Manifest a Relaxed State of Being First

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At the core of all our desires is our desire to be in a relaxed state of being. We don’t want a problematic life because it causes us to be stressful and what we desire deeply is to be relaxed. The very definition of stress is a state that’s opposed to a relaxed state of being and there is not a single human being who would say that he/she prefers stress. Given a choice between a stressful life and a relaxed life, one would unequivocally choose the latter option. If you look deeply at all your desired realities (the realities you want to manifest for yourself), you will see that the only reason you desire it is because you sense that you will be in a relaxed state of being in such a reality. So in truth what you really want to manifest is a relaxed state of being and you want to experience all realities from this state of being.

Let’s take an example of a common desire most humans have which is for a reality of financial abundance. The only reason we desire financial abundance is because we think that it would allow us to have a relaxed state of being. But there are many people out there who have financial abundance but are hardly relaxed, in fact many financially abundant people are chronically stressed, undergoing therapy and medication for stress related diseases. So the reality of financial abundance does not automatically guarantee a relaxed state of being – this is a very important realization to have. So if you are only focused on manifesting the reality of financial abundance without being concerned about manifesting a relaxed state of being, you would just end up manifesting a new reality of financial abundance while staying in the same state of being (of stress) that was present in your old reality. What’s the use of manifesting a reality if it does not give you the state of being that you desire?

Your state of being continues into the realities you manifest

The first, and most vital, step towards manifesting a wholistic reality is to align with the state of being that you want to manifest, which is basically a relaxed state of being. Once you manifest this state of being, your desired realities can get manifested from this vibration and hence will automatically be wholistic in nature. If you are stuck in a stress-based state of being (or fear based state of being) and your only focus is on manifesting a physical reality, the reality you manifest would come from this stressful vibration that you are in and hence would just continue to keep you in the same state of being, of stress. This is the most important understanding one needs to have to avoid continuing the re-creation of dysfunctional realities in new faces.

To take an example of manifesting a relationship, let’s say you are stuck in an unwholesome relationship and your state of being is rooted in stress, frustration, insecurity and agitation. You read about law of attraction and get some understanding that you can attract the type of reality you want – so you set focus on manifesting a new relationship where you feel compatibility, comfort and love (basically a relaxed state of being). You start visualizing this new reality on daily basis, and doing positive affirmations, but continue staying in a place of stress and agitation, waiting for the new relationship to come and give you the security, and relaxed state of being, that you desire. What you notice now is that you seem to be attracting new relationships but they all continue to keep you in the state of being of stress. The reason why this happens is because all your new realities are coming from the vibration of stress and agitation that you are stuck in, while you wait for some external reality to somehow change it for you.

The principle of creation, in this energy that we are, is that it not only creates your reality based on your thoughts but it also creates your reality based on your “state of being”. Law of attraction does not just attract the reality that you are thinking about, but it also attracts the state of being that you are rooted in. It’s not possible to manifest a reality rooted in a state of being of relaxation/joy while being rooted in a state of being of stress/unease. You will manifest the physical object/person, but you will also manifest your state of being. A lot of people who read about law of attraction start focusing on manifesting objects/relationships but fail to focus on the state of being from which they are manifesting it – most are trying to manifest realities from a state of being of lack/stress/fear, so all that happens is that this negative state of being keeps perpetuating into all the new realities that they create.

Align with a relaxed state of being as the first step

The mind says that it can only relax (or feel whole) once its desired reality is manifested, but as mentioned above, your state of being continues to get manifested in all your new realities, so if you are rooted in stress you continue to manifest realities of stress no matter how many new faces it takes. So how does one solve this seeming paradox? Simply by seeing through the falseness in the mind’s assumption that it needs a new reality before it can feel whole/relaxed. You can get into a relaxed state of being, right now, irrespective of your life situation if you don’t fall for your mind’s arguments against it. In fact as soon as you let go of being identified with the fears/negativity of the mind you immediately find yourself in a relaxed state of being.

As you allow yourself to keep being rooted in this relaxed state of being, dis-identifying from all of mind’s lack-based and fear-based negative thinking, your “awareness” shifts into this place of relaxed being and basically becomes focused on it. Previously your awareness was lodged in a stressful state of being, now slowly and steadily, your awareness starts getting rooted in the relaxed state of being, as you continue to let go of being pulled in by the frantically negative thoughts of the mind. With time, this relaxed state of being starts feeling like a stable state that you are consistently rooted in – around this time you will start seeing manifestations of physical realities (like finances, relationship, health and vocation) that seem to amplify/reflect this relaxed state of being. This is the way you manifest harmonious, and wholesome, realities – focus on manifesting the relaxed state of being first, once your state of being is manifested, the realities that you manifest will adhere to this vibration and hence will be a reflection of wholeness.

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  1. Suphala

    Cool….. the truth is soo beautiful and its amazing.. to know how god’s creativity is 🙂
    very insightful, thank you Sen for sharing.

  2. Radiance


    As I read this, I am thinking, if I go after a relaxed, peaceful, serene state of being. Is it possible that once I attain that state, I don’t even need to define what I want anymore? I am thinking that once I find that background peace and happiness, my desires will come on their own as well, with clarity. Is that correct or I am just being lazy?

    1. Sen Post author

      Actually that’s how it works. Once you come to a place of inner wholeness, you are basically free of inner resistance (because you are free of your mind momentum (mind’s intensity to reinforce a negative thought) as well as free of the suppressed negativity of the past) – this lack of resistance ensures that you become available to the intelligence of your life-stream, and the pull of your life force towards the unfolding of your desired realities – so in that sense you become a deliberate creator of your desired realities, because you are no longer creating negative realities for yourself unconsciously.

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