Life Never Wants You to Struggle

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My definition of struggle, or “effort”, is simply the doing of activities that feel joyless and passionless. The whole concept of effort was created through a misunderstanding of life. The only reason an activity feels like an effort is because you are struggling against the movement of life while doing it. Life doesn’t want you to effort, and so when you do something that feels like “effort” you are not moving in alignment with life. Any action that is in alignment with movement of life will feel like joy, excitement, passion, peace, love, exhilaration, energized, like a smooth flow. Like when I am writing, the words just flow through in a joyful movement – there is no effort, strain or struggle when I write. It flows from a place of inspiration. Anyone who reads these words can sense the energy that was behind its creation.

When you struggle you create negative energy

Struggle always implies conflicted movement, and thus there is an energy of stress, anxiety or fear that motivates such an action. When you do some work that feels like a strain, or struggle, to you, it just means you are doing something that you don’t find aligned with your true nature. For example, if Messi (my favorite soccer player) were asked to work as a software programmer, he would find hell every day because he is not naturally “made up” to code. In the same way, if Bill Gates were asked to get into soccer, he might not really relish it. Each person is wired differently, and has a different natural expression, a square will never fit fully into a circular peg.

When you are involved in activities that feel like a struggle to you, as a part of your daily life, you end up creating a lot of negative energy within. This energy then attracts a reality that amplifies your struggles – creating a vicious cycle. A lot of people feel stuck in their life without realizing the underlying pattern which is creating the discord in the first place. You have to stop doing things that feel like a struggle, and align with your natural expression. You may not even know what your “natural expression” is right now, but you will never find out unless you first drop out of the activities that feel “incongruent” with your nature.

Be yourself all the time

Who you are is unique, there is no-one like you in this whole universe – talk about absolute uniqueness. Your uniqueness is your value, it’s the reason why life intended to express as you. If you suppress your uniqueness you are not only depriving yourself of your natural joyful expression, but you are also depriving this universe of the intention that it wished to fulfill through your unique manifestations. You are here to create a reality for yourself, a unique reality that matches your nature, and you can never do that unless you start being “yourself”.

Stop trying to meet expectations, stop trying to fit into a crowd, stop trying to copy others, stop trying to define your success from the eyes of “others”, stop pretending, stop feeling guilty about your impulses and drives, stop feeling bad about who you are, stop living for the society, stop short stepping yourself. Start respecting yourself for who you are, start loving every aspect about you, start giving yourself the freedom to only do what you enjoy, start relaxing, start being effortless, start knowing the power of who you are as a creator of realities, start enjoying your aliveness, start knowing your value as life itself.

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  1. Sara

    You may not even know what your “natural expression” is right now, but you will never find out unless you first drop out of the activities that feel “incongruent” with your nature.

    I have a home based business that I work part time. I have invested 3 years. I realize now that it is not for me and letting it go although I feel some resistance in my mind to drop it completely. I also have a full time job that I know I do not want to do but it pays my bills and I continue to sit in an office daily. Are you suggesting I need to quit this job before (and home business) before my true purpose and passion will be revealed to me?

    I’m recently new to reading your blogs but have found much comfort in your words. Thank you!

    1. Sen Post author

      Sara, you don’t have to force yourself to do anything, everything has a place in your reality right now and is of value towards the next level of growth. What’s needed is to just focus on bringing in more understanding and awareness within yourself, connecting with yourself and understanding your mind, its thought patterns, its negativity or imbalances, and through using this awareness to slowly start letting go of identification with the negativity within yourself first. Your job is to do the inner work, the outer reality will start shaping up in response to your inner work, you don’t have to force change the outside, you just need to work on your inside.

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