Learning to Deal with Anxiety

One of the biggest impediments to growth, in a human being, is the force of anxiety. Eliminating the pull of anxiety provides a huge leverage towards living life from a place of inspiration, wisdom and creativity. You can have all the inspirations coming in but there can be no real movement, or action, on your part when you are bogged down by the presence of anxiety. Fear is a dimension of thinking/mind and anxiety is the result of an imbalanced momentum of fear in a being/soul or body, or both. The soul is simply a label I use to point to the non-physical aspect of who you are, who you have been. The body is a vehicle that is used to navigate physical realm. The body is well capable of handling itself, as a conditioned machine, using the intelligence centers like the brain and the heart, or just cellular intelligence (as present in organisms without a brain) – also, a body does not necessarily require a soul/being’s presence to operate, there are many bodies which function without the presence of a soul focused through them on an ownership basis, be it humans, animals, birds or fungi. The presence of a soul in a body makes it a more “complex intelligence” because there are three “thinking” intelligence functioning at the same time, the brain, the heart and the soul (operating with the intelligence(s) of totality/life, which can be labeled as life-stream, higher consciousness, creator, source, spirit guides, God consciousness, evolved souls etc). Anxiety can stem from any, and all, of the three focused intelligence operating in a body, namely the brain, the heart and the soul.

I usually get this question about why do some people have more anxiety, or higher momentum of anxiety, than others – what are the factors contributing to this higher anxiety? In truth, it’s a mixed bag, and there are several factors that can contribute to the presence of a high momentum of anxiety.

– The momentum gathered over the past lifetimes, as a soul/being

– The momentum of fear passed on as “cellular memory” through the gene pool from which a body is conceived

– Influences of upbringing in terms of parental/societal/environmental influence

– Fear-based/deluded interpretations, and perceptions, made along the way, which continue to fuel the already present momentum of fear energy

High awareness does not automatically mean balance – awareness is just a capacity to “observe”. Low-awareness in a soul simply means that the soul is yet to develop the capacity to observe more acutely or consciously. High-awareness in a soul simply alludes to the capacity to observe more deeply. This capacity develops over time, as a soul matures, as it goes through life-experiences. High-awareness can also lead to higher anxiety when it’s not backed by aligned understanding – you may be able to observe life more deeply, and acutely, but your interpretations, and perceptions, may be totally deluded or imbalanced, which would lead to more fear. High-awareness has to be backed by an aligned understanding in order for it to be effective – for example, there are many people who are highly aware of their negativity/suffering, and yet have no understanding of how to release the momentum, they keep identifying with the negativity or keep trying to suppress it, until they start understanding the logic of the state of allowing, and start employing it, to finally find conscious freedom.

The low-awareness state is akin to the state of ignorance, and one can be fearless out of lack of any real consciousness (self-consciousness or future consciousness or sensitivity consciousness). The low-awareness state always transitions into high-awareness as a part of soul evolution, though it usually starts with high-awareness and low understanding, so in many cases there is more anxiety after this transition because now you are more aware of the “possibilities” of negativity, and presence of dark nature (like death or loss or uncertainty). The next transition has to be towards high-awareness and high/aligned understanding, which finally prepares the ground for balance, and thus the movement towards inner wholeness. A lot of meditation practices are geared towards hiking your awareness, which is great for transitioning from low-awareness state to high-awareness state, but after that you need to work on gaining the right understanding, which is what being “enlightened” about life is all about, it’s is nothing but gaining an aligned understanding of life – high awareness with low understanding (and thus lack of an real inner power) can be a very painful phase for a soul.

