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In the last post I talked about the state of Inner Wholeness which is about coming to a place free of resistance created by accumulation of negative energy from the past and momentum of negativity in the mind. The state of inner wholeness is extremely conducive to allowing your desired realities to manifest at a faster pace because your vibration is no longer “dense”, rather it becomes very fluid/light and very close to the vibration of non-physical. The reason why we don’t recognize our ability to create realities, consciously, is because the process is too sluggish when you have a “dense” vibration in your being, there is just too much inner resistance to the energy movement required for a desire manifestation. Though it’s not a necessity for you to come to inner wholeness in order to manifest your desired reality, it’s definitely the best ground for allowing a quicker manifestation. Once you sense that your mind momentum has a reduced to a good extent (through coming to a place of total allowing) you can start working with specific resistances that are present in your mind owing to its beliefs, conditioning and outlook towards life – a lot of these patterns of thought will be subconscious (taken to be true without questioning) and would need to be consciously changed in order to fit in with your desired reality.

Reducing your mind momentum will not change your beliefs automatically unless you consciously make the choice to dissolve a belief – your choice is important. Your life-stream will not assist in changing a belief that you don’t want to change, as a part of your free will. However, the moment you make the choice to change belief (a limiting belief), your life-stream’s intelligence will take care of ensuring that it orchestrates events or produces understanding/insights in you that will allow the dissolution of that belief. There is a great amount of power in your “choice” and I can’t emphasize this enough – this is the reason why it always boils down to your attitude (Read this post – A Question of Attitude). With a negative attitude it’s impossible to come to inner wholeness and it’s just as difficult to really manifest your desired reality – the vibe of a negative attitude does not sync up with the vibe of your non-physical life-stream (which is always focused towards manifestation of your desired reality, thus in a positive attitude). People who can simply sense the “love” of their inner being, in their heart, are far more likely to have a positive attitude than people who try to be too mind oriented towards “getting the answers” – people who are constantly cynical about life are always the ones who have the hardest time allowing abundance in their reality.

If your attitude is to doubt the capacity of creation present in your life-stream, no amount of answers can really make a difference because it becomes an “ego stand” for you to retain your attitude of doubt/cynicism. That’s the reason why I simply state that if these pointers don’t resonate in your heart, then don’t bother asking for a proof, because the proof can only be felt in your own being, it’s totally subjective to you. What I write is not give you any “new information”, what I write is to simply resonate your own heart’s knowing so that it can be a confirmation for you. If you don’t sense resonance, then no amount of explaining can make you feel it, and what’s needed would be for you to be less mind-oriented and become more heart centric.

Worker mindset Vs Creator mindset

The biggest issue with a “belief” is that it’s believed to be true – we take it to be true and hence we never question it. This aspect is good for positive beliefs but works against you when you are holding negative beliefs. In truth, your beliefs totally define your experience of reality – a person who is holding too many negative beliefs has to experience all those beliefs in the form of physical manifestation in his/her reality. The deal with free-will, and your capacity as a creator, is that your reality will readily give you the evidence to support your belief – so if your belief is that you can’t manifest your desires, then that’s how it will be for you. Do you see why it’s impossible to “prove” that you can deliberately create your desired reality? If you don’t believe it, it can’t happen, and if you do believe it you won’t ask for a proof.

The biggest block to manifesting your desired reality is the belief that it’s not possible to manifest your desired reality. This belief comes in from having lived in the “Worker mindset” all your life, since this was the mindset ingrained in you by the society which was not really conscious to start with. To shift from a “worker mindset” to a “creator mindset” is a challenging process, but that’s what we as humans are evolving towards on Earth and if “enlightenment” has any meaning it’s to connect you with your nature as a creator – it’s not meant to just give you some experiences of blissed out peace. The “worker mindset” is the most limiting belief system towards allowing a faster manifestation of your desired reality.

What exactly is a “worker mindset”? Basically it’s a belief that you can only manifest your reality through your hard work, effort/struggle and the desires that your mind can’t figure out the “action” for are simply suppressed or considered “unrealistic” (thus resisted). Personal work/action is needed as a part of the process of manifesting a desired reality, but it’s not the pivotal part – it’s only a small aspect in the scheme of things. In fact, people who are not conscious enough to work with their minds, with their thoughts/beliefs, are the ones who employ struggle/hard-work as a means to convince themselves that they are “worthy”. If you believe that “nothing worthwhile comes easy” that’s exactly the belief that will operate in your reality, in that you will have a hard time getting anything that feels worthwhile to you. When you enjoy what you do you don’t think of it as a “pain/struggle”, and these actions are aligned with the vibration of joy thus aligned with your desired reality. The freedom, you need to realize, is that you are not “required” to do anything that’s not inspiring to you, unless you make a choice to do so.

