Visualizing Your Desired Reality from All Dimensions of the Mind

Posted on by Sen.

When you have achieved some stability in your being, by allowing the momentum of negativity in the mind to reduce in intensity (mostly through relaxed awareness), you can start working more easily with dissolving specific resistances you have with respect to your desired realities. As you let go of identification with negativity, with time, you can clearly understand your true desires sieving it out from the “false desires” that you thought you needed out of some negative/lackful thinking – this is what clear mindedness is all about. To be clear minded is essential to allowing desires to take shape swiftly, because it means you are no longer “conflicted” within yourself, or contradicting yourself out of some deluded thinking.

It’s common for a brain to desire something that the heart doesn’t want for itself, the brain does this out of some limited/negative conditioning, or perceptions, it gathers from its life experience – this is what I would call a “false desire”. The more clear minded you are, the less energy you waste focusing on false desires, which are conflicted within and hence are not harmonious with your nature anyway.

Once you have a clear mindedness about your desire, you can spend more time “envisioning” your desired reality – it’s very natural for the brain to do so. You must understand that visualizing your desired reality has nothing to do with creating some “detailed” beautiful image in your brain (not all brains are even capable of working with images so well, some brains are more auditory or tactile) and holding it, or some forced technique like that. Such techniques are unnecessary and amount to nothing more than straining your brain’s faculties. Visualizing your desired reality, in its true sense, is about working through the “consequences”, or side effects, of living that reality. Your brain already has a picture of what it wants, so it makes no sense to keep concentrating on that picture alone, what’s required is to allow yourself to go deeper into that reality by envisioning its consequences from all dimensions of your mind.

Broaden your understanding of your desired reality

Your mind has 6 dimensions in it – love, joy, fear, hatred, boredom and sexuality – but most of us try to envision our desired reality purely from the dimension of joy or love alone, or may be sexuality, but rarely from the dimensions of fear, hatred and boredom. This is the reason why most of us have little idea about the amount of resistances lying within us towards our desired reality. You are trying to picture your desired reality purely as being joyful/loving, when in truth your mind naturally will have to inhabit that reality in all its 6 dimensions. When you don’t picture your desired reality from the other dimensions of the mind, what you end up with is an incomplete vision, which means you will not be aware of the resistances seated within you which are unconsciously inhibiting the manifestation of this reality.

To take an example, let’s say you want to manifest a harmonious living condition where you have a good house to live in. For a while, it’s common to simply visualize the desired reality of a nice house, and just see yourself being joyful in that reality. But if you restrict your visualization to this dimension of joy alone, you never get the whole picture. In reality, when you do manifest the house, you will be joyful, but there will also be other dimensions playing out like boredom, fear and hatred, in several ways. For example, in this new house you can “fear” security, you may “hate” maintaining it and you would feel “bored” once you are done with all the arrangements. This is how your desired reality will look “realistically” when it manifests – it won’t just be a place where you are hopping with joy all day long. No physical reality is ever going to have only one dimension of your mind active, it’s always going to manifest aspects of all the dimensions.

The mind shys away from exploring the low vibrations

The problem is that an unconscious mind is never willing to explore dimensions of fear, hatred or boredom to any large extent. It’s immediately scared of the low states, and always tries to visualize purely on the high states alone. But any “physical” reality is a mix of low states and high states, light and dark, by its very nature and none of this is negative if you are not “opposing” it with your fear. As I mentioned in the post “wholeness in physical life”, the way I define negativity is your “resistance” to certain dimensions in the mind. The mind by itself is just being natural when it produces fear, hatred or boredom, but your resistance to them creates negativity in your being. Of course, negativity can also come in when you are imbalanced/lost in certain dimensions in the mind. Consciously, you can bring a balance to all the dimensions, by allowing them full expression in the space of wisdom of your awareness.

This is the reason why you need to have some stability in your being to truly visualize your desired realities. In the absence of an inner stability you will feel overwhelmed about touching the dimensions of fear, hatred or boredom, and will keep trying to cling to a “narrow view” of your desired reality purely from the dimension of joy or love. When you have stability in your being, you can visualize your desired reality in a much deeper way and you will be quite astounded initially to see the amount of resistance which is present in your mind towards its consequences. When you bring a realistic view of the things you may hate, or find boring, or fearful, in your desired reality, the resistances within start showing up thick and fast. This is a good thing, because now they are out in the open and hence they can be dissolved in the light of your awareness.

Exploring the consequences of a desired reality

When you start visualizing your desired reality at a greater depth, you would unearth several “consequences” that your mind may have fears about, for example the mind is never very comfortable with “change” and wants to cling to the familiar, and this is the first fear that you will encounter, after that there would be several “practical” consequences that you will need to encounter in your new reality which the mind may not feel ready for.

