Understanding the Reality of Time (In Manifesting Your Desire)

Posted on by Sen.

Einstein made a quote once stating that “time is an illusion”. His reasoning was that if you are doing something you enjoy one hour seems like one minute, and if you are doing something you hate (or are tormented by) one minute seems like an hour.

So time is relative to your experience, and of course it’s true from this perspective.

However, when you are on a physical plane like Earth, no matter what it seems like, one minute is still one minute, one hour is still one hour. When you talk about the non-physical, it’s true that time has no real meaning because everything exists simultaneously as “thought” – the past, the present and the future co-exist as thought, in the field of Now.

But on a physical plane like Earth time is not really an illusion, it’s very real, because it can be measured, it doesn’t matter how you measure it, but it can always be measured in a very finite manner – and time passes in a linear manner here, you won’t suddenly wake up in the past while being physical.

You can measure time in a number of ways, for example humans have devised a clock system which measures time in seconds, minutes, hours (or nano-seconds, micro-seconds etc), and time is also measured by the movement (revolution) of earth around the sun, one full revolution equates to 365 days (each day being one rotation of earth on its axis).

Basically, time as a statistical parameter is just a helpful reference, and the reality of life is that all creations take a linear amount of time. The experience of linear passage of time is one of the important experiences that consciousness lives through the realm of physicality.

It’s not possible to create something in “zero time”, even a thought requires at-least a micro-second to get generated fully. There is no such thing as “instant manifestation”, in the real sense of the word. Any creation involves a specific time period to elapse before it can become physical/real.

A lot of creations simply stay un-manifested (stay non-physical) because one does not stay with the choice, of making it manifest, long enough for it to condense into physical reality.

Your choice is the most important aspect of the reality you create for yourself – unless you realize the power of your choice you will never realize your creator potential and will just live a life of blaming the outside for your debilitating circumstances.

Of course, living a life of blaming the outside (and complaining) is also a choice, and the longer you keep exercising this choice the more you manifest a solid reality that ensures that you keep feeling this way – if you make the choice to blame the outside, you will keep creating a reality that makes sure you have ample opportunities to keep blaming. When you make a choice, with time, it manifests in your physical reality – it’s a good thing that it takes “time” for a choice to manifest because this way you have enough lee-way to decide if you really want to stay with that choice.

A choice exercised over time creates your reality

Creation is not about “wishful thinking”, where you simply dream about something you desire and then keep contradicting it by thinking about something totally opposite to it. If an experience is really important to you, then stay true to your choice to wanting that experience in your life – you can’t fail to manifest it if you simply stay true to this choice over a certain period of time, it’s absolutely not possible for it to not manifest. Once you understand this creator potential in you, there will be no need for you to have any form of “lackful thinking” because you will know with certainty that over-time you can manifest whatever you make a choice to experience.

It doesn’t matter what it is that you want to experience, it can be good health, relationship, finances, adventures, sensory experiences, spiritual experiences etc, you will end up manifesting it over time if you simply keep staying true to this choice without contradicting it. The key is basically to stay true to a choice over time – it’s not about making a choice one day and then making a totally opposite choice the other day, such a wavering mindset cannot create a reality. For something to manifest in the physical reality, it needs a stable foundation, and your unwavering choice is the stable foundation that it can be built on – if your choices keep wavering all the time, it’s not possible for a stable reality to be built upon it and what you will experience is mostly a sense of being “stuck”, or a sense of getting nowhere.

Of course, one of the main requirements is that you become aware of your choices and consciously contemplate on what it is that you really want to experience. Some people would say – I don’t know what I want to experience, I don’t think I want anything, I just feel so pointless about everything. Well, frankly, if you are honest with yourself you will always sense that you do want to experience certain realities – it’s not possible for anyone to not desire, it’s the very nature of life-energy to “want” something all the time, “permanent satisfaction” is not the reality of life. It’s just that some people are so fearful of life that they make the choice to simply stay stuck, and it’s fine to make this choice as long as you realize “you” are making this choice and that your reality is simply responding to this choice. There is nothing wrong with being stuck, it’s just one experience of life, and it’s totally fine, just as long as you know that it’s your choice. By “being stuck” I just mean staying in a situation that you don’t really want for yourself – it’s not a necessity, it’s a choice eventually, and you can change it by changing your choice towards wanting a certain experience, and staying true to it over-time.

