The Science of Manifestation

Posted on by Sen.

There are many books being written on the law of attraction, and it’s a good thing because the more humans become aware of this truth the more deliberate they will be in their thoughts and alignment, and thus become conscious creators of their reality. When you understand that you have the choice to mold your reality in the direction of well-being and abundance, it’s highly liberating and empowering to the mind. True freedom is to realize that no-one can assert their negativity into your reality if you consciously stay aligned with the vibration of positiveness. As long as you stay aligned with the vibration of love, abundance and joy, the movement of your life which reflect these vibrations in various forms – like harmonious relationships, abundance of wealth, good health, secure surroundings and joyful occupation. When your mind/brain understands that it can allow the flow of well-being simply by letting go of pre-occupation with negative thinking, it’s in a position of deep power because now it’s has become a channel through which life can flow in abundance of all forms.

A lot of books do cover law of attraction but many of them fail to give a deeper understanding of it, so the mind has many doubts and confusions about it. It’s quite important to have a deeper insight on law of attraction, and how it affects creation, to be free of doubts about your ability to manifest an abundant reality. The more understanding you have of the process of creation, the less you will be influenced by negative thoughts in your mind and in the minds of people around you. The more understanding you have, the more enlightened you about your truth and your true nature.

Note – I understand that some of you might find this explanation a bit too complex (boring), but I put this up for the readers who may desire a more scientific understanding of the process of creation. So if you are not really interested in getting into the nitty-gritty details of the process of creation, feel free to skip this post.

A deeper insight on law of attraction

Law of attraction is simply a “term” coined up to point towards the way a force of attraction gets generated when consciousness “focuses” on a thought. The energy that you are can attract a reality onto a thought by its “focus” because focus gives the fuel of attraction to a thought. The focus of this energy causes a thought to attract onto itself until it condenses into a physical reality, and when the focus is removed this reality dissolves of its own due to lack of “attraction”.

This energy, that you are, has manifested the physical reality you call the universe/cosmos by holding this thought of creation in its consciousness/focus. The reason why this cosmos stays in place is because this “focus” is in place. You are essentially this energy, but you are also presently a human form, and many times you think of yourself as a limited human because you identify with some “ideas” in the brain about who you are. The brain is a creation in you, and it works as a co-creator to manifest new realities through its desires/imaginations. However, you are not just the brain, but the wholeness of life itself – if you forget this truth about you, you may feel “lost” or incomplete within yourself.

Language can create a sense of duality where there is none simply because language always requires the use of a “subject” and an “object”. I refer to wholeness of you as “this energy”/“consciousness” and also the humanness of you as the mind/brain, but in essence everything is happening in this space of energy that you are.

A few truths about the characteristics of this energy, are as below

– This energy is “conscious” of itself and its consciousness is what keeps the physical realities in place. This energy is conscious 24/7, it never sleeps, and this is why the physical reality your call the “world” stays in place 24/7 even when your brain consciousness goes to sleep.

– Your brain is a creation of this energy, and is thus made up of this energy. Your body is as a whole a creation of this energy. Every cell in your body is made out of this same conscious energy.

– This energy is all that exists, it’s the one being, and you are that. You are not some limited idea/imagination that this brain has about you. The Ego is simply a thought structure in the brain, about a “me” that you think as yourself. It’s useful to have this Ego to have a meaningful/structured experience of life, so it serves a practical purpose. But the “me” is just a thought, it’s not real. The only thing that’s real is this “energy”, this one being, this one consciousness.

– The natural vibration of this energy is akin to what we call “joy”, any other vibration is an unnatural vibration or a lower vibration of this energy. This energy can vibrate in lower vibrations also, but its natural vibration will always remain to be “joy” and it always pulls back towards its natural vibration just like a rubber band pulls back to its natural state when you stretch it.

– The reason why fear/hate based thoughts feel bad is because these thoughts create a vibration which is far lower than your natural vibration of joy. And when you are at a low vibration there is a pull back to your natural vibration, and thus you feel a “tug” in your body that you call “suffering” or bad feeling. In simple words, when you are in hate/fear you are like a stretched “rubber band” and hence you feel the stress of this stretching. When you let go of negative thoughts, you are pulled back to your natural state and here you feel “good” because there is no resistance in you.

