Is Efforted Focus Required For Manifestation?

Posted on by Sen.

You see a lot of books on law of attraction which talk about focusing strongly on the reality you desire to create, and to stay in this focus single mindedly until it manifests. Scientifically this is very true, it takes a single minded focus for a seamless manifestation of a desired reality – if your focus is scattered, the energy movement required for the manifestation of your desired reality is also scattered and hence highly ineffective. However, this single-minded focus cannot be created “artificially” through effort, it happens naturally when your mind and heart are pinning for a certain experience/expression (desire) in your reality – the heart and mind have to be in sync to ensure that there are no inner conflicts, but once they are in sync their focus is tremendous. The signal created by this focus is unscattered and hence is highly powerful in shifting/orchestrating energy required to manifest that desire. But, like I said, this happens “naturally”, you can’t force your mind, or heart, to focus on a certain desire that you don’t really feel passionate about.

To sustain a reality requires the fuel of your interest, so anything you are not really interested in does not have enough impetus to orchestrate the process of manifestation or sustain the reality once it’s manifested. For one, your heart is a truth machine, it won’t support something that does not find resonance with it and without your heart’s support your mind by itself cannot sustain a strong enough focus to manifest a reality. Let’s take a situation where you train your mind to have the “discipline” to focus consistently on a desire (that does not really invoke a lot of passion from your heart), doing so, for a long period of time, you can manifest the life-situation of your desired reality but it would be rooted in a vibration of struggle, thus attracting more struggle, basically because the energy behind creating it was rooted in “force”/struggle – this is not really what you want to experience in life. So, in short, forced, or efforted, focus is totally unnecessary and is, in fact, highly counter-productive towards experiencing aligned, or abundant, realities.

So what’s “deliberate” about deliberate creation?

The only thing that needs “deliberation” is a conscious letting go of struggle or artificial force. You deliberately let go of using an efforted force on your mind, that’s how you become a deliberate creator – all that happens is you allow your mind and heart to sync up naturally and thus allow them to create a unified focus towards their joint desire, which is always in alignment with your natural make-up and thus with your natural expression. You don’t have to “create” force, the force is already being created by the natural movement of your heart/mind, you just need to get out of the way – you just need to stop all the opposition that you are unconsciously creating to your natural desires, and thus to your natural expression in this human form.

We feel so scared of letting go of “force” and yet in the letting of force, of any form, you automatically fall into alignment with your life-stream’s movement. Ultimately, our desire is for a life that’s free of undue struggle, so that you can have a smoother journey filled with appreciation instead of a constant fight. Is it not logical that the only way you can attract such a reality is when you let go of your fight with your mind/heart? Stop forcing your mind around, and it will automatically come to a harmony. Stop forcing your body around and it will automatically find healing. If you think that you will become “inactive”, or dysfunctional, when you let go of your fear-based force, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your life force inspires the actions in you with the right timing – just imagine, if life was dependent on your discipline to sustain this body, it would die in 30 mins because you won’t remember to breathe. It just takes a little awareness to trust the intelligence of life instead of trusting your conditioned force.

You will notice that a desire happens quite naturally, out of the blue. You can’t even know what new desire will pop up in your being the next day. In truth, desires are created from the natural makeup of your brain/heart as well as from the growth path that you intended in your non-physical perspective. For example, a desire to start a business dealing with sports equipment could be your expression, and you may not even know why you desire it – you may notice that your brain has a natural inclination for business. Just like how some people have an natural proclivity towards music or arts. You may even have a natural proclivity for a 9 to 5 job, it’s naive to think that everyone is supposed to be an entrepreneur. This is just a very small example of how desire works in the professional field – in the same way you can have a desire for a relationship that’s just really strong within you, without any clue on how you can possibly find such a relationship. Some people don’t have a desire for an intimate relationship, while some do, why? Because of their natural makeup. Our natural desires are dictated by our natural makeup, which by itself was created in the vision of the growth path, or expression, we intended in our non-physical perspective.

Letting go of opposition to your natural desires

Basically, the desires that your mind comes up with, that syncs up with your heart, are all natural expressions of you. It’s only when you doubt these desires, suppress them, oppose them, work against them or try to force them, that “resistance” comes into play, and the natural orchestration is severely disturbed. A single belief, externally conditioned in you, that opposes your natural desire is enough to block its manifestation, simply because the energy of your mind is not supporting the desire.

