Law of Attraction is the Basis of Creation

Posted on by Sen.

You cannot truly enjoy life until you align with your potential as a “creator”. The world you see around you is just “creation”, it’s just thought condensed into physical-ness. Who is focusing on these thoughts? And how are thoughts being converted to physical realities? Have you ever wondered who is keeping this entire physical reality that you call the “cosmos” in place, or do you simply accept some “vague” spiritual explanation without wanting to know the real physics or science behind it? As a human being, living in this universe, it’s important that you know how the universe functions, how creation functions, so that you are no longer an “ignorant” player playing the game of life but a strongly “aware” and “knowing” player who is aligned with the reality of life.

What is law of attraction and how does it influence creation?

Your attention causes “condensation” of thoughts – this is your power, and this is what makes you a creator. “You” are essentially the same energy that has created this cosmos, you are the same consciousness – the “one being”, you can call yourself whatever you want – God, consciousness, energy, spirit, awareness, vibration, space, Brahman, Buddha nature, Higher mind, any word that floats your boat is fine. The words are not important, what’s important is the “recognition” that you are the “one being” that has created this whole cosmos. This is not a “trivia” but a deep realization that can change the whole perspective with which you view your life.

Your “attention” is precious, because it’s highly powerful in its ability to create realities. So be very careful what you give your attention to, you have no idea how powerfully you are creating your reality simply by giving attention to certain thoughts/feelings/realities. Whatever you give attention to starts condensing into a reality in your life. So if you give chronic attention to thoughts of lack/poverty/illness/scarcity/anger/hate guess what you reality is going to look like? There is on getting around this, you cannot have a reality that is opposite of what you are giving attention to. You cannot give attention to “lack” and expect to have a reality of abundance.

So who is giving attention to the universe/cosmos?

Who is keeping the universe in place with their attention? Is it you? The answer is Yes, the “real/total you” is doing this job. The “real” you is the one vast space of consciousness which is all that’s present. The “one being”, this consciousness has created the reality that you call the “cosmos” through giving attention to its “thought”. Every physical creation is a thought first before it takes a condensed physical form. So the sun is in place because universal consciousness keeps this reality in its attention. Consciousness is always awake, 24/7, and hence your physical reality stays in place and keeps expanding through each desire.

The good news is that the universal consciousness takes up each of your “individual” desires (the desires which are in sync with your natural expression, not the deluded desires created purely from an egoic perspective). Every desire that is emanated by a physical being is taken up by the universal consciousness. Don’t forget that the “real you” is this universal consciousness, so don’t look at it as separate from you. It’s a great relief to know that you don’t have to constantly keep your attention on your desires to manifest them because the universal consciousness is doing this job for you. All you need to do is stop giving attention to negative thoughts/negativity so that you don’t create an opposite/resistive movement to the flow of life – if you just allow yourself to relax and not give chronic attention to your fears, life will easily manifest your desired realities quickly/efficiently/effortlessly.

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  1. Stella

    On the subject of physical illness- I was lucky enough to know somebody who had quite limiting disabilities(physically)-yet they lived a joyful life- and had peace , all in all a beautiful person. I see ,( but do not fully experience…) that we are pure consciousness- but people`s physical forms are how they are, not because they have thought negatively about illness- in fact some of the most positive, wonderful people I have known, have not had “able” bodies, as defined by society.So I am confused about negative thinking with reference to this.
    I shall have to start rationing myself to asking questions.
    Thank-you very much indeed.

    1. Sen Post author

      Stella, certain disabilities (disabilities being “relative” to what the mind perceives as normal-ability) are just part of the biological makeup of the body, while certain disabilities happen with age as a result of degradation/wear of the body, which again is part of natural course – these disabilities don’t have anything to do with psychological negativity of the mind. So the people you mentioned may fall into these categories. The mind’s psychological negativity can create resistance in the body which can create a disharmony and create some ailments as a result, these are the ailments created out of negativity/resistance, and they can be healed by letting go of the negativity.

  2. Stella

    Thank-you(again) for replying to my questions. You may sense I am rather an un-trustworthy person, which is a shame. I will say this though, even after just a few days of reading your pages, I feel my mind putting up enormous struggle- such as you mentioned in your latest post- there is a lot of past negativity there- which I probably was able to disguise, or hide from myself before. Certainly , anyone who knows me would have no idea of all this angst, I come across as a very happy go lucky person. Its not easy to motivate myself- there are pressures from society, if you will, my frame of mind at the moment is I just can`t be bothered, lazy and so on, as I first posted. Oh to feel the joy-at the moment it feels like I`m living by numbers- I think you have to have trust, or faith, that life is your friend,not foe. I am practising with your “sitting” letting it be . Thanks, so, so, much.

  3. Niki

    Wow! Who are you and how did you attain this knowledge? Thank you for explaining things so clearly. From this post, I am deriving that physical space and attention are one and the same thing.

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