The time it takes for a certain experience to manifest is completely dependent on where you are at in the present moment. For example if you weigh 300 pounds and you want to get down to 190 pounds, it will take far more time than if you were at 210 pounds – it’s very logical. You have to be willing to realize that time will be involved and gear up for investing the required time. A lot of people give up too soon because they feel they are not getting anywhere, but mostly it’s because it takes time for a shift to happen from an old reality to a new reality and they are far too restless to invest this time – the phases of manifestation include, letting go of the force of old reality, coming to a place of transition, generating a force towards a new reality and finally manifesting the new reality. Actually the first and second phase (letting go of the force of old reality and moving through a phase of transition) is what takes the most amount of time, especially the first phase, and it’s also the most challenging aspect because it’s easy to keep falling back to the old choices that made you create the old reality.

Reducing mind momentum is a huge asset to creation

If you have a high mind momentum, you will have to constantly expend energy on trying to “control” it, on trying to work against its resistance and possibly giving in to its negativity most of the time, thus contradicting your choices. Before you get into the business of conscious creation, it’s a great foundation to first reduce your mind momentum, and thus come to a place of being free of inner-resistance. It’s a challenge by itself to stay true to a choice over time, and to face constant resistance from the negativity in the mind (with its high momentum) is like an added burden which can make you feel powerless and exhausted. So, if you spend some initial time reducing your mind momentum, coming to a place of “zero mind intensity”, you would have the perfect platform to work on creating your physical reality in accordance with your choices. It’s far easier to stay true to a choice in the absence of mind resistance, and also it’s far easier to tune into the inner inspiration/guidance/wisdom required to manifest your choices, and be moved into the right actions, without the layers of resistance blocking your access to your inner being. That’s one reason why I emphasize on reducing your mind momentum as the first step before you can live your potential as a creator of your reality.

Basically, reducing the mind momentum is also a “choice”, and it’s a physical manifestation. If you want to see results you have to stay true to this choice over time. Usually, when you hit a place where you feel tormented by your mind, you come up with the desire to be free of the imprisonment of its negativity, and when you keep staying true to this desire you automatically see yourself being guided to insights (coming from within or from some outside sources like books or other forms of teachings) to give you an understanding of certain actions required of you to get to this desired place. Any manifestation requires some action, the action doesn’t always have to be physical, in fact most of your action should happen in the mind – staying true to a choice is an action, by itself. If you simply continue to stay true to a choice, you can’t help but be guided towards the right actions and right understandings to make it manifest – it’s that simple. Sometime the manifestation of a certain reality/choice requires a foundation reality to be created prior to it, for example, to manifest your choice for a successful career you may first be guided towards bringing an inner stability (by letting go of the momentum of negativity in you) and gaining a deeper understanding of life, so that once your career manifests you are stable enough to function in it. Your life-stream has the intelligence to know what’s required for a certain reality to manifest in a stable manner, you need to just keep following the inspirations that arise, and keep staying true to your choice.

Reducing the mind momentum takes time, there is no getting away from this fact. When I get emails from people asking for a “quick solution” to a certain hang-up in their life, it becomes evident that they are not going to get it when I suggest that they start off by spending a few months just finding an inner stability by letting go of being anchored in the mind. There are no quick solutions to issues created by the momentum of negativity in the mind, the only solution is to first release this momentum, and it inevitably takes time. And, the time it takes depends on how much momentum you got going. Of course, once your mind momentum is reduced you will automatically see that you have a lot of inner strength/power/stability and you no longer feel so agitated and helpless. The action required to reduce mind momentum is very simple, it’s just about sitting and allowing the mind to run out of fuel by no longer resisting/suppressing it or identifying with it, just sit and allow it to be, and it will inevitably reduce its momentum and come to a point of “zero intensity” – this is why spiritual teachers call this practice the state of “doing nothing”, but “doing nothing” is a very conscious action, it’s not easy because it requires you to consciously let go of trying to control the mind and emotions, giving them a free reign until they run out of all their past gathered momentum. As soon as you try to control/suppress the mind/emotions, you will add to its momentum because your impulse to control comes from a place of fear, and it adds to the momentum of negativity.

