How to Experience Abundance?

Posted on by Sen.

Ultimately the whole purpose of coming to a place of conscious living is to experience abundance in your physical life. Abundance in your physical reality is the evidence of your alignment – there is no getting away from this truth. Your external reality will never lie to you, it’s always a precise reflection of your inner state of being – if your external circumstances are not reflecting a sense of abundance, it just means that you are still in the hold of some strong negativity. Your inner resistance will always manifest as some external lack – health issues (including mental stress/anxiety), incompatible or unhappy relationships and financial deficit are some concrete evidence of external lack, which are just a reflection of your inner resistance or disconnection. The intensity of the outside lack is directly proportional to your inner disconnection/resistance, higher your resistance, higher the external lack.

If your spiritual pursuit is not helping you align with your physicality, it just become another form of negativity – I am sure you’ve seen a lot of people living in denial, where they use spirituality as a means of escaping physicality. I would not even call any of these insights or pointers, which are on this blog, as “spiritual teachings” because though a lot of the pointers help you connect with your “spirit” nature (your space of being) they are not meant to disconnect you from physicality, but about bringing a balance and alignment to your physicality. The only reason you connect with your space of being is so that you can come to an inner stability so as to enjoy the physicality in a better way, to enjoy the mind without being at the mercy of its negativity.

External abundance is the evidence of your alignment

Depending on what your starting point is, the process of alignment takes you slowly towards abundance and finally roots you into a cycle of abundance. If you are in a real low – bad health, bad relationships, bad finances, it’s an indication of a strong disconnection/resistance in your being, and it will take a while before this negative cycle of lack can be replaced by a positive cycle of abundance, and it’s important to develop the patience to wait for the positive cycle to kick into momentum. Remember that first you need to move towards ending the negative cycle, before the positive cycle can start, and once it starts it takes a while before it gains momentum.

While moving through the negative cycle, your dominant evidence of progress will be the “relief” that you feel. While moving into the positive cycle, your dominant evidence will be the “joy” that you feel. A lot of people try to get to joy too soon, while they are still moving towards ending the negative cycle, and hence they get frustrated – though its possible to get tastes of joy during this phase, it’s best to just look for the sense of relief as your evidence of progress. For example, your bad finances may become less bad, your bad relationships may turn into zero relationships, and your mind may think that this is not progress but it is, to have zero relationships is much better than having draining relationships, to have small debts is better than having large debts, it’s all progress and they bring a sense of relief – and this is the progress you will notice as your negative cycle loses its momentum.

As you reach the end of the negative cycle and start off on the positive cycle, evidences of abundance start flowing in. Usually it can either come in small packages, or it can happen in an avalanche, depending totally on the amount of desires that were awaiting manifestation. By this time your body/mind is free of resistance and is thus able to hold the vibration of joy quite easily and your external reality thus starts reflecting this inner joy. You start experiencing effortless abundance coming in almost as an environmental movement rather than an individual effort, it’s like you just become privy to sources of abundance, you will start wondering if you’ve entered a new world because it would look so different from the lack-based world that you were used to before. And yet, it’s the same world, it’s just that you are now accessing it from a different vibrational stand point and hence are privy to elements in it that are a match to this high vibration.

Letting go during negative cycle, focused intent during positive cycle

The state of surrender, or letting go, is the fastest way to bring an end to the negative cycle because any type of force that you use during this cycle is just counter-productive, as this force would also come from a place of negativity. The call is to just let go into a surrender to your life-force allowing it to bring down all the realities that are not congruent with you, and allowing a release of all your accumulated negativity. This phase does seem like it lacks the “punch”, or passion, that you might want to experience, but as I mentioned before, during this cycle, you can’t access the joy that’s dominant during the positive cycle, and you should just focus on ease, relaxation and relief. Also you may feel a little dysfunctional during this phase, low energy, low motivation, less zeal, less interaction (a form of isolation) and low interest in physical life per se – this is basically because the ending of negative cycle is basically just a deconstruction process, with a lot of old patterns, misplaced motivations and disconnected realities coming to an end.

Letting go is only needed to allow a faster completion of the negative cycle, and as you near the completion, you are bound to feel a little disoriented though you would be in much more pleasant surroundings, you are yet to start experiencing real abundance. Around this time is when you will naturally feel an inclination to start getting involved in physicality, to start getting active, to get engaged and experience life – the arising of this feeling in you is basically an indication of the start of the positive cycle. As this positive cycle starts, you are bound to notice external abundance coming into your reality, and also sense of a zeal towards experiencing life – here’s where the pointer of “creating through focus” can help you experience more abundant realities, in a faster manner.