– Thoughts that are based in the vibration of joy are taken up by the energy of who you are, because it matches your vibration. Thoughts that are based in vibration of fear/hate are not a vibrational match to who you are and hence is not taken up by your energy. However, the mind can choose to “chronically” focus on these thoughts, in opposition to the wholeness of you, and thus manifest negative realities through this focus. Remember that your mind is made up of the same energy of consciousness and thus its focus has the capacity to “attract” negative realities by focusing on a negative thought, in opposition to your natural vibration.

– The human mind has a very weak capacity to focus, and this is a good thing because this ensures that humans don’t stay chronically focused on negative thoughts. However, it’s possible for the human mind to accumulate a lot of negative beliefs and convictions, which cause it to be chronically mired in a space of negativity. This causes resistance to the movement of life force and it also attracts a negative reality onto itself because your mind’s focus also causes “attraction” to be generated. But once you let go of your belief in negativity, you will be swiftly pulled in the movement of the stream of well-being created by life’s focus on your desired reality.

– Your desires, being thoughts of joy, are taken up by the wholeness of who you are (non-physical consciousness part of you) and is held in constant attention of life. This focus of life on the thought of your desire creates an “attraction” force to be generated by this thought, which causes this thought to attract a reality onto itself. Your physical presence is needed for the manifestation of a desire and hence you are “pulled in” by this attractive force generated by life’s focus on your desire. When you resist this pull (through negative thoughts), you feel bad and when you align with this pull you feel good.

– Your mind might find it hard to believe that the non-physical consciousness is focused on your desires (every small one of them), and there is so much going on behind the scenes to manifest your desires. But this is exactly what is happening every moment. You can verify this pull right now by thinking a negative thought and sensing the “tug” you feel in the body because the vibration of this thought beats up against the movement of the “pull” created by life’s focus on your desires. This is the scientific evidence of the constant pull of life towards the manifestation of your desired realities.

– Since who we are is pure positive energy, every human being inherently desires for joy, peace and love. These desires are taken up by life and are manifested as realities by its focus. The only reason why your desires are so delayed/blocked is because you are resisting the “unfolding” of this movement by constantly lining up with negative thoughts, which act as blocks or friction to the smooth unfolding of the process of manifestation of your desires.

If you’ve garnered some insights from the pointers above, you will have realized that law of attraction is activated by “focus” – whether it’s the focus of human mind or the focus of non-physical consciousness/”wholeness of life”. So when a human mind focuses on a negative thought, it attracts onto the thought, this why when you focus on a negative thought you seem to attract more negative thoughts. When the human mind focuses on thoughts of abundance/wellness/love/joy, it becomes aligned with the natural vibration of the energy that you are, and so you not only feel good in the moment but also become resistance free to allow the manifestation of your desires.

Remember that non-physical consciousness is focused on the thoughts of creation created by your desire, and hence it causes the “attraction” of your desired reality. All that’s needed is that you stop resisting this pull, and allow yourself to stay relaxed so that you are pulled in by this movement of life towards the manifestation of your desired reality. Nothing else is required of you, and any action that is needed will be inspired through you at the right time – just stay aligned with your joy and ease. It’s a totally new way of living, a totally different perspective than what your mind was used to, and hence it will find some resistance in your mind – the more you understand the truth of life the easier it is to let go of this resistance.

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  1. Samir

    Sen, thanks. The practicality of your recent articles are great for those seeking to understand, and perhaps, need training wheels to do so.

  2. Mikki

    Thanks so much for explaining this “pull” I’ve been experiencing so strongly the past week or so into my new life. Though I understood that it was definitely happening on a vibrational level, I asked my consciousness for an explanation that my physical mind could wrap itself around and as always it answered. A very poignant piece of the answer was your article. Very beautifully written…

  3. Ken

    Thank You….!!!!