Don’t get too hasty to see results

If you simply understand this truth of life that a choice exercised over-time (in your mind/being) “will” create a reality, you will no longer live in this constant restlessness created by doubt. Also, you need to understand that life is eventually very ordinary, and let go of some delusion of extra-ordinariness you may have associated with some of your desires, so that you are no longer in a state of impatience or agitation or over-excitement. In fact, the truth is that once you reduce your mind momentum, all these things are automatically taken care of – it’s only the high mind momentum that manifests into restlessness, over-excitement, impatience, agitation, insecurity, doubt, anxiety and impulsiveness. Without the resistance created by your restlessness, you will always be in tune with the required inspirations to manifest your choices. It’s the way a fruit develops into maturity, it’s initially a bud, then it becomes unripe and then matures gradually into its ripeness; it gives off a smell and coloring as an indication of its ripeness. If you are restless you will end up plucking the fruit in its unripe state, or applying artificial techniques to make it ripe in a haste, which doesn’t really give the natural flavor.

Once you lose your mind momentum, you will not feel this pressure of impatience within you, and hence will have a better experience towards reaching your desired reality. You will be required to execute some actions, but only the “required amount”, you will not accomplish the reality faster by over-doing the actions – in fact you can hamper the manifestation by becoming over-zealous. Without a mind dominance in you, it’s easier to stay true to your inner guidance/inspiration/wisdom, and you will feel that you are being guided methodically towards a manifestation, executing actions in the right amount, at the right times. You may have noticed some people getting over-zealous about losing weight too soon, going into some “fasting” regimen; they may notice some quick initial loss but they can’t sustain such a regimen and go back to their old lifestyle regaining the lost weight (possibly putting on more), feeling defeated and de-motivated – this is a good example of how a restless mind works, it just has spikes of motivation and goes back to its negativity soon enough. The intelligence of your being works at “steady pace”, you will see a gradual mental, emotional and physical preparation, and build up, towards a reality rather than a spiked up over-zealous action mode – to access this inner intelligence you have to let go of being anchored in the mind’s restless movements (which is what you accomplish when you reduce your mind momentum).

Manifestations are enjoyable, and they give you a sense of joy, an entertainment, an adventure, and a sense of accomplishment; it’s the celebration of your creator nature – and this feeling is an essential requirement in your being. But life is not just about manifestations, it’s also about realizing/living your truth as life-energy, your oneness with everything, and the vastness/wholeness of your inner space, without this sense of your truth you will always depend on experiences to give you a sense of identity and since experiences are all fleeting you will constantly feel “anxious” and needy; such an outlook can be very exhausting/limiting and frustrating. It’s true that you will always feel the desire for experiences, and you will always want the next thing after you manifest this desire, this is your eternal nature, as life-energy, of desiring and there is no ending to it. So, at one level, you need to understand that manifesting a desire will not get you to some place of perfection, rather you will always find yourself in square one where you have something else to desire – this understanding is a great leveler, and helps you see the ordinariness of life, so that you don’t have any false delusions about getting to some permanent happiness through manifesting a desire.

No matter where you reach in life, no matter how balanced you are, you will never get it done, there will always be some other experience you will want to move towards – be it in your physical nature (as a human) or in your non-physical nature (as a stream of consciousness). Life-energy is perpetually in a state of being “dissatisfied”, that’s its very nature – by using the term “dissatisfied” I don’t mean something negative, I am just stating a simple truth of the nature of life-energy, in that it’s always in a state of desiring. It’s not about trying to change this nature (because you can’t) rather it’s about understanding the ordinariness of this truth in you, and seeing through the delusion that you will ever get to some place of permanent satisfaction – when you are at peace with this nature, you realize the inner wholeness inherent in you irrespective of your nature of desiring. You are an eternal being, you have an eternal journey, this is just one expression you are having as this body, you will continue on to further expressions after this body dies, you don’t disappear – anything that gets created doesn’t ever get destroyed, it only changes forms. An eternal journey means infinite time, so take your time, you have plenty of it – it’s just that your time in this specific body is limited, and that’s the reality, but you can make the best use of it by staying true to the choices of what you really want to experience as this body.

Consciously using your time

In this Earth reality, there are 12 hours of day time and 12 hours of night time, your waking hours could be anywhere between 14-16 hours (or more, or less), in truth it’s not really much.

