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Every moment in your day, you are constantly “informed”, and guided, by life. Unfortunately most of us not only disregard this guidance but in many cases go in a direction opposite to what we are guided towards. We are informed by life through two different means – Feelings and Instinct. To have clear access to this guidance one must stay in a space of alert awareness in each moment, instead of being lost in the stream of conditioned, repetitive, thinking. This “awareness” becomes more and more natural, and requires no effort, once you become anchored in it.

Learn to trust your feelings

If there is a “bad” feeling within you, it’s an indication that you are thinking or doing something that is not congruent with the movement of life. The bad feeling arises due to a conflict in vibrations – the vibration of the thought does not match the vibration of life, and hence the conflicted feeling within. As soon as a bad feeling arises in the body, become aware of the thoughts that you are thinking and see through the negative patterns in the thought. Avoid taking any action based on a thought that generated the bad feeling.

A thought of jealously, guilt, worry, anxiety, inferiority, unworthiness, impatience or hatred, will always create a bad feeling in your body because all these thoughts are rooted in “fear”, or lack, and hence have a vibration that’s opposite to that of life. If you continue focusing on these thoughts, the bad feeling will keep getting intense, it’s life’s way of telling you to “stop” focusing on these thoughts. When you disregard this guidance, and keep focusing on these negative thoughts, you will eventually end up manifesting a negative reality for yourself.

A good feeling is an indication of alignment. Whenever you think a thought, or take an action, which is in alignment with life’s movement, it always creates a good feeling in the body. Even a place of “no feeling” is an indication of alignment, “no feeling” simply means that you are not conflicted with life at that moment; it’s a place of peace. Thoughts of hope, worthiness, positive anticipation and abundance, always create a good feeling in the body because they match the vibration of life.

As you move through your daily life, keep in touch with your body, to sense the guidance that is coming from life in the form of your feelings. You can blindly trust your feelings in every case, sometimes even if it seems irrational to your mind. Feelings never lie, but sometimes the mind does not want to believe the feelings because it might be ignoring the truth (or it doesn’t want to face the truth).

Getting informed by life

When your mind is uncluttered with repetitive thinking, you gain access to a place of deeper wisdom which constantly informs you through “instinct” or impulse. People who meditate know what this means, because several times when you are in a state of calm awareness, you get some deep insight that sometimes clears away a whole chunk of negative patterns in you.

If an impulse creates a feeling of enthusiasm and joy in you, make sure you follow up of the impulse – it’s a guidance coming from life. You need to be anchored in your being to have access to this form of guidance, in many cases, because it’s usually very subtle. What people call “instinct”, is simply wisdom coming from a deeper place. You become more sensitive to your instincts when you stay in a place of alert awareness.

As you become more and more grounded in your being, you realize the blessing, and grace, of being informed by life every moment. You are no longer confused about how to live your life because you know that each moment you will receive the guidance of what you should be doing. Many times, life would simply want you to be in “inaction”, because that may be the right thing to do at that moment. When action is needed the energy and impulse will be generated within you. Trust life, trust your feelings, and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Alliswell

    If you are to trust your feelings and a bad thought created them, then you are to let the bad thought go, right, because it is not in line with your lifestream.

    In light of that, if you are in a relationship and having negative thoughts (jealousy, etc.) about the relationship which is causing bad feelings, if you choose to not focus on the bad feelings, when do you know when to leave or stay in a relationship? This seems like a contradiction.

    How do you know when to follow your intuition? or you don’t?

    1. Sen Post author

      The state of staying in “awareness” of the mind allows a gap to be present between the mind’s constant thinking and the wisdom of your wholeness. This gap is the “space” required for wisdom to stay active in your being. In the absence of this space you just become a prisoner to your mind’s conditioned thinking, swayed by its constant fears and insecurities. As you can see, even now the mind is only worried about “negative outcomes” rather than allowing the possibility of a harmonious relationship – this is the domain of the mind, or the negative ego, to constantly create hypothetical situations of negative outcomes and thus stand in resistance to the flow your life-stream.

