A Clarity of Intent

Clarity of intent (or desire) can only arise when you are willing to connect with yourself and thus get a sense of the experiences you wish to have, that feel aligned with you, based on awareness of your present life and knowing yourself as you truly are. The essential pointer is “connect with yourself”, which requires you to be free of a lot of clutter in your “thinking mind” which has several elements of delusion attached to it. To connect with yourself is to really know yourself, as you are at present, without any ambiguity, and sense what are the experiences, that feel close to your heart, that you wish to have. It’s difficult to have clarity when the mind has a strong momentum because its noise, its arguments, its sense of unworthiness, its insecurities, can easily blur out your true intent. It’s quintessential for there to be some spaciousness in your being, where your mind’s momentum is not pulling in all your awareness, for you to really connect with your heart and thus with your inner inspiration. Another reason why we stay conflicted, and have no clarity on our true desires/expression, is because of several limiting ideas that we hold about what is possible and hence we “cramp” our true expression with a cynical attitude towards life.

The problem is that the deluded mind (where there is lack of awareness) always has many deluded intentions, mostly stemming from a negatively oriented egoic perception, or owing to some form of hatred towards the outside, where you are trying to “prove” something to others or are just plain confused about what expressions really feel aligned with who you are because you are constantly comparing yourself with others. It’s essential to know the reality of who you are, and there is a difference between having a limiting thought/belief and having an understanding of what’s not really aligned with you – in your heart you know certain things are just not for you (a fish can’t be a bird), and it’s important to have a clear knowing of it, there is a difference between fantasy and what you really feel aligned with. One the biggest aspects of having an inner clarity is that you can easily distinguish between fantasy and reality, you know what are just fantasies in you and what are the things which you are truly are aligned with.

Clarity of intent happens when you let go of figuring out

The deal with true clarity is that it “arises” rather than you trying to figure it out with your thinking mind. The thinking mind which is confused cannot know clarity, because if it had the knowing it wouldn’t be confused in the first place. So it’s pointless to try to remove confusion through further thinking, rather what’s needed is a break in thinking and more of “being” (which means just allowing what arises within) until you sense clarity coming in. When you let go of thinking in a conditioned, or encultured manner, and just be, you release resistance and thus connect with the intent of life in you, the intent that was part of your creation, that gave rise to the natural makeup of your body/mind. There is a harmony that’s operating beneath and everything has an inherent meaning, purpose or intention in its birth – you will see that there are no redundancies in life, for example, inspite of the fact that we are a population of a billion people, no two people are the same – this uniqueness in every creation is a hint towards life’s unique intention in every form it takes.

If you want to believe that your life is a mistake, and that life somehow messed up in creating you as you are, it just suggests that you are living in comparison and are not willing to see the type of expression life is wanting through you. It’s normal to compare and feel bad about ourselves (it’s part of the negativity of a deluded mind), and rue several limitations that become evident through such comparisons. It’s like a fish comparing itself with a bird and feeling bad that it can’t fly, when what’s really needed is that the fish knows itself as a fish and understands its expression – only then can it realize that it finds joy in swimming, and though flying is a fantasy, it really wouldn’t want to be outside the water (it’s a good thing when it knows this, so it won’t die trying to imitate a bird). Sometimes the experiences/expressions that you truly desire may be really close to you but you may not have access to them because you are not connected with yourself and hence are seeking something which is not aligned with you, and hence feel constantly disappointed.

The good thing is that what you are truly aligned with is already inherent in you, and hence when you let go of figuring it out, the clarity arises on its own. When you let go of thinking through the conditioned mind, clarity always arises. The beauty of letting go is that everything that’s not congruent with you drops away on its own, including the deluded desires or misguided intentions. So if you are willing to know what are the things that are truly aligned with you, be willing to let go fully of your struggle-oriented approach to life, let go of forcing passion, let go of trying to figure out what you want, let go of identifying with the mind’s tendency to compare, and just see what are the things that drop away in this openness. The things that will drop away are the things that were never really aligned with you – including relationships, work, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions etc. You will come to a clarity, an unshakeable clarity, on what it is that you are truly are aligned with wanting to experience/express.