So if you do feel a shortage of time, it’s a reasonable peeve to have, but that’s the reality of this physical realm and you need to work with it. As you become more conscious you are bound to notice how little time you really have in your waking hours, and the limitation of energy you have in your mind/body to use these hours effectively.

It’s important to learn to work with these limitations rather than fretting about them. Getting a good amount of rest is helpful in ensuring that you are able to make the best of your waking hours; a tired body is a rather ineffective vehicle to work with.

In your quest to squeeze the most out of your waking hours you can end up over-straining the body or depriving yourself of rest, which is bound to create an imbalance – and any imbalance has it’s price, which you can’t get away from. So by over-straining yourself you are not being more productive, rather you are reducing your productivity because you are not only working with a tired body but may also have to invest time, later, in healing a break-down.

A purely “action oriented” approach to life is the most mediocre way to utilize your time for creating your desired realities. While a creator-mindset is the best way to bring forth maximum results in minimal time.

Creator mindset requires you to work with your thoughts/mind as the foundation, and allowing actions to come forth from a place of inspiration created by your inner alignment (through your inner work). Reducing the mind/emotional momentum, connecting with your inner space of being, gaining a deeper understanding of life, letting go of over-excitement created by delusions of extra-ordinariness, staying consciously true to a choice, developing the inner stability to no longer keep wavering under outside influence etc are the ways in which you align with a “creator mindset”, by doing the inner work first.

When your inner space is in alignment, the right actions are bound to follow, and you will not be required to spend time doing unnecessary actions. Also, an inner alignment allows you to be a “vibrational match” to a desired reality, hence attracting co-operative resources from the outside to help/assist you in the manifestation of the desired experience – you get an “environmental” support rather than expending energy on individual effort alone.

For example, a lot of people waste their time re-inventing the wheel because they keep taking “blind actions”, rather if they spent time connecting with their inner being they would feel guided to sources (who’ve already accomplished what they are trying to accomplish) who can give them the right understanding and cut short that much time – this can make a difference between manifesting in a few months to manifesting in a few years, or not manifesting at all.

Struggle is unnecessary if you are aligned within and are following your inner inspiration constantly – you can get so much leverage if you can tap into the intelligence that’s already out there instead of spending your time re-discovering the same thing. The best way to tap into universal intelligence is to connect with your space of being, and reducing your mind momentum (which is the physical cause of inner resistance).

It’s the nature of our being to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, there is nothing more debilitating to your spirit than to feel a sense of not being able to accomplish what you desire for yourself. If an accomplishment is important to you, where you sense a longing in your heart for this experience, don’t deny it, and don’t try to suppress it – just the act of staying true to this want/choice for this accomplishment is enough to start off the journey towards its manifestation.

It’s only people who give up on their desire, in their mind, who end up not being able to manifest it. The truth is that you can’t give up on a desire that’s important to you, you can only try to suppress it out of a feeling, or limiting thought, that it can’t happen. Instead of wasting your energy trying to suppress this desire, it’s far more empowering to simply start staying true to this desire in you – you are a creator, and your choice is what creates your reality, so why would want to make the choice of suppressing the desires that are important to you?

The choice to staying true to your desire is always available, you just need to exercise it and allow it to then inspire the right actions in you towards its manifestation.

Just remember that it will take time, and if a desire, or a choice of experience, is really important to you, you should be more than willing to invest the time to let it manifest – sometimes it just requires you to wait it out while the required resources can be brought in place, don’t give up on your choice during this waiting time.

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  1. Ashika

    Sen,the recurring theme of your posts is having positive thoughts of being aligned with our desires instead of having limiting/negative thoughts.( esp in the post Limiting beliefs about money).Can you explain how mind thinks about the “desire” and ‘desire manifestation”when it is positively aligned with the desires.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ashika, actually the recurring theme of the posts is to “reduce your mind momentum” – it has nothing to do with positive thinking about desire, and it has nothing to do with trying to suppress limiting/negative thinking. As I’ve mentioned in this post, the primary journey is to first reduce the mind momentum, and it can only happen when you are fully allowing of the mind’s movement instead of trying to make it positive, or trying to suppress the negative thoughts. Once the mind momentum has reduced you will automatically feel the freedom to think what you desire. You may want to read these posts for insights on reducing mind momentum


      When the mind loses its momentum, it does not produce resistance to your desires, and hence you can visualize freely about reality that you wish to experience, as per your choice.