The more you allow yourself to keep observing the fears of the mind, the more they dissolve in force, but first it’s required to get these fears in the open so that you are no longer in denial by suppressing them. Also, the more awareness you bring to your desired reality, the more fears you may unearth within you towards the reality, some very subtle, some very strong – this is how you move into the “details” of your desired reality, it’s not just an exercise of holding a beautiful picture in the mind, it’s a very involving process of unearthing all your deep resistances to the reality and then dissolving them in the light of fearless awareness (you can read the post – positive thinking vs fearless awareness for more insight on how to bring an open awareness to your resistances, to allow their dissolution).

You must understand that it can be uncomfortable, initially, to get a sense of your deep resistances, and it may make you feel as if you can never get over them. But in truth, it just takes a few weeks of deep awareness of these resistances to cause a weakening of their force. As they weaken, you will start seeing positive evidences coming in which help your resistances weaken even further, until they no longer have an influence on your vibration. At this point you become relatively resistance free and thus allow for a swift manifestation of your desired reality. Manifesting your desired realities is an expression of your potential as a creator that you are, since you are an extension of life energy, and it’s a movement towards inner growth, maturity and expansion. The only reason why a lot of people find it difficult to be receptive to their desired manifestations is because they are not aligned with it from all dimensions of their mind.

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  1. elvira

    Sen thanks for the article.

    How about if on our path to enlightenment our mind is mostly thinking positive thoughts throughout the day. But we are totally identified with these positive thoughts. Should we also try to dis identify from them as we do with the negative ones or do we let the identification continue sincee the thoughts carry with them a positive energy?

    1. Sen Post author

      Elvira, if your mind is on a positive cycle, you can enjoy this movement and feed it with your conscious attention to reinforce their momentum. The whole point of being conscious is to start a positive cycle in the mind so that it’s mostly oriented with thinking in a positive way. Also your awareness can bring a field of wisdom into your life so that you don’t get carried away by the exhilaration of the mind and end up imbalancing yourself – there are people who get so over-excited, imbalanced in the joy dimension, that they start neglecting their body’s need for a balance of energy and end up fatigued.

      Regarding your second question, it takes time for you to come to a place of stability in your awareness, and even then it’s not possible to be actively aware every second, it’s like saying the brain needs to be able to concentrate through out the day which is unnatural. What you can do is keep becoming stable in your awareness and allow it to bring a balance in your mind on a gradual basis.

  2. elvira

    And why is i so hard to stay as an awareness all day? I tend to not be able to stay as an awareness for more than a couple of seconds without eventually getting lost in thought? What can i do to help me with this?

  3. Megan Hawthorne

    Sen, this teaching is similar to an earlier one. This is the most powerful teaching I’ve come across in a long long time. I am married and on the “householder” path of spirituality. I do the Work of Byron Katie which has frequently given me glimpses into the reality of this teaching. Your writings on this have really fleshed it out beautifully and made a huge difference in my life. Also explained why the “Secret” and other writings on the law of attraction always seemed to missing some essential element! I am passing them on with credit to you in my psychotherapy practice. Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. robert


    Is there any books you recommend that can truly help us on our path to enlightenment?

    1. Sen Post author

      Robert, I got a sense of the power of awareness, and it’s ability to bring freedom from the unconscious negativity, when I read the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle some 5 years back. It’s a very powerful book and it gives you an understanding of the unconscious state of being and how awareness can help you overcome being lost in limiting conditioning of the mind.

  5. D

    Sen, I don’t think I understand.
    If it’s not about visualisation, how would one do the work of envisioning consequences?
    I get the feeling it’s more like an organic process that the human organism does all by itself, but I’d ask you to break that down a little, I mean how does that work in practice? Should we put aside some time per day to do that work? Or does it happen by itself once the momentum of negativity dies down?

    Thank you

    1. Sen Post author

      D, as I’ve mentioned in the post, visualization is a natural process in the brain where it creates a vision of its desired reality. However, a lot of people start using visualization as a technique where they try to “force” hold a “image” of their desired reality in their brain, as a mental exercise, to manifest what they desire – they just start doing it as a “mechanical” practice, and this is totally unnecessary and a waste of energy. The reason why this technique is inefficient is because manifestation is not just about holding some image, or picture, in your brain, but about releasing your inner resistances/conflicts towards the desired reality, you can only do this by going deeper into becoming aware of all the aspects of your desired reality, including its consequences/side-effects from all the dimensions of your mind, not just seeing it from the dimension of joy alone. When you are envisioning consequences you are trying to get a sense of all the resistances and fears present in you, it’s a very involving process of getting to understand your inner conflicts, hang-ups and contradictions. As you can see it’s totally different than following some technique of just holding some “picture” in your mind, in a mechanical way.

