Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs Regarding Money

Posted on by Sen.

In the reality that we live in on this planet, certain experiences can be had for free without requiring the payment of any money while certain other experiences require you to dish out cash in return for the service or product (that allows you to have the experience you desire). For example, the experience of admiring a star lit sky does not require any money and it can enjoyed for free while in order to have the experience of driving a Mercedes car, you may require to dish out the money to purchase it. This system of “purchasing” a product or service, in order to experience it, causes people to focus their thoughts on “money” (usually the lack of it) instead of focusing their thoughts on the experience they desire to have. It’s very common for people to immediately worry about money when they focus on a desire, and this causes them to stay focused on limiting/negative thoughts about money instead of being focused on the positive/aligned thought of experiencing the desire.

Let go of focusing on money

The only reason you focus on money is because your mind knows that money is “needed” in order to experience a certain desired reality (like owning a nice car or a beautiful villa). So instead of staying focused on the reality you wish to experience, you start using your mind to figure out ways to make the amount of money required to “buy” that reality, and when your mind cannot come up with any viable solution of making that much money, you simply give up focusing on your desire because you “believe” that it’s not possible anymore. Every time you think about your desire you also think about “how will it happen, I don’t have the money and I don’t know how to earn so much money”. This thought pattern causes you to stay stuck in thoughts of limitation and lack, and thus you end up attracting a lack-based reality.

You will always attract what you stay focused on (or what you believe to be true). So if you stay focused on the thought of “I don’t have enough money and I don’t know how to earn the money to experience what I desire”, you will always keep attracting a reality where this “thought” is true, in other words you will always find yourself in a reality where you lack the money (and the resources) to experience your desire. On the other hand if you stop focusing on money altogether and only stay focused on your desired reality (on the experience you wish to have), you will not have any “resistant” thoughts in you and hence life force can move you towards a quick manifestation of your desire.

Money flows in when you stop worrying about it

When you are focused on your desire, in your mind, without focusing on any thought regarding limitation of money, you will notice that certain events start taking place in your life that causes the money to flow in that would enable you to experience the reality that you desire. Money may be one of the resources required to bring the physical manifestation of your desire, and its procurement will be taken care of by the movement of your life force, if you let go of holding on to “limiting” thoughts about it.

Look within yourself and see if you are holding on to limiting thoughts about money with respect to the desired reality you wish to experience. See if you can find the below thought patters in you.

– It’s of no use visualizing my desired reality because it’s just not possible for so much money to come into my life.

– I have no talent or skills required to make so much money, so it’s useless to focus on this desire to experience xyz reality

– I have to keeping working at this job that I don’t like in order to save some money to experience my desired reality in the late future

– It’s not easy to make money, and so it will take a long time to create a reality where I can experience the lifestyle I desire for myself

– It will take years for me to make the money to experience my desired reality

If you look at these thoughts, the focus is on “money” (the lack of it) instead of being on the reality you wish to experience. Such thoughts of limitation are what I call “counter” thoughts, because they counter your desire and hence resist its unfolding. As long as you hold on to these limiting thoughts, by believing them, you will be impeding the natural movement of your life towards the manifestation of your desired reality.

The ideas, inspirations, synchronicities and the right timing, just happens automatically when you let go of focusing on the “money” and stay consciously focused on the desired reality you wish to experience. This can take some practice initially because you have been in the habit of focusing on money for so many years. But once you make this shift in your focus you will create huge leverage in your life because you will have released a lot of resistance to the unfolding of your desired reality thus allowing it to manifest quickly and effortlessly.

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  1. Harman


  2. M

    Hi Sen
    In my mind I fully understand your explanation regarding money but on a deeper level I am aware that I think that’s it’s wrong to ask for money.
    I think I am in the process of coming back to my physical reality and on the path to feeling whole (I’ve had a couple to ‘tastes’ of it) but any advice would be welcome.
    Many thanks

    1. Sen Post author

      You don’t need to ask for money specifically, your alignment with your desired reality will ensure that the resources required for it (like money or people) are allowed into your reality (without struggle, in a harmonious manner) for the manifestation to unfold. You will be inspired towards the right actions that would allow for the money to come through in a manner that feels like the path of least resistance for you. As I’ve mentioned in the post, you don’t need to focus on the money, you just need to stay aligned with your desired reality or the life situation you want to manifest – the resources required for manifestation will be arranged as the process of physical manifestation unfolds as you stay allowing of your life stream.

  3. M

    Thanks Sen
    I realised after I posted the comment that what I was actually fearful of was desiring anything that required money. I realised that I had made this decision many years ago thinking that by not desiring anything that required money meant that I wasn’t focussing on my lack of money.
    How wrong was I.
    Because I made this decision I suppressed any desires I may have had so at the moment I’m not quite sure what I desire.
    I’m looking forward, though, to letting those desires come up. It will be like opening presents!
    Thank you so much

  4. Radiance

    Hi Sen,

    This is an area where I am heavy on negativity. I have had produced enough money all my life.
    I am not “rich” but I have always paid all my bills on time, feed myself and my son, and even be able to spend on some leasure items.
    But I totally distrust my ability to manage money. I have very little savings, I dont currently have money for retirement, etc.
    Savings is something I desire because I’m soupossed to. Retirement money is something I desire so I can slow down when I get older.