Your physical reality/experience is just a mirror of your beliefs, it’s defined accurately in this quote by Henry Ford – “Whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right (in both cases)”. The question is what is your belief about “what you can” – if you believe you can manifest your desired reality without requiring struggle, that’s what will be true for you, if you believe that you need a lot of struggle to manifest your reality, that’s what will be true for you. The “creator mindset” is to manifest without struggle, where you work with your thoughts/beliefs to shape your reality rather than trying to compensate for your lackful beliefs through an overdose of hard work. If hard work was the key to abundance, every toiling laborer should be experiencing abundance. Action is needed, but only “inspired action”, an action that comes from a place of enthusiasm, passion or inspiration – beyond this any forced action is just wasted energy which can also have a counter-productive effect.

Blocks created by limiting beliefs

The “worker mindset” is the most limiting belief you can hold, however any belief that goes counter to your desire is a limiting belief. It gets more complex because most of us desire from a place of limitation as well – so it’s not just that your limiting beliefs are blocking the manifestation of your desired reality, in truth your limiting beliefs are even limiting your desires, thus they are limiting your expression/potential in this life-time. When you remove a limiting belief you can see a surge in the quality of your desires, or you can see an expansion in your desires – by expansion I don’t just mean “quantity” rather there can be an added depth to your desire or a more well-rounded desire. Your beliefs have the capacity to limit your expression, for example a belief that you need to work at a passionless job in order to pay your bills, when held with a certainty, will ensure that you can never be open to a different type of reality where you can pay your bills while working at something you enjoy.

Changing beliefs can be a challenge, after all it’s ingrained in your brain through repeated evidence – thus building strong neural pathways that keep repeating this belief subconsciously. This is one reason why it greatly helps to first reduce your mind momentum, so that you can work with your mind more easily. When the mind has a high momentum it feels as if it is the dominating factor to the point that you find it difficult to even think what you desire to think – imagine the height of helplessness to your “own” mind. One the main factors that greatly assists in changing a limiting belief is an openness to investigate a different perspective/outlook. For example, instead of being hung up on the “worker mindset” try giving the “creator mindset” a chance by being open to believing that you can manifest what you desire without any struggle on your part.

A large part of “worker mindset” is to try to figure out the specifics of “how” to manifest a desire. What you need to understand is that your brain is just running on a “past database”, or past conditioning, and it does not necessarily have the intelligence/knowing/perspective/understanding to know what it takes to manifest a desire created in your present. If you start using your “past conditioning” driven actions to manifest your present desire, you will be working purely with your past knowing, which is a very limiting platform to work with. Rather, if you hold on to the “creator mindset”, which means that you just do the job of working with your thoughts/beliefs and allow your life-stream’s intelligence to orchestrate the right events for you, and give you the inspiration towards the right actions, you will be receptive to “fresh/unconditioned intelligence” which provides faster results or solutions.

Attributes of a creator mindset

Here are the attributes of a person with a creator mindset

– Works with aligning the mind towards the desired reality by letting go of inner resistance (by letting go of identification with limiting beliefs)

– Does not bother taking actions that feel like a struggle, works purely on the knowing that if an action is required the energy for it will be provided within, and thus it won’t feel like a struggle.

– Understands the importance of the “right timing”, and knows that’s his/her life-stream has the “top view” to orchestrate the right timing. Thus, he/she avoids hasty, or impatience-driven, actions or fear-driven actions.

– Does not sit feeling guilty/sad about the struggle based life choosen by other humans, knowing that we are all individual streams of consciousness having different journeys, different growth paths and different purposes. Understands that we are not here to change others but to live our own expression, and if our expression serves to change/help/guide others it’s fine, but that’s never the motivation (if your motivation is to “fix” people from a place of worry, you are already looking at them as broken and this is what your actions will reflect as a result)

– Does not feel guilty about “inactivity”, understanding fully well a period of rest/non-doing is as vital to manifesting a desired reality as a period of activity. Does not use activity as a distraction to avoid facing the mind and its resistances (working with the mind is the quintessential occupation of a person with a “creator mindset”)

– Does not have the mindset of “hoarding” or being “clingy”, understanding that whatever is required/desired will be manifested as per the need of the moment. This willingness to be open to life is a strong indication of one’s alignment towards the creator mindset.

– Understands the scientific truth that if a current reality has the contrast to create a desire in oneself, the same reality has the resources to manifest that desire. There is never a doubt about the resources available to manifest a desire.

– Does not waste mental energy dwelling on philosophical thoughts, cynical thoughts or thoughts about hypothetical negative situations. Understands the value, and power, of his/her “attention” and thus does not bestow it on anything that’s not beneficial towards a desired reality.

– Always chooses inspiration over struggle

– Does not blame the outside for the negativity, or limitation, in his/her current reality and takes full responsibility for the present condition knowing that it’s either the growth path choosen from his/her non-physical perspective or a reality created unconsciously through lack of inner alignment. (Understand that when you blame the outside you are also giving away your power to the outside, thus you stop acknowledging your power as a creator).

The crux of a “creator mindset” is the attitude of working with one’s thoughts and allowing actions to be inspired, letting your life-stream do the major chunk of the orchestration understanding that it’s in a better position to do so with its intelligence coming from it’s connection with the totality. Your brain only has a surface-level vision, you can’t see what your life-stream/inner-being can see from its connection with the totality. Most humans use their brain as a hindrance, owing to their limiting beliefs, rather than a co-operative component to a desired manifestation. Learn to work with your brain, by becoming aware of the belief patterns running in it, and consciously dis-identify with patterns that are not serving the “creator mindset”.

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  1. Ritu

    Another beautiful article Sen, thanks. Please elaborate on “not waste mental energy dwelling on philosophical thoughts”. Are you refering to any particular category of philosophical thoughts? We friends sometimes sit together and discuss philosophy…

    1. Sen Post author

      Ritu, this pointer is specific to this post about developing a “creator mindset”. Discussing philosophy is an entertaining pre-occupation and it stimulates thinking, which is a good thing. And frankly nothing is really a waste of time because ultimately everything has a value and place in the play of existence, and we all have our personal preferences based on our level of awareness. However, if you visit philosopher’s forum you can see how a lot of their pre-occupation is with convoluted thinking primarily as a show of “intellectuality” which seems to have no real value towards bettering one’s physical life, it’s a bit like junk food, it’s tasty but doesn’t have much nutritional value – it’s fine to indulge in junk food to enjoy the taste of it, as long as it’s not your primary diet. This pointer of not wasting your mental energy on convoluted thinking is specific to people who want to develop a “creator mindset” where their focus is primarily on creating realities in which case the mental energies are better employed in staying focused on their desired realities. We have limited waking hours and limited mental energy during these waking hours, hence you need to make a conscious choice of how it’s employed.

  2. rafael

    sen, in the process of manifesting a desire, what percent would you say is the actual”physical” work part? the more I’ve read your articles, it seems that the physical work part is very minimal

    1. Sen Post author

      Rafael, it depends totally on the specific desired reality. Some require very little physical action some require quite a lot of it, in any case the physical action will feel “inspired” and not forced.

  3. Shriram

    Sen, the question I have is related to the initial phase of total allowing. When I let things be as they are, and allow my mind to do what it wants completely, how will I come to an understanding that I am not fuelling my thoughts or dwelling on it. Sometimes, there is a natural inclination to reason out and remove existing fears. How different is this from being lost in thoughts or trying to solve through my mind? I’ve realized when I become aware of my thoughts, there is an immediate cessation but I know I wasn’t trying to suppress them either and the fear is left unaddressed.

    1. Sen Post author

      Shriram, you can read this recent post – An example of dissolving a fear – for more insight on what I mean by the state of allowing and how it dissolves the grip of a fear.

  4. Shriram

    Thank you Sen. That addressed my question perfectly.

  5. Courtney P.

    Great article!!!

  6. Peanut

    Thank you, Sen!

  7. Courtney P.

    So how does one work on dissolving a limiting belief when they don’t know what it is? Their reality is telling them there is some sort of lack based thinking on their part.

    This person has reduced mind momentum and is doing extremely well except for this one facet. Should they just wait til the subconscious “unearths” it on its own,or can they,by allowing,look for a “trigger” to bring it out to be dealt with?

    Thanks alot for your point of view!!

    1. Sen Post author

      Courtney, it need not be a “belief”, it’s mostly just an imbalance towards light nature or dark nature that shows up as a negative reflection in the external reality. The symptoms of being imbalanced towards light nature, or being imbalanced towards dark nature, eventually are the same on the external front in that they both create a disharmony of some form. You can read this post for more insight on how to bring a balance within –

  8. Courtney P.

    I hear you..if I can consciously be aware of any imbalances and deal with those,the subconscious plays no part? The awareness is relaxed and the light and dark of the reality desiring to become manifest has been considered. It couldn’t be something buried deep inside? Is the answer just to be still and wait for it to work its way up to my conscious awareness??

    1. Sen Post author

      Courtney, you will notice that you awareness keeps deepening and as it deepens it makes all the subconscious patterns conscious – nothing stays hidden. So it’s about you deepening in the state of allowing, letting the imbalances unearth and be dissolved in the release.

  9. Courtney P.

    Sweet! I can definately keep chillin. Thx Sen

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