Becoming A Deliberate Creator

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The universe that you see around you was not created “randomly”, but it’s a creation of specific intent or “deliberate” intent on the part of the body of conscious energy that you essentially are. “Matter” cannot take shape in the absence of an “intent” for the creation of that matter. In fact, all forms are just formless energy vibrating in a condensed manner in response to a focused intent. Every form that takes shape is a creation, and there is always a “cause” to it – a form cannot come into existence “randomly”, out of the blue, it always comes into existence out of a “focus” (either a conscious or an unconscious focus on the part of the energy that you are).

As this human form, you are still the same energy that has created worlds, there is no separation. You are creating your reality, as the consciousness focused in this human form. Your “reality” is basically the experience that you are having, and the experience that you are having is shaped by the way you are “focused” – a negative focus creates a negative experience, a positive focus creates a positive experience.

To be lost in the negativity of the mind is an “unconscious” state of being. To become aware of the negativity of the mind, is the start of “conscious living”. To dis-identify from the negativity of the mind is beginning of an indirect “positive focus”. To be able to focus, consistently, and deliberately on the reality you wish to create, in the absence negativity of the mind, is the when you’ve become a “deliberate creator”. If you’ve read the post – Awakening, transcendence and return of focus – the phase 3 is when you start dis-identifying with the negative momentum of the mind, and phase 4 is when the negative momentum, in you, has ebbed away completely so that you can now focus, without resistance, on your desired realities (this is why I call phase 4 the “return of focus”).

You cannot focus positively in the presence of negative momentum

Most people who start understanding that they are the deliberate creators of their reality (after reading/listening about law of attraction), start exercising their power of deliberate creation by focusing consciously on the realities they wish to manifest – but as soon as they start doing this they realize the tremendous amount of “resistance” in the mind to focusing on their desired reality. Every time you try to focus on your desired reality, your mind comes up with hundreds of arguments about why it’s not possible to manifest it – the mind gets cynical, it gets pessimistic, it runs into self-pity, it runs into emotional drama, it gets irritated, it keeps getting impatient, it keeps orienting towards fear, it projects negative outcomes, it talks about “meaninglessness” of life, it talks about global suffering, it talks about being selfish, it feels insecure of new realities, it hinges on to self-hatred etc It’s like a huge whirlpool of resistance – that’s why I call it the “momentum of negativity”.

This is the reason why a moment of awakening, and positive focus, immediately turns into doubt, uncertainty and negative focus. A person who feels aligned with their joy on understanding their power of deliberate creation is soon mired with doubts and starts identifying with the mind’s negative arguments. The truth is that unless you burn through all the negative momentum present in your mind, you cannot stand true to your focus on your desired realities. That’s why it’s always inevitable that you need to go through a phase of “letting go” of the negativity (the phase 3 of awakening), before you can move into becoming a deliberate creator. In fact, consciously letting go of the negativity of the mind is a part of becoming a deliberate creator.

Your being automatically focuses on positive when the mind’s negativity dies out

The being that you are, in your wholeness, is “pure positive” energy and it’s naturally focused on thoughts which are of a positive vibration. That’s why you can sense a beauty and positive vibe in everything around you that does not have a “mind” – without a mind, the matter is vibrating in its natural vibe of pure positive. However when this being is lost (unconsciously) in the negativity of the mind, it takes on the negative vibration of the mind, and fuels it with its attention, and thus ends up “creating” negative realities out of its focus.

You are always a “creative” energy, but in your “unconsciousness” you become a creator of negative realities and thus have a negative experience of life. When you awaken, and dis-identify from the mind’s negativity, you come back to your natural vibration and thus automatically start focusing on the creation of positive realities. There is no “effort” required in this focus, it just happens automatically, it just happens very naturally.