Clarity of intent allows aligned actions

To reach true clarity about your expression (or what you want to experience) you need to let go of your struggle oriented movement/actions, so that your whole alignment is towards moving in sync with the pull of your inner inspiration. If the inner inspiration is not evident/clear, it just means there is clutter, and conflict, within you that needs to disperse, have some patience and continue staying in a space of allowing. Your life-stream has always been moving towards living the intent in which you were born, and this “letting go” allows you to sync up fully with your life’s calling which is just another term for your natural expression.

When you come to clarity a lot of energy that was invested in deluded thinking gets freed up. Just imagine the amount of energy/time a fish would waste feeling bad about not being a bird instead of enjoying being a fish. When it syncs up with itself it gets the inspiration to explore beautiful spots in it waters, to explore different styles of swimming, to explore different sea food, to make new fish friends etc Until then it feels isolated in its own world, fantasizing about being a bird and hence not allowing itself to connect with fish-ness. It’s possible that when you get aligned with yourself, you develop an appreciation for a relationship that you thought “you were too good for” before, when you were trying to be someone you were not or had some shallow perceptions.

When you have clarity within you, you have an unwavering focus, a single signal which is not fluctuating. This focus does not need any effort or force, it just seems to be one with your being. Within you there are no “two contradicting voices” happening anymore, and you feel very decisive about yourself and what you are looking to experience. The evidence of this clear focus starts showing up in your reality as an inner, or external, guidance/inspiration/evidence, initially in small ways (which act as escalators moving towards your desired reality) and as you follow these inspirations the unfolding takes place very smoothly. It almost seems as if a community (or environment) is colluding to assist you towards your expression, and you no longer feel a sense of isolation in this world.

”Allowing what is” isn’t about trying to accept what is

Letting go is about “allowing what is”, it has nothing to do with trying to accept what is. To try to accept what is, can easily become a “manipulative”, or fake movement, because your mind may not really like what is, and you are trying to force it to accept it. To “allow what is” means you allow the dissatisfaction fully, you allow your mind’s dislike, you allow the sense of wanting improvement/betterment, you allow your mind’s vision, you allow its fears, you allow it to feel bad – this is what true allowing is, you don’t try to manipulate what arises, you just stay open to it (neither are you clinging to the mind’s, or ego’s, perspective alone). People who try to force themselves to accept what is, are just using “spiritual mechanics” to try to suppress their mind’s discontent, and thus try to fake a sense of “all is ok”, which just makes you live in denial. Being honest/authentic with yourself is always the first step towards any growth, none of this is about faking positivity – if you are fully allowing of what is, that means there is no room for any fakeness, you just allow yourself to see what is as it is. True clarity can only arise in this total allowing.

It’s totally normal for the mind to be dissatisfied with what is and thus want improvement – don’t try to make your mind numb by forcing it to be accepting of what is, that’s not what the mind is designed for, the mind’s job is to see contrast. What’s needed is that you have access to some inner wholeness, which brings the required balance to this energy of dissatisfaction in the mind, and wisdom to its perspectives. The connection with inner wholeness balances the discontent of the mind, and hence becomes the perfect ground for solutions to come through. People who try to avoid their mind by trying to hide in their being, as well as people who are disconnected with their being, are both imbalanced in some way – the balanced way is when you have connection with your being (and hence sense the inner calm/peace) while also being allowing of the mind’s dissatisfaction.

When you allow what is, fully, clarity is bound to come. Once the clarity arises it won’t be long before you are moved into inspired actions, and see the dynamic unfolding of your expression and desired experiences. If you are not feeling clear it just means you need to allow more fully what’s arising – this totally includes all the bad feelings and the good feelings. It’s so common for some spiritually indoctrinated people to use the absolute perspective of “nothing matters” as a means to avoid connecting which what they truly desire – they may start holding onto the philosophy that since nothing matters I will accept a mediocre expression of myself.

A lot of spiritual people get afraid of living, of experiencing the movement of their physicality, and they start trying to hide in their cave of spirituality, trying to fake a sense of acceptance. The truth is that unless you start living your true expression, you can never feel connected with your life-stream and hence cannot feel whole within. Actually, the bottom line is to let go of struggling, let go of denial, allow fully what arises within, wait for clarity to arise and then follow your inspiration (without inner conflict/resistance, you are just moved by life force as it were).


