A Deeper Perspective on Joy

Posted on by Sen.

The word “joy” usually creates the image of a good feeling state and is sometimes used as a synonym for “happiness” which is another word which creates an image of a good feeling state of being. But I look at “Joy” in a very different manner than “Happiness” – and through this post I would like to give you a perspective on how I define what joy really is.

The way I define “happiness” (there is a post “what is happiness” on my blog) is as a state where the mind feels “fearless” or secure in its reality – a permanent knowing of happiness comes through when the mind gets rooted in a deep understanding of the true nature of who we are (our invincibility as this pure positive energy that’s all there is, our potential to create realities, and our eternal movement as the stream of life). This “deep knowing” of your true nature is what enlightenment or “awakening” is all about, and it’s a given that people who awaken to the truth of their existence are rooted in happiness irrespective of their life experiences. The feeling of happiness remains because you are “secure” in your knowing of who you are, irrespective of the myriad of experiences of physical life.

The way I define “Joy” is as a state of being where you feel rooted in happiness enough to really start relishing/savoring the “experiences” of physicality – you can only truly start en-“joying” life when you are first stable in your knowing of the security that you have as the energy that you are. So to experience “Joy” in its true sense you need to be first rooted in “happiness”.

Joy is about savoring physicality

Scientifically, death is defined as the end of your present “physical” form, which basically ends all your resistance (because all the resistance comes from the negativity of the bodily brain/mind), and thus causes you to merge fully into your natural vibration of pure positive – there are no real variations in your vibration in the non-physical and this causes you to be permanently rooted in your natural “high” vibration all the time. So it looks as if death is a cool deal because it allows you to be totally free of resistance and thus be rooted in your natural high vibration. But ask yourself, when a high vibration is your constant state how long would it be before you get totally “bored” of it, remember that a constant high vibration is akin to “no experience”, in sometime you won’t even have a remembrance of what a high vibration is because you become permanent in that state. The non-physical is simply a “no experience” state, if you just contemplate this state you know you will get bored of it in a while. (It’s like only eating sweets, and only a particular sweet, all the time without any change in taste)

A lot of people are out there seeking eternal happiness, either on earth or after death, without realizing what a boring/dead state of being eternal happiness is. Pure positive is your natural vibration, and in the absence of variations in your vibration, you just don’t “experience” anything, it’s like being a block of ice. The true joy for this pure positive energy, that you are, is to “experience”. When you are dead, and become the non-physical energy again, you will know why you came into physical, why you decided to come forth as a physical form – it was all so you could “experience”, anything was better than being stuck as a non-physical blob of pure positive vibration. When you really get this perspective, you will no longer be in the mode of wanting to escape physicality, but will realize the beautiful gift that this state of being physical is for you.

Savoring physicality, and the way you are, through all the different experiences, is what really constitutes joy. People talk about wanting to be free of fear, but they also enjoy sitting on the roller-coaster and subjecting themselves to 3-5 minutes of absolute gut-wrenching fear. They enjoy the thrill of driving a fast car or sking down a high slope or mountain climbing or sky diving, they relish the excitement of watching a horror movie or playing a shoot-out simulation video game. In fact a lot of what we call thrill or excitement is mostly the “enjoyment” of the sensation of fear because we feel “secure” in the circumstance. In simple words, you enjoy “fear” when you know you are “secure”. The only time you hate “fear” is when you feel “insecure” in it. The sensation of fear, in itself, is not the problem, the problem is with the thoughts of “insecurity”. We can find “joy” in sensations of fear when we feel secure.

Happiness is the pre-requisite for en-“joying” life

The way I define happiness is the presence of a feeling of security. When you feel secure you will feel happy. In this state of happiness, you feel ready to really en-“joy” the experiences of physicality, even sensations of fear are welcome in this state of security. The only way to find true security in life is to understand the truth of who you are, and the invincibility of the pure positive energy that is you. In this security, you are no longer afraid of death, not afraid of endings, not afraid of new beginnings, not afraid of change, and thus no longer afraid of the experiences of physicality. You also don’t feel like you are missing out on anything, just because you don’t have this or that, because every single day affords a multitude of experiences – you are secure in your happiness through your knowing of your truth, and thus you simply allow yourself to savor the experiences that come forth.

Physicality is the joy for the non-physical energy that you are. People who are trying to escape physicality, or who are condemning physical experiences, for the promise of some rewards after death are totally missing the point of existence. You don’t have to do anything to become worthy because you are already worthy, you are already divine, you are already pure positive energy – you don’t have to prove anything to any force out there, it’s all just you. Allow yourself to savor your physicality, your experiences here and now, in whatever form it arises – sometimes your body might feel high sometimes it feels low, this is cycle of physicality, no experience ever lasts forever, everything is temporary, this is the beauty of physical existence. You can look for joy in some future moment, and enjoy the anticipation of it, and that’s totally fine, but don’t miss out on enjoying this moment also, as it is, in every way possible.

The paradox is that when you start looking to enjoy the present moment as it is, life automatically starts moving in a direction of well-being and abundance, for you, because of the vibration of love/joy that you become rooted in. Your future is assured of joy when you look for joy in the present. If you are going to wait for joy to arrive, you may end up waiting a long time, because then the problem is with your attitude or mindset rather than with the reality.

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  1. Allison

    I look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for all your writing. This post, in particular, resonated. Yes, a joyful way of living and welcoming all of life’s experiences.

  2. Christie

    Awesome revelation! Am sharing this on my Facebook page with the public. Thank You, Sen.

  3. Oana

    Ever since my teens I have been feeling and saying that I am always Happy, but don’t always feel Joy, and I am grateful for the life experiences which do result in Joy to bubble over and wash over me. This post is a very well-articulated description of how Happiness and Joy are different yet intertwined.

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  5. Harman

    Hello Sen, this particular blog brought tears into my eyes.. ..I felt so happy and at peace after several days…….I once read in punjabi ( is dehi ko simrey dev) means gods meditate to get this physical form that me an you are in. but I never knew anyone who actuall really believe and in this. So many people explains what is or what is not but no one has actually tasted a stillness. I can say that after reading your blog I felt the different dimension of this universe.
    thankyou so much for posting…….

  6. Dilip

    Sen , I really apperciate your blog and have come out my worst phase. But still there are some thoughts that trouble me and there are fears. I can say I am at a recovering stage, i am following relaxed awareness. Could you tell me how much time will take it.

    1. Sen Post author

      Usually it can take anywhere close to 6 months (can be more or less depending on the momentum of negativity you have going from the past attention) before you start feeling a stability in your being, and a rootedness in your awareness. It’s normal to feel impatient, and what this transition to happen quickly, but remember that it took years of unconscious attention to build up a momentum of negativity in your energy space and for it to dissolve in intensity/energy it will take at-least a few months of dis-identification. Just keep allowing yourself to stay as a space of relaxed awareness and rest assured the momentum of negativity will ebb away in this space of allowing.

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