Attracting Positive Experiences

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The non-physical energy, that you essentially are, intends to take physical forms in order to “experience”. Without physicality there is no possibility of “experience”, because experience is all about variations/changes in your vibration which is only possible when you are in a form/body which allows such variations to take place. When you are “non-physical” energy it’s only possible to experience your “natural vibration”, but when you take physical form you have the capacity to experience several variations in your vibration (while also experiencing your natural vibration from time to time).

Thrills, kicks, excitement, exhilaration, peace, contentment, love, enthusiasm, satiation, relaxation, wellness, security, stability, pleasure, passion and emotional “highs” of different kinds are what we may call “positive experiences” because these experiences vibrate very close to our natural vibration of pure positive. Stress, anger, pain, terror, frustration, anxiousness, loss, hunger, emptiness, dullness, boredom, sadness, nostalgia, loneliness, jealousy, illness, hatred and emotional “lows” of different kinds are what we may call “negative experiences” because their vibration is much lower than your natural vibration and hence makes you feel “bad” in your body. Any living being inherently desires to have positive experiences as much as possible through their lifetime, no one really wants to stay in negative experiences for long.

When you understand the physics of life, you realize that you can make a choice to attract the type of experiences you want to experience – you can attract positive experiences or negative experiences based on what your “focus” is about.

Be a magnet that attracts positive experiences

You can live a life where you deliberately attract positive experiences, when you become deliberate in your “focus”. To be a deliberate creator of your experiences is a fulfilling “experience” of its own – it gives you the experience of security, power, freedom and appreciation. To be a magnet that attracts positive experience, you need to stay focused on thoughts of experiences you desire to have, while dis-identifying with thoughts of experiences you don’t desire. If you are in the dysfunctional habit of “chronically” focusing on thoughts of realities you don’t wish experience, you end up becoming a magnet that attracts those kinds of realities and thus negative experiences become a majority part of life situation.

It does not matter what type of experience people (or living beings) around you are attracting, if you choose to focus on the negatives of it, you end up attracting negative experiences yourself. When you become deliberate enough, in your focus, so that you consciously choose not to focus on the negative experiences in your life, or the lives of others, your point of attraction becomes rooted towards attracting more and more positive experiences. You don’t become “callous” towards the suffering of others but you realize that focusing on the negatives is not going to serve you, or others, in any way except to perpetuate the negative experiences in different forms, and hence you consciously choose to stay rooted in focusing on the positive experiences you desire to have while denying attention to negative thoughts in your mind.

Ultimately you are here to “experience” and it’s not ever possible for you to “switch off” experiencing unless you are in deep sleep or dead (in which case your physical consciousness is switched off). So it’s never about “escaping” experiencing, but about aligning with positive experiences. From an “absolute” standpoint all experiences are fleeting and all experiences (positive or negative) have a value in some way, but from the relative stand point, of you as a human being, you would rather have positive experiences than have negative experiences during your lifetime and when you make the conscious choice of aligning your focus you are well on your way to realize your power and freedom as a deliberator creator of positive experiences.

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  1. nvibes

    Thank you for writing your articles- they are really insightful.
    I’ve been reading your ‘letting go’ articles and now this one on attracting positive experiences. For me. there seems to be a conflict in terms of letting go and allowing whatever feelings/thoughts etc arise to be present and simply accepting them, and consciously focussing on what you want to attract/positive experiences – i.e. trying to control and shape what happens to you. Can you explain this conflict a bit more for me?

    1. Sen Post author

      It’s not necessary for the mind to consciously focus on what it wants, what’s required is to let go of focusing on the negativity by staying as a relaxed space whenever the mind seems to churn out thoughts that have a negative vibration. As the momentum of negativity in the mind ebbs away, there is a constant lessening in the resistance to the flow of your life stream (which is automatically moving towards the manifestation of your desired realities). There is no need to apply any techniques, or strategies, of forced focus or forced visualization, just letting go of the resistant thoughts of the mind is enough to allow a swift manifestation of positive realities for you.

      Sometimes I give the pointer of consciously focusing on positive thoughts (especially in the older posts), or thoughts of your desired realities, this is because it’s not easy for your “consciousness” to let go of the mind instantly – it takes time, and this letting go happens in layers. So the pointer is that whenever you feel you want to engage in the mind, engage in positive thoughts and focus on thinking in the direction of your desired realities, rather than focusing on thoughts of lack, limitation, fear or hatefulness. Letting go is the most powerful means to allowing the pull of your life stream to take over, but if you are not able stay in a surrendered place and feel a need to engage in the mind – focus consciously on positive thoughts so that your mind learns to see through pattern of resistance in it. Whenever the mind goes into a lot resistance to your positive thinking, just let go and allow the mind’s momentum to die away.

      As you let go more and more, and allow yourself to stay as a relaxed space of awareness, the momentum of negativity of your mind will ebb away and you will notice an automatic influx of positive thoughts and a natural, and effortless, focus on thoughts of your desired reality. The bottom-line is that you don’t have to force the mind in any way, just let go and allow it to ebb away in its momentum and intensity – when the mind slows down the positivity of your “wholeness” will come through into the foreground automatically.

  2. nvibes

    Thank you! This is so clear and really helpful for me right now.

  3. Chetana

    Sen you have made a tremendous positive change in my way of thinking and thus my life . Some or even most of what you say is not new to me but the clarity and the wisdom of your writings finally brought it home to me …something clicked and i understood what “awareness means”, what “visualisation means” and what “letting go means”….ok i am still working on the letting go part.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Shari

    I do not have a clear understanding of how positive attracts positive since I thought positive is attracted to negative (at lease speaking about magnets). My mind, body and soul have been a jumble the past two years. At 59 years old, I seem to be spiraling downward. I’m getting closer to my golden years but they seem to just be looking more like tarnished brass!! I’m going to read some more on your site. It’s hard for me to make this kind of activity a priority since “life” is always bossing me around and I let it. Today the dogs need baths because of fleas, the house needs to be cleaned because of the dogs (Jesse and Molly, 11 and 10-year old black labs), five pounds of strawberries to clean and freeze for jam, gardens to hoe because of crab grass. Gardens to water because of 88 degree weather. And me with sciatica plus more. Yikes! It drains on me for two years. I thought it would quit. Going to get out of bed and go for my jog. How to switch from negative, poor-me thinking to positive, grateful-for-all-I-have-and-am thoughts?

    1. Sen Post author

      Shari, for a while it would be helpful to just spend time connecting with your space of being, even if you can do it as a practice for 20-30 minutes a day. It seems like you have a tendency to keep yourself occupied in a constant barrage of activities to the point where you have very little time to ever be by yourself and connect with your inner being. You can read this post – the space of being – for insights on how to connect with the intelligence of your life-stream present in your inner being.

  5. nurgis

    The other day I read somewhere – The teacher comes along when the student is ready!! I must tell you that I have been searching for answers and all of a sudden I found your website and it has literally changed my life. I feel like as a cloud has been lifted.
    I went through some personal turmoil which I don´t feel the need to get into and I was lost for an “outcome” and answers for that particular situation. It kind of felt like my thoughts needed to be a complete circle but I could just not find the answers to complete the circle.
    Without knowing I was slowly going through the stages of total awareness and “letting go” of certain things and dropped the fear and started working on myself. I just didn’t know I was doing this but things in my life had started to change and the answers started coming and finding your website I feel like the circle is closing. Somehow what was mind boggling for so long is all of a sudden starting to make sense. I can’t explain how and why – It just is and it is so simple. Reading your articles just clarifies so many things.
    I am just starting the journey but my life already feels so different. I just want to say “Thank you”

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