If you feel that you have to make an “effort” to focus positively, it means that you are “faking positivity” and that there is a huge amount of negative momentum present in your energy. You cannot “deny” the negativity which is present, and try to escape it in some way – you need to let go of the negativity in the light of your awareness and thus dissolve it with intelligence/wisdom that comes when you are aligned with your “being” nature (as you rest in a space of awareness, what I call “relaxed awareness”).

You need to understand that it will take time for the momentum of negativity, in your mind, to dissolve in force (usually it takes a few months or a few years, depending on the load of negativity you are carrying and how receptive you are to “letting go” of it). It’s a process and it unfolds gradually, and as it unfolds you will see positive shifts taking place in your external reality. The more understanding you gain about the science of life, about your true nature, the easier it is for you to keep letting go of the negativity of the mind (which constantly creates questions and doubts in you).

Letting go of control, to regain total control

If you are unwilling to spend a few months in the process of letting go of the mind’s negative momentum, by dis-identifying with it, you are just delaying your arrival at the place of becoming a truly deliberate creator; It’s next to impossible to stay in a consistent positive focus in the presence of a negative momentum in the mind. Don’t waste your energy trying to “force” yourself into thinking positive in the midst of a high negative momentum in the mind – it’s like adding resistance to resistance, thus creating even more friction. Just let go, and allow the mind’s momentum to die down – rest assured that it will die down in the absence of the fuel of your unconscious focus on its negativity, just like a car slows down to a halt when you remove your foot from the accelerator.

Phase 3 (the phase of letting go) is the most challenging phase in your journey towards becoming a deliberate creator because in this phase you are asked to let go of “deliberation”, or control, and allow the mind’s negative momentum to come to a rest – it’s like becoming passive for a while, and allowing the mind to die down in momentum/intensity. Once the mind’s momentum has ebbed away, you automatically become “active” in your positive focus and effortlessly start focusing on your desired realities, on a consistent basis, thus allowing the creation of these realities. Phase 4 is the most enjoyable phase because you are now no longer facing resistance from the mind and thus can exercise your power as a deliberate creator with total freedom. When the mind’s negativity is no longer in control, your being is truly in control.

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  1. Suphala

    what do you mean when you tell “desired realities” in3rd para.. while explaining phase 4

    1. Sen Post author

      “Desired realities” are the realities that your body (heart/mind) wishes to experiences in this physical realm – usually with respect to relationships, finance, health and creative expression.

  2. Jay

    Dear sen

    If the law of attraction could give me everything I desire, is it possible to manifest World Peace? Or is law of attraction only works for my own reality?

    1. Sen Post author

      At the core, every living being desires a peaceful life, no-one would “consciously” want to choose to live in a reality of violence – the only reason one moves into violence is through a lack of wisdom when awareness is totally lost in the fears of the mind (the unconscious state of being). But every human being, who is part of this human consciousness, has an independence of what they want to focus on – they can focus negatively or positively depending on their level of consciousness and understanding. When you desire for world peace, i.e. you desire that every human being should stop all forms of violence, this desire is taken up by the wholeness of life (that you are a part of) and there is a movement towards its manifestation, but since every human is an “independent” focuser, they have choice in what they want to align with (even if the choice is made in an “unconscious” or unawakened state of being), hence not all humans are a co-operative component to such a movement in life at any given point, in the present reality. But since this desire is at the core of human consciousness, more and more manifestations keep happening in this direction and the pull in the whole human consciousness is towards peace. Some humans may not be aligned with this pull, in the present reality, and they can stand in resistance to this desire in the human consciousness, but they are being pulled towards it – it’s very possible for a human to stay a “non-co-operative” component to this pull because each human is an independent focuser and has the choice to focus negatively or positively (of course the choice to focus on negative only happens when one is unconscious).