The low-awareness state

The low-awareness state is actually free of anxiety because there is very little consciousness about life, it’s like functioning on a “sleep walking” mode – a person who is sleep-walking can step into a cage of snakes without fear. Anxiety requires you to be aware of the future in some way, or make projections into the future, and this is only possible in someone who has a decent degree of awareness. In that sense, anxiety does not exist in the low-awareness state, and it’s mostly a moment to moment based living from a place of “reaction”. A low-awareness entity is purely a reactive entity, and the reactions can come from conditioning and it can also come from a place of inner guidance, it’s just that there is no conscious awareness of the choice of movement. I have an understanding of this state because for a good 27 years of my life I feel I was in a state of low awareness, it mostly felt like a robotic movement before snapping into a growth of awareness due to circumstantial pressure (being in a mess, in simple words).

Ignorance is bliss, but only for a while, until the accumulation of imbalance hits a threshold. It’s not possible to stay in low-awareness forever, sooner or later you accumulate enough imbalanced perceptions/delusions to create suffering for yourself, and suffering is always a “wake up call” because it causes you to take notice, it causes you to become aware (of the pain), and thus becomes the catalyst for the growth of awareness. Of course, as soon as the awareness starts growing most beings would desire to go back to the state of ignorance, we have a memory of how the state of ignorance was free of fear and thus try our best to get back to the unconsciousness, be it through drugs, medications or entertainment (material/physical or spiritual). However, it’s a futile pursuit, once awareness wakes up it can only continue to keep growing.

High-awareness and the onset of anxiety

As you start growing in awareness, you start growing in your capacity to project into the future. The brain goes through these states of transition too, it starts with low-awareness, and moves into high-awareness. A high-awareness soul focused in a body would cause the brain (of the body) to quickly grow into the high-awareness state. As I mentioned earlier, high-awareness does not automatically mean “aligned understanding” and thus does not automatically mean “balanced living”. In fact, high-awareness state is the onset of real anxiety. People who have strong anxiety are always the ones who are highly aware of certain thoughts, certain patterns of thinking, certain deluded perceptions, while lacking the “understanding” to be free of their hold. In fact, high-awareness with imbalanced understanding is quite a destructive combination because the higher your power of awareness the higher is your power to create reality (because of your stronger focus), and an imbalanced understanding leads to negative thinking which leads to the creation of negativity in inner experience which is then projected onto the external reality.

As your awareness starts growing you become more sensitive to the presence of fear, and due to your lack of understanding, your normal reaction would be to suppress the fear or become over-identified with the fear, causing the build up of fear-energy, in terms of momentum. This can go on for several life-times, as the awareness continues to grow steadily but without the backing of any aligned understanding on how to deal with the light and dark nature aspect in us. Also, the presence of ambiguous understandings, or imbalanced understandings, can lead to further suppression – for example, when one hears teachings that are imbalanced towards light nature, they start trying to suppress the presence of dark nature in them even more, in an attempt to become more light-natured.

All the suppression, and over-identification, eventually cause the fear-energy to gain a lot of momentum in the soul and the brain – the soul continues to become imbalanced in spite of growing in awareness and as the body continues to replicate/reproduce the fear-energy accumulation is passed on in terms of cellular memory onto the offspring bodies. In that sense, the fear-momentum gathers at the non-physical level, in a soul, and at a physical level, in a brain and cellular memory. So, currently you may be a high-awareness soul with an imbalance of fear-energy, focused on a body that has a high momentum of fear, which basically causes a “loop” to get generated towards further creation of momentum. In order to break this loop you would have to consciously let go of your acquired momentum as a soul (through understanding the art of “letting go” of suppression and over-identification), and also work towards letting go of the momentum present in the brain/body.

What really delays this “release” is the presence of the loop between the soul and the brain, where the soul seems to fuel the brain’s fear, and the brain seems to fuel the soul’s fear, and each is a resistance towards the other being free. You can notice how frustrating it is to gain the right understanding (as a being) only to find that your brain is yet to sync up with it, and hence is not able internalize it – the brain, being a neural network, cannot disintegrate the past patterns overnight and hence keeps repeating these past patterns, with its accumulated momentum, even if you’ve grown in your understanding as a being. In that sense, you as a being are faster than your brain in terms of “understanding and internalizing”. So it can be concluded that it’s the brain that eventually slows down the process of release through its inability to internalize an understanding quickly due its physical limitation of taking time to dissolve the old neural pathways – you can read the post The brain, the heart and law of attraction for more insight on this physical loop of negativity. The problem is that even if you (as a being) have a clear understanding, it’s easy to get pulled into the brain’s strong momentum and thus re-fuel the fear-energy (or the force of anxiety), thus delaying the process of release.