      Allowing the momentum of past negativity, in the brain, to ebb away in intensity, and coming to a stability in your being (in a place of inner wholeness) is the first step, or the foundation, to having clear mindedness. It’s also important to have an understanding of “physical life”, to know how it operates and the various dimensions of mind that are active in physicality (you can read this post a few truths about physical life and understanding the realm of physical reality). In this place of clear mindedness you will have clarity with respect to your natural expression and the type of reality you wish to experience, and you would be able to visualize your desired reality in the context of the reality of physical life.

      Anytime you are free is a time you can use to be with yourself, bringing awareness to the resistances within you and thus allowing their dissolution in the light of this awareness.

  6. Franchesca

    Hi Sen,

    I am noticing lately that I seem to be on a rollor coaster ride – which I understand to be part of stage 3. I have moments/days of feeling aligned, coupled with moments of falling back into the neagativity of the mind. I now notice how much my experiences reflect my state o f mind and inner alignment but I am not yet quite fee enough of negativity to move into stage 4. How do I know if I am stuck in stage 3? and what can I do to move along a bit quicker and get off the rollor coaster??

    I also notice how the close people around me seem to be affected as well by my ups and downs., my husband especially seems to be directly influenced by my state of mind. I have come to realise after years of trying to lecture him on how life works scientifically, that the best way to help him with his struggles is to stay in alignment myself. My question is: what is exacltly happening here? Is he responding physically to the energy that Iam emitting physically when I am aligned? Or is it simply that my perspective of him changes when I am aligned – or is it both? For example when I am feeling aligned he is happier, his outlook is positive and his day seems to just work better for him. If I am lost in my negative mind he has opposite expereinces. I just wonder how much do we affect eachother with our energy output and can we be responsible for the expereinces of others close to us by being responsible for our alignment/ our energy output? Or does this have something more to do with being deeply, personally connected to a person?

    Thank you.

    1. Sen Post author

      Franchesca, for a while you will just need to be fully allowing to the roller-coaster of emotions and mind-states, it’s basically your physicality coming back into balance after years of unconscious imbalance, due to suppression and over-identification. It’s a process of harmonization, and though it feel turbulent (energy-wise) for a while, the more relaxed and allowing you are, the sooner it settles down allowing you to come to a place of inner wholeness. While you are in the midst of this roller-coaster of energy movement, it may feel as if it’s unending, and the mind can feel a sense of frustration towards it, which is natural, but the harmony does set in. The pointer is simply to not “over analyse” anything, and just be more and more open to allowing what arises, this is what allows your being to become deeply spacious and transparent, which is what inner wholeness is.

      With respect to the situation you feel with your husband, it’s mostly because of the heart-connection. The heart is the emotional center of the body and it has its own memory, and it connects with other hearts through sensing their signals and sending its own signals – this is what emotional connection really means. When you are unconscious, it’s easy to be lost in the heart as much as it’s easy to be lost in the mind/brain, and thus allow it to influence your being. When you are conscious you can bring a balance to your mind and heart, through the presence of the wisdom/stability of your being. Right now, due to your heart-connection with your husband, you can sense the variations in his energy space and due to a lack of stability in your own being, you are getting influenced by it and allowing your own vibration to be affected by the vibration of your husband, when he is a negative state. The more stability you gain in your being, the less influence the outside has on your vibrational state and your stability also allows for an inherent well-being in your external reality, influencing your outside in a positive way.

  7. Franchesca

    Thank You Sen,

    If you could simplify the essesence of what you are teaching here into one sentence, what would that sentence be?

    Many Thanks

    1. Sen Post author

      The essence would be to bring awareness to your resistances and consciously let go of them, to stay aligned with the pull of your life-stream.

  8. Joey

    Hi Sen,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your insights.

    I have noticed a yin-yang imbalance from my competitve personality and the refusal to let go, and it has lead to other negative impacts on my well-being. Lately I have fallen pretty ill and was forced to lay off training. A few days ago, I started a stretch routine which is similar to yoga to calm my mind and release the yang, and then funny thing happened. I’ve been feeling so much better and more balanced yet the old negativity has been nagging at me. As if it was putting a force against my new-found balance, its resistance was very strong in the first day. Without reacting to it, it has mellowed down but I’ve been feeling really fatigue.

    My questions are,

    – Is the old negativity really melting away?
    – Can I balance yin and yang and be competitive at the same time?