  1. Joy

    It can’t be more supportive, helpful and resonant. It is beautiful how pointers You give interact with deep awareness itself, independently of unconsciousness present patterns and illusions. I haven’t found place that feels more Home, then your blog, and I can’t be more grateful. Thank you for lightening our paths.

  2. Treeter

    Wow Sen, you have been a remarkable influence! Thank you!

  3. pippi

    thanks again ! spot on as usual and i fucking love u and this blog :D

  4. BS

    Sen, I wanted to ask about letting go. I just had a fight with my spouse. I feel unworthiness every time we had a fight. Ive got this feeling since I was a kid because I often got verbal/mental abuse from my parents. I am trying to let go and feel fully what I feel. I feel my body is a little bit shaking and tinkling within (i dont know the correct english word to describe the tinkling thing). I feel I want to cry but I dont cry like I usually do. My eyes watered a little bit. Suprisingly, when my mind telling me about my unworthiness I didnt really got affected. Just feeling sad but not make it as a drama. It lasted, i guess, almost 30 minutes before I decided to write to you. And when I started to write the feeling reduced gradually. So, did what I do was correct to let go this negativity? Am I avoiding the feeling when I feel the need to ask you? Honestly, I have no idea about it. Thank you in advance.

    1. Sen Post author

      BS, the fact that you are aware of this pattern working in you is by itself the start towards its dissolution. Just continue growing in the power of awareness by spending time watching your inner space (mind/feelings) as you move through your daily life. When your awareness is stable, you will not be pulled into unconscious behaviors. It does take time and you need to be patient, and not start feeling negative about not being stable in awareness, all yourself the time to reach an inner stability.

  5. abet


    what advice would you give someone who is constantly looking for external stimuli. For example alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes in general something that changes their mindset or gives them more exciting reality?

    1. Sen Post author

      Abet, some external behaviors are purely the reflection of inner restlessness. You can enjoy external stimuli, and it part of the enjoyment of physicality, but when it becomes a means to distract yourself from the inner restlessness, it becomes a problem. The pointer would be not depend on external stimuli for temporary relief, and try to move towards coming to a place of inner stability by bringing awareness to the patterns of restlessness within (thus releasing them).

  6. ralph

    great article but i have one question

    what if we are trying to allow fully what arises but our mind is resisting what arises involuntarily

    1. Sen Post author

      Ralph, the simple pointer is to be allowing of the resistance the mind also. Of course the mind/body will automatically/reactively seem to resist the negativity as it arises. When you have some stability in awareness, you can allow this resistance in the body/mind without becoming fearful of it, and you will sense that slowly the intensity of this resistance keeps coming down (as the mind loses its momentum).

  7. lynette

    Thanx so much again. I was just going over in my mind all the things I have to get accomplished or become in order to survive and I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious by it all, even though I pretty much realize now that it’s not that big of a deal. Worrying for nothing! Because you say to allow your mind all the worrying it wants and just say OK to it and then the beauty of alignment comes along and I feel happy all of a sudden! My stuff to do looks like fun, instead of a recipe for extreme anxiety. I feel like a little kid in a toy store again. I can’t wait until somebody buys my ego. I put it on kijiji : ) I worried about my thoughts changing back to pain again, but thanks to your caring words, I don’t have to worry if they do. Instead of the resistance shutting me down for hours, now I can just look at it and allow it expression and then it’s gone in no time. Lots of Love ….

  8. Anu

    Very nice Article. I like the way we sometimes *fake* spirtuality by denying or not accepting what we may want to have and be inspired towards it. I love the balanced approach described here.

  9. Gool

    As always very inspiring article full of depth. Please continue with such precious guidance. Gool

  10. SAT


    There is a thin line between over analysis of a thought and conscious awareness of a thought in our mind.Often we do over analysis of a thought (it’s not about fueling the attention) in the name of conscious awareness.

    Can you please give any tips as how to NOT over analyze a thought during the ‘let go’ process.


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