Removing anxiety at the brain level

It’s a journey of patience, once you’ve gained an understanding about “letting go” (or the state of allowing), to gradually keep releasing the hold of fear-energy by no longer suppressing or over-identifying with it – at the brain level and the emotional level of the body, along with the accumulation in your being. The time it takes for the release depends on the load/accumulation that’s already present, and it also depends on your ability to allow the release, or your “openness”. It’s quite a challenge to deal with the brain momentum, the emotional momentum and the presence of fear-energy in you as a being, all at the same time, especially because of the tendency of one to re-fuel the other. For me the journey began two years back, from now, in terms of connecting with the state of allowing the release, and it took around 8-9 months to start seeing some space of stability coming in (of course, I was also learning/understanding the dynamics of the state of allowing along the way), and it took a few more months to sense the momentum of the brain (and emotional momentum) to start receding to the point where the intensity of fear-energy was no longer a problem, or a cause of strong resistance. What I had in my favor was a real commitment towards going through the release, irrespective of how long it took or what doubts arose in the midst.

Recently (about two months back) I came across this product called Brain Evolution System, which is basically designed along the science of brainwave entrainment, which proposed to work on eliminating the momentum of anxiety from the brain by re-training it towards the state of balance – they’ve introduced an innovative combination of three technologies of brainwave simulation, what they call 3P-DEAP (3 point dynamic entrainment audio process), as a culmination of bringing forth all the current research in this field. The re-training is done purely by simulating the “balanced” brainwave frequencies (as an mp3 track), which, when listened to, re-trains the brain out of the “anxiety state” brainwave frequencies, while also stimulating areas of creative thinking – the underlying principle is not to simply provide temporary relaxation, rather it’s to re-train the brain permanently out of the anxiety state brainwaves. I am aware of the presence of many other brainwave simulating technologies like bi-naural beats (that simulate brain-states of alpha, beta and thetha frequencies) which are mostly employed for temporary relaxation, but I did not find any real benefit coming from them in terms of any lasting effect.

I have an interest in trying out products that can boost brain productivity without the use of chemicals or suppression-based technology, and so I tested out their free demo mp3 track. In spite of having a low momentum of anxiety/fear, in my brain, I could sense an even deeper level of reduction in the momentum while also sensing an increase in the clarity of thinking (my brain seemed to think more lucidly with better focus). I felt highly impressed with its effectiveness in working with the brain, and I continued to listen to the demo mp3 (which is 15 mins long) a couple of times a day for a week, and the results were very positive in terms of a much deeper reduction in anxiety-based momentum in the brain (which seemed to last rather than be a fleeting momentary experience) with a definite sense of increase in the sharpness/clarity of “thinking”. In fact, it was not just working on the anxiety momentum but on the general momentum of the brain per se, where I felt my brain getting trained towards a deeper level of calm.

Since the demo was so impressive, I bought the product which is basically a set of 6 mp3 tracks (each 30 mins long), what they call level-1 to level-6 training. The process is about listening to one mp3 track per month, starting with level-1, and moving towards level-6, as the brain gets trained to adapt to deeper states of calm and stability. The two things which make this product aligned with the state of allowing is that there is no suppression of “awareness” in any form, in fact one can observe the brain’s awareness increasing (what they rightly call the increase in the capacity for detached awareness in the brain), and it instigates the emotional release to happen faster (due to lack of brain resistance) because it does not try to create any “forced” high emotional states – you will sense emotional release happening, while listening to the mp3, without any resistance from the brain towards it (because the anxiety based brainwaves are trained towards the balanced-state brainwaves). The deal here is that the brain is not being “suppressed”, it’s being re-trained in a very aware manner. In conjunction with the state of allowing, this technology can reduce the time for the emotional release, as well as for the reduction in brain momentum, by a huge margin – what took me around 8-9 months would have taken 2-3 months if I was working with this technology, simply because it removes the “loop” by working on the brain allowing you (as the being) to take care of the release.