    Your insights would be much appreciated. Thanks!


    1. Sen Post author

      Joey, this is normal and is part of the release of negative momentum, and coming to an inner balance, as you are beginning to relax more in your being – you can read this post for more insight – release of suppressed energy. Of course, you will be even more efficient and productive in your ventures as you become more balanced in your being, just that ventures which are not aligned with you will drop away.

  9. Kaatha

    Thank you for your insights. I am just lucky enough to find your website and since then i have taken baby steps towards bringing awareness to my being. I have earlier listened to hicks, but some where your articles resonated more towards tackling mind-fear.


  10. A1

    Hi Sen,

    As always thanks for your help. I am gay and it is very hard for me as you can see to tell who is gay or not as it’s not visible and possible to guess as most of the gay guys just look like straight guys. I am so tired of falling in love and fantasizing about some guys that I really like to only figure out later that they are straight or either married. I’m a very positive person but my situation is really hard to tell. I also can’t go to any guy and ask them if they are gay or not. Online dating or hitting gay bars and clubs have not been an option for me to find any partner. I just don;t know what else to do, I have practiced positive thinking feeling and also letting go of the outcome and surrendering and don’t know what else to do.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Sen Post author

      The more “desperate” you become within, the less open you are to inspiration, creative solution/ideas. In order to attract a solution quickly what’s needed is to let go of the focus on the problem, if you keep believing that a problem is unsolvable it becomes very difficult for you to be a match to a solution that’s been manifested in your life-stream’s intelligence. The best thing to do right now is to “chill out” and bring awareness within to let go of your mind’s desperation towards this desire – this desperation stems from a belief in lack, or a mistrust in life’s intelligence to bring forth a solution. You may be positive person in many aspects but this attitude of desperation can easily manifest into “neediness” when you do get into a relationship, which can then cause you to take on a victim mindset. Neediness and victim-mindset are parallel forces. If you can look to spend time just connecting with yourself and finding this space of inner stability, you will see yourself attracting solutions, guidance, ideas or inspiration that allows the unfolding of your desire for a relationship. The outside is just a reflection of the inside, this is biggest understanding you need to gain about life – so your job is to work on your “inner state of being”, and let life take care of orchestrating the outside for you. You may sense that this vibe of desperation or neediness is quite strong in you presently, and it’s this force that standing in resistance to you being a match to your desire – what’s needed is to bring awareness to this vibe in your mind and start letting go of it by staying in a space of relaxed allowing. You can get some pointers in the below posts

      Overcoming restlessness
      Finding love

  11. sharad chandra

    Hi Sen, Thank you so much for what all you are putting up through your creative expression. Hey, for you, it could be just a flow of your creativity however it has meant a world for me. For someone who has spent almost every single moment of his life, barring a very few, in anxiety, in despair,in angst, your guidance comes not only as a great relief but much more than that. To your credit and for all those readers of your posts who may stumble across this mail of mine, there is something that i wish to share, and it’s my heart inspiring me here. For about a continuous 30 hours, i could live in the now, something which was as unprecedented for me as the pigs could fly thing. I could sense no fear at all, and my mind just couldn’t wander neither in the past nor in the future. I had no fear, no regret, i was neither happy nor sad, in fact it was as if i had no thoughts at all, no feelings at all, it was peace, it was serenity, i was so unruffled that simply nothing could bother me. If at all i could feel some feeling it was purely positive. I think this is what you mean by inner wholeness. I could feel one with all, of course this was where i needed some consciousness, that is to say that it required a deliberate effort on my part. However for all the readers here, it was an experience so wholesome, let me assure you, things were just falling in place so RIGHT, ALWAYS, that when you look back you can’t help but appreciate, enjoy and be in awe of the the fact that the life energy and intelligence is taking care of you. And the best part is it all seems so EFFORTLESS. So for this Sen you deserve the highest of five for helping me and so many others in self-realization, in making us understand the true value of life and that you ‘MUST’ be, or rather, let go of yourself and be with life to enjoy it, and not against it. All this wisdom and intelligence you have got through your journey and your wholeheartedness to put it up for us takes a bow from us.
    It has only been a couple of weeks that I’ve started reading your post and applying the pointers, and yeah, i don’t wanna make them a technique or practice, like you fondly put . I have read more than half of your posts. While i understand, appreciate and agree to most of them, i still have a few doubts, it is not that you haven’t expanded on them, it is just that i could not understand them, and i will have them till i understand them. Once i get a better understanding of my doubts i will certainly seek the guidance and wisdom required from you. So all i request you is to shed some light on those doubts and questions i will be posting soon.
    Cheers mate !!!!!!

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