    So I guess we are saying, focus on what I want my retirement time to look like and the money will come?

    Also, I am able to produce money but through a job I dislike. So I guess I can think about keeping my currently spending with a job I do like?

    One more question. What have happened to individuals who do follow their passion but end up very tigh on money, such as the famous case of the broke artist who followed his/her passion but can hardly afford a living?

    1. Sen Post author

      Following your passion in terms of work does not necessarily mean that you are also open to allowing money in, it’s about your beliefs regarding money – if you have negative/limiting beliefs about money, that’s what will be reflected in your reality. There are many who follow their passion but feel guilty about allowing big money, they have beliefs like “money is evil, or money is about greed” and stuff like that which causes them to block out on money. You can see that there are many who are great in their creative fields but have messed up personal lives, this is just a sign of inner imbalance where they are too imbalanced towards their creativity and thus not in touch with their emotional/physical well-being.

      It’s about “savings” but about the mindset you develop about money. If your belief is that money can only come through your job, then you are basically blocking out several streams of money that can come in if you have a more open mind about it. The society gives a lot of limiting beliefs about money, which you need to consciously start letting go of – just allow yourself to be open to allowing money into your life through various streams and inspirations, don’t create a sense of lack by saying that money only has to come through your job. There are people who have 10 or 12 streams of income, where they set up systems that allow for passive money to come in. Money should not be the reason why you limit your expression, rather you need to be clear that you want to be free with your expression and allow the universe to bring you money to meet it – not the other way round.

  5. Radiance

    I see Sen, I allow money to come from different enjoyable, varied and creative streams!

    What are your thoughts about budgeting or monitoring your money?

    I have no idea where my money goes and I feel compelled now to start monitoring.

    Maybe it can be like healthy eating, you start with monitoring what you eat and then healthy eating becomes natural and intuitive?

    I start monitoring and healthy spending (budget) becomes natural and intuitive?

    1. Sen Post author

      Radiance, the bottom line is about your understanding of life as a whole – the deeper your understanding the less fearful you are towards it. For example, when you realize that you can attract wholeness in your reality by first finding wholeness within you, you realize that the outside is no longer the influencing factor but that its your inner state of being that matters. It’s not about monitoring or budgeting, all of this is the “action” part which you can take based on your inspiration, it’s about what’s your inner state of being while doing these actions – are you fear driven or are you driven by inspiration from a place of being fearless within (the state of balance/wholeness).

  6. chris

    “There are people who have 10 or 12 streams of income, where they set up systems that allow for passive money to come in.”– what are some of these streams or systems? thanks, Sen.

    1. Sen Post author

      Chris, there are two ways to generate money, one is through active work and one is through passive stream (which requires the initial work on setting up a system) – one has to align with the mindset of generating money without “struggle” in order to align with the reality of generating passive income (money flow). When you hold on to narrow thoughts about money, where you associate money inflow with struggle or active work, it blocks you from allowing ideas/inspirations/solutions for streams of passive income (which does not require constant involvement on your part, allowing your creative energy to be employed in other fields). To give an example of passive income, consider a person who sets up a website that focuses on a certain niche (like body building) which he/she has some expertise in, and develops content that can be of assistance to people looking for this information. Such a website can then become a system that generates income (possibly by posts Ads on it or selling products or books etc) exponentially increasing with the increase in web traffic, without requiring much involvement. Another example would be investments in prudent stocks or property, where your money works for you, rather than you working for it. Even the concept of MLM works on putting a system in place where you get the initial client base and then a cascade effect accures the money for you. Basically, it’s about first aligning with the mindset of allowing money without struggle, once you bring that inner alignment you will see your reality shaping up in that fashion – the way you allow money into your reality has everything to do with your beliefs about money, and how it should come to you. The mind has some very strong conditioning with respect to money, depending on your upbringing and external influence (including your parent’s outlook to money), and it takes awareness to start letting go of being identified with limiting thoughts about money.

  7. Markus

    Though this article was posted many months ago, thank you Sen. Focusing on what one wants to do with a greater income – instead of the income itself – is a good tip. Thinking in terms of money does seem to inherently create blocks.

    A book I read that was very useful for starting to break down this type of barrier is Joel Goldsmith’s “Invisible Supply.”