      In one sense, the very movement of awakening that’s taking place in more and more humans is in effect the result of core desire in the human consciousness for world peace and well-being that has been put in by humans through the ages. You can also see that there is much more world peace now than a few decades back or a century back. All this is the result of the movement of human consciousness towards manifesting the desire of world peace that emanates from human beings. If you align with your wholeness, and let go of conflicts within you, you become an open channel that allows well-being and peace to be brought into this reality – you will also attract people who are aligned with peace, who are co-operative component to your desire for peace. If you are aligned with your desire for peace, you will find yourself in a reality that’s “personally” peaceful for you and your desire is also taken up in the wholeness of human consciousness which then has a movement in this direction.

  3. selina

    Hi Sen,

    I have a worry that is consuming my life at this time. Where could I email you my question so I can tell you about it? I am not sure that this particular thread is the right one, but I can’t let go of this future worry.

    1. Sen Post author

      You can send me a direct mail via the contact form present on this blog, here’s the link – Contact Form

  4. Nikki

    I’ve worked hard these past few years with letting go of negative thought patterns, influences, etc. and I have improved. Sometimes events in life can propel a person forward in that direction.. It did for me. Now I’m learning to “dispel” negative energies or maneuver myself out of its path and enjoy the many benefits of a more positive life. Still a work in progress but it’s beautiful.

  5. Robert

    Hi. Where can I find articles on (“how to”) meditation or observing thoughts? Very interested in releasing all negative thoughts held in mind or “negativity”. Is it true that it is proper to observe (or look for or focus) space between thoughts? Thank you.

    1. Sen Post author

      The practice of staying as a space of awareness, witnessing the movement of the mind, is highly beneficial in deepening your consciousness and allowing more stability in your being. You can read this post – surrendered meditation for some insights on an effective, but simple, meditation.

      It’s unnecessary to make meditation into a “mind work”, and trying observe space between thoughts is simply a “mind practice”. The purpose of meditation should be to align (bring awareness) with the natural state of the mind rather than try to force a silence or discipline on it.

  6. nvibes

    I’ve been reading your articles and comments on negativity and manifesting desires within the context of reality – all really insightful. Thank you so much for the blog and writing.

    I still have an issue I’m not quite understanding. I think I grasp the fact that you cannot produce positive results from a place of negativity – you must let go, get out of a place of suffering and embody the change you want to see in the world e.g. be at peace, if you want to create peace at large. However, if you reach this place of peace say, does that mean you no longer see suffering in the world because you are now embodying peace and therefore this will be your only experience? Or you yourself as an indiviual can be in a place of peace but still be surrounded by negativity and the suffering of others (as we are all part of the same world and same consciousness) but the suffering of others will not be able to pull you down in the same way, in fact the opposite happens – as you are in a place of peace you can help provide healing and pull others who are ready towards a more positive place?

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that just because you see suffering and/or experience ‘negativity’ it does not necesssarily mean that there is negativity within you to let go of, that this negativity you are witnessing is something personal to you to let go of. For example, I may not attract an alcoholic partner because it’s not the form of “negativity” that I am dealing with, but I know alcoholism is still a problem in the world, in society and I will still be affected by its consequences because we are all one, because we all affect each other. Because we are part of one consciousness but individuals at the same time with free choice, you will always see others suffering/experience negativity through others because that’s the stage they may still be at, or they haven’t learnt to let go or prefer to stay in this zone. Until every single person lets go of their own particular form of negativity, even those who have moved to a higher/more enlightened/more positive level will still experience negativity just because we all live in the world together, because we share the same consciousness. e.g. a Mother Theresa going to heal others who are suffering, a Mandela, a Gandhi etc These transformers still have to deal with the negativity, suffering and shortcomings of others/of corrupt systems, despite having evolved.

    Or is it more the case that as you evolve to a peaceful/positive place the world around you personally reflects this – i.e. you may move to a place where you only experience peace and harmonious relationships (within reason as we are imperfect), leaving those who are in a more negative state together as mirrors of themselves until they find their way out?

    I look forward to your response.