If you are interested you can try out the demo at their website – brainev.com – where you would be required to enter your email address to which they would forward the link for the free 15 min demo mp3 (level-1 track). Or, you go in for the one month free-trial option, where you can get the level-1 mp3 (the full 30 mins) for free, even if you choose to cancel the trail before the month ends. They also have the refund option where you can refund your money anytime within 7 months if you are not satisfied with the product, while getting to keep all the mp3s. So there is no risk involved for you. I personally think that you are bound to find this product very helpful and effective, especially in conjunction with the state of allowing. All that’s needed is to sit in a state of total allowing, and listen to the mp3 for 30 mins a day. I’ve tested this product for the past two months (listened to 2 mp3 tracks) and can personally vouch its effectiveness in a deeper release of momentum in the brain to a point of zero-anxiety, deeper/quicker release of any presence of emotional momentum, increased awareness in the brain, clarity of thought and increased creativity. I had suggested this product to a few people, who I met through the blog, who are in touch with me through chat, who had issues with anxiety, and they found impressive results within a span of a few days.

The state of high-awareness and zero-anxiety

The state of inner wholeness is simply the combination of high-awareness and absence of the momentum of negativity (including anxiety). This is the state where you find a natural return of focus towards your expression in physicality, with a renewed zest for living, experiencing and exploring. This state is most conducive to your inherent nature of desiring growth, as there is no resistance within towards constant growth. If you look at the momentum of negativity as a car moving at 200 miles/hour, the state of conscious allowing is like removing your foot from the accelerator which by itself will slowly reduce the momentum of the car until it comes to a halt, a product like the Brain Evolution System (or Brainev for short) is like a strong gust of wind against the car that serves to slow down the car even faster thus reducing the time taken for you to reach the state of inner wholeness, or freedom from the force of anxiety.

If you’ve been able to release most of your momentum, through the state of allowing, this product is still useful in terms of improving your ability for creative thinking or just the capacity for clear thinking (especially if you sense that your brain still feels foggy or befuddled) in quicker time. Also, this product does not create a “crutch” as one can let go of using it after the training period and the effects of the training stay permanent in a person who is conscious/aware (since they would no longer re-fuel negativity in their state of awareness). In that sense I see this as a very useful assistance in conjunction with the state of allowing, backed up with gaining an aligned understanding of life. Remember that this product only works on reducing the brain momentum (and thus assists in faster release of emotional momentum), but it does not automatically give you the “aligned understanding” required to live a balanced life, gaining an aligned understanding is still your responsibility. Of course, having a reduced brain momentum is highly conducive to imbibing/internalizing understandings more easily.

(Note added on 29th Jan 2013: I’ve received a few queries on the pricing of Brainev. The way it worked for me was that after I signed up for the Brainev Demo I received mails from the Brainev team, one per day, with regards to the technology and benefits of the product, and on the 7th day I got a mail mentioning that I could get the full version for a discounted price of $100 by using the code that they provided in the mail (the actual price of the full version is $297). I was impressed with the demo version, and I had done research on the technology/logic of the product, and found $100 to be nominal for the full version of 6 mp3s (level-1 to level-6), so I purchased the product for $100 using the discount code. If you feel like purchasing this product I would suggest that you wait for a few days after signing-up for the demo so that you can get the option of the discount price. I’ve recently finished the level-3 mp3 and I find this product to be very impressive in how it works with the brain towards releasing deeper layers of negative momentum, I’ve also received several feedbacks from the readers of this blog with regards to how they are finding this product to be a real asset in their journey towards balance. It’s definitely a product I recommend in conjunction with the state of allowing)


