, I just hate feeling bad. Sen has a lot of people to reply to, so I don’t really expect him to reply to me very often, which is understandable. Thanks a lot for replying to me!

    2. Mark

      Hi Ginoy.

      After seeing your post, I am relieved. I finally meet someone who does the same thing as me. I do your 1st method, and I consciously imagining/thinking about the thoughts until the emotions get very very intense. The mind is tricking me by saying I might be fueling the thoughts and so on. Now I know I am doing the right thing, and not fueling the thoughts. I am relieved. But i dont get the 2nd point, how do allow the emotion to intensify? Do you just feel it? Everytime I feel the emotion, the intensification is different than when I am consciously thinking a thought and feel the emotion at the same time. Could be more specific about this please?

      By the way I am happy to know that u are doing good. I am on my way to freedom from the mind also. It’s a long may, maybe. Furthermore, my negative energy is triggered by my partner, and it’s an irony. Nice to know you man.


  10. Ginoy

    Hi Mark,
    I will try to explain the 2 methods by a situation happened to me 3 weeks ago. I am a very introvert person, I find it very uneasy to speak to strangers, and my manager asked me to start building rapport with customers. In which I need to call them and fix appointments with them, which is a thing I never done before (actually,I am a technical person and my job is to give technical solution to customers).

    This situation created panic in me, I started worrying about how to speak to customers, what to say to them, what if they rejected me. Even I called one customer but he cut the phone. I even started thinking that I may need to quit my job.

    But deep inside me I was sure that this is a part of release, because this is not the first time my fears are coming up, for the last 4 months this types of incidents are continuity happening but every thing get solved, I never get harmed. So when the panic is high I started saying that my being is not worried, only my mind is worried, I am not my mind, mind doesn’t know the big picture, there is no truth in these thoughts it is only my conditioning, if I resist mind it will create more panic, so I need to allow mind to think as it wants(that is, I may not get the proper words to speak or I may get rejected). And I allow mind to think as it wants, then suddenly my mind stop worring, and it start thinking some other thoughts. My tension is relieved temporary, some times I try to think that fear full situation consciously. This was my first method.

    In 2nd method I never think of mind, I never say I am not my mind, I just feel that fear, I try to face my root cause of my fear. That is, I am worried of talking to strangers. In this method I am not trying to think that the situation will be all right.I allow to increase this fear. I accept that I have this fear. I am not wanting to push this feeling away, I want to intensify this fear. And I try to recollect some same situations happened before in which I tried to escaping from facing these fears. This allowing is very difficult, some times I feel shivering in body, it is very intense after doing this I feel like there is no energy left in me.

    Here I point out some difference I feel between these two methods.
    1st. I feel I am trying to get rid of my negative thoughts temporarily.
    2nd. I am trying to use this life situation as chance to revel my hidden fears.
    1st. I am trying to take control over mind
    2nd. I am trying to change my limiting beliefs
    1st. Stay as relaxed awareness and allow mind free movement.
    2nd. No difference between mind and awareness, just immerse in that emotion with out resistance.
    1st. Basic intention is to feel good.
    2nd. Basic intention is to feel the maximum discomfort. (So it can be permanently cured)

    I know that allowing is the only cure I needed. But I am a little confused between these two. But no worries I am doing both.
    And one more thing, after the panic and allowing of two days my manager said to me that I don’t need to call or visit customers, I only need to go when some one calls me. Now I can see that was only a plan of life to unearth my fears. Now I am not feeling that much uneasiness in talking to strangers.
    Thanks Mark after writing this much I feel I am getting much clarity.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ginoy, what you mentioned as the “2nd method” is what I would call the state of “total allowing” – and this is the level of allowing that you eventually need to connect with. However, one can only connect with “total allowing” gradually, and for a while one does need to use some “understandings” (like understanding the mechanical nature of the brain, understanding that the intensity of the pull is coming from the mind momentum accumulated over the past, etc) to settle into the process – soon you will no longer need to use those pointers, and just connect more deeply with the state of total allowing allowing the foundation of the openness in your being.

    2. Mark

      Hi Ginoy,

      Thanks for your reply Ginoy. Yes the same thing happen to me, but I am not shivering, in my case i can feel the sensation in my chest, so heavy, and i might get headache. Ginoy, when you are doing the 2nd method or the “total allowing”, does your mind have the tendency to reassure itself by doing the mind talk? I got this lately, i consciously and sometimes forcefully thinking about a thought, when I feel the fear, the mind starting to reassure itself with it’s own thoughts/words/voices.

      I used to be a shy person, everytime I hang out with someone I just know (not for long), I would get very anxious and lazy, because i know that i will have nothing to talk about.

      About life’s plan, yes, sometimes i amazed by the life’s plan on unearthing our fears or negative emotions. It does it beautifully, and this understanding is the one which makes me relax and not forcing myself too hard.

      Thank you Ginoy. Nice to know you. And you are welcome , your previous post also gave some clarity and I thank you for that.

    3. Ginoy

      Mark, after getting sen’s reply, I am sensing great clarity. What ever understanding we required is already written in sen’s posts. The problem is our minds are acting as filters in understanding that posts, as we get more matured the more we get clarity.
      And about mind’s reassuring thoughts. This thing happened in the starting to me. But now I think that was a trick of mind. The purpose of allowing is to reduce mind momentum. That is reduce the intensity of mind. When ever we use mind it’s intensity is increased. One of the biggest trick mind plays on us is that when we understand that mind is the problem the same mind start acting as problem solver. That means mind split up and second part act as “you” or “watcher” or “victim” or any form and keep it’s intensity alive. When an unwanted thought comes, and if we are fearing, suppressing, watching or doing any mind activity, then we are keeping the mind in the centre stage. Only thing we have to do is allowing or surrender no mind activities. Because mind cannot “allow” or “surrender”. Allowing is beyond mind.

  11. Maddox

    The bottom-line is to bring your mind momentum back to normal. In the normal state the mind doesn’t have any real intensity, so the energy of its thoughts are isolated to the brain area alone and they don’t influence/impact the entire body, hence they don’t create a new accumulation of negative energy in your body space. (Sen)

    I have been practising presence for over a year now and i think that now i experience the normal state of mind. In this state i feel like my body doesn’t respond to my thoughts and they only stay in my mind. Pretty much what you describe as thoughts being isolated in my brain.

    The thing is that i also experience very low libido or sexual desire. I have read in that post that one of the symptoms of spiritual awakening is the low sex drive.

    So is there any relation with what you describe Sen? Can my sexual thoughts be limited only in my brain and not sending blood to the reproductive organ? It might sound stupid but i am searching for all possible scenarios.

    Also i have been taking zyprexa for 7 months and for that reason i came back to seroquel with which i didn’t have problem in the past. But nothing changed.

    I am waiting for my blood results to see my testosterone and prolactin levels.

    If it a spiritual awakening symptom how long will it last?

    Anyone with the same problem would help. Sen your take would be much appreciated.

    1. Michael

      Thanks for posting that link, Maddox. I found some symptoms (back pain, low libido, etc.) on there that I was curious about.

      Something you may feel inclined to do is to slowly taper off of your medication. About a month and a half ago, I thought that keeping up on my medication may act as a suppressor for any emotional energy that may be released, so I cut my dose into 4 pieces and would change doses every 3 weeks (3 pieces, to 2, to 1, to 0). Currently I am on half of the original dose and can feel more stuff coming up, so I’d say it’s very helpful, not to mention that medications screw up your body anyways.

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