  2. Ben


    I have spent the past few months working on reducing my mind momentum and allowing the release of negative energies. I’ve gotten past the majority of my problems but I have one last hangup — I was raised in a strict Christian household, and though I love my parents the experiences they exposed me to from a young age gave me a deep, bone-chilling fear of eternal punishment and hell. Even as a young adult now, though I no longer believe in such things from an intellectual standpoint, I still sometimes find myself getting those same chills at night. As of late, this fear has intensified greatly. I know that this deep-seated fear is the last major roadblock for me, and probably the one area of my life I have always tried not to think about. I can tell that I will ultimately move towards wholeness but I feel like I am holding myself back because it’s so difficult to imagine a reality in which there is no God or entity “judging” me , or one where I’m not constantly fighting an imaginary battle between “good and evil”.

    The other major fear I have, is that I will no longer be able to relate to my family once I have moved past religion/fear. It’s not so much that I fear being ostracized, it’s more that I am afraid that I won’t be able to respect my parents or look up to them in the same way anymore, and instead would be looking on them with pity. My parents have always been everything to me, and subconsciously I have thoughts that tell me “better to remain stuck and stay ignorant, than become ‘enlightened’ and ruin your relationship with them”.. I know those thoughts are false tricks of the ego, but again, my fear of ruining my relationship with my parents is preventing me from actually imagining a more positive reality.

    Could you please advice on my situation? These are literally the biggest fears in my life, I already know that getting past them will likely be the most difficult thing I do in this life. Your help would be very appreciated.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ben, this process is really not about gaining an intellectual understanding of life rather about the physical reduction of mind momentum. Gaining an understanding life is another growth path of its own, and you may or may not be interested in it right now. You can be in an orthodox religion, you can believe in hell, you can believe in a judging God who punishes you and throws you into the pits of fire etc, none of these beliefs need to change for you to come to inner wholeness/peace. What’s needed is that you allow the fear fully, instead of trying to find assurance in some understanding. Basically, the practice of allowing will reduce your mind momentum (physically) to the point where it’s no longer a disturbing force, it comes to “zero intensity”. However, just because your mind has lost its momentum doesn’t mean that it will lose all its beliefs and conditioning. Your mind can still continue to believe in hell and highwater, and it can feel the fear of being punished up there – it’s just that its fears no longer affect your “being”, and you are permanently rooted in your sense of inner peace. Changing the beliefs of your mind is a totally different deal, it has nothing to do with this process of reducing mind momentum. Once your mind momentum reduces, you can go ahead and change your beliefs if you want, or you can continue to practice orthodox religion if you want – that’s your choice. Also, you feeling “pity” for your parents, or their religious beliefs, is again your choice – I don’t see any reason why you should pity anyone, it’s the most arrogant thing to do. Everyone has their path, no-one is higher or lower. Just because you’ve come to inner peace, and reduced your mind momentum, doesn’t make you a “higher” person from the point of totality, it’s a personal growth for you. Basically, you don’t have to change your beliefs about God, or about your religion, to reduce your mind momentum – all you need to do is allow the feelings of fear totally, without looking for a assurance, in this total allowing the force of fear will lose its grip on you. If the mind asks “can you assure me that I won’t be burnt in hell”, don’t try to give it an assurance (in truth, there is no assurance, anything is possible), and allow it to go into its throes of fear, see its limits – only in this place of allowing can you transcend the influence of fear.

  3. Nate

    Great post, thanks for this.

  4. Gunda


    What if one is at a stage of “Really couldnt be bothered”, or sort of a feeling of been there done that. Not a depressed state or lazy state ( whatever that is), but more like a “It doesnt really matter anyway”. Is there a stage of ” i really have no desire at the moment”?

    1. Sen Post author

      Gunda, there is always something that you grow towards, inevitably. May be right now your desire is to be free of the hold of negativity, or to have a deeper understanding of life, or to just sense a state of total inner freedom, that’s still a desire/experience that you are moving towards. It’s not possible as a stream of life-energy to just come to a stand-still with no further movement.

  5. rafael

    Sen I can truly say that you have changed my life more than anyone before.