  1. Earl Goodson

    I almost feel this article was written for me, after all we talked about. I’d really felt confused about my experiences. I felt I had grown in awareness over a lifetime, and yet my ability to perceive flaws only gave my mind more weapons to use against me. I felt it was a hopeless pursuit, and wished I’d stopped looking deeper into myself. This is a beautifully written article, thank you Sen. I will try the demo of the BrainEV mp3, though my inner skeptic ridicules me for even downloading it…

    My question is; do you ever feel physical sensations accompanying the release of suppressed dark nature emotional energy? I often feel a strong unpleasant tension, like a plugged water pipe, at the back of my head when I’m holding in negativity or doing the exercise we discussed on Skype. And release feels like a downwards flow starting at my forehead, going back down into my body. I don’t know what this means. Are they the same sensations for everyone?

    1. Markus

      Earl, energy flowing up the back and down the front of the body is a pattern recognized from ancient times in Chinese medicine and Tao arts. You may simply be aware of something that is always there. Many breathing practices use this in different ways. Any blocks you feel may be exactly that – places in your body where the natural flow is blocked.

  2. Ian


    upon reading this post, i feel more frustrated upon (honestly) knowing i can’t afford to buy those cd’s.
    It triggers my inner conflict: the feeling of having it – while knowing the truth that i cannot have it -its an inner turmoil.

    As of now, i choose to return to focus because i don’t have any rational reason – why i do keep meditating while the pull and call of initiative to move is undeniable.

    Normaly return of focus happend after you hit the point of transation end.

    For me… I didn’t reach the end of transation yet. But i have no other choice because i have nothing else to do…

    I stop meditating, i am returning to focus with my own choice i play games, posting on facebook, i think and think and think.

    Although my emotional releases are gone into the mid air
    I feel more sensitive to any situation that trigers my negativities that arises (conversation, arguments) it is because
    i am more aware of them, dis-identified with them and seeing thru their dellusions and totaly allowing them (full openess/embrace).

    I admit this is a very sluggish process that don’t deserve for waiting and hope.
    That’s why i totally drop the urge of being lethargic to a 100% (as what i did before) highly active being.

    I still sense the force of my past (deluded/imbalance) choices and i allow them to run on me.

    I am what i was before: i laugh, i cry, i fear,worry, excited of playing half life 2, maxpayne, i feel disappoint & irritated, happy when my ego succeded. But i am aware & allowing all of them so clearly because i feel free.

    This is my blue-print of experience as a soul even of not having the opportunity to have that cd. (i am aware that i am dramatic now).

    The whole terrifyng experience
    from the “very start” of this journey to the feeling of being stuck right now is very worthwhile experience for me.

    You sen as the soul has a purpose for me. the people that i hate, avoid, love are playing their rule on me.

    I am still allowing of the idea that i can stil be okay even this process will finish to the next lifetime of my journey.

    My mind is so very disappointed but i let it be…


    1. Sen Post author

      Ian, the demo is free, and it’s 15 mins of the level-1 mp3 which is good enough – you can put it on a loop and listen to it for 30 mins. In fact, if you go for the “one month trial” option, you get to download, and keep, the level-1 mp3 (30 mins) for free even if you cancel your trial before the end of 30 days. The level-1 mp3 is highly effective on its own, you don’t need to purchase the whole 6 mp3s. It can be useful during the return of focus phase, because it helps your brain develop clearer thinking (as it reduces the anxiety brainwaves) – you can see your thinking becoming clearer and sharper as you listen to the mp3. It’s possible that you’ve had a emotional release but your brain is still fuddled in its thinking and hence is not able to work on the return of focus – listening to this mp3 can accelerate the process of engaging your brain.