The deal is that you don’t even have to make an effort to sort out your mind or your beliefs, you just need to get to a space of total allowing, and you leave it to your life-stream to re-program your beliefs – you will amazed at how negative/resistive beliefs drop away automatically without requiring any “techniques” on your part, if you just stay abiding in this space of total allowing, this is how you come to inner wholeness. Life is far too simple, that’s why we don’t come in with a “manual” – we don’t need a manual to live life, everything you need is already programmed in your natural makeup, you will live an aligned life the moment you stop your struggle and become allowing of life. It’s similar to how you learnt swimming, the first lesson was to let go of struggle so that you float automatically.

If a specific desire is really important to your mind, and heart, it will be totally enamored with it naturally – no effort is needed, the passion creates the force on its own. If you don’t find any such desire in you right now, it’s fine, you don’t have to force create this feeling – it’s not mandatory to have a strong desire at any point. Your mind/heart has several general desires, the most general one being for comfort and well-being, and this desire is always being orchestrated for you unless you resist this movement, unconsciously, by holding on to a negative focus. However, if you do end up having a strong specific desire, just allow it fully, don’t try to get all spiritual by trying to resist it – it’s the worst thing you can do to your own well-being. Also, let go of holding on to any doubts about this desire, and don’t try to “force” it out of desperation, just let yourself go with the flow and observe the way life orchestrates this desire for you – when you let go of self-inflicted struggle you are moved by the force of your life-stream’s inspiration.

Techniques are not needed for manifesting a natural desire

If you are tired sick of working with your affirmation cards, journal or visualization boards, feel free to chuck them. None of these artificial techniques are needed to manifest a natural desire in you. How much technique does a plant employ to manifest a flower? It just happens naturally driven by the force of its natural makeup. Whatever is needed for the manifestation of your natural desire is already present in you, all that’s needed is that you let it happen by dissolving your inner resistance created through identification with limiting thoughts created from fear-based, and lack-based, conditioning.

If you truly have a desire for a certain reality, your mind, and heart, will be totally obsessed with it – it doesn’t need a second invitation. And if you are not clear about what you desire, it just means you are not clear, so don’t try to force create some reality because you think you “have to”. Just relax and let life happen until a desire becomes evident in you, it’s bound to happen, you can be rest assured. In fact, the more you relax the more evident your heart’s desires become to your mind, the more clearly your inner being is able to communicate with your mind.

The less conflicted you are (the less identified you are with limiting conditioning or negative beliefs) the easier it is for your mind to sync up with your heart – the inner voice. Once the sync happens, your natural desires come through freely and become the point of focus for your mind. Even the desire for understanding life is part of the journey towards the manifestation of your natural expression. You can see how your mind is obsessed with the desire for answers to your questions, it’s a natural obsession, it’s not forced, and if you let it be, the answers will come in – you don’t have struggle to get answers, when you relax the answers are guided towards you (either from within or outside).

Don’t be frustrated with your desires

A desire is an obsession in the being, and the stronger the desire the stronger the obsession. However, this obsession need not feel “uncomfortable” in your body – the only time the obsession created by a natural desire feels uncomfortable is when it’s opposed by some resistance in you (like a negative thought). When it’s not opposed the obsession created by the desire is felt in your body as a pleasant/sensual feeling, it feels very similar to sexual energy (because it’s the same creative energy). In this context, I am not using the word “obsession” in a negative fashion, rather it’s a highly vitalizing feeling of passion that’s felt in the body – it’s what creates a zest for life, it gives a meaning to your physical journey, and an expression for your creative nature.

The reason people try to suppress their desire is because they are not aligned with this energy of obsession that it creates within, rather they are trying to disconnect from it because of their own negativity created out of limiting beliefs, orthodox thought patterns, misguided conditioning and a general lack of self-love. Also, the movement of desire can feel very uncomfortable when your inner space is full of resistance, created by a high momentum of negativity in your mind and suppressed emotional energy in your body. So instead of trying to suppress your desires, what’s required is that you start releasing these factors of resistance. (Refer posts – Reducing mind momentum and Releasing suppressed energy). In the absence of these resistances, the force of obsession created in your mind/heart towards the object of desire is not felt as an uncomfortable force, rather it’s felt as a zestful feeling.