    Idk about the rest if the readers but your personal story interests me very much. We have you to take us through the process and be there ti guide us but who did you have? How did you get to that point?I ask because before startingnon this post I can truly say that I searched everywhere and never have I found the message so clear and simple.

    Was it just through personal trial and error? Or did you have some guidance along the way

    1. Sen Post author

      Rafael, beyond the details the story is the same for everyone who starts awakening towards bringing a conscious balance. You live an imbalanced life until you hit a crash-point, you try to sort it out with your mind but you see that nothing seems to work because all solutions are coming from the same imbalance that created the problem, so eventually you reach a point where you run out of all your mind strategies and wonder what else is there. Around this point you eventually just give up or surrender, and this opens you up to receiving the right guidance – I felt guided by some very useful teachings I came across in this state of giving up my mental struggle, especially teachings of Adyashanti (saw his youtube videos) about letting go into the space of consciousness outside the mind – this pointer was enough for me, and it was all that was really needed. The more I connected with this space of being the more freedom I had to let go of being pulled around by the mind’s negativity, and as I grew more stable in this space there was a sense of constant inner guidance and understanding. We all have access to this inner guidance, in our being, as soon as we decide to let go of being pulled around my the momentum of negativity created on the surface – once you connect with this inner guidance you feel completely self-sustained, all the understanding you need is always available within you.

  6. Casey

    Sen, it seems that my three month attempt at mind momentum reduction (anxiety, obsession) is marked by a “two-steps-forward-step-back” progression. I celebrate my recovery one day and then feel a wave of anxiety that lasts for hours and hours. Being an impatient person generally, I over-react to the unpleasantness and focus on an obsession and have thoughts of being this way “forever”. I know it’s all irrational and silly but can’t “breakthrough” . Your comments today of not being in a hurry are timely (no pun intended). I’m really placing faith in your pointers and you have been a part of my healing. Thank you. Any further insight is appreciated?!?!

    1. Sen Post author

      Casey, once you’ve started “allowing” a release, it’s just a matter of riding it out for the required time – there really is nothing that you are missing out in terms of understanding. The process of release is unpleasant, there is no getting around this fact, and the less you try to cling to the good feelings (during this phase), that come when one cycle of release gets done with, the easier it is to not get shocked when a new phase of release starts within you. Just allow this release of emotional/mental momentum and you will see that there is no “understanding” needed to reach a place of inner wholeness – it’s just your natural state of being.

  7. yin

    Good guidance. Thanks Sen.

  8. Maria

    I appreciate all your work. Thank you.

  9. Markus

    Can’t recall where I read or heard it, but there is a comment about impatience that I found helpful:

    “Impatience is a lack of faith in one’s growth process”

    If one feels impatient, it shows that he is acting from fear. There are many directions to go from here, but this offers a nice blinking sign to oneself that there is something to reflect upon in this situation.

  10. Stephon J

    I really needed to read the part about letting manifestations take time to happen. For years I have been in a rush to create. I feel more patient and calm now about manifesting my desires.

  11. Mark

    So it does need time. I read other’s personal experience, and some of them have the same experience as mine. I thought i was regressing. The truth is, it only needs time. Makes sense, I always think that everything needs process, and process needs time. There is nothing in this world that can happen instantly, only our mind can make us impatience. Thank Sen, all of your posts is highly appreciated.

  12. Trevor Rutherfield

    Sen, it has been about 18 months i have been reading your articles. I have read all of them. i was a person who carried a lot of negative thoughts. I have been allowing of all the negativity. There’s a job out there, and it’s like a dream job for me, however there are certain hurdles to getting this job. I have allowed all negativity relating to this job to come up in all fullness and to get it to release on its own. I am able to do this with decent success. However what has been bothering me is that i am not visualizing anything positive about my job prospects meaning i am not forcefully trying to see a positive picture of my job prospect, nor are these positive emotions coming to me by themselves, on their own.
    My question in this context is – Is just allowing negativity and the release enough for the manifestation ?( of course i am going to take the required physical efforts and action to reach there). Is it ok if i dont have much positive thoughts or visualization about something, but allow negativity and he release in openness, and continue doing my work ?
    I mean, after reading through all your articles, i think it is OK if we just allow negativity or anything to arise and then fade away on its own, to manifest results, by not having to visualize a positive picture. Could you share some light on this ? Thank you very much in advance. You are doing an absolutely smashing job mate !

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