    1. Sen Post author

      When one is connected with the inner wholeness, there is a process of maturity that starts taking place in the mind because it gets touched by the wisdom of the life on continuous basis – either through inner insight or through some external source of insight you come across. The process of maturity reaches a stability at some point, and you will know when you are stable in your maturity – from here on the mind’s movement is in “sync” with the movement of wholeness in life, and it’s inspired and guided by this movement, with ease, as it’s no longer “resisting” this movement through its immaturity/ignorance. I refer to this movement as your “natural expression”. It’s not really possible to know before hand how life will move in you, what your natural expression will be is a mystery and will always be a mystery which gets unfolded as life progresses. Actually in truth, this movement is a mystery to life itself because life itself is only the Now, it can’t know what its movement will be in the future – it just keeps unfolding in response to the need of the present, which defines the future. One thing you can count on is that you will be well taken care of, because the flow of well-being will be uninhibited as there is no real resistance within you to your life stream. What actions you will indulge in, what realities you will bring forth, will always be a mystery that will unfold on a day to day basis but there will always be a feeling of a flow and effortless movement. None of your actions will come from a place of fear or neither would there be a feeling in you that you need to set someone/something right because they are “wrong”, you would just take an action because you feel inspired to do it, nothing more nothing less. Everything feels “ordinary”, there is no extra-ordinary feeling, or feeling of “special-ness” that you feel even if others may project you as being special. Your actions will directly/indirectly bring well-being into this world for sure because that’s always the direction in which the movement of life works, but there will be no sense in you that something is “wrong” that needs to set right – you just take actions because it feels like the right thing to do at that moment, it’s always a moment to moment inspiration.

      The hallmark of moving in wholeness is that “you” (others can have their judgments about your life) don’t sense any strong dysfunction in your “personal” reality – minor contrasts will always be present. Of course, you will be privy to watching the suffering around you (as you rightly understood, you are part of the whole consciousness and will be privy to things happening in it though it will not be present in your “personal” reality as such), and there will always be “sensitivity” in you but this sensitivity will be balanced in a wisdom – you will never be “over whelmed” by anything when you are in this place. This place is not a place of “denial”, you are not sitting trying to ignore reality, you are fully cognizant of reality and totally connected with it, but you are not “fearful” or “overwhelmed” by it in a very genuine way because of the balance which is present in you – it’s not possible to “pretend” to be in this place, all pretenses are soon called on by life.

  7. nvibes

    Thank you Sen

  8. Jay

    Dear sen

    I did ask a question regarding Karma/reincarnation earlier but since nothing is random in life, whatever life we started off as a child must has a cause as well? For someone who was born suffering and become enlighten vs someone who was born with being love, there should be a cause to it too? It will be hard for anyone who has suffered, especially me, to accept the idea that I just ended up to be the unlucky one to end up suffering as a child. I have suffered until I was 29 years old until one day, the fear/suffering got to the point where it crashed. Then, it made it worse because I was conscious of my pain. Back then, I was in pain but I couldn’t consciously feel it. But after that crash, I could feel every moment of suffering or happiness. Now, I am at a point where I can feel every moment and the past is soon forgotten and the future is not known. Also, the stuff I believed to be important has become insignificant. I have no idea who I am becoming. To make things worse, people around me have been trying to inject me with idea of living in the past, which I am not comfortable with. In a way, it makes me feel like a monster among these people because they are all living in the past and identifying with the story the mind plays in their head. Not planning to be like them but somehow, it makes me feel isolated. What’s your opinion on this?


    1. Sen Post author

      As this physical body, you come forth in an unique intention to experience/express in this life in your own way. The circumstances you were born in basically are part of your intention, and they shape your journey and give you the required maturity/understanding/perspective required for your expression. A lot of us can get disconnected from our natural expression, along the way, and this is a possibility that exists (because life is not going “assert” itself, and your mind has the choice to disconnect from its natural expression). When we become disconnected, awakening allows you to wake up from the resistance and thus re-align with your natural expression. That’s the only real purpose of awakening, to re-align with your natural expression. Some people never really disconnect from their natural expression, and for them awakening is not really needed.

