When Your Desire Feels Ordinary, It’s On the Verge of Manifestation

One of the misguided understandings people have, especially those who are learning about law of attraction, is that – “exhilaration is the highest vibration to achieve “, and that the more exhilarated they stay the quicker the manifestation. In truth, exhilaration is simply a state of transition when you are moving from a low vibration to a stable vibration – it’s a transitory state. You feel exhilarated when you have been on a low and are moving towards a state of relief, this transition is experienced in the body as that “blissed out” feeling. So in truth there is no such thing as a “high state” there is only a state of relief (which is akin to wholeness), and what you define as a high state is a temporary transitory feeling as you move from a low vibration to the vibration of relief. The stable state is always ordinary and feels more like wholeness than exhilaration.

Also, a lot of people have this delusion that once they reach their desired reality they will be exhilarated all the time, which is not only an unreasonable thought to have but it also disconnects you from the reality of physical life where excited states (or high states) are not permanent. The more time the body spends in a high state that more time it requires on the low state to compensate for it (that’s why over-excitement is always followed by some depression), the steady state for the body is one of wholeness, which actually is a state simplicity or ordinariness, it’s not a dull state, it’s just a state free of extremes (over-excitement or depression). When you reach a point where your desires don’t over-excite you but just feel “whole” or ordinary, you are far less resistant to their manifestation.

Visualizing the ordinariness of your desire

A lot of people focus on pumping up their excitement levels, which they equate with a high vibration, and try to visualize their desires in this state of excitement. However, a desired reality when it manifests would always feel “ordinary” – you can see it in all your past life experiences that every time a desired reality manifested it felt so ordinary, it felt like the next thing, and usually it manifested when you were no longer making a big deal about it. The truth is that “reality” is always ordinary, and it’s usually when we have some deluded, or hyped up, imagination about the future that we feel over-excited. And as long as you are not looking at your desire from the context of the ordinariness of reality, you will always have some delusion of big dealness about it – and thus you would indirectly be in resistance to its manifestation.

Of course, you can’t “pretend” that a desire feels ordinary to you (you can’t fake it), it’s basically a natural state the mind reaches, with respect to a desire, when it has seen through all the “extra-ordinariness” that it had been associating with it. In a simple sense, a mature mind (you can read the post – moving towards a mature mind) is able to see through its delusions more easily than an immature mind. It’s just reasonable, and logical, that if something feels extra-ordinary to you it just means you are not in touch with reality. And when you are not in touch with reality, with respect to a desire, you’ve not really aligned yourself with the circumstances, which you will end up in, when your desire manifests.

A desire becomes a fantasy when you are holding extra-ordinary imaginations about it, and projecting a lot of big-dealness to it. Reality on the other hand is far removed from the fantasies of the mind, it’s far too ordinary than what the mind imagines it to be. The hallmark of a mature mind is that it does not associate fantastic imaginations with respect to a desire and is willing to see the desired reality in the context of ordinariness. There is a place for feeling excited and exhilarated about a desire, especially during the initial few days when it’s hatched (and it’s an enjoyable experience), but if you don’t allow yourself to see through all your excitements/delusions and thus be rooted in the ordinariness of reality, you would just end up holding onto a fantasy which removes you from being aligned with the true vibration of your desired physical reality – which directly means that you are not a match to attracting it.

Get in tune with reality

A new desire always fills you with excitement or exhilaration, because for a while you are looking at it purely from the dimension of joy/love/sexuality in your mind. But soon enough you will start seeing it from the dimension of fear (when you have doubts about it), and then you will start seeing it from the dimension of hatred (hating the desire for not manifesting), which are both low vibration states of being and hence highly resistant to manifestation. However, the problem is that you keep trying to get back to feeling exhilarated about the desire instead of allowing yourself to naturally move into a place of nonchalance about the desire (where you see it as ordinary, from the dimension of boredom in the mind). You can read about all the dimension of the mind on this post – the 6 dimensions of the mind.

It’s important to understand that “pure” exhilaration about a desire is always felt only the first time it’s hatched, after that you are only trying to “re-create” the feeling of exhilaration about the desire. This is because you feel afraid of allowing the desire to feel ordinary, because you think that if the desire feels ordinary it will lose its importance in your mind. But if you allow yourself to just stay “natural”, you will see that the desire naturally starts feeling ordinary after a while and this is what allows a resistance-free manifestation of it. The state of exhilaration is only a primary/preliminary state, and it’s not meant to be “maintained” to manifest the desire.

The natural phases/transition that a mind goes through with respect to a desire are – Exhilaration (joy/love) – Doubt (fear) – Frustration (hatred) – Nonchalance (boredom). When it reaches the final phase of nonchalance, it’s least resistant to manifesting the desire and hence the manifestation starts unfolding with ease. A lot of people either get stuck in doubt or keep trying to re-create the exhilaration (which basically creates more frustration), instead of allowing a natural transition into nonchalance where you are no longer making a big deal out of the desire – this is when you really get in tune with the ordinariness of life, and thus see your desire from the context of reality, this is the stable place from where you allow a smooth manifestation to unfold.