People who are not aware of their ability to create realities through focus would still enjoy abundant realities when they are in the positive cycle, but it’s like missing out on an important tool that could help them experience realities in a much more deliberate manner, that can enhance the sense of enjoyment and adventure. When you’ve hit the positive cycle, you are in the perfect place to start using your “intent” to create realities that you desire – basically this is when you can truly enjoy the experience of being a deliberate creator, though it will take some time before your mind’s understanding can wrap around the possibility of creating the reality of your choice. When you’ve not hit the positive cycle it’s very difficult to be a deliberate creator because of the amount of negativity rooted in the mind, and the resistance of accumulated negativity in your body space.

The highest sense of abundance

During the process of letting go, you develop a lot of understanding about yourself, about your mind and heart, and thus you have a general clarity about your natural makeup. This clarity allows you to develop intent about certain realities you wish to experience as a part of your natural expression, especially as you start entering the positive cycle. The pointer is that you need to allow yourself the full freedom to desire what feels like your natural desire, and then align with this desire by believing in its possibility to unfold. The fact that this present physical reality has created a desire in you is a proof that this reality has the resources to manifest your desire. You may have no clue as to how to bring about a manifestation of your desire, but if you can simply stay focused on the desire, the inspiration will start coming in – you may also see some resistances coming up in the mind in the form of doubts, but since the mind momentum is already very low, as you reach positive cycle, it’s doubts don’t have the power to create any resistance.

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing your desired realities manifest, knowing that it was your deliberate understanding of the process of creation that allowed the manifestation – starting with the phase of letting go, to the phase of clarity of intent. Being a deliberate creator on this physical plane is the culmination of this whole process of alignment. When you start getting evidences of deliberate creation, you know you’ve become rooted in a high momentum of positive cycle. To have the security of knowing that you can deliberately create/allow the manifestation of a reality, that feels like your heart’s desire, is the highest sense of abundance you can achieve.

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  1. Ritu

    Yet another lovely article, the process is so clear. Can’t thank you enough Sen

  2. soul

    Lovely….thanks sen.

  3. Rina

    Dear Sen,

    I have a couple of questions that I would like to clarify in my mind:

    1- I have just realized a few months ago that since early childhood, almost all of my experiences, good or bad, have been imbued with a very specific flavor of anxiety/fear while I had been unconscious of that since I knew no other way of feeling. Recently I became hopeless when I noticed that I have been feeling terrible throughout all my life experiences while I just struggled through and pretended to be “ok”. This realization and hopelessness made me retire from life and isolate myself. As soon as I retired my feelings of fear grew so strong that they became crippling and unbearable. And right now I feel very insecure about the outcome of all this. My question Is, is this a reserve of negativity that can be released through the practice of awareness, even though I feel that I have been this way forever, or is this just the makeup of my brain with its messed up chemicals that will always be this way and I have to accept the fact?

    2- I sometimes manage to achieve a state where I can make myself feel like I am enjoying this fear and anxiety. Is this good or bad?? Am I getting more attached to it?

    Although idle and isolated at the moment (feel total lack of mental and physical energy to do anything), I have this desire and hope somewhere that I do want to get back to the world, to life and to people. But right now doing just that is a huge fear for me.
    I would like to also mention that in my external reality I have a relatively easy life and good positive people around me. I also have lots of possibility. But I just cannot “connect” to these blessings and feel like I cannot “connect” to life.
    I feel confused and lost. Can you please help to shed some light and help me understand?

    1. Sen Post author

      Rina, an imbalanced hatred is what I would label as the highest negativity possible and it’s what really attracts stark negative realities – from your words it’s quite clear that you don’t have any real hatred (or bitterness) in you, and that’s one reason why your external reality is not negative. Fear in the absence of hatred (bitterness) is a far low negativity, and it doesn’t attract starkly negative realities, it mostly just attracts sadness, lack of motivation, depression and anxiety within. Actually the reason why you hit a threshold is because all your life you’ve ignored who you are, and have moved more towards meeting expectations and living the life “expected” of you, based on the outside conditioning. Once you take the time to understand yourself, understand your mind, what it really wants, what your natural expression feels like, while letting go of trying to live upto to outside expectations, you will soon find an alignment happening. The fear that your mind feels is more towards you, because of the way you’ve treated it all along, by forcing it to do what it never was meant to do. Once you are willing to be understanding towards your mind, towards your heart, you will see that your mind’s fear will relax and you will also see what it naturally wants to do – creatively and emotionally, this is what alignment is all about. It’s won’t be difficult for you because you don’t have any real bitterness in you. All that’s needed is that you start bringing a love towards your mind, stop “forcing” yourself, and focus more on relaxing until you start understanding what your natural expression is after which you will feel moved from inspiration.