      Presently you are in phase 3, almost towards the end of it, and so it’s very normal to feel a little disoriented and even feel a sense of meaninglessness about life. But soon you will be able to understand the inherent ordinariness of life, and be willing to come back, re-align with your mind, and enjoy its natural expression – this is what I call the return of focus. The pointer for you right now would be to try to start connecting with all the dimensions in your mind, and really start understanding your mind as it is.

  9. Jim

    Sen, I am confused over your position on being or becoming a “deliberate creator.” In this article you state that, “To be able to focus, consistently, and deliberately on the reality you wish to create, in the absence negativity of the mind, is the when you’ve become a “deliberate creator.” Yet in your article, “Can You Think and Grow Rich?” you caution against becoming a deliberate creator saying, “Play with deliberate creation if you want, but rest assured it won’t give you any permanent sense of happiness if that’s what you are looking for.” You go on to say that, “Any form of deliberation can only come from the “Me” force, and hence it’s always coming from a place of trying to control life. The need for control stems from fear, period.”
    Would you mind clarifying your position?



    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, I’ve mentioned this in the post in the last paragraph, as below

      “Phase 3 (the phase of letting go) is the most challenging phase in your journey towards becoming a deliberate creator because in this phase you are asked to let go of “deliberation”, or control, and allow the mind’s negative momentum to come to a rest – it’s like becoming passive for a while, and allowing the mind to die down in momentum/intensity. Once the mind’s momentum has ebbed away, you automatically become “active” in your positive focus and effortlessly start focusing on your desired realities, on a consistent basis, thus allowing the creation of these realities. Phase 4 is the most enjoyable phase because you are now no longer facing resistance from the mind and thus can exercise your power as a deliberate creator with total freedom. When the mind’s negativity is no longer in control, your being is truly in control. ”

      When you go through this phase of letting go of the “Me” force within you, which is craving manifestations from a place of a lack or fear, you come to a place of being aligned with your life-stream’s pull. When you are in alignment with your life-stream you come to a clear-mindedness since you are not lost in deluded/shallow thinking coming from a purely egoic perspective – you get a deeper sense of what you truly desire, what your creative expression feels like and the type of environment you really want to experience etc (you can read this post deluded desires vs aligned desires) – these desires seem to arise from your inner being rather than from some deluded conditioning you got from outside. You don’t have to “force focus” on these desires, there just seems to be a focus on it in your heart, it’s as if your whole being is focused on it effortlessly. You notice that you are effortlessly focused on these inspirations/desires on a consistent basis without any resistance/negativity/conflict towards it. You don’t have to make an effort at focusing on these desires because they just feel like your calling – for example, when you let go of your ego force there may arise a focus in you to create a business venture, or produce some art, that may come from a place of inner inspiration (as a part of your natural expression) rather than from a place of ego’s need to accomplish something or achieve something. It doesn’t feel like an egoic focus, rather it just feels like the focus of life force within you.

      The reason I call this deliberate creation is because you have to deliberately, and consciously, make the choice to “let go” into your life-stream to come to this place of allowing the manifestation of your natural expression. To let go into your life-stream you need to let go of all the shallow perspectives that your mind might have gathered along the way, through some external conditioning or deluded thinking, and be willing to just allow your true expression to come through from your connection with your life-stream – in this place you are expressing from an inner wholeness rather than from an egoic lack.

      There is another post – Clear minded focus – where I talk about this, on how you come to a place of inner clarity, coming from your connection with your life-stream, when you let go of your need for control from an egoic perspective.

  10. Anonymous

    Dear Sen,

    Recently, I had a paradoxical experience. I realized that I was supressing my “controlling” side, since in my outer reality, there are controlling people like my mom. I was always fighting with her and felt deeply disturbed by her controlling behavior. When I have made an introspection, I realised that I don’t allow my controlling side and I faced this paradox: shall I allow my controlling part? Any insight on this? Does control return with the focus? Right now, I feel very disoriented.

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