  4. Dan

    Dear sen

    I have two questions: first one is if infinite consciousness underlies our manifested world, why is it that reality has a “coarse” aspect and is not more akin to the exquisite dreams we have at night? I know through conscious alignment, we can experience life in a different way but still the limitations are many (aging for instance)..

    The other question kind of relates to that too. When i was younger i used to experience these deep longings associated with i can best call “transcendental vistas”, certain dreamscapes usually tied in with certain songs i listened to. As i grew older, i found myself becoming more negative which i suspect has to do with a certain denial|unconsciousness in relation to the limitations of physical life and those beautiful dreamscapes and sense of possibility were replaced with very mundane thoughts of physical existence. So my question is, if those were indeed heart desires, how could they ever be manifested? Will they when i am in alignment? Because they seemed to be spontaneous ocurrences, part of me back then but the longing still lingers even though they don’t.

    Thank you

    1. Sen Post author

      Dan, you can read this post – understanding the realm of physical reality, for insights towards your first question.

      As for the second question, the more you align with your life-stream by letting go of going with the pull of fear-based conditioning, the more open you become to your natural expression which includes attracting a reality that’s congruent with your natural make-up. There are many dreamscapes that the mind can create from a place of its natural makeup, but most of them can easily be fantasies, in the sense that they are not congruent with the context of the present physical reality of this planet that you are focused in. As you start becoming more aware, you will start getting a sense of the context of your present reality, and you will have a deeper wisdom on differentiating between a fantasy and a viable thought of creation in this physical realm. Transcendental experiences are enjoyable, but your deeper intention is focused on an expression in this physical realm, and as you become more aligned with reality, you will be able to live out this natural expression.

  5. Jim


    According to Buddha, desire causes suffering. All desire, negative or positive, is based in some perceived need or lack, and results from not accepting what is in this moment. Can you shed some light on this?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, It’s easy to misinterpret teachings, and then suffer through this mis-interpretation. There are just as many people suffering by suppressing their natural desires, as there are people suffering from craving their desires. Both are imbalanced states. The state of wholeness is when you can allow desires, aligned with your natural expression, to arise in you and stay resistance-free towards the manifestation of it, if your brain does not get involved creating “lackful thoughts” around the desires, there will not be resistance. It’s important to realize that “desire” is one thought, and “craving” is another thought – desire does not equal craving, only an unconscious brain immediately craves its desires instead of letting them be – thus creating suffering.

      Desire is purely a thought of creation, it’s like a “vision” for a reality, starting from your desire for healthy food to your desire for better living conditions, they are all “visions” or thoughts of creation. If you notice, a desire by itself does not cause suffering, but the moment your brain says that it feels “lackful” unless the desire is manifested there is suffering, because the brain is now holding on to thoughts of lack, fear and hatred, which are low vibration thoughts which create resistance to the high-vibration of life-energy. If you can allow the desire to arise and not “crave” it, there is no suffering because now you are not creating sense of lack within yourself. For this to happen your brain’s momentum needs to be low, because the brain naturally clings to the desire and feels lackful, if the brain’s momentum is low these thoughts don’t have an intensity and hence they don’t disturb your being.

      Also some desires are created from a place of inner lack, which I call “deluded desires”, which are primarily the ones that you don’t really (which inherently not wholesome for you) but the brain’s in a strongly shallow perspective (due to presence of a strong ego) craves it under the delusion that it will feel whole only after having it. The suffering is caused by the shallow perspective. Once this perspective is let go of, the desires attached with this perspective can also be released, and which brings a end to the resistance it was creating in you.

      Life energy creates through desire. This world came from the desire of life, from the intention of life to express into physicality – all living and non-living beings are birthed from the intention in life-energy to express/experience itself in a unique way. This whole existence is created from the desire in life-energy for this expression. The living beings have a heart/mind which allows them to create their own unique desires in a natural way (as a part of their natural expression), these desires become the blue-print for new reality – it’s like life creating through the body’s perspective. The problem is not with the desires that arise as a part of your natural expression, because these desires are in sync with wholeness, the problem is with lack-based or deluded desires which are mostly just “negative thoughts” more than desires. Also the desire by itself is just a “thought form” or energy form, it’s the brain which creates a sense of lack around the desire (which is just negativity) and suffers through it. So if you have a low momentum in your brain, its negativity won’t disturb your being, and you will be rooted in an inner wholeness – in this resistance free state of being your natural expression can unfold with ease, including the manifestation of desires that are part of your natural expression.

