Align With the Reality You Desire To Manifest

Posted on by Sen.

A desire is a very powerful “form” of consciousness, because it has the power to attract a whole physical reality onto itself. An entire physical reality is contained in the seed of a desire and the process of manifestation begins as soon as a desire is produced in the space of your consciousness. A core desire can attract many other smaller desires to itself, but essentially it’s the core desire that is unfolding in manifestation. You can allow the smooth, and quick, manifestation of a desire if you align yourself with it instead of “doubting” it.

Don’t doubt your desires

If there is one recipe for a resistance free life, it’s to follow a simple pointer of never doubting your desires. When you doubt your desire’s ability to manifest, you are, in that moment, thinking a thought against the very movement of life (because life’s movement is towards the manifestation of the desire). Let go of doubting the manifestation because it’s a given that a desire once produced has to manifest at all costs – because it’s already created, it cannot regress. If you stay in resistance to your desire you will feel a great “conflict” within you (which is called suffering), because you are in resistance to the pull of life.

Some people stay in resistance to their desire because they unconsciously believe the doubts of their mind, and the fear based conditioning that is perpetrated by the society, and hence they delay, or even prevent, its manifestation. When they prevent the manifestation of a desire, they live in suffering, and when they die the resistance goes off and they experience the full manifestation of the desire “non-physically”. So you will experience your desire’s manifestation for sure, but it’s upto you whether you will experience it physically or non-physically. If you don’t doubt your desires, and you allow yourself to be guided by life, you will always experience the manifestation of your desires in your physicality itself.

You don’t have to struggle to manifest your desires

Our society, presently, is extremely action oriented and it believes that all problems can be solved by taking action against it. In truth, manifesting through effort is contrary to the way life manifests desires. When you go with the flow of life, your desires will manifest in an effortless manner, and the actions that lead to its manifestation will feel playful, effortless and exciting. If you are making “Effort” to manifest your desire, it just means you are moving from a place of fear and lack, instead of allowing life to bring the manifestation to you.

In a society which puts so much emphasis on effort and hard work, it can be a challenge to let go of this mindset and be rooted in only taking action that feels joyful and effortless. It can be a challenge to have a mindset of being at ease, being relaxed, and allowing life to bring forth the components required to manifest the desire. To allow life to orchestrate the whole process of manifestation is the essence of being a co-operative component to the physical unfolding of your desire. Life will inspire the right ideas, the right people and the right timing to come to you, and it will inspire the right action in you – all you need to do is stay in a place of allowing, instead of doubting the desire. The challenge initially is to let go of the “fear based” mindset, and align with only moving from a place of ease and joy.

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