Desire Without Craving

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Desire arises when there is an impulse to experience a new reality. Sometimes desires arises from a perspective of wanting betterment, sometimes from the need to express your creativity and sometimes it arises out of the want for a sensual experience. Desire is the “base” of physical creation, because it’s the energy of desire that pulls a physical manifestation onto itself. Without desire it’s not possible for a physical reality to be born. All the physical realities that you see around you – the planets, the sun, the stars, the mountains, the animals, the plants, the birds, the insects, the humans, all of this is manifested physically from the energy of a desire in the consciousness. You are this consciousness and hence your desire has the same potential for physical manifestation.

Craving creates resistance to the manifestation of a desire

If you crave the manifestation of a desire, there is an energy of neediness, lack and frustration in you, that is counter to the vibration of joy/love (which is the natural vibration of life/desire), and it acts as a “resistance” which keeps you from experiencing the physical manifestation of the desire. In order to allow a quick, smooth, manifestation of your desire, you should be in a place of “zero resistance”, and this is only possible when there is no energy of “craving” in you.

Craving arises when you are deeply unsatisfied with your present reality, and you desire to move out of it desperately. So your desire for a new reality is really strong, but the “vibration” of discontent/frustration is equally strong in you. Any negativity that you have going in you, acts a resistance which keeps you from being pulled in by the attraction force of your desire. Remember that your desire (as an energy) is doing the work of assembling all the resources required for its manifestation, and it does so by “attracting” onto itself – this is what creates the movement of life, and you are being pulled by this very stream created by your desire.

Your desire will come to manifestation easily if you become a co-operative component, by allowing yourself to match the vibration of your desire, by being in a place of joy/peace/love. Neediness, craving, desperation have an energy of fear/hatred in them and are thus opposite to the vibration of joy/love. You need to find a way to let go of this neediness and desperation, and when you do so you will see the manifestation of your desire unfolding with ease.

Being at peace with this moment

Craving arises when you are dissatisfied with this moment, and want to get to some new reality in a future moment. The assumption in the mind is that you will be permanently happy when this new reality gets manifested. For example, you may imagine that you can be happy only when you have a particular sum of money in your bank account. This is a highly delusional mindset, and this is what creates a sense of craving, neediness and lack in you. It seems logical that you are not happy right now because you don’t have what you want, but the very mindset of associating happiness with fulfilling a want is what creates craving.

Happiness, contentment, peace, love, calmness are all vibrations of joy and can be found in this very moment if you let go of the thought that you need to get to a future moment to find joy. It’s important that you find joy at this moment, instead of “waiting” for a future moment, because unless you are at peace now, you will be in resistance to the manifestation of your desire. Joy is in your being, it’s not out-there. If you don’t sense the joy of your being right now, you won’t be able to sense it even after you have achieved what you desire.

After having lived life for so many years, you would have learnt that nothing external can give you permanent joy, because it’s all fleeting and temporary. Permanent joy is right here and now, in your being – it’s not out-there in some relationship or material possession. You can have everything you desire, but first you must know that none of it is going to bring you permanent joy. Permanent peace/joy is already present in your being right now, below the surface level thoughts and feelings, recognize that and rest in this place – when you do so, you will be in a place of zero resistance and thus allow swift manifestation of your desires.

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  1. pun

    This is so true.

  2. prasad jachak

    Thanks for this cleared muddled water..

  3. Vrajesh

    How can one let go of the fear/lack/frustration?

    1. Tyler


      Fear/lack/frustration/etc. Can be let go of by following the vast amount of advice Sen has on this site about a state of allowing and the phase of release (I will link a few posts that I found of help for myself). Basically, the mechanics involve allowing all these feelings to happen within you until they lose their hold on you. It’s like you let go of the feeling to avoid/resist/get rid of these feelings. As this happens the intensity of the feelings die down and you also stop avoiding them. As one goes through the process, you also begin to notice the freedom and space you have from these feelings (for example, fear/frustration/lack/etc. can arise within a person but they no longer overwhelm your being).


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