The reason why a lot of people find their life meaningless, or dull, is because they’ve buried their natural desires through an overdrive of resistance created through identification with negativity, usually in the form of lack-based thinking or identification with a negative self-image. When you don’t allow your natural desires to have a free flow, you end up creating “blocks” in your inner space – these blocks cause a disharmony in your body’s energy field, after that it depends on the robustness of your body as to how long it can sustain this disharmony before it starts breaking down. The usual reason we suppress a desire is because we don’t want to feel “foolish” about living in a false hope – it feels painful to anticipate a desire that we have no idea about how it will manifest, however, it only feels painful when we are trying to figure it out, we are trying/struggling to make it happen, instead of allowing it to happen. If you let a desire be, it’s own force is enough to orchestrate the whole process of its manifestation including inspiring the right actions in you.

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  1. Joy

    Is it that we are an intimate One with all that is going on – one who desire, desire itself; passion of creation and its manifestation as well? There is no separation in it. So no fear in this what is true nature of our play…it is one same energy, same field.

    1. Sen Post author

      That’s true, it’s all life-energy, the thinker and the thoughts are basically the same energy.

  2. Vibe

    Sen, Thank you for another amazing article. I grew up playing competitive soccer at a very young age and had always wanted to be professional soccer player. However, an injury in my final years of high school put me out and I attended university to pursue something that my heart was not completely aligned to but chose it because I thought it would be good money. Now that I am done university and have joined the workforce, I feel this strong dislike for a 9-5 job. I have tried many different types of job and none of them seem to align with me but I continue to do it to pay the bills. I still have a strong love for the game of soccer and play men’s soccer in the local league and coach kids in the community for an organized club although there is no income from this. How can I reconcile my situation of a job that I can barely wake up to go to and my real desire of being involved with soccer full time? It’s too late in my life to become a professional soccer player so every time my heart desires it, my mind shoots it down to avoid “false hope” like you talked about in your article. Also, how can you say that your life force will orchestrate naturally a life of comfort and well-being when many have to struggle working in factories and restaurants against their will just to make a living? I am having a hard time trusting life’s force when I see all this struggle and discomfort. Please explain Sen. Thank you.

    1. Sen Post author

      When you mention – “I am having a hard time trusting life’s force when I see all this struggle and discomfort” – what you are indirectly stating is that you have a strong belief in struggle (your argument is that you see struggle all around you and hence your belief, but nevertheless the bottom line is that you have a belief in struggle). You are independent stream of consciousness, and your beliefs create your experience of reality, and become the point of attraction in that you attract circumstances/reality that matches your belief. At some point in your life you unconsciously decided to follow a lack-based path of taking up a life that did not feel aligned with you, it was a choice that you made, and your life is shaping up to reflect that choice – a lack-based choice can only yield a lack-based reality, it’s just the way life works, it’s pure physics. You have the free-will to choose your reality, and your lack-based choices keep attracting lack-based realities. You make it worse by identifying with the struggles you see around you and thus develop a stronger belief in struggle. It’s just that we humans have no idea of the power our beliefs hold in shaping out reality, if we did we would be very careful about choosing our beliefs.

      Before your external reality can shift, you need to shift your beliefs – first by letting go of identification with all your lack-based, or struggle-based, beliefs – this is enough to start seeing a dissolution of several lack-based elements in your reality. Unless you understand that you are actually creating your reality with your beliefs, you will not learn to work with your mind – so the first thing is gain this understanding, you can get more insights in this post – Working with thoughts. Focus on the reality you want instead of complaining about the reality you feel stuck in, the complaining attitude just keeps you focused on the reality you don’t want and hence keeps attracting more of it towards you.

  3. Trueone

    Hi Sen,

    So does this mean that if I don’t like my reality know I can just do the same thing that I do with my negative thoughts, which is just observing them? Will the negative reality fall off and disappear by observing it and get changed to what I want. For example if a person doesn’t like to work and likes to do what he/she loves, which is being rich and travelling and not having to work should that person when he is at work just observe the reality of being in the work place and try to just observe it so it can fade away and after a while it leads to the desire, which is becoming rich and not having to work. Does it work this way?

    Thanks so much always

    1. Sen Post author

      “Awareness” is not just a magical technique, it’s a pointer towards living a more “conscious” life where you are authentic with yourself about your natural makeup, about your heart’s call and your inner connection. You no longer live from a fear-based model of life that has been conditioned into you since childhood by others who’ve lived that way. There’s definitely a point of “choice” where you choose alignment over struggle, and this choice becomes available to you as you start stepping out of the pull of your mind’s fears through reducing its momentum, by connecting with your space of being, finding inner wholeness.