  4. Rina

    Thank you Sen for the insightful advice. I totally understand what you’re saying, and I have been thinking myself that I need to find out what my natural expression is, an who I really want to be.
    But my problem is that I cannot seem to find that out, which is why I feel I have been living as per outside conditioning. That was all i had and all I knew all along. I have read most of your posts, but can you please tell me again ‘how’ I can find my natural expression? Is it possible for everyone?
    I feel that I have been suppressing the real me all along, but now that I want to access it it’s nowhere to be found. Maybe I’ve buried it in too deep?

    1. Jim


      First off, the real you is alive and well, however, it is currently bogged down and covered over with layers of unconscious negativity that you, like all people, have acquired from the past that first needs to be released before it will be able to express itself.

      Your job, in each moment, is to consciously allow these feelings and emotions to come up and allow them to reach their natural peak, at which point their intensity will subside. All unconscious feelings and emotions can only be released in the present moment, the only place where takes place. They may return again and again, but each time they do, they will return with less energy and eventually they will lose their power over you and exist in your mind as an innocent memory.

      This process of allowing can be very challenging in the beginning, but as Sen says, it gets easier each time you allow and keep allowing this pent up energy to discharge.

  5. rina

    Hi Jim,
    I appreciate your advice!
    Thanks, Rina

  6. sr

    Hi sen you recently wrote an article on money and how to attract it effortlesly without given it to much thought about how it will manifest itself into your reality. The question I have is , what is your take on the popular believe that you can’t get something for nothing or the principle of given and reciving. Is this part of the lack mindset that we have been conditoned to believe to keep us given back to society or does it have some validity to it. What are your thoughts?

    1. Sen Post author

      Sr, a desire that is aligned with your natural expression is your creation potential in this physical reality. Once you have a desire your mind needs to allow the inspiration to come in towards the unfolding of the manifestation of this desire in this physical realm. If the mind gets into a struggle based effort at manifesting the desire out of its limited understanding based on its past conditioning and experiences, it will mostly end up recreating a past negative reality in a new form. Rather if you become more relaxed and receptive to your inner guidance you will get moved towards the manifestation of your desire through inspired actions. Obviously for the manifestation of a desire “something” needs to get done, but this “something” needs to come from the inspiration of your life-stream rather than coming from the struggle-based thinking of your mind. Also when you move from inspiration, you actions are not rooted in struggle, rather they are rooted in passion, joy, peace, excitement and enthusiasm, aligned with your mind’s natural aptitude and makeup – there is no need or necessity for struggle, in fact struggle can only attract more struggle so it can’t really manifest your desire in its true form.

  7. sr

    Thanks that was very helpful, I understand what you mean .

  8. Dancer

    Dear Sen, it has been a while that I have had the desire to leave my current occupation and dedicate myself to what I feel most passionate about in this period of my life (my passions and interests change throughout my life, and I have always followed them and always found fulfillment in them). I would like to dedicate myself to my art, which would mean leaving the security of stable employment in a field in which I am a very experienced professional. Currently my external reality is demanding that I take a clear decision about it. This decision has long been taken in my heart. Yet, right now I do not have nor see any solutions to how exactly make the transition from employment to living from my art. My mind is very fearful of this. Yet I feel that I want to stick to my decision of living doing what I truly love doing (and what I do very well), although so many odds – rationally – seem to be against it at this moment. Your articles have been of great help of keeping me calm and optimistic and trustful that life would provide solutions in unexpected and delightful ways. Yet right now I simply don’t know what to do. My external world demands that I decide and act, that I plan and commit and present solutions. What would you suggest be my next step?

  9. Vinay

    Sen – I really enjoy reading your work. Thank You.
    Doesn’t the act of “trying to manifest a reality (i.e. the future)” take one away from enjoying the current reality (i.e. the present).
    The future exists only in the now. So how does manifestation work ? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

    1. Sen Post author

      Vinay, when you say “the future exists in the now” – is that really your experience or are you simply regurgitating some spiritual teaching or philosophy. The future does not exist in the Now, your actions/thinking in the Now create your future – any logical person who agree that that’s how reality is experienced. Growth is the nature of life, and growth involves a movement towards a future improvement/change – one cannot just be “static”, being static is not aligned with the nature of life (this is why you feel a sense of pressure when you become stagnant, the pressure to change/move/improve/grow). You enjoy your current reality while also working towards creating your future realities by working on your growth and expression – it’s not one or the other, it’s about a balance between the two. If one starts avoiding futuristic thinking, with the logic that one just has to focus on the Now, it causes unnecessary conflict and confusion within and outside – a balanced life involves learning from your past, enjoying certain aspects of your current reality and working/thinking towards your future reality.

  10. ankush

    Though I m feeling disoriented nowadays,but life is really taking care of myself…my inner resistances are comming up on surface level either during state of allowing or through external reality,,,,but I am totaly in the lap of life force…our mind can’t know the vaste intelligence of life force….. thanks a lot sen for sharing this knowlegde with all of us….

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