  8. ajay

    thanks a lot sen for this article..
    sen i strated reading your blog 2 months ago..now some awareness has come into my life..and i am having some peace..
    but i feel lost ..i mean i feel am not connected with my wholeness..
    i have other problems as well..i always worry about other people..
    whenever i se poor and suffering people i feel very bad…
    and i then start thinking like what is use of having so much money in my pocket when some people have nothing..?
    when i go to hotel then faces of poor and hungry people come in my mind and i think why should i waste so much money on food when others are hungry?
    that everything in my life is just like having no meaning…i dnt feel happy about anything..i always think about how can i contribute to other people and society..
    i have no interest in possessions like car, home, property , money n all
    i really feel lost and i suffer a lot after i see someone suffering..
    please help me sen in this manner and on how can i find my true nature and connect with my wholeness an being..

    1. Sen Post author

      Ajay, to reach inner freedom one needs to have two aspects in place

      1. be free of the pull of emotional/mental momentum
      2. have an aligned understanding about the reality of life

      The first aspect can be achieved through consciously releasing the momentum (of emotional energy and mind) through a state of “allowing” (without suppression/avoidance) with an aware dis-identification of the pull of this momentum. I’ve explained this process of release in various posts including – the power of allowing and FAQ on the state of allowing.

      The second aspect (of gaining an aligned understanding) requires you to “think” in an aware manner, think more deeply instead of just falling for a surface level perspective; introspect and be willing to connect with reality rather than falling for a dramatic, or emotional, or deluded, view. You can either use your own analytical ability to see the reality of life, or you can read and gain understanding from the perspective of people who have taken the time to understand the reality of life – ideally a mix of both. Develop the openness to think without being too dramatic or emotional, or else you can’t get a clear view of life.

      Let me take the examples of the questions that come to your mind about the suffering around you (and your worry about other people), and give you a perspective on reality based thinking.

      Your thinking is – “what is the use of having so much money in my pocket when some people have nothing” – the reasoning is that if you also were to become “poor” then you would be doing more justice to people who have “nothing”, Can you see the “absurdity” of such a reasoning? You can help the poor in any way that feels inspiring to you, but you can help in a better way when you are well-off yourself. And you can’t be well-off when you start thinking in terms of “what’s the use of having money”, such a thinking automatically becomes a resistance to being well-off. Also, you need to understand that being poor is not a “curse”, it’s a platform of experience that allows one to grow through some learning and understanding which they may be requiring as a being/soul. There are many people who are “rich” and depressed at a suicidal levels.

      You mentioned about not wanting to eat at a hotel when there are others starving, but how does it help bring enjoyment/well-being to these people? From a realistic perspective, when you eat at a hotel, you are indirectly helping a lot of people who are employed at this hotel, whose families depend on the money – including the waiters, dish-washers and cooks of the hotel. If people stopped eating at hotels, there would just be more unemployment and more economic problems. Also, your not enjoying yourself does not bring enjoyment to others in any case, it just increases the vibe of suffering in this world. The way you are thinking is highly “dramatic” and based on a very narrow view of reality.

      Of course, expressions of “acute poverty” is a reality on Earth at present, and a more balanced/conscious population will allow such “acute” expressions to be alleviated. You can only do what is within your current ability and inspiration, it makes no sense to sit and cry about this current reality and use it as a means to feel depressed yourself. To feel sensitive to someone’s suffering allows you to be “helpful”, but when you become a prisoner to your sensitivities (when you live in misery due to your sensitivity) you can’t be of help to anyone except to reinforce suffering in this world. You need to develop a freedom from your sensitivity before you can use this sensitivity for a positive change – imbalanced sensitivity is an imbalance in light nature, and you need to balance your dark nature component – read this post – integrating your light and dark nature, and healing the imbalance.

      You mention that you have no interest in car, home, property, money – so ask yourself if you are okay to leave all this and sit on the streets? If you are okay to sit in a monastery all your life? If so, you should go ahead and do it right away. If not, then stop giving credence to these thoughts.

      As for the thought of feeling meaningless, well the truth is that life is meaningless from an absolute perspective – nothing really matters in life because eventually everything is temporary and changing, and everything is just an “experience” nothing more nothing less. But the very beauty of life is in its “meaninglessness”, or else it would be about striving towards some rigid end-point. Life exists for experience and growth is a nature of life, there is no “meaning” except that it’s our nature to desire experience and growth. Would you really prefer to have no experience, even to try and experience “nothingness” is an experience. Life is self-aware and hence it can never stop experiencing, you are the same life-energy and hence experiencing is your very nature. You need to make the choice on how you “experience” – given a choice would you really choose a depressed living over an enjoyable living? Is depressed living more meaningful in any way? You don’t need a “meaning” to enjoy life, enjoyment is just a choice, just like depressed living is a choice. You are being overly dramatic in your thinking, and you just need to lighten up and look at reality in a balanced manner.

  9. Amit

    HI Sen,

    Thanks a lot for bringing such a balanced perspective to Ajay’s viewpoint about money.. I learnt a lot myself by going through your explanation as I also suffer from similar thought patterns.

    It is one thing to write an article on a subject matter and its altogether different skill to apply theory to complex situations in life. Your knowledge is true.

    Hope your knowledge will keep helping people experience their true nature,


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