  3. Dave

    Just tried the BrainEV demo, & I must say that I do feel quite relaxed. The obsessive thought that was worrying me before is not so pulsating, as I realise that I had been giving it alot of attention beforehand.

    It is a kind of forced meditation (In a natural way), where you are focused on just the one thing. This is the way of the beingness.

    My experience before this has been basically just been allowing all the time, even all throughout the day(s) even though I was lost in thought as I thought I was practising allowing. Would this mean to bring a balance between meditation and allowing Sen, how did it work for you?

    1. Sen Post author

      Dave, the impediment to the release of emotional accumulation is the resistance coming from the brain momentum, also, as you mentioned one can get pulled into the thoughts and become lost in it (which is mostly because of the momentum) which can cause an unconscious refueling of the momentum. This is the reason why there is a delay in the release, as one has to contend with the brain momentum along with the emotional release. Brainev mp3 takes care of the brain momentum part, allowing you to take care of the emotional release part. Usually the deal with some technique based meditations is that one tries to suppress the brain, or silence the brain, through forced focus, and this suppression (which can come from a place of fear) actually keeps refueling the momentum of resistance in the brain (it’s like fighting against the brain). The reason why I find brainev mp3 to be aligned with the state of allowing is because there is no suppression induced on the brain, the brain is allowed full freedom to express itself while being retrained towards the balanced frequency under the steady influence of the simulated brainwave – so in that sense it’s like a relaxed meditation without force/suppression along with emotional release.

  4. Terry Dhariwal

    Hi Sen,

    It doesn’t resonate with me that the soul can feel fear. Let me share my perspective.

    To me, the soul is fearless because its pure love. The mind and body are parts of the soul that have voluntarily decided to forget that they are love – hence in order to produce contrast and to have this experience physical experience it appears (illusion) that the mind/body is separate from love because they can feel fear.

    In truth fear is just a lower (lowest maybe) form of love. And the soul is the highest form of love. Both are needed for physical experience.

    1. Sen Post author

      Terry, what you are referring to as “love” is what I call wholeness to differentiate it from the “emotional” love of attachment which is duality based. What you are referring to as “soul” is what I call the life-stream or totality of life, which is always rooted in wholeness. I guess, what I am referring to as “soul” can just be seen as the non-physical aspect of your physical body, or rather the “energy body” or “spiritual body” as it’s sometimes referred to. So it’s just different words, and it doesn’t matter, the bottom-line is to get to a conscious state/experience of wholeness through/in the realm of physicality.

  5. Patricia

    Great blog!
    This one really hit close to home. I have high awareness with understanding. (know all my patterns of thinking/behavior.). But I do have trouble letting go of the anxiety. It seems almost a constant energy. And I have training in energies.
    I am involved in a teaching at present which leans towards the dark–the convolutions of the thinking mind. My history has been towards the light teachings.
    When I truly let go, whatever I release is let go of. When i truly give it up, it never fails me. I might be looking straight ahead, and an answer comes from some angle I had not remotely considered. Yet, letting go of anxiety is a real challenge. Being an empath, I have difficulty separating from theirs, and this adds to mine. I am going to use the brain ev program. After using the binaural beats I tend not to use this technology any more. However, I will give it a go. Thanks.

  6. Alliswell

    I downloaded that Mp3. It does seem to work. I was very relaxed and having a lot of visions and I have an overload of mind momentum. Can you listen to it more than once in a day without ill effects?

    1. Sen Post author

      Alliswell, I would say that 30 mins a day is optimal, but you can also listen to it if you sense any strong anxiety coming up in your brain at any part of the day, so that it can work with the momentum of arising anxiety.

