Your Desires Are Of Huge Value

Posted on by Sen.

When you come up with a desire, or preference, you hardly realize the whole range of movement that it sets into motion. You don’t realize that life moves into a new place of expansion based on your desire. Everything that you see manifested in this reality was once a desire, in the being that you are. The mind can label reality as “good” or “bad” but eventually it’s just an environment that allows for the birthing of new desires based on the contrast that’s seen. Desire is the juice of physical life, and aligning with your desire is the joy that you are seeking.

Each desire sets a new reality into motion

Every time a desire emanates from your being, it gets created “vibrationally” in the space of your being. So in simple words, your desire manifests immediately after its launched, it’s just manifested in the “non-physical” form for now. This “non-physical” desire now vibrationally starts taking physical form through the “law of attraction”, it simply attracts the components that make up the new reality. One of the most important, and obvious, component to the manifestation of this new reality is “you”, so it starts pulling you towards it.

The reason why you feel the sensation of “stress”, or tension, inside you is because you are resisting the pull of your desire. You are struggling with life instead of letting go into this pull. Suffering is nothing but a physical sensation that is created when your “physical” consciousness is resisting the pull of the desire that was launched by it. When you think negative thoughts, you are not only resisting the pull of your desire, but you are actually trying to move in opposition to the pull and hence you feel a great tug in you – that’s why a negative thought feels so bad in the body.

When you relax, you automatically become co-operative with life

I keep emphasizing on the word “relax” because it has a scientific value in the movement of life. When you relax you stop resisting and hence you allow life to pull you towards the new reality. All that you really need to do is “relax”, it’s that simple. Of course, the mind will be cynical about it because the mind has been conditioned by the society to “make effort” and work hard towards achieving desires, so it’s quite baffled by the very concept of “relaxing”. But look around you and you will see that the people who “work hard” (with no joy in the actions) to manifest a desire are usually doing it at the cost of their present joy and what they end up creating is not a happy reality but one full of strife and struggle.

All you need to do is let go of struggling with life, and just relax your being. Life is a highly powerful movement, and it’s moving towards your desires, your well-being. Life is not a “separate entity” with a “personal” agenda, you are life, your desire is the agenda of life. Stop resisting the pull of your own desire, and become a co-operative component to the manifestation of this new reality. Life will create the right action, it will instigate the right ideas and move you in a way that brings forth the manifestation of your desire with ease.

The human mind can never match up to the intelligence of life, and hence it can never “plan” the manifestation of a desire, it does not have the capacity to do so. The human mind’s purpose is to prefer, desire and sift through contrast, its purpose is not figure out how to manifest a desire. Trust life to bring forth the right inspirations in you and just relax. It’s critical that you stop resisting the movement of life, or else the resistance is just going to beat up the body causing it to age and deteriorate at quick pace. When you relax, everything starts falling into place – by relax I just mean follow your bliss, your joy, your happiness at every moment.

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  1. Wynone

    Okay, Sen, but if I were to follow my joy and bliss at every moment, I wouldn’t study for my exams and I wouldn’t ever go to my boyfriend abroad, because studying at an University is definitely not bringing overall joy to my being 😀
    I guess there are some compromises along the way, in order to fulfill the bigger picture/what you’re aiming for.

    1. Sen Post author

      Wynone, the truth remains that struggle attracts struggle. When you are rooted in a struggle-based mindset, how do you even know your vision of the “bigger picture” is an aligned one? what if you are compromising on your inner connection/alignment to accomplish it? You can, of course, follow through, on this mindset, as long as you see it for what it is. When I talk about alignment I am not talking about “doing nothing”, I am talking about living from a place that’s not driven by your mind’s agitation and fear, rather is driven by your inspiration that stems from a place of wholeness. To let go of being driven by your mind’s struggle based movement, is a pre-requisite for truly connecting with the wisdom inherent to your life-stream. The word “compromise” can be used in any context – you need to be honest with yourself if your compromise is coming at the cost of choosing struggle in your life (at the cost of disconnection with your own sense of inner alignment) or if you feel that your actions are actually coming from a place of alignment. If you felt aligned, you may not even be searching for these answers – the very fact that you are searching for these answers would point to the reality that you are feeling disconnected with yourself and feel a sense of struggle in your life. Actions need to be taken, but there is a difference of energy between a struggle based movement and an inspired movement – for example, if there is a desire to lose weight, you can either move from a struggle-based mindset or take the time to connect with your inner inspiration, both will lead to action, the action coming from the former place will feel strained due to the fact that you are not aligned with the “timing” of your life-stream rather you are trying to force yourself into action through your will-power alone. When you allow yourself to connect with your inner inspiration, your actions are supported by the energy of your life-stream and hence feel more like a flow than a struggle. Your inner alignment should be your priority, right now you may be holding someone/something else as a priority over your own alignment with yourself, and that’s at the root cause of struggle (when we prioritize an outside factor over our inner connection). Life has a way of taking care of the orchestrating the right timing and events when you choose to let go of moving from a place of struggle.

  2. Wynone

    Thank you, Sen, I understand that 🙂
    I’m usually an investigative one, so I search for answers often.
    What I’m studying in Uni is something I wanted to study all along, it’s not a struggle to imagine myself doing that afterwards, and I really want to go abroad where my boyfriend is, even before we met.
    I guess you are right- because of the fact I’m focusing more on my desire to be with my boyfriend, somehow I miss the fun in the process of attaining my degree. Rather than being aware of my inner inspiration of choosing the degree in the first place and so on.
    Thank you!

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