  1. robert

    What if this “desire” you speak of is our life goal. Our dream in life. Are we not supposed to be passionate about it? I know in my personal case every time I think about my dream i get very excited sometimes even to the point of getting goosebumps. Now this is not all day but just when I am visualizing myself as already having attained that dream.

    Is it wrong of me to do this? I feel like it is only right to be passionate and get excited about our goals, what is the point of trying to manifest something if you are not excited and passionate about it. it seems to me like that is what makes it fun.

    By the way in my case the feeling of joy/exhilaration is not forced at all it comes completely natural when my mind seems to focus on this goal.

    Please explain a little more on this subject as i am interested in finding out your point of view on this

    1. Sen Post author

      Robert, as I mentioned in the post, a lot of people imagine that “passion”, or exhilaration, is the highest vibration of physical life to the point where they start avoiding the stable state of wholeness mistaking it to be a low state. However, excitement is an unstable state and is usually not conducive to allowing wisdom and maturity required to allow for a harmonious reality. It’s enjoyable to experience excitement and passion, but it’s also required to come to a “balanced state” from where you can allow for wisdom and stability to bring forth a smooth manifestation to your desire. If you are honest, you will see that underlying your excitement will always be “fear” because there is very little difference between the vibration of excitement and vibration of “fight or flight” fear. It’s also very common for excitement to turn to depression making you a highly volatile person, who lacks a stability in their energy space.

      Your desire, even it it’s your life goal, is still just an expression of life and it’s highly ordinary from the perspective of wholeness. If you are lost in the excited output of your expression, you will soon lose touch with your wisdom and may even start ignoring the needs of your “body” and be subjecting it to an over-drain due to your restlessness or hyperness. When you do this, your body ultimately finds someway of attaining a balance by either getting sick or by slumping into a depression or stark low cycle.

      Excitement is natural when your mind has a deluded imagination about reality, when you feel that your desired physical reality is going to give you some permanent state of bliss or fulfillment or superiority, and it’s fine to experience this excitement for a while. A relatively immature mind is far likely to be stay rooted in the deluded ideas regarding the “achievement” that your desired reality will bring you, and thus it feels exhilarated every time it imagines the desired reality. A mature mind allows for a wholistic view of life, where you allow yourself to see your desires from a simple place of ordinariness. This does not make you lose interest in your desire, it just makes you more stable in your approach to your desire, and it also allows for a harmonious and wholesome unfolding, where you don’t end up over-exerting the body or attract some imbalance in your reality. The way desires operate in a mature mind is completely different from the way they operate in a relatively immature mind which is yet to come to terms with understanding the reality of physical life.

      Wholeness is a state of balance which is resistance-free compared than a state of passion or excitement. If you see around you, you will notice that a lot of passionate people, who are over-excited about their creative expression, are also the ones who are leading imbalanced lives (they may have messed up health or relationships), and usually lack in wisdom or stability. Passion is a volatile state, wholeness is a state of balance. The “content” of desires can be manifested from a place of excitement also, but the manifestation will have a lot restless energy to it and thus continue to keep you in a place of imbalance. But when you allow your desires to be manifested from a place of wholeness, where you are not longer holding extra-ordinary imaginations about your desire, you allow for a smooth and stable manifestation.

    2. lovenergy

      I now understand what it means by letting go. Whenever, I have read about law of attraction, it always talks about being really passionate about your goals during meditation/visualization or affirmations and then letting go or releasing it into the universe. I think Sen has just elaborated on how to let go which is great because a lot of people including me didn’t know exactly what letting go meant because most of the time i felt fear and frustration. Feeling passionate about a goal is a great feeling because it lets us know the importance of trying to achieve something. However, “letting go” or “releasing it into the Universe” is just as important. This means coming back to a normal/stable state or feeling ordinary which Sen has just elaborated. We cannot be hyped up about something 24/7 it can be tiring but feeling ordinary (feeling Calm) keeps us motivated according to my understanding. :) It is important to make sure that feeling ordinary is actually feeling calm/positive. When we are feeling calm we are also feeling confident, we trust that things are working out well :) Which is great because this is what is needed to manifest something :)
      Good Luck Everyone and Thank you Sen for a lovely article :D

  2. robert

    Ok this makes sense. But how are we supposed to move from this passionate state to one of nonchalance? I think it feels wrong to try to suppress my passion. Also by losing my passion won’t the desire for the goal go with it as well?