  7. Jo

    I have been reading for a while and my understanding is deepening but I get lost around a specific problem I have: I have no inspiration to ‘do’ anything! I enjoy life and love life but my life is very simple. I take simple pleasures: walking my dog, cooking great vegetarian food, watching great movies, and I feel that my life is abundant.
    I am trying to get in tune with who I am as I have been lost in a destructive relationship for the past 20 years, i have now left this relationship and am growing in awareness but am struggling with moving towards my natural inclination and individuality as when I try to think “If I had all the money I wanted, what would my mind like to do? Or In other words, if money was not the motivation for doing a job, if interest/passion was the only motivation, what type of job/work/creativity would I like to pursue?” I cannot fathom anything other than what I do now. I want more money and freedom but to just do what I do now. Is this okay, or normal – will inspiration strike when I’m more in synch?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jo, if you sense that you are free of the grip of mental/emotional momentum (like the grip of anxiety or inferiority or desperation), it just becomes about living consciously and exploring what feels like your growth avenue. “Boredom” is a natural dimension of thinking, and it’s also one of the reasons why “growth” is inherent to our nature – when you are bored, you can connect with that sense and look at what desires come up as a part of what you would like to express/experience, the basic fields that are available are health, wealth and relationship, by wealth I don’t just mean financial wealth but also your desire for service/contribution/productivity (which are inherently wealth generators), by health I mean all the activities that are aligned with healthy/enjoyable living, like diet, entertainment/relaxation, exercise (you seem to have that down pretty well), by relationship I mean your desire for interaction and connection with other beings (there are many levels of interaction and many degrees of connection). So basically, these three are basic fields that you have available for your experience/expression, and you would need to bring a balance to all these three fields in order to feel fulfilled in terms of your external reality – your inner balance will act as the foundation towards giving your the required guidance/mindset/inspiration towards finding resonance with what feels “right” for you with respect to these fields. If you are unclear about something, just make yourself open to receiving guidance in a state of a real willingness to find clarity on a subject.

      Also, you would need to understand that reality always has aspects of light and dark nature in combination – your interest can give you a direction towards what you want to work on, but it might still require some organization, discipline (though not a forced one, rather just a necessary amount), patience (every reality takes time to pan out into mastery, everything starts at beginner level), focus (you can’t have everything at once, so you would have to prioritize what’s important to you which sometimes entails letting go of somethings which are of less priority). Physical living has its dynamics, with its light and dark nature aspects. Inspirations do come in, it’s just that sometimes we are not willing to allow the necessary requirements to live out those inspirations in physical reality – in any case, growth in your inherent nature, and in a state of inner wholeness this nature is never inhibited, if you are uncertain right now, just stay open to allowing clarity to come in towards your expression/experience.

  8. Ian


    i already have the demo, it realy works sen, my mind is a little bit calmer sharper in focus and thinking. My awareness is increasing more and more… How long do i have to use it sen?

    But one thing i have notice i am so very aware of my shyness and it makes me more self concious. But girls do flirt on me sen – That sometimes i choose to avoid flirting girls because i am afraid they might found out i am ugly in close up looks… Of course sen i know it was just a deluded thoughts from my past conditioning but i let it run it course and momentum.

    It feels very unpleasant on my part this awareness sen.

    Is it ok to work on my inner freedom base on my comfort zone or do i have to step out my comfor zone or
    doing both of them as an expression of my inner freedom?

  9. Masi

    Dear Sen, I am on day 3 listening to the demo and am experiencing a dramatic and much-needed breakthrough in my transition. I am seriously considering investing in the program. Thank you very much for sharing this innovative tool.

  10. Ikars

    Hi, thanks for the great article – it refers to my situation as well and explains some things I haven’t thought of yet. However I have some remarks and questions.

    I’ve become aware of different ways of how ego-mind in me works and although I (seemingly) understand it’s senselessness, I still haven’t managed to get out of state of anxiety and sometimes obsessive, frightening thoughts which I still somehow partly believe in.