      When you stop resisting your own life-stream, or the pull of your life-force, you start falling into your natural expression, which obviously can include travelling but that’s not all that it is – as a human there is a deep desire for creative expression as much as there is a desire for entertainment. “I want to be rich and travel” is one aspect of your desire, but you will sense that there is much more to your life that you want to express/experience than just be rich and travel, especially the aspect of creative expression, of doing/contributing/creating something that feels like your natural expression, or your passion. The more align with yourself the less inclined you will be to engage in a reality that’s not congruent with you, and when you natural make this choice your become aligned with your life-stream allowing a smooth transition of your reality towards the one which is congruent with your desire for expression/experience.

  4. JB

    Dear Sen,

    Thank you for making your thoughts available to the community.

    I have some doubts and confusions and I would really appreciate if you could provide some clarifications and comments on the following:

    It is said that conscious energy is able to manifest physically through thoughts or intentions. But we don’t know how, and if, conscious energy is able to think. Thoughts in humans are produced and stored in the brain, which is a physical entity. Outside our physical realm, we don’t know if there is thought.

    We are assuming that there is something in the non-physical dimension that can produce physical manifestations. For this discussion, let’s label that capacity as Thought (capitalized to differentiate from human thought). There is a barrier between human thought and the Thought of conscious energy. Otherwise all our random thoughts could manifest, which could lead to more trouble than comfort.

    The Thought produced by conscious energy is different from the thought produced in a human. We use the brain to create and store thoughts. Conscious energy doesn’t have a physical brain and hence its means of creating Thoughts are different from ours (humans / physical beings).

    When a desire is not manifested, we say that there is some subtle hidden resistance. And when a fear becomes reality, it seems we are fuelling the manifestation through our focus and attention. That doesn’t add up properly for me. Why should there be “unwanted resistance” and “undesired focus” at the same time. In my opinion, the key is to be able to reach a state where one can connect and disconnect with Conscious Thought at will. All these resistance and focus aspects can be overcome in this state.

    Perhaps the state of total allowing and relaxed awareness is a first step. But there’s something beyond that stage which is needed in order to connect with Conscious Thought. I don’t know if “awareness” can be used to connect with, or to create Thought. Even observing the silence between thoughts is itself a thought because “observation” is or results in a thought. Hence, I feel that awareness is also a kind of thought.

    Could you point out the gaps in the above discussion, please. Thanks.

    1. Sen Post author

      JB, a focus on a thought solidifies it – focus is the fuel that energies the thought, and after a point the thought is energized enough to run on its own momentum attracting a reality onto itself. Human thought is not different from non-physical thought, they are all just thoughts (mind is mind, the brain is just a conglomeration of consciousness focused physicality in the form of cellular organization) – it’s just that human thoughts don’t manifest immediately because they need to condense into “physical realm” which is far far denser than the non-physical realm. In non-physical realm thoughts can be felt as real “objects”, but in physical realm thoughts are invisible and it takes time for a thought to condense into reality provided its given enough focus. Fear is a very strong “focus” and can thus manifest thoughts easily, it has tremendous energy created through a belief in the fear and the human mind in its survival mode finds it easy to focus on fear than on a positive outcome – this is the “unconscious” way of living. Desires can take time to manifest because of a lot of inner resistance in the mind owing to its doubts/fears which overrides its belief in the desire, and you cannot deliberately manifest what you don’t believe in because there will be a lot of resistance towards it – reducing the mind momentum, and releasing past emotional negativity, is thus a key factor towards being more open to allowing the manifestation of your desired realities. The non-physical thoughts manifest the physical realm, including nature – everything comes from an intention/thought of creation, the same way the human thoughts manifest in the physical realm starting with businesses, economy, gadgets, material goods, relationships etc it’s all creation and there is inherently no different, the non-physical part of you is always in touch with the physical part of you, and you work as a cohesive unit to “create” your reality – it’s just that the physical part of you (the mind) can have enough resistance to negate your own desires out of fear/doubt, and a general tendency towards low states. For example, your belief, from the face value, is loaded with doubt about the possibility of manifesting your desires, in fact you have a belief that there is something “higher” than your human thoughts and that you should reach for this higher ideal – this not only causes you to deprecate your human desires but also keeps you in the mindset of feeling disconnected with physicality, aspiring for a non-physical focus. You will have your non-physical experience the moment you die, till then you are here to explore physicality, to create in this physical realm, and express here, so you are best served if you keep this your focus.