  6. Jim

    is it like desire comes from “being” in the life stream, and craving comes from wanting to be in?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, aligned desires arise as a part of the natural expression of your being in this body. The brain can take up these desires and start “craving” them, start thinking negatively about them, or even oppose them, depending on the type of negativity which is present in the brain – all of this becomes a “resistance” to the natural manifestation of these desires, and it also creates a lot of inner conflict and stuckness. What’s required is to allow the brain’s momentum to reduce by no longer anchoring your awareness in it, and allowing yourself to rest more in the space of being (not being lost in the brain’s pull of negativity).

  7. Jim

    ok, so anchoring our awareness our “beingness” rather than in our brain will result in aligned desires rather than unaligned desires which result in cravings.

    1. Sen Post author

      As your awareness stops fueling the brain’s momentum, by staying more anchored in the space of being, what happens is that a lot of the “force” of ego starts dying away, and with it a lot of its negativity like inferiority, self-hatred, greed, guilt, starts dying away, and the “deluded desires” (which are just negative, or lack oriented, thoughts) that were created in your brain as a result of this negativity also start dying away. What remains are aligned desires, the ones that are in sync with your natural expression, in sync with your life-stream’s expression through this body, there is a deep sense of clarity, what I call “clear minded focus” towards your natural expression (but this focus does not feel like an effort, it just feels like the natural inspiration of the moment) – also since the force of ego has less power there is no real “craving” towards these desires either, they are just allow their natural unfolding of manifestation. There is a permanent inner wholeness, and state free of resistance, and life expresses itself easily through this body in this resistance-free state of being.

  8. Jim

    nice. thanks.

  9. Jess

    Hi sen, this is probably a really silly question… But if our natural state is one of joy, peace and well being and this is the state the collective consciousness holds, why does our mind even produce negativity? Is this because our mind (the physical body) wired differently?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jess, I’ve explained this in a few posts like – the value of negativity, a non-physical perspective, an individual journey etc. Basically, you won’t know what balance is (and appreciate it) until you taste imbalance – yeah it seems like such a stupid deal to go into imbalance just to understand the beauty of balance, but you don’t appreciate the logic of it until you see it from the perspective of eternal life (it has nothing else to do but to keep self-realizing and self-appreciating), that’s life for you, it has only got itself to play with and this is its play.

      Yeah the mind is wired to have a perspective of “seperation”, this is done purposely to ensure that it can go into imbalance towards either light nature or dark nature (it has 6 dimensions – love, joy, fear, hatred, boredom and sexuality and it can go into imbalance towards any dimension). Moreover, the realm of physicality by itself is designed to cause consciousness to go into an imbalance due to its focus on separation and survival until it suffers/realizes/understands the consequence of imbalance enough to have an awakening towards the need for balance. And when you consciously balance your light and dark nature you finally realize your “balanced natural state” again. This balance natural state is the state of life-space, but the individual streams of consciousness go through their journey of imbalance to find balance. Well from an absolute perspective this is just a game, nothing serious, but from the perspective of the individual consciousness it’s definitely serious because imbalance does create psychological suffering and hence there is a strong desire to move back into balance. And if you are asking, are we guinea pigs of life? the question is misplaced (and is coming from an egoic perspective of the mind) because in truth everything is life, and everything belongs to life, so it’s just life playing with itself, and it has the right to do what it wants to do.

  10. Hazel

    Dear Sen thank you your explanations are well done. I have often wondered why my long term desire/ goal has not yet manifested, when from time to time it “feels”. so close I expect it at any moment, then there comes a time where it feels distant again this lets one feel a bit let down. Are there these just blockages to the flow of energy into physical reality of the manifestation. At present I am practising focusing the power of my attention on God within or the divinity within and staying in peace. What say you?

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