    1. Sen Post author

      Robert, it’s not about suppressing your passion but about bringing a balance to it. It’s very easy for your passion to cause an imbalance in your being, where you become so tilted towards the excitement that you lose touch with your inner stability, which is a highly unwise state to be in and can lead to mental/bodily fatigue in the least. The highest vibration is basically when you are balanced in all the dimensions in your mind, what I call the state of wholeness. If you feel a sense of restlessness and over-zealousness in you, it defines an imbalance into the dimension of joy and you may need to balance it by allowing so calm/relaxation/ease in your being. You will be amazed at how quickly excitement can disconnect you from your being, to the point where you feel uncomfortable even sitting with yourself for a few minutes. When you are not deeply connected with your inner space/being there is a definitely lack wisdom in your movements.

      If you want practice, I would suggest to just sit with yourself for 30-45 minutes a day, not trying to do anything but to just close your eyes and allow your awareness to rest inside without distractions. This simple practice will give you an indication of the amount of restlessness within you, and as you continue to do this you will find more and more stability in your being. You will be amazed at the new perspectives and wisdom that this balance opens up for you.

  3. pippi

    right on … your posts are like mad sweet candybars with grace i wanna eat and digest slowly and accurate : )

  4. Nikki

    Thank you for this!

  5. gary guthrie

    Awesome!!!! I CONCUR

  6. One Love

    amazing article you are so right and thank you for this great article. Could you kindly let me know what to do when I think about my desire in which case is my ideal partner. When I think about having him I feel excited. So should I enjoy the feeling of being excited first fully and when I have fully enjoyed it then move to feeling normal about my desire? if not, what would you suggest? Thanks a world :)

    1. Sen Post author

      It’s enjoyable to think about the joy based aspect of the desire and the exhilaration/excitement that it brings forth, and it’s highly positive to dwell on this aspect of the desire. With time you can also go deeper and look at this desire beyond just the projection of excitement, and see it as how it would be in ordinary life, because if you are only holding on to an extraordinary projection about your ideal partner it’s very possible that you will try to project a lot of unreal expectations from the guy when you are in a relationship with him – this is what it means to put someone on a pedestal. If you are in touch with the ordinariness of life, in some way, you will have a balance in your expectations.

  7. Sugar

    Thank you again, Sen, for another well written, and informative piece. You don’t know how helpful this really is!

    I’ve often read that if you just THINK about your desire after you’ve visualized, you project a vibration of more lack, and remain in unalignment…is this true even if your desire feels “ordinary?”

    For example: If you say “Oh, this thing that I wanted seems pretty inevitable, it’ll happen soon.” does that doom you to be unaligned just because you thought about your desire??

  8. Anu

    Dear Sen Ji,

    What if our mind wants to keep ruminating about the manifestation? It wants to keep worrying/thinking about the goal/reality that it wants to manifest. How do I get to the point of seeing orderiness of goal? I cannot fake it, I cannot make it up.


    1. Sen Post author

      Anu, it’s simply about trusting the intelligence of your life-stream to deliver your desired reality in a manner that’s most harmonious. So your mind needs to let go of the pre-occupation to figure it out. Ultimately everything in this physical reality is “ordinary” to the core, simply because everything is temporary. Desire and manifestation is a constant cycle that will go on eternally, and there is never an end to this. Once one desire manifests there will be something else – it’s part of the play of life. So instead being so hooked on wanting/craving a manifestation, just let go, relax and know that your life-stream is any way moving towards it anyway. It’s like when you are travelling from point A to point B by car, you can either simply relax and allow the journey to happen, or you can sit and worry until you reach point B – in the former case, you have a pleasant experience of the journey, in the latter case you have a bad experience of the journey and may even cause delays by constant re-checking the routes and not trusting the driver. Understand that your life-stream has the bigger picture, whereas your mind can only thinking from its limited/past conditioning/experience, so give yourself a break and relax. Moreover, when you relax you become more receptive to your inner inspiration thus allowing a faster manifestation.

  9. Trueone

    Hi Sen,

    Could you please suggest me a mediation or a technique to make my desires feel ordinary so that I can remove the high degree of burning attention that I give to them? How can I make them feel ordinary?

    Thank you,

    1. Sen Post author

      Trueone, you can give attention to your desire, but you need to let go of holding limiting thoughts about this desire including the thought that you know what’s best for you – allow the desire to be a “blue print” that you pass on to your life-stream, and then let go and allow your life-stream to take care of orchestrating the actual details in a manner that most most aligned with your well-being. If you get hung up on the details/specifics then you can feel highly resistant to allowing life to move you, because your mind would be too hung up on what it thinks is the right way for things to unfold. It’s not about a “technique” but about gaining a better understanding about life’s working. You can read these posts for a better understanding on how to allow life to orchestrate your desired reality

      Seeing beyond the brain’s perspective
      Embracing the ordinariness of life
      Staying surrendered to what is

  10. Anu

    Thank you Sen ji. I get it. And with my understanding of the how life orchestrates things, I will naturally let go being so hung up on desires and its manifestations. I will see its ordinariess on its own.

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