      Awareness is not a thought, to think about awareness makes it a thought. Awareness just means to observe. The pointer of relaxed awareness is to observe the mind so that you are no longer fueling its negativity unconsciously, this observation also allows you to gain an understanding of the way your mind works (especially in its survival based mode) and thus lets you come to a place of “independence” from the mind’s pull towards negativity thus consciously aligned with thoughts of your desired reality, aligning with a higher vibration of living, getting connected with your heart/inner-being and thus feeling guided/inspired towards your expression in physical life. You are not “lesser” than the non-physical, the physical reality is the ground of the “Now” experience (with linear time) for the non-physical and the highest journey of evolution/growth.

      I can’t give you any proof for any of this, neither am I going to stand debating any of this, if this doesn’t resonate in your heart just chuck it, and follow your own inspiration and beliefs for the moment.

    2. JB

      Thank you, Sen.

  5. Trueone

    Thank you soooooooo much for all your help

  6. anca

    Hi Sen,

    You say that life’s energy is positive and everyone could find a way to reach it by expressing their natural desire. What is the case than of so called mentally ill criminals and rapists? People who are following their total desire to do terrible crimes and not ever feel sorry for what they have done, like they are totaly allowing it. That’s their natural flow to do all this and that’s why it manifests in their reality? Or it is about ZERO AWARENESS. Like what is outside of him it was in fact inside – dead inside or his own energy of life closed. How is matching this principle with his desire to do something like that?

    1. Sen Post author

      Anca, by positive I just mean “balanced”, I don’t mean some light-natured idea your mind might have about what “positive” is – the mind’s perspective is not the absolute perspective, it’s just the mind’s outlook, so your mind’s version of what’s positive and negative could be very narrow compared to an absolute perspective. The actions taken by people come from their state of awareness for sure, so someone with a low level of awareness can be imbalanced towards their dark nature and hence move into actions that are rooted in stark exploitation.

  7. Kisevet

    I am involved in the petroleum business worldwide. I assist companies in finding, negotiating and purchasing petroleum products to either resell them or use them. I began as a broker and now I assist the vice president of a worldwide refinery in the negotiations of petroleum and petroleum derivatives. I have studied Eckart Tolle and all his books. I have studied them and now I am reading your awesome articles which give me even more clarity on the subject. My question is, is there something I am doing or not doing to procure the successful completion of a petroleum transaction? I have done a very good job at negotiating, being clear, responding to questions from the buyers, but I have not brought a transaction to its successful completion. I meditate everyday and I am very happy with myself and within myself. In this industry of international commerce of petroleum there is a lot of ego involved, also transactions are worth billions of dollars. Very few companies in this planet have the capital to purchase such contracts that are worth billions. I only get paid on a commission basis. Since I only get paid on a commission basis, I have not gotten paid for a long time because the transactions do not come to their sucessful completion. Therefore, I have worked as a babysitter, a sales person, a housekeeper and many other manual jobs to pay the bills. Right now I am babysitting and I am assisting the VP of the refinery with the many transactions we have going on. Right now I have very few bills and the couple that I have, my boyfriend has paid them gladly. I also realize that many other desires manifest easily and effortlessly, but the petroleum deals are different. There are people in this business thatwork as brokers for years without getting paid. I have been this business aobut 5 years and I have not gotten paid yet. At times I feel sad that I have not been able to complete a transaction, although the completion of such transactions do not only depend on me. I can honestly say that I have done everything that I have been able to do to bring the transactions to their successful completion, but they have not. The VP tells me that being his assistant is already an accomplishment because there arent a lot of people he would consider to have close to do business with. Please tell me what else can I do to manifest the sucessful closing of one of this petroleum deals? Thank you for your reply.

    1. Sen Post author

      Kisevet, you are very clear about what it is that you wish to experience and seem aligned with your desire, so in that sense there is no ambiguity about your intent, which is good. You may just want to bring awareness within to see if there are thoughts of limitation/lack that you may be holding about yourself or about the ability of this universe to manifest your intent. You can also see if you are associating to much “extraordinariness” with the end result of bagging the contract (like thinking about it as a “big deal” or something too glorious) – when you associate extra-ordinariness with a certain result/experience, you indirectly create resistance to manifesting it because it seems like a “big deal” to you. You can read the below posts for a more well-rounded understanding of the process of manifestation

  8. Kisevet

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, I think I understand now more about the manifestation. Thank you again for your comment. I have learned and I can see what I have been doing.

  9. jain

    Very helpful article indeed…thanks a lot!

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