    Have to say, that one part in your article also frightened me – the sentence about ability of such negative thoughts to manifest in reality. It somehow goes against the mindset needed for allowing – to realize that thoughts are just thoughts, that they can’t do harm and thus we can stop worry about them. So, please, be very aware when writing about these law-of-attraction things to the people with already worried mindset. :)

    Btw, I have observed that short, spontaneous thoughts (accompanied with short, alive imaginations) has the power to manifest in reality but not the long-term thoughts of worries (or hopes). It seems to me that worrying thoughts has no power to manifest in reality because one need to be in touch with his deeper self to do that – but one can’t be in that touch when he is worrying! So, it seems to me, that we are protected this way… Otherwise people would create an incredible mess on the planet with their thoughts and worries.

    Another thing I wanted to point out and ask – what exactly is the “balanced understanding” that you’re talking about? Is it just intellectual understanding that there is no need to neither suppress thoughts and emotions nor cling to them, etc? Well, I have this intellectual understanding (and partly also thanks to this great blog), but even with it, I still catch myself both suppressing and also clinging to my repetitive thoughts and emotions… So, how it comes that I understand but still don’t become really free? Is it some deeper, more intuitive understanding you’re speaking about? But how to “achieve” it? Time itself apparently doesn’t work because first time when I came in touch with these great deep insights (both intellectual and there have been even spiritual moments) was already back in 2007 when I red Tolle’s “Power of Now”. Now it’s 5 years but I still live it mostly only theoretically and intelectually (with rare exceptional moments of more “enlightened state” which usually asks hard suffering to get there).

    Another question – you speak about “awareness” and explain that it’s not enough with it. From my experience, I agree that awareness of thoughts and emotions is really not enough and usually just create more fear, just as you wrote. But how about deeper awareness – awareness of the awareness itself? That is what all modern teachers guides us, and, again, from my experience, those moments when I’ve reached this deeper awareness, I have started to really detach from my thinking process and emotions – I’ve started to look to them as just some stream which has no power over real me. The only problem that it’s hard to get to that state and it’s gone soon. But my question is – should we try to get after this deeper awareness – like the one Mooji tries to bring in this meditation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4zArI0uqWY – or it could be in some way dangerous when we’re still fighting with our obsessive thoughts, fears and other emotions? How do you see this?

    1. Sen Post author

      Ikars, law of attraction is the basis of creation and it’s just like stating fact when it’s mentioned that a strong attachment to negativity causes the attraction of a negative experience – of course it’s something that can make one worry, or it’s something that can make one become more aware of why they are experience a negative reality for themselves, it depends on how you take it. A “negative” experience is basically a “growth” call (it’s simply reflecting a certain imbalance), nothing more, and if you simply see it as an indicator for growth (which is what it is) you would have an aligned perspective about it.

      The only way I can define a “balanced understanding” is an understanding that incorporates the light and dark nature elements in unity, where one is no simply trying to cling to some light-natured version. For example, one can simply talk about law of attraction in a manner of saying “just keep visualizing what you want and you will manifest it”, but this can easily become an “imbalanced understanding” because a person who is rooted in imbalance can use this understanding to focus on realities that are not really aligned with well-being/wholeness in totality – for example, what if a needy guy tries to force visualize getting back with his ex-girlfriend using all kinds of visualization techniques to make it happen? This guy has an understanding of law of attraction but it’s an imbalanced understanding which simply accentuates his imbalance. What’s required is for him to realize the inner imbalances first, and understand that bringing oneself to a place of inner balance is the foundation to attract a balanced reality. Another example of balanced understanding to be aware of the truth that life has a light and dark nature (yin/yang, masculine and feminine) and one has integrate the light and dark nature in oneself to find true balance – teachings that seem to give a “light natured” perspective alone, can easily cause an imbalanced thinking, which is what I would call imbalanced understanding, for example the teaching of “practice compassion and be all loving” can become an imbalanced way of thinking where a person stops being authentic and “tried” to be all loving (or selfless) thus becoming sappy.

      The term “deeper awareness” is what I refer to as the “state of total allowing”, and it takes time for one to keep deepening in the state of allowing. With time you will sense a real grounding in your “openness” or state of total allowing.

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