      As you become more and more stable in your awareness and allow the negative momentum in the mind to ebb away in force, you will move through a deeper wisdom which does not come from a place of fear but from a place of intelligence which is present due to your connection with your wholeness or totality. The mind’s limited vision comes from its projections based on its past, what happened in the past, and hence its colored with judgments and lackful thinking. Whereas the intelligence of awareness comes from the movement of the “present” and from the totality of life on a moment to moment basis, and hence it also for a real wisdom to play out in your life. Moreover, emotions like jealousy are the domain of the negative ego which is rooted in lackful thinking, when you let go of this ego structure and align with your wholeness (simply by relaxing in to the space of your being) you will no longer be moved through inspiration, joy, love and a sense of alignment rather than through negative states like possessiveness, jealousy, greed or anxiety. It takes time before you find stability in your space of awareness, in your being, because for so many years you’ve been identified with the negative ego structure in the mind. You will need to be patient with this process and allow the momentum of negativity in the mind to ebb away slowly and allow the stability of your being to come into the foreground.

  2. Alliswell

    Thanks Sen,
    This is harder than I thought for me to let go of negative thoughts. I am learning, though, thanks to this site and making progress. Still in stage 2, I think. 🙂

    I transfer another’s reaction to me or my surroundings directly back to me.

  3. kristina

    Hi Sen,

    I have been experiencing this guidance off and on for a few years now but I have not yet felt anchored in it. I can manage to detach from the negative ego for a short time but then I am quickly and easily triggered back into old, fear based, thought patterns. I feel that I am stuck in this frustrating stage of knowing that there is quidance to support me through life but I so easily fall prey to feelings of resentment and anger which further grow into deep sadness and anxiety that I have to treat with medication. I feel like I live in two worlds, one in peaceful awarness and another where I am lost in the turmoil of mind. Do you have any advice to help me transition fully to the stage anchored awarness?

    Thank you, this site is my new found favorite.


    1. Sen Post author

      You will feel anchored in the space of your being (in your natural vibration of joy/peace) when the momentum of past/accumulated negativity ebbs away from your energy space as you stand dis-identified from it. The old patterns of fear/negativity arise become of the momentum that’s present owing to your past attention to it. Your attention is the fuel that gives strength to a thought pattern, and since your attention was embedded in the negativity of the mind (unconsciously) for several years, it has quite a strong momentum going for it. Now that you are becoming deeply aware of the negative patterns in your mind, and are identifying their movement in the mind, you are getting more and more rooted in awareness and less identified with the negativity – and progress keeps happening on a day to day basis.

      With time this momentum of negativity will ebb away in intensity and you will find a permanent grounding in the natural vibration of your being. You are on the right path, just be easy on yourself knowing that this is a “process” and it takes time and the more willing you are to stay as a open space of awareness (what I called relaxed awareness) allowing the mind to have its movement, not resisting/suppressing the negativity that arises in the form of thoughts, the sooner you will be able to dissolve the momentum of negativity. If you try to resist/suppress the mind when negativity arises in it, you will be indirectly giving “fuel” to it and would just re-cycle or sustain the momentum loner – whatever you resists always persists, but once you stay as an open awareness allowing what arises to arise your will allow a swift dissolution of its momentum.

  4. Pavlo

    Hi Sen,

    The way I understand instinct is that it is a hard wired
    body/mind survival response. For example an elephant
    running toward you will activate your survival instinct
    and force you to flee.

    Nuggets of wisdom, which can come to you from the silent
    intelligence of our life force is somewhat deeper and more
    subtle and comes from deep within our being. To me they
    are different in so far as instinct seems pre-programmed
    whereas wisdom is pure intelligence itself.

    What’s your take on this Sen?

    1. Sen Post author

      Pavlo, that’s right, the brain is designed for survival and it has a fight/flight response that can trigger as soon as it senses emergency – you can call it the body’s instinct for survival. This instinct can in fact be aided greatly if you are also connected with your inner wisdom/inner-guidance in the sense that you can avoid having to end up in certain emergency situations if you can heed the inner guidance that comes in which “proactively” allows you